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Technology Lead

Cheruvickal, Kerala, India
May 22, 2020

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Saji . P Mob –755-***-****


B.Tech. in Computer Engineering with over 9 years of experience in web application development using J2EE technologies

Expertise in Java, JSP, Servlet, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, EJBs, Spring, Spring Boot, Rest API, Angular Basics, Apache Maven, MySQL and Oracle.

Worked on Windows XP, Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office tools like MS-Word, MS-Excel, Power Point. Used Eclipse, STS as IDE, Microsoft VSS and CVS version control systems.

Sun Certified Java Programmer for JDK1.4.

Hands on Experience in Apache Tomcat 7.0 Web Server.

Knowledge of Agile methodology of software development.

Educational Details:





Year of Passing

Percentage of Marks 1


College of Engineering, Adoor, Kerala






Senior Secondary School Sector -4, Bhilai






Senior Secondary School Sector -4, Bhilai




Employment Details:






Infosys, Trivandrum

Technology Lead

Jan 2018 – Nov 2019


I B S, Trivandrum

Technical Lead

Mar 2015 – Nov 2017



Proprietor/Managing Director

Mar 2007 – Mar 2015


TCS, Bangalore

Assistant Systems Engineer

Jan 2006 – Sep 2006


CTS, Bangalore


Sept 2004 – Dec 2004


iGate Global, Bangalore

Senior Software Developer

Mar 2001 – Aug 2004

Project Profile :

Assignment 1

Name : Costco

Role : Technology Lead

Technologies Used: Spring Boot, Rest Web Services, Team Forge, STS, MySQL and Apache Tomcat Web Server 7.

Team Size : 3

Responsibilities : WebService Implementation, Team co-ordination. Leading the

Team in Standup meeting. Database Design, Query Resolution,

Interaction with other Testing Team and Front end team


Description : The application provided a mobile interface using which users

can search for the orders for which the payment is pending by

providing either the order id or the vendor Id.

If the order id is provided in the Order search screen then the

order details is shown and the user can select the mode of

payment and scan the cheque and make the payment.

If the vendor id in provided then list of orders is displayed and

the user has to select the order to make the payment.

Our team was responsible for the development of REST API for

validating the cheque details using a third party API and invoking

the order payment API for the completion of payment request.

If a payment request does not succeed due to the problems at

the order management system then the corresponding details

are stored in the database.

A batch job runs at the end of the day to resubmit the failed order

payments and acknowledges the user about the transaction


Assignment 2

Name : NTN e-Wings

Role : Technology Lead

Environment : SAP Hybris . MS-excel

Team Size : 4

Responsibilities : Requirement Analysis, Test Cases Validation, Review of Test

Cases and coordination between the development and testing


Description : It provides B2B and B2C ecommerce platform for order creation

and closure.

It had User Management Module for the creation and

management of users.There were mainly two types of users

namely the NTN Users and the Agent Users. Agent users

refered to customers and NTN users refer to NTN employees.

The Enquiry module consisted of Technical Enquiry and Product

Equiry screens. Technical enquiry is used to get technical details

regarding a product and Product enquiry is used to check if a

particular product is available.

The Search Module provided features for the search of a product

by its specifications and search for Orders.

The application provides the facility of adding products to carts

and saving it for future completion.

The application also provides the facility for submitting the quote.

Three types of quotes that can be created are Price, Delivery

and Price and Delivery Quote

It also had a Report Management module to generate various

kinds of reports like Prompt report, Term Report, Monthly Report


Assignment 3

Name : iTravel

Role : Technical Lead

Environment : Spring, Web Services, Web flow, MyBatis,

MySQL, CVS and Apache Tomcat Web Server.

Team Size : 4

Responsibilities : Requirement Analysis, Design Coding and Coding.

Description : One stop site for all types of travel related booking. Using this application we can book any of the products like hotel, air, cruze,

etc. The application is cloud compatible as well. The product is

available in two version i.e. one in API level i.e. without UI and the other one as a full-fledged product.

Using the product the end user can compare the prices provided by one or more providers and select the best priced product.

The product has a powerful rule engine using which it can be controlled as to what commissions are applied for each product.

The product uses logging services provided by Log4j.

The product maintains transaction in reliable state. Either the

whole transaction be committed or rolled back.

Assignment 4

Name : inSoft Trading Application

Role : Software Engineer (Programmer).

Environment : JSP, Struts2, Data Access Objects (DAOs), Value Objects,

MySQL and Apache Tomcat Web Server.

Team Size : 1

Responsibilities : Requirement Analysis, Low Level Design Documentation,

Coding, Test Plan Creation and Testing.

Description : The application corresponds to a mini Enterprise Resource Planning software. Currently the application has Admin, Purchase, Sale, Production and store modules. The future enhancement will include the quotation and accounting modules also.

The admin module provides facility for creation of customers, raw materials, finished goods etc. The purchase module helps in creation, modification and viewing of a purchase entry. Similarly other modules provides similar operations for their respective departments.

Assignment 5

Name : Territory Management

Role : Sr. Software Developer.

Environment : JSP, Servlets, EJB, Java Beans, Weblogic Application

Server and Oracle.

Team Size : 3

Responsibilities : Requirement Analysis, Coding and Test Plans Creation and


Description : The application provides the web interface for the creation of various territories in the business. The territories are assigned hierarchical structures. Users assigned to territories have specific roles based on which they have access to various other modules in the application.

Personal Details:

Present Address : Vishwabhavan,


Kulathoor P.O,


Kerala – 695583

Permanent Address: Puthiyaveedu

Koodal, Koodal P.O.


Kerala – 689693

Date Of Birth : 18/12/1977

Religion : Hindu

Marital Status : Single


I hereby declare that the details mentioned above are correct and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Saji P

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