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Heavy Industrial Project or Site Manager with over 30 Years of exp.

Greeneville, TN, 37745
May 23, 2020

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Dennis K. Bravo

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Greeneville, TN 37745

Cell Phone: 402-***-****


Heavy Industrial Mechanical Electrical Civil Construction Project or Site Manager

Brief Employment History

06/2017 Cleaver Brooks Lincoln, NE


04/2019 Position: Installation Support Manager for the largest leading small boiler manufacturer.

I Managed Company Field Installations including Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Controls and fiber-optic cabling.

Participated in warranty meetings, drawing, engineering, and employee reviews’

Included was my development of all field required documents, procedures and schedules required for installations / erections of Cleaver Brooks manufactured water tube boilers and Heat Recovery steam Generators (HRSG’s) that were manufactured in the Lincoln, Nebraska facility. I reviewed boiler design drawings for installations and BOP equipment including an FD fan that was driven electrically and by steam turbine that was supplied, interfaced with the end user engineers and their 3rd. party engineering firm.

Included was the largest package boiler ever built at the Lincoln facility and its support equipment installed at the Nova Chemicals Plant in Corunna, Ontario Canada.

The installation was preformed utilizing Canadian Union Craft that consisted of Boiler Makers, Pipe Fitters, Civil Contractors, Mill Wrights, Electricians, and their Sub contractors.

Duration of the installation was 11 Months. (Total Value Approximately $40 Million)

06/2016 Randstad Eng. / XCEL Energy Amarillo, TX


05/2017 Position: Consulting Contracted Construction Supervisor Contracted to the 7th. Largest utility in the US supervising capital projects and Retro fits and Upgrades at all the fossil fueled power plants within a 260-mile radius of Amarillo Texas.

Projects consisted of Underground Pipe-Line Replacement, Relining of a 10 Acre Pond, Hot re-Heat piping from the boiler to the turbine and the installation of a fire protection systems, cooling tower replacements, rotatory air preheater basket replacements, mechanical, electrical, fiber-optical control upgrades, boiler repair’s, valve replacements and retrofits. generation of daily progress reporting, material / parts inspections, attended all outage meetings, interfaced with plant engineers, subcontractors. (Project values ranged from $100K to $Several Million)

04/2016 8760 Service Group Sedalia, MO


06/2016 Position: Project / Site Manager I was contracted for the erection of the new Coffeyville city power plant consisting of all mechanical erection and installation of three (3) reciprocating

Dennis K. Bravo (Continuation)

turbocharged natural NG fossil fueled engine driven generators including balance of plant (BOP) support equipment that consisted of the fire suppression system, engine lube oil, Natural Gas and urea, air, water piping, water tanks, massive radiator cooling tower the SCR pollution

reduction equipment, breaching, pumps, electrical, instrumentation, fiber-optic cabling and electrical, instrumentation, fiber-optic cabling and including the NG fuel filtering and underground piping that is required for operation of the power plant. Attended meetings, generated reports, Mentored employees, updated the schedule. (Value $4.5M)

12/2015 8760 Service Group Sedalia, MO


02/2016 Position: Project / Site Manager with oversite of all field piping fabrication and installations consisting of process, steam & Condensate piping, mechanical process pumps and electrical at a state-of-the-art Biodiesel / Ethanol facility located in Beatrice, Nebraska. I was in charge of direct and indirect employees while managing the day to day activities and requirements including attending meetings, generating reports and updating the schedule as required to successfully complete our part of the project on time and within budget.

Craft consisted of 65 open shop mechanical, electrical and civil craft doing piping and millwright work including quality control, scheduling, payroll and progress reporting activities. (Value $10M)

05/2015 Clyde Bergmann Power Generation Ghent, KY


12/2015 Position: Consulting Manufacturer’s Site Rep. for one of the Industry’s leading Fabric Filter


As the site point of contact on this large capital project I resolved all mechanical, air piping, electrical and electrical / fiber-optic control cabling issues that the installation contractor encountered while erecting the large cellular double stacked fabric filter (Bag House) at the Gent, KY a Fossil Fueled Generating Station.

Activities consisted of change order approval, inspections of the erection, and equipment on arrival, reporting of milestones met and any engineering issues to the home office and direct interfacing with the contractors, engineers and plant staff.

