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Engineer Software

Oregon, WI
May 23, 2020

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R. Kevin Burton

Oregon, WI *****

608-***-**** • •

Senior Software Engineer & Web Developer

Accomplished software engineer with extensive experience utilizing the latest technology to solve business problems.

Proven track record of improving efficiency by matching business objectives to current and emerging technologies, recognized as an expert in developing high performance, database driven consumer web applications. Collaborative communicator skilled in strategic planning, needs assessment, problem identification, and solution development; able to convey complex concepts to a variety of audiences. Dedicated to continually improving technology knowledge and delivering high quality, accurate software deliverables.

Core Competencies:

●Application Development

●Full Stack Development

●Software Requirements

●Web Programming

●Agile Methodologies

●Server Optimization

●Project Management

●Data Structures & Algorithms

●Object Oriented Design



Professional Experience

Independent Contracts, Madison, WI

Software Engineer, 2013 – Present

EF, WCF, MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Web API, MVC, React,Knockout, Angular, Bootstrap, Selenium, C#, TypeScript, Docker, PHP

Managed complete software development lifecycle, including analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment, and support. Created appealing and functional websites and scalable backend content management systems. Generated detailed documentation of client requirements. Communicated with users to interpret and confirm requirements and implement software code modules. Performed code reviews and evaluated SDLC deliverables. Very familiar with collaborative software like JIRA and Confluence as well as continuous build systems like Jenkins. Conducted unit testing and troubleshooting of software issues. Developed and maintained positive relationships with stakeholders.

Selected Projects & Achievements:

CDW: Developed business critical REST API using C# and Zuora..

Gartner: Worked developing and maintaining an MVC and React application. Use customized identity management software. Database access was through Entity Framework. Styling with Bootstrap.

Omnicell: Omnicell developing an MVC web application using ASP.NET Core and MSSQL. Used Identity management services that are part of ASP.NET Core.

Mindbody: Worked on several projects with MindBody in debugging and development of their customer facing web applications. Use customized identity management software.

AgSource: Developed PHP/Angular application to aggregate cow herd management. Contributed significantly to the DevOps process by “dockerizing” the web application. Security was largely handled using a combination of the backend database and custom PHP code.

GeoDecisions: Led development and management of vehicle tracking system. Created a tool to enable smooth migration of existing application to the next version.

Earthling Interactive: Managed development of real-time communications software used in the farming industry. Architected the interface for a number of devices that gathered and processed data. Designed and built a SignalR Hub to ease testing and make the device interface similar for different devices. Developed a shopping cart application allowing farmers to select various agri-tech options.

DFI: Managed web application development, converting paper forms to online web applications. Increased productivity with flexible interfaces. Developed online form applications that met all statutory requirements. In charge of building and maintaining Selenium test library and tests for web applications.

Kaplan Financial: Engineered new features for web applications and web services, supporting educational products. Built caching engine based on distributed fault tolerant Redis database, redesigning existing caching strategy.

CLEAResult: Gathered energy savings metrics with new features for web application, developing and enhancing mobile applications.Created Python integration tests to exercise and automatically test web application.

Acumium: Designed customized web applications for clients.

Sonic Foundry: Supported database portion of product offering, and developed web application to extend reach of product offering. Developed enhanced Moodle LMS plug-in, as well as PHP libraries to interface with core product.

BuySeasons Inc, New Berlin, WI

Senior Software Engineer, 2006 – 2013

C#, Java, JavaScript, Node, Python, WCF, MVC, WPF. XML, XSLT, SQL, Visual Studio 2012, MS Access, R, JDBC, MongoDB, Neo4j

Managed development of new functionality while maintaining high-volume retail order systems. Crafted innovative features and solutions to enable business growth, utilizing object oriented design skills and solid understanding of common design paradigms. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to design complex solutions and drive delivery. Debugged, tested, and documented performance and stability issues. Determined resource requirements, service dependencies, and scale options.

Selected Projects & Achievements:

Improved efficiency and productivity by creating tool to collect data, monitor trends, and forecast product demand.

Designed, developed, and implemented state-of-the-art, 24/7 web server that was reliable, easy to maintain, and easy to update.

Minimized picking time and enhanced order processing by optimizing SQL data warehouse, facilitating smooth operation when website had highest hit rate in the world.

Enabled open exchange of catalog and pricing information to major customers such as Amazon and Target.

Analyzed and graphed data by using R to develop statistical tools to act as an inventory management tool. This tool provided internal buyers the inventory information that was needed to make critical buying decisions. It ended up being a full desktop application with the familiar user interface of Excel©.

Demonstrated the advantages of non-relational databases via proof-of-concept Java applications.

Visa DPS, Milwaukee, WI

Senior Web Developer, 2004 – 2006


Managed development of critical information based applications. Worked with product owners to understand desired application capabilities and testing scenarios. Designed, developed, tested, implemented, and supported technical solutions across a full-stack of development tools and technologies. Created documentation and procedures for installation and maintenance.

Selected Projects & Achievements:

Spearheaded development of system application for gift/debit cards that transferred data from mainframe computers to a phone tree, enabling users to track balances and transactions.

Developed database access wrappers and SOAP message wrappers for client and server side.

Transformed XML data and messages to readable content.

Additional experience as IT Consultant for Baxter Healthcare & Johnson Controls, and as Senior Software Engineer for Avid Broadcast & Innovision Corporation.

Technical Proficiencies


Python, SQL, Node.js, Java, JavaScript, C#


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Knockout, XML, .NET, ASP.NET, MVC, AngularJS, REST, SOAP, Selenium, Android, iOS


Git, MySQL, Neo4j, MongoDB, Redis, MS SQL, DB2


Technical Editor, C# Unleashed

Author, .NET Common Language Runtime


Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Publications, Author, .NET Common Language Runtime Unleashed, April 2002

Technical Editor, C# book, Sam’s Publishing


MongoDB Admin, MongoDB with Python, MongoDB with Java - MongoDB Company, Coding the Matrix - Coursera

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