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Combo welder

United States
May 20, 2020

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Combo Welder/StructuralWelder/Ironworker/Shipyard Welder/Tank Welder/Rig Welder/Heavy Equipments operator

Combo welder that served as team leader in previous positions; currently looking for a full time position with an opportunity to travel. In an environment that offers a greater challenge, increased benefits for my family, and the opportunity to help the company advance efficiently and productively.


Page High School, Page, Az 86040

Welding class in high school for 4 years from structural/pipe/tube welding

Carbon steel/stainless steel/aluminum

Stick, TIG,MIG,Sub Arc


Great Basin Industrial


Rig Welder/Structural Welder/Pipe Welder/Tank Welder/Tank Fitter/Pipe Fitter/Rigger/SubArc Operator/Pusher

Welding carbon steel and stainless steel

Sometimes doing foreman position

Reading blue prints and welding symbols

Laying out materials for fitters

TIG welding Carbon/Stainless pipes root, hot, cap