12/2014 Target CW / Gray Construction Bay City, TX


03/2015 Position: Consulting Contracted Site Quality Control Manager for a medium size construction company. I had Q. C. oversight of five Subcontractors that included mechanical, electrical and civil at the Tenaris Bay City, TX construction site which when completed will be one of the largest tube manufacturing facilities in the United States until the corporate QC arrived on site.

My position included attending all construction and quality review meetings, interpretations of the many contracts as well as subcontractor’s quality control programs and attending audits administered by the owners Q. C. team.

Interfaced with the Tenaris Q. C. team daily as well as subcontractor’s during the administration of the various Q. C. Codes, standards and programs that mechanical, electrical,

civil contractors were utilizing including 3rd. party Testing consisting of proctor, soil compaction, mechanical Joint, welded CS, SS, and fused HDPE piping connections and

electrical continuity of electrical connections insuring all were completed following contractual requirements that governed the construction project which including several miles of underground natural gas, potable water and fire suppression piping installed by horizontal

line boring and open trench for fire hydrants, pumps and water storage tanks.(Approximate total project value over $1.8 Billion

08/2014 ProEnergy / PacifiCorp, Power Milford, UT


10/2014 Position: Consulting Construction Site Manager for PacifiCorp at their Blundell Geothermal Power Plant capital upgrade consisting of mechanical, electrical, fiber-optic control installations by mechanical, electrical and civil contractors included was the integration of 2 new geothermal wells, a brine pump, air, steam & brine separator column, chemical injection tank, backup generator, propane fuel tank and MCC building. Inspection of excavations, for piping, footings, 2 Large Lined Ponds, soil sampling to establish soil compaction and proctor testing of samples, concrete strength testing and placement per the American Concrete Institute / American Petroleum Institute (ACI / API) and ASME code requirements included was formulation of concrete mixes as specified by engineering and over 7 miles of steam, condensate & brine piping above and below ground that included the tie in to the existing power plant main steam line, controls, commissioning and project closeout. (Project value $5.75M

11/2013 TransGlobal Energy Services / CF Industries, Inc. Sergeant Bluff, IA


03/2014 Position: Consulting Mechanical Construction Coordinator at CF Industries on the largest project to ever be undertaken in the state of Iowa.

As over site of all mechanical, millwrights and civil contractor’s work that including but not limited to excavating, soils testing for remediation that may be required, auger cast piling installations and testing procedures used. Concrete form setting for foundations installed ensured contractors followed the American Concrete Institute / American Petroleum Institute (ACI / API) code / standard requirements including formulation of the concrete mixes as specified by engineering. My other activities Included management of electrical, mechanical, civil, heavy rigging, steel erection, pump setting and refractory and safety contractors at the construction site that will be the largest fertilizer manufacturing facility in the United States with a (Project Value more than $1.7Billion).

08/2013 Professional Employment Group / Burns & McDonnell Eng. Caldwell, ID


10/ 2013 Position: Consulting Mechanical & Electrical Supervisor / Night Shift Manager at the construction site of the largest potato processing plant under one roof ever constructed in the United States.

I was the sole point of contact for all night shift contractors, as a Representative / Technical Advisor to the customer’s engineering firm to get the project back on schedule. I managed

Dennis K. Bravo (Continuation)

the installation of 3 boilers, part of approximately 175 miles of pipe installations consisting of process, steam, condensate (from and to the fossil fueled boilers), air, wash water, fire Suppression and quality control of Piping, Vessel Installations, soil compaction testing, placement of

thousands of yards of concrete that made up the parking areas and site roads, freezer floor, pulling of electrical wire and fiber-optic cabling for plant controls, miles of belt conveyor installations and night shift progress reporting. (Project Value $450M)

06/2011 Plant Services, Inc. / NatureWorks Blair, NE


03/2013 Position: Consulting Heavy Industrial Construction Project Manager to NatureWorks, LLC (a Cargill Company)

I had overall construction project management consisting of a large addition to the existing plant including, contractor and engineering contract management, administration, site safety, heavy lift rigging, mechanical, electrical, fiber-optic controls, civil, QC and remediation of polluted soils that caused histoplasmosis within the construction area which affected workers during a previous project at the plant. Included was oversite of soil Compaction Testing, Pile testing for Driven H Beam and Helical Auger Pilings, mechanical Q. C. per ASME, API, ACI and NBIC codes, C O (Change Order) approval, project design reviews, RFI (Request for Information) distribution, construction cost tracking, construction office activities, equipment commissioning, safety and other activities required for execution of the plant expansion for increasing output and manufacturing of additional product and bi-products of the plastic pellet and chemical manufacturing process & upgrades at one of the largest bio-refineries in the nation.

