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Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
May 21, 2020

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Fagrie Hartley

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Profile:

Contact details


+27-660**-**** or +277*-***-****





South African

ID Number


811***-****-** 1

Passport Number



Expiry date of Passport :


Place of Birth


Cape town

Date of birth








South African

Home Address


12 Barbet Road

Pelican Park


Marital Status



Next of Kin


Yusraah Hartley 071*******





COMPUTER SKILLS : MS Excel; MS Word; MS PowerPoint; MS Outlook; Internet



Silverstream Senior Secondary


Matric “98


NOSA College


Environmental, Health and Safety

ASHEPP (Applying SHE Principles and Procedures)

Intro to SAMTRAC



Fall Protection Planner



Working at Heights

1st Aid, Basic Fire Fighter

Chevron Certificate and Eskom competence certificate

SACPCMP- CHSO/2596/2018


Hardware & Software (2007)

Windows 2000 (2007)

Microsoft Office (2007)

MS Word (2007)

MS Excel (2007)

MS PowerPoint (2007)

Internet (2007)



Period of Employment: 15/09/2017 - CURRENT

Position Held: Senior HSE Practitioner / Buss Owner

Duties and Responsibilities

To advise managers on how to comply with health and safety laws. Drawing up health and safety strategies, policies and procedures for organisations. Carrying out site visits that includes safety audits and inspections, identifying potential hazards and risks. Deliver training courses on health and safety. Investigating incidents and accidents and finding ways to minimize or eliminate them. Advise on special areas such as fire precaution and control of hazardous substances. Coordinate fire drills and roll calls. Producing written reports. Keeping records, including accident statistics and man hours worked. Compiling of safety files. Drawing up health and safety plans, traffic management plans, spill plans, environmental management plans as well as fall protection plans. Risk assessments baseline and issue based. Chair Health and safety meetings.

Also having to assist in the marketing of the company and to get in new business. Assisting with Invoices and having to submit required documents to SARS.

Name of company: CSV Construction

Period of employment: 01/05/2015 – 01/07/2017

Position held: Senior Safety Officer

Projects: Eskom Koeberg Power Station; Stellenbosch Waste Water Treatment Works

Duties and Responsibilities

Provides health and safety leadership for environmental remediation projects within the assigned territory. Train and mentors staff and/or subcontractors in order to support our safety culture. Administer and monitor a Code of Safe Handling of Hazardous substances on and maintain product data sheets on file. Conduct safety audits throughout the duration of the projects, assessing all safety related issues and addresses action items. Under the direction of the Safety Manager, investigate all incidents and accidents to initially make the area safe and then to determine cause. Schedules, and performs, required safety training sessions for new and experienced employees. Handle incident investigations, reports, and corrective actions within the assigned territory. Monitor compliance with the Safety Management System and report written non-conformances to the site Manager for corrective action to be taken .Provides project-specific HSSE program and LPS support as needed, administrative .Improves existing LPS and safety tools ( JSAs, observations) to enhance safety performance on environmental remediation projects. Carry out objective probationary and annual assessments. Manage day-to-day disciplinary and performance issues and more particularly the strict adherence to Company policies and procedures. Maintaining safety records.. Maintain accurate and organized registers of all safety related equipment certification. Follow up on all the reporting processes. Undertake statutory area safety inspections in accordance with the regulations. Remain aware of stock levels and inform the Engineer whenever new supplies are required so that the necessary requisitions are raised in a due time. Conduct risk assessments and method statements. Audit all subcontractor files on a month to month basis. Keep up to date the medicals of all site employees. Conduct the monthly inspection checks on all hand tools, small plants, power tools and mobile Plants. Chair all HSE rep meetings and discuss any issues and recommendations with the reps. Facilitate and assess all in house training.

Name of company:

Oil Tanking GC

Period of employment:

October 2014 – April 2015 - Contract

Position held:


Duties and Responsibilities:

Write out all Procedures and risk assessments and keeping it on record, while maintaining and updating it. Supervises that all HSSE legislation, rules and regulations are complied with. To ensure all safety equipment (incl. firefighting equipment) is always ready for use, monitors expiry dates and inspection requirements. Organizes and co-ordinates internal and external education and training on HSSE-related topics. Organizes emergency exercises and firefighting drills to assure effective emergency response. Ensures that personal protective equipment (PPE) complies with all standard codes and regulations as required by law. Performs regular site visits to supervise day-to-day work practice as well as critical work and to verify that minimum and additional PPE is worn as required. Ensures that all third parties on the terminal have received a proper HSSE indoctrination. Ensures that all HSSE-related documents like instructions, procedures, permit, inspection forms and emergency response plans (incl. the oil spill plan) are prepared and kept updated with the latest information. Gives advice to the management, keeps the company up to date with regard to new and future developments related to HSSE requirements. Organizes and moderates internal HSSE meetings and prepares minutes of these meetings. Analyses all operation related risks and develops prevention measures to improve the safety performance of the terminal(s). Is the primary contact for Oil Spill Response Ltd. (OSRL) and is responsible for the maintenance of the relevant equipment. Reports and investigates all complaints, near misses, incidents and accidents. Evaluates the detailed HSSE statistics provided. Manages and updates all product information like Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and reports changes to the Corporate HSSE Department to update the Product Information Card (PIC) database of Oiltanking. Conducts contractor orientation and issues or supervises permitting. Oversees the groundwater monitoring program and reports results to the Corporate Center on a monthly basis. Co-ordinates and monitors waste management, effluent water discharge and air emissions and ensures that all required permits are in place and adhered to. Maintains HSSE records as required by law and corporate rules.

Name of company: DCD Marine

Period of employment: February 20010 - September 2014 project to project

Position held:

Health and Safety officer / Night Shift Coordinator


SEDCO 702 –

Safety officer


Senior HSE officer


Senior HSE officer

Duties and Responsibilities:

To check for all hazards, check that housekeeping is in order, manage behavior of workers on site. To write out stop cards for any hazardous works being performed. Checking of MSDS of chemical substances. Capturing of all stop/observation cards on the system. Participate in the PTW and JSA process and ensure that it operates smoothly for the entire project. Signing off permits to work, checking all work areas to see if they working with correct permits. Checking if all necessary papers is attached to the permits. Checking if all RISK assessments is correct with the type of work being performed. To make sure all incident and accident sheets filled in should any incident or accident occurs. To give induction training to all staff coming on board/site. Evaluate, identify and assure that all of the site operations follow and adhere to the standardised HSE procedures, Policies and rules by all assigned team members, visitors and contractors entering the site properties. Conduct site inspections and interface with individual project managers. Promote, develop, administer and implementation of contractor HSE management and DCD MARINE systems. Deal with the administrative HSE requirements of the project. Inspect and monitor the work sites for HSE compliance. Provide weekly project HSE reports. Ensure subcontractors compliance to the project bridging document. Ensure full compliance with local act and regulations. Submit a monthly HSE report to DCD management.

Name of company: Abafazi Construction

Period of employment: October 2002 – September 2009

Position Held: Health & Safety rep to HSE Officer

Duties and Responsibilities:

Oversee sites for health and safety hazards. Inter alia responsible for the following activities. Identify and eliminate hazardous conditions or unsafe behaviours at the construction site. Conduct the daily activities of daily walkthrough inspections, audits, task evaluations, testing, training, briefings and reporting of performance measures. Evaluate, identify and assure that all of the site operations follow and adhere to the standardised HSE procedures, policies and rules by all assigned team members, visitors and contractors entering the site properties. Conduct site inspections and interface with individual project managers and their safety coordinators. Enforcement of regulatory agency, company, and project safety policies; drafts, reviews, and submit company health and safety reports. Monitor subcontractor safety programs and incidents as required. Identify potential environmental hazards that present a threat to the workforce and develop a plan for mitigating these risks. Conduct audits at hazardous sites and participate in the investigation of accidents and other incidents. Inspect and evaluate workplace environments, equipment, and practices, in order to ensure compliance with safety standards and government regulations. Inspect specified areas to ensure the presence of fire prevention equipment, safety equipment. Investigate accidents to identify causes and to determine how such accidents might be prevented in the future. Investigate health-related complaints and inspect facilities to ensure that they comply with public health legislation and regulations. Investigate the adequacy of ventilation, exhaust equipment, lighting, and other conditions that could affect employee health, comfort, or performance. Maintain and update emergency response plans and procedures.




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CSV Construction

Wade Van der Merwe / Engineer



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Oil Tanking

Myen Pillay

0 2 1 4 2 1 6 2 5 0


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DCD Marine

Abdullah Elmie


Abafazi Construction

Faried Jacobs


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