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Executive Assistant Office

Clinton, MD
May 20, 2020

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Patrice Delores Perkins

OIEA Executive Assistant


Work Experience

Executive Assistant / GS-9 / US Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC

Duration: March 2009- Present; Supervisor: Carl Mayes: Phone: 202-***-****

In the Office of Investigations, Enforcement and Audit (OIEA), I perform the following duties relating to office management and analytical support:

Office Management:

● Serve as the liaison for the administrator’s office, agency program areas and direct staff members

● Independently manage web programs: Web T/A, ECM, Concur Trip System and TOOLs;

● Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of program operations in meeting established goals and objectives by identifying and compiling data to be documented to aid in state reported food borne outbreaks/illnesses and their point of origin

● I enthusiastically receive increased responsibilities;

● I maintain the daily calendar for my Assistant Administrator & Deputy Assistant Administrator

Established the OIEA All Distribution List in Outlook

● Initially, I tasked myself to update our OIEA-All distribution listing.

● The format included putting in a footprints ticket with all of the affected personnel listed and with the help of the IT technicians the listing was complete and ready for use the next business day.

● Purpose: To curtail non-OIEA personnel from receiving OIEA information; remove names of retired, resigned or agency employee losses; maintain an updated listing formatted by RMS with current OIEA employees

OIEA Teleconference Town Hall Meeting Coordinator –

● I access the conference room system “Oscar” for reserving our space in the Patriot Plaza 3.

● Finalization: I receive a confirmation email to show room is scheduled for local participants

● Prepare procurement forms for fee service from Evergreen - IT Services/equipment set up

● I send out the calendar invite to the region and HQ employees with date, time and tentative plans for the Town Hall to be updated as information is completed.

● Webinar capabilities are furnished through AT&T Connect, this involves a call in number, a passcode and a host code to open the webinar to the entire office (local and out of town) for viewing

● Speakers: I meet usually twice with program directors for volunteers as our guest speakers at our Town Hall to give OIEA information on the functions of their program and the uses we may take advantage of as USDA employees

● We devise a program that is tailored to the agenda with time considerations; Our goal is to make sure everyone will have ample time to give the best presentation and follow up with questions and answers

● The Day Before: I do a dry run to make sure I am comfortable with the set up, all equipment is working

● NEW: I now have the knowledge of using the “Video” control using the AT&T Connect system to help with my meetings to connect other employees stationed in other locations.

● All presentations are forwarded to me from the presenters to be added to my memory stick

● PowerPoints are loaded onto a memory stick for projection to the screen for our participants to view.

● Purpose: These meetings are very important to keep our employees informed of any updates pertaining to the agency, remarks on upcoming events, special interest information, and general employee benefits. This is a process OIEA is trying to perfect and have on a quarterly basis for the informational needs of the staff.

● I practice well adjusted work ethics and follow procedures which assist in maintaining a safe and productive work environment

EEOAC Vice President

● I was nominated as EEOAC Vice President

● I have worked with committees to help celebrate various monthly special interest events

● I acted as escort to panelists and moderators to designated seats and assisted with preparation of the table for panel discussions.

● We meet to discuss ideas to empower our employees with good information they may use at work and at home

● We showcase our employees by encouraging them to submit their writing pieces on special interests to our Spotlight Newspaper, Awards achieved, Jobs Well Done, etc.

Assisting with FEVS Action Plan WITH Dr. Guyton

● Upon arrival of candidates my task was to check him through security – for badge entrance gates installed at the Wing 1 entrance.

● I also gave candidate a tour through the building to show where cafeteria, deli options were, the credit union that he/she could take advantage of along with ATM machines;

● To ensure candidates had proper entrance upon arrival to USDA, I provided a list to security of remaining participants to obtain immediate entrance. This action was completed as of June 17, 2014.

● For tracking, I initiated a spreadsheet to keep record of each participant shadow dates, travel city, acceptance into program date, form completion and security status. I also provided hotel and transportation information for our visiting candidate.

● Purpose: To aid Dr. Guyton with entrance processes pertaining to our weekly shadowing program participants. This procedure aids in affording our visitors with building access, a building tour, security vetting, etc.

● I effectively organize/participate in staff meetings, conferences and project team activities and record staff/board meetings to produce transcribed meeting minutes weekly;

● I am responsible for purchase of office supplies and monitor any maintenance and repair of department office equipment as needed

Purchases Office Supplies for OIEA

● I am responsible for ordering office supplies for three offices within OIEA and making purchases for services and events with the approval of management.

● I have been directed to utilize specific vendors to purchase office supplies using the purchase credit card through Rowena Perez, RMS Staff

● I correspond with our budget office personnel, US Bank personnel for use of the Purchase Card and our OIEA office staff on purchases to benefit our organization – Regional Director’s meetings, OIEA Teleconferences, 2nd Day mailings of informational instruction tools sent through FedEx/UPS for our Field Region employees, overseas travel documents, reports, etc.

● For purchase processing, I complete the order form (AD-700) which explains the item, the proper item number, unit price and then total price for processing through our Budget Office and request signature from management.

