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Engineer Design

Scotch Plains, NJ
May 21, 2020

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Joseph Voorhees

Rockaway, NJ *****


Work Experience

Staff Engineer/Design Engineer/Resident Engineer & Construction Inspector FST/Keller & Kirkpatrick/Statile Associates - Morris Plains, NJ July 2013 to Present

7/13-Present: Sta tile Associates; 5/11-3/13: Keller & Kirkpatrick; 3/09-9/09: Amer com Corporation; 2/01-3/09: Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, LLC; 5/86-1/01: Purcell Associates.

World Trade Center - Staff Engineer for the inspection and executive report Port Authority

February 1993 to Present

summarizing findings concerning the evaluation of the damage to the structural, mechanical, electrical, communication and plumbing utility aspects associated with the bombing of the facility, specifically in the WTC PATH Train Station, in February 1993. Present for several months to observe cleanup and recovery/reconstruction efforts.

Public Service Electric and Gas Company - Engineer for the field assessment of, and executive report for, the summarizing of findings concerning the evaluation of existing waterway crossings (structures) within PSE&G Right-Of-Way between the Roseland, NJ Transmission Station and the Terminal Station in Kearny, NJ (approximately 18 miles).

Port Authority of NY & NJ, New York City Bus Terminal - Staff Engineer for the inspection and executive report, summarizing findings concerning the evaluation and assessment of the structural, mechanical, electrical, communication and plumbing utility aspects associated with the parking and multi-modal facility.

Essex County 9/11 Memorial at Eagle Rock Reservation, West Orange, NJ - Performed inspection and evaluation of the existing retaining walls of this prominent scenic overlook site facing New York City. Oversight and supervision of construction of foundations. Office of the County Engineer, Inspection of 137 Monmouth County Culverts Monmouth County, Department

2012 to 2012

Assistant Team Leader for CoMBIS inspection of culverts for Monmouth County - Inspections were performed in conjunction with two (2) facets of Federal Standards which were brought upon by

(1) standard Federal regulations and (2) the result of the occurrence of the 2012 Hurricane Sandy destruction. Damage assessments were part of the inspection process. Also produced bridge inspection reports, SI&A and Pontis updates and performed QA/QC responsibilities on the work of other personnel regarding pre-submission documents. Reports were developed utilizing the Inspect Tech reporting system software in its current version (2012). Morris County, Engineering Department, Office of the County Engineer - Road Facility Rehabilitation, Construction Supervision and Oversight (assessment) for twenty-two (22) resurfacing improvement projects involving milling and resurfacing operations at 22 locations in Morris County which included bridge and approach resurfacing. Responsibilities included overseeing daily operation of the contractor and approving monthly payments. Review and approval of shop and working drawings. NJDOT - Somerset, Hunterdon and Monmouth Counties - Survey of existing physical features over 22 miles of active roadway (U.S. Route 22, N.J. Routes 31 and 33) for verification of existing objects and conditions to determine extents of proposed improvements for State and Federal highway projects. County of Morris, Department of Public Works (Clerk of The Works Projects) - Resident Engineer for rehabilitation and reconstruction of three (3) structures in three (3) municipalities (Washington Twp., Pequannock Twp., and Town of Boonton). Responsibilities included supervising construction operations, tracking quantities, overseeing quality assurance and control and processing contractor estimates. Review and approval of shop and working drawings.

County of Morris, Department of Public Works (Clerk of The Works Projects) - Engineer for Emergency Replacement (in the wake of Hurricane Irene) of two (2) bridges in Kinnelon and Roxbury Townships. Responsibilities included overseeing demolition, construction preparation, layout and reconstruction of two local structures on an accelerated basis to restore access for local residents. Expedited construction schedules, shop drawing review and contractor construction payment approvals were facilitated through my office.

Ocean County and Morris County, Engineering Department, Office of the County Engineer, Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement - Assisted in the development of plans, estimates and specifications for replacement of three (3) structures in two (2) counties. Radio Road in Ocean County and River Road

(East) and Dublin Road in Morris County. Duties included detailing repairs, estimation of quantities and costs, and assessments of bidders submissions.

Assistant to the Supervising Engineer (Assistant Resident Engineer) as a subconsultant

New Jersey Turnpike Authority - Garden State Parkway - Hightstown, NJ 2008 to 2012

New Jersey Turnpike Authority, 2008-2012 Widening, Interchange 8 - Assistant to the Supervising Engineer (Assistant Resident Engineer) as a sub consultant in a supervisory capacity in the construction of a new expanded interchange at Exit 8 in Hightstown, New Jersey as part of the NJTA's Widening and planned expansion of its Right-of-Way over its entire length. Daily review of ongoing construction processes was a primary responsibility as well as assuring compliance with plans and specification and tallying material quantities as per the plans. New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Pile Rehabilitation, MP 0-19, Maintenance District 1 Stream Crossings, Contracts R-1464, R-1489 and R-1518

Team Leader, Design Engineer and Construction Inspector for replacement of precast concrete piles and encasements, substructure rehabilitation and pile cap retrofit including design of supplemental micropiles with Life Cycle Cost Analyses at Structures Nos. 0.42L, 1.66, 7.85, 17.50 and 18.45. Creation of MPT Plans using continuous shoulder closings to support construction activities. Also completed construction support services that included inspection of the contractor's means and methods during the construction phases of each project. Work also included review and processing of all shop drawings.