Construction included was the installation of 10 miles of Process, hot oil, steam & condensate Piping, the setting of 3ea. 2-section vertical pressure vessels and separation column’s (one weighing over 200 tons), a liquid terminal truck load out for lactide, 30 pumps and erection of 2 steam heated stainless-steel storage tanks that will hold 2,000,000 tons of liquid lactide, and integration of the electrical system controls.

Projects were successfully completed without a lost time injury! (Project Value $36.7M)

02/2011 ESG International / Xcel Energy Monticello, MN


03/2011 Position: Consulting Heavy Industrial Construction Manager to Xcel energy at their Monticello Nuclear Power Plant located in Monticello, MN was given over site of all mechanical, electrical and civil contractors accomplishing the capital projects associated with the plant EPU upgrades including fire water, steam, condensate piping and safety that was required for increasing the plant MW output and major upgrades of the plants fire suppression system and replacement of multiple steam pipe snubbers. All was accomplished with zero injuries. (Estimated Project Value $459M)

Dennis K. Bravo (Continuation)

09/2010 Power & Industrial Consulting / Fuel Tech, Inc. Warrenville, IL


10/ 2010 Position: Consulting Heavy Industrial Construction Manager in charge of supervising 150 mechanical and electrical craft subcontractors on a pollution reduction project. Executed on

time & within budget that consisted of the installation of 28 new low NOx burners (which were physically the largest ever built), coal piping plus two sets of secondary air duct turning vanes, over fire air injection registers, electrical and DCS, fiber-optic control upgrades that make up a state of art over fire air (OFA) injection system including several mechanical

upgrades and equipment retrofits. Included was commissioning of the newly installed equipment on a Foster Wheeler 875 MW a fossil fueled coal fired utility boiler at the Omaha Public Power District Nebraska City Unit-1. Project was completed with zero Injuries. (Project Value $12.7M)

11/2009 TransGlobal Energy Services / ALSTOM Power Halton Hills, Ontario Canada


08/2010 Position: TCA (Technical Consulting Construction / Commissioning Advisor) to Alstom Power at the construction site of a new 650 MW Combined Cycle Fossil Fueled Power Plant.

As the Technical Advisor to the primary erection and commissioning contractors completing the construction of this new facility. Included was working with CO’s (Change Orders) and

RFI’s (Requests for Information) and contract administration. I advised on completion of the construction, Piping, Hydrostatic Testing and Commissioning (including the generation of the HRSG Commissioning Procedure) through startup of the two (2) Alstom supplied HRSG’s (Heat Recovery Steam Generators). Working with the general contractor and their sub-contractors.

I was able to get the project that was behind schedule when I arrived, back on schedule and within budget making it a successful project for all involved.(Project Value $750M)

10/2009 FootBridge Staffing / ADM Decatur, IL


11/2009 Position: Power / Process Piping Construction Consultant at the ADM facility for a new hydrogen and glycol production facility. This project included the piping for the hydrogen and

glycol separation process. I analyzed the contractor’s production, ways & means, including safety and the API, ASME Q.C. code issues.

By making revisions to the pipe spool fabrication and erection process we were able to accelerate the work and minimize the amount of delay in meeting the projected completion date, I also created a working realistic project schedule for all contractors to follow (Not just Pipe fitters) accelerating the installations. (Project Value $250M)

Dennis K. Bravo (Continuation)

07/2009 Power and Industrial Consulting Blair, NE


08/2009 Position: Consulting Non-Degreed Mechanical Engineer tasked with reviewing the engineered balance of plant (BOP) piping to be installed at the Basin Electric Dry Forks Power Generation Station in Gillette, WY.

