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Design Engineer Mechanical

Tempe, AZ
May 23, 2020

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MS Robotics and Autonomous

Systems(Mechanical and Aerospace


Arizona State University


Tempe, AZ 82581

SUMMARY Designs dynamic mechanical systems. Have designed numerous endoscopic surgical devices and robots.


● CAD modelling platform:

NX-Unigraphics(L3 competency),

Creo-parametric, Solid-works.

● Finite Element Analysis: Hypermesh

for meshing and Ansys solving for

stress distribution.

● Rapid prototyping methods worked

with: 3-D printers, 3-D scanner, laser


● Machine system design:Designed

endo-scopic surgical devices - complex

mechanical systems with specific

modes of control.

● ASME 14.5 (GD&T)

● IS0 13485

● Design failure mode analysis:DFMEA,


● Certificate in Nano Fabrication:Nano

Technology a Maker’s Course - From

Research Triangle.

● Design parts based on Moulding

requirement, dynamic stability and

structural strength.

● Programming Languages


Matlab, Mathcad, HTML,XML, CSS.

● Operating System and Architecture:

Linux, Windows.


● Artificial Intelligence Algorithms- MDP,

POMDP, Adversarial Search, HMM and

Particle Filtering algorithm.

● IDE : PyCharm, Anaconda.

● Machine Learning Algorithms-ANN,

DNN, RNN other gradient based

methods.(Used in projects)

● Computer Vision Algorithms- Visual

Odometry, Visual Inertial Odometry,

SLAM, Use Of openCV, Optical Flow,


● Bio-inspired and nature inspired

algorithms used in autonomous

exploration- Swarm Intelligence,

Multi-agent game systems, Genetic

Algorithms, Evolution strategies,

Monte Carlo Markov Chain etc.

● Experienced using GIT- version control.

● Engineering analysis.

● Object Oriented Programming, Data

Structures and general algorithms.

● Real Time Operating System.

EXPERIENCE ● ASSISTANT SYSTEMS ENGINEER- Design engineer 02/2018 to 08/2019 Tata Consultancy Services - Kolkata, West Bengal: The design engineer role entailed re-engineering endoscopic bio-medical devices.

Working platform: NX Unigraphics(CAD modelling and simulation),Ansys,Hypermesh,Matlab Simulink.

Scope of work: Design Failure mode analysis- DFMEA, PFMEA and Finite Element Method, Structural strength and Dynamics based design.

● ASSISTANT SYSTEMS ENGINEER-TRAINEE 09/2017 to 01/2018 Tata Consultancy Services - Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Designed robotic systems for ILP innovations lab. Focused on dynamics, structural strength and ergonomics of the robotic systems. Worked extensively on legged robots. EDUCATION



Heritage Institute of Technology - Kolkata

Bachelor of Science-Mechanical Engineering, 11/2017 Thesis: Exploring the gaits for debris removal and excavation with Klann-legged robots

( n-with-Klann-legged-robots.pdf)

Courses studied include: Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass transfer, Machine Design I, Machine Design II, Mechanical System Design, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Manufacturing engineering, CAD/CAM.

Arizona State University - Tempe, AZ

MS :Robotics And Autonomous Systems(Mechanical and Aerospace Concentration), Expected in 12/2020

Courses studied include Dynamics, Modelling, and control,Artificial Intelligence

( ), Robotics Modelling and Control, Linear Algebra, Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence and Optimization, Advances in Robot Learning(Imitation learning, Reinforcement Learning), Autonomous Explorations. PROJECT



● Ethicon Endo APEX :Designed the articulation mechanism of the APEX SC60A. Entailed design to allow rotation of the staple head in two perpendicular axes. The challenge in this work was to design a mechanism that allows the staple drive to have forward movement when the articulated staple head is at an angle.

● Bail-out mechanism in Contour curved cutter: Designed the gear train that can override and engage on the rack gear to draw the staple driver, yoke, drive bars and other parts back to the initial position. This allows reusable staples and makes the curved contour cutter reusable on the same patients.

● Design Project:Designed multi-curvature tubes to reach difficult-to-access internal organs in endoscopic surgeries. Optimized the controllability of endoscopic catheters.

● Mold compatible design of the Circular cutter(CDH) staple driver.

● Finite element analysis of the linear cutter and stapler: The analysis of the displacement in the frame of the linear cutter with the application of force was important to ensure proper alignment of the cutting blade on the groove.

● MatLab based robotic toolbox : Developed a user-friendly toolbox which analyses the following for industrial robots:

o pose using and joint velocities with inverse kinematics, the reachable workspace, plots the real-time trajectory of the end-effector and the joints.

● Intelligent Waiter Robot:Worked with First-Order Logic(PDDL) script based intelligent systems.Created a waiter robot in simulation that can take orders and cater to the customers.

● An underwater robot that maintains fixed distance from the ground during its flight through perceptions based on Visual Odometry and Visual Surveying.

● Trajectory optimization with reinforcement learning.

● UX: Creating dynamic environments(with a simulation of the physics associated, moving frames, multi-agent systems) in Gazebo.Creation of CAD models and writing XML scripts to import models to Gazebo.

● Design Project:Designed multi-curvature tubes to reach difficult-to-access internal organs in endoscopic surgeries. Optimized the controllability of endoscopic catheters.

● Currently working on autonomous UAV and drones- ROS, MavROS, PX4, OpenUAV.

● Q-learning based football player: Agent(Football player) learns about the trajectory of the ball after kick and transfer of momentum. Simulation in Vrep.

● NSF Cyber Physical System Challenge- Contestant representing DREAM lab- ASU. A drone that can autonomously identify objects and deliver them to their destination. o Currently working on perception sensors, Kalman Filters for state-estimation, Online-planning of the trajectory using Hidden-Markov Chain processes. o Involves the creation of Firmware and drivers with an understanding of the ROS architecture.


● Arizona State University,D2C2 drone delivery challenge-Contestant representing ASU. Aerial Package delivery challenge- visual surveying, intelligent path planning, obstacle avoidance, control, and stability of drones.



● Machine Design:

TCS Technova: Runners-up team for designing an innovative method to maneuver bio-medical catheters.

● Gold Medallist in International Olympiad of English Language. (IOEL)

● Participant in inter-DPS Model United Nations.



● Member, Out in Stem- Arizona State University Chapter- The organization is a safe home to discuss challenges and atrocities many of us face being a part of the LGBTQ community. We meet bi-weekly to maintain positivity in the community.

● Volunteer, TCS Corporate Maitree- Taking education at elementary school to children who cannot afford primary education

● Volunteer, Voice of World- Volunteering to train challenged students to sing in cultural programs.

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