New Jersey Department of Transportation, Road Resurfacing, Bridge Rehabilitation and Guide Rail Replacement, Interstate I-80, MP 12 to 28

Assistant supervising engineer and inspector for overall general improvements to road surface, drainage, curb replacement, inlet reconstruction, guiderail replacement and bridge deck and header rehabilitation for both the Westbound and Eastbound roadways. New Jersey Highway Authority, Roadway Rehabilitation and Resurfacing, MP 136-145 - Road Construction Inspector on this $5 Million Road Rehabilitation Project on the Garden State Parkway from MP 136 to 145 in Essex County. Responsibilities included site inspection of contractor's means and methods for milling, substructure repair, HMA paving, joint repair, asphalt curb construction, drainage, incidental guard rail repair.

New Jersey Turnpike Authority - Garden State Parkway, Miscellaneous Structural Repairs, MP 28.0 to MP 163.2, Contract P100.028 - Team Leader and Design Engineer for inspection and rehabilitation of 37 bridges on or over the Garden State Parkway. Repair design included concrete substructure spall repair; concrete bearing pedestal repairs; structural steel repairs; superstructure concrete repairs; rocker, sliding plate and fixed bearing repairs; and substructure waterproofing. This also included significant MPT plans.

LaGuardia International Airport, Central Terminal Building Inspection, Port Authority of NY & NJ - Engineer for emergency inspection & report summarizing findings concerning deterioration resulting from defective deck joints in the roadway running through the Airline Terminal. Evaluation of roadway structural support system.

New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Miscellaneous Structural Repairs, Mile 0 to Mile 122, Pearl Harbor Turnpike Extension and Newark Bay-Hudson County Extension, Contract Nos. R-1334, R-1361, R-1380, R-1418, R-1438, R-1455 and R-1500 - Team Leader and Design Engineer for required FHWA Biennial Inspection and subsequent rehabilitation of over 500 bridges and sign structures on or over the New Jersey Turnpike. Repair design included concrete spall repair and substructure rehabilitation; concrete bearing pedestal repairs; structural steel repairs; rocker, sliding plate and fixed bearing replacement (design) with laminated elastomeric bearings; stone masonry rehabilitation; steel H-pile rehabilitation and encasement and various studies and tests for gunite and waterproofing products. R-1334 employed the use of a lithium bromide system at Str. No. W115.36 to remediate and repair the alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) damage at the pile cap foundations. R-1438 involved concrete repair, masonry cladding rehabilitation and waterproofing at Str. No. N2.01, the Newark Bay Bridge. R-1500 required replacement of two overhead cantilever sign structure foundations, which had succumbed to ASR, with drilled caissons foundations. Preparation of the Phase A Report detailing and prioritizing all findings was also completed. Structures crossed roadways, waterways, railroads and other non- standard features. Access permits and flagging were also obtained. New Jersey DOT Bridge Inspections - Team Leader for NIBS and Pontis inspection, ratings and reports for more than 700 State and County bridges, and 74 Garden State Parkway bridges. Lift vehicles, MPT vehicles, boats as well as diving inspections were also employed. Access permits and flagging were required. Bridges ranged in size from culvert and single span structures to long, multi span viaducts and complex structures involving various trusses, open spandrel arches, and pin and hanger suspended spans. New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Annual Bridge Inspection, Part B - Team Leader for NIBS Bridge Inspections for three consecutive projects. Field inspection and report preparation responsibilities including database, Pontis and SI&A updates (Districts 5, 6, 7 & 8). Port Authority of NY & NJ - Engineer for inspection and report, summarizing findings concerning the evaluation of the structural, mechanical, electrical, communication and plumbing utility aspects associated with over 400 buildings, bridges, tunnels and other facilities at various installations in the bi-state area.


Bachelor's in Civil Engineering

New Jersey Institute of Technology - Newark, NJ

September 1981 to May 1986


• Concrete Finishing

• Construction Experience

• Project Management

• Leadership Experience

• Retail Sales

• English


• Inspection

• Technical Writing

• Work

Certifications and Licenses

NBIS Bridge Inspection - Team Leader

February 1994 to November 2021

ACI - Construction Methods and Materials

January 2000 to December 2010

SAT - Construction Methods, Materials and Management Present


Construction Safety — Highly Proficient

December 2019

Using safe practices while on a construction site. Full results: Mechanical Skills: Aptitude — Highly Proficient

December 2019

Understanding and applying mechanical concepts and processes. Full results: Verbal Communication — Expert

December 2019

Speaking clearly, correctly, and concisely.

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