Was brought in to accelerate the project placing me in charge of all work associated with the BOP piping including over site of the drafting and design team, commissioning and project closeout. I initiated a process that was lacking in the drafting procedures to allow the project to be completed on time, safely with zero injuries and within budget. (Project Value $150M)

12/2008 HKA / NextEra Energy (Formally Known as FPLE) Ashland, VA


05/2009 Position: Consulting Project Manager / Owner’s Representative in charge of replacing the Doswell, Unit – 502 HP Evaporator section of the HRSG on their combined cycle power plant at the NextEra Energy (Formally known as Florida Power & Light Energy) a fossil fueled power plant.

Having complete contract management responsibility of the project from generation of RFQ’s, RFI’s, Change Order’s, reviewing and or approving, contractor selection, contract administration, cost, QC and safety through project close out.

The project and all extra work outside of the contractor’s base contract was finished with the existing crew, on time and within the budget including added extra work that was associated

with Units – 501, 601 and 602. The project and extra work was completed with zero injuries. (Project Value $2.5M)

“Experience prior to 2009 is available upon request"

Below are a Few Representations of my Knowledge and Many Skills and/or Abilities

Over 30 years of professional experience in lieu of a degree Managing Heavy Industrial Contracts and Priorities as a Heavy Industrial Mechanical / Electrical (Including Fiber-Optic) Control interface / Civil Project or Site Manager and as an Owner’s / Manufacturer’s Rep. as a Technical Advisor in charge of Plant Construction and Retrofits including Design & Build of Office and Control Rooms.

Experience in Contract Management, Interfacing with Scheduling, Mechanical / Electrical Commissioning / Startup, Owner’s Management, Engineering, Accounting Systems, Drawing Review, Employee Training, Strong Leadership, Collaborating, Mentoring and Reviews, Etc...

Development of Schedules, Installation Procedures & Sketches, Bid Specifications, RFQ’s, RFi’s, Equipment Checklists, Commissioning Plans and Closeout Documentation.

OSHA- 10, 30, 40 Certified, IEC and TWIC Safety Trained for working in Refineries, Chemical, Biofuel and Power Plants. I am always open to Continuous Safety Improvement.

Q. C. (Quality Control) knowledge in AWS, ASME, NBIC, NFPA, ASNT, NACE, NEC, ACI and API codes / Standards as applied in, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Construction, as used in Piping, Pumps, Tank Erection, Rotational Equipment, including interpretation and application of codes.

Qualified in Welding, Training of Welders, and Qualifying Welders & Procedures, worked with ASME, AWS & API codes, the Generation of Q. C., ITP’s,

Experienced in Fabrication & Erection of Structural Steel, Large Ducting, Heavy Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Cooling Towers, Piping, Pumps, Fans, Wet & Dry Material Load Outs, Dry & Liquid Conveying systems, Machining Operations in Shop and Field.

·Have taken many extensive employer offered courses related to positions held over the years.

Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and Outlook) and other required computer programs.

·Outstanding as a Creator of Team Environments (Team Player)

·Extensive Vendor Negotiations, Selections and Sourcing Skills.

·Excel at mentoring of staff, employees, and contractors.

·Excellent Heavy Mechanical Installation Analytical Skills.

·Extensive Fossil Power, Geothermal Power and Waste to Energy Experience.

Able to obtain unescorted access any Nuclear Facility.


Benson Polytechnic High School Portland Oregon, the finest technical high school in the nation which I am an Alumni of.

Course of studies consisted of many courses that were offered prior to entering a college and studies required for a degree in the field of mechanical and welding engineering.

I Nearly doubled the quantity of credits required for graduating.

However, I was not able to go to college and get the degree.

Extra High School Activities consisted of being the Sargent of the school band’s Color Guard for 2 years

Were we were requested to host the National Anthem at funerals and other activities outside of the regular scheduled school activities?

Mt. Hood Community College Portland Oregon.

Course of study was AutoCAD – 12, an introductory course which was a Pass or Fail (and I passed).


To secure either a Permanent or Consulting Contract Position as a Senior Project or Site Manager or Owner’s - Manufacturer’s Rep. for a Company that works in Heavy Industrial Construction including Contract Manager, Mechanical, Electrical & Civil within the Chemical, Commercial, Biofuel, Waste to Energy, Renewable Energy, Fossil Power, and Geothermal Power Industry that will allow the utilization of my vast knowledge, skills, abilities and experience in the many aspects of Safety, Q. C., Construction Project or Site Management, Contract Administration for New Plants, Capital Projects, Buildings, Fabrication, Additions and or Retrofits.

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