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Web Developer Engineer

Secaucus, NJ
May 22, 2020

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Artem Pavlov

Seasoned Full Stack Web Developer

Saint Petersburg, Russia ProEle

Well-versed and dedicated developer with more than 8+ year experience covering both parts of web development - Front end and Back end.

I would really enjoy partaking in your application process if you read this far. Invite me to your job or interview me and I can assure you I will stand out immediately amongst all other applicants.

Seeking to further improve Frontend/Backend development skills as the full stack web developer as Atmosheric Solutions.

ymploHment i2storH

Feb 018— R Present

Saint Petersburg

Sen2or Web Developer at Cemote Jontracts

Worked with High proEle companies like Dxpertly (elivering Style - goPanache CPetaluma, )A&, Rolfs Flyg K Buss CSweden&, Momodo System CUurray, Vtah& as a Senior Frontend (eveloper Remotely.

- Built Single Page Applications, Server-Rendered Applications based on Nue/Quxt, React/Qext.

- Vsed most popular Nue/React VI Frameworks like Nuetify, zuasar Framework, Bootstrap, React-strap, Antd, Uaterial VI, Semantic VI.

7ul 0185 R 7un 018—

San Francisco, )A

Sen2or Frontend Developer

- Implemented web applications from concept through deployment.

- Standardiqed all output with a new, responsive, mobile-Erst approach and strategy.

- (eveloped standard reports in graph format as reTuired.

- )ollaborated with product team members to implement new feature development.

Feb 018M R 7an 0185


42d Full Stack Web Developer

(eveloped full-stack web application which processed, analyqed, and rendered data visually.

Planned, wrote, and debugged web applications.

7an 0188 R 4ar 018(

Pushkin )ity

Web Developer I)nternV at Cos2nv

- Implemented a variety of VI components and APIs. Deta2ls

.eteranov st3 85,6 M,g

Sa2nt Petersbur96

8Lgg186 Cuss2a










i&4U Q JSS6 TBuerH

JSS PreprocessorsISass6

UySS6 StHlusV

- (esigned and deployed a system with Lransaction support for UySzG, PostgreSzG.

- Uade performance improvement and updates.

- )reated an API to make complex reports simple.


Feb 0115 R Feb 0188

Saint Petersburg

Uen2n9rad State wn2vers2tH

'acjelorfs De9ree

Followed my passion in a core of prototyping and cloud computing classes.

Dxcelled in user experience and user interfaces.

Pursued a eneralist Scholars grant to study software architecture.

Wrote a column on the future of the internet for the student paper.

Feb 011( R Feb 0115


4urmansk Jolle9e o )& and yconom2cs

Pro9rammer De9ree

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