● Purpose: This maintains our offices can run effectively with the purchases of office supplies and efficient operational Computer equipment

● Budget System TOOLs – I operate the budget software tool for all expenditures to maintain a real-time calculation of allotted funds per entry of Concur Trip System (travel), Web T/A (timekeeping), ECM (document tracking);

Input into the TOOLs as needed for OIEA

● I prepare trip authorizations and vouchers associated with the OIEA Shadowing Training were entered in OIEA TOOLs to keep budget funding at current dollar amount

● Budget System TOOLs – I operate the budget software tool for all expenditures to maintain a real-time calculation of allotted funds per entry of Concur (travel), Web T/A (timekeeping)

● I track the TOOLs database to manage spending of travel, supply requisition orders, equipment purchasing,

● training and awards funded by our office accounting code

● I reconcile all purchases as they are listed by verifying the amount, date of purchase, items purchased and the validity of the purchase

● Purpose: The effort is to keep our figures in line with budget for cost effective spending and have a clear picture on how our money is being spent at all times.

● I answer and/or follows up on email correspondence in a timely manner;

● I practice good customer service through emails and telephonic communications and greet visitor’s in the most courteous and professional manner possible

Minutes Transcriber for EG Board and PHIS Checkpoints Meetings and Administrative Staff

Enterprise Governance Board Triage:

● I am responsible for capturing minutes as note taker for the board which identifies issues and concerns for discussion and resolution by the Management Council and ensures that Management Councils’ decisions and final actions based on the EAB’s recommendations are clearly documented and concrete action plans with milestones, deliverables, and owners are created and tracked.

● I record the meeting date/location and participants to provide an official record account.

● I format the minutes and edit for grammar, spelling and content. Once I obtain edit approval by the personal assistants of the board members, I upload the minutes and meeting agendas in the SharePoints system as record for authorized readers with access.

● Usually takes his is accomplished the same day.

● Constructed new format for EG board notes to be voted on each meeting following minutes recorded

● Notes are now being approved by board members for accuracy and detail

● Purpose: To have a meeting record of topics, details, approvals, next steps discussed among the board members

PHIS Checkpoints:

Public Health Information System (PHIS) Checkpoints Meeting -

● I am responsible for acting as note taker for the board which identifies issues and concerns for the collection and consolidation of analyzed data in order to improve public health

● The minutes are then edited/reviewed by Board Head for accuracy

● I electronically distribute meeting minutes to all members of the board

Quarterly OIEA Administrative Staff Meeting:

● Assigned minutes recorder for the administrative staff meetings held quarterly

Conference Room Scheduler:

● Provide administrative support to Office of the Assistant Administrator to include but not limited to management of schedules, scheduling of meetings and conference calls, preparing travel arrangements (Concur) and subsequent documentation, T&As, official calendars, etc. ensuring correct and timely schedule information.

Purpose: I locate conference rooms for numerous offices, meeting workgroups. I utilize the conference room scheduler tool; and speak with facilities to aid in securing locations

Member of the USDA Veterans Employee Organization

● As of June 2014, I became a proud member

Office Publications

● Responsible for displaying the most current office policies as directed by the Administrator’s Office

● I stay current with all special interest posters for display each month to stay in line with agency diversity policies

● When directed, I forward email correspondence with pertinent information to the entire OIEA Staff


● I work closely with OOEET (OFFICE OF OUTREACH, EMPLOYEE EDUCATION AND TRAINING). I read scripts written for training tapes made my employees that emulate certain jobs within the USDA. These are field jobs that direct you through processes on how to handle our meat during slaughter and how to maintain its sanitation while doing so.

● Narration (speaking the process while people act out the process)

● Voice Over (reporting information and being videoed on camera

Work Experience

Staff Assistant / GS-303-9 / USDA, Office of the Secretary, Washington, DC

Duration: August 2007–March 2009; Supervisor: Cherylene Rollerson: Phone: 202-***-****

● I implemented our office document tracking system by using electronic sources on the ECM system, scanning the document and putting it into a shared drive folder and maintained a paper copy for office files;

● I officially receive and greet foreign dignitaries, state councilmen, ambassadors, governors, state senators and former US Agriculture secretaries;

● I coordinated with our staff for meeting scheduling and maintained staff travel reports that noted all staff whereabouts during a month’s timeframe;

● I organized/participated in meetings, conferences and project team activities;

● I analyze and interpret data given by the subordinate offices, produced relevant reports and disseminated completed report to the appropriate staff within the US Secretary’s office;

● I arranged calendar appointments, answered phone calls from constituents and assisted them in their inquiries, set up any special needs for meetings that take place in the Office of the Secretary;

● I coordinated with Protective Services branch in the transport of US Secretary of Agriculture and his staff;

● I scheduled and set up conference rooms for meetings, press conferences and media visits for the US Secretary and staff;

● I successfully communicate verbally and in writing with customers, suppliers, visitors, inquiries or relevant staff and established good working relations for a productive working environment.

● Retirement occurred on April 30, 2018.

● New position at Southern Maryland Hospital, June 2018

● Position Title: Guest Services

o My guest services position requirements are to work with my community to welcome visitors into the facility with courteousness and a smile.

o To have empathy and patience with our community to help in anyway possible to ensure the hospital is represented in the most professional way possible.

o I enjoy this position because it allows me to aid others in their quest to find the right department, direct them to the proper waiting areas, ensure they are comfortable during their visit. No patient should leave the guest front desk without being satisfied is my goal.

o I have enjoyed being a part of this organization for over a year and I have achieved an outstanding evaluation on the completion of that year. I look forward to many rewarding years of service.

Contact Information:

7008 Saddlebow Ct

Clinton, MD 20735

Phone: 301-***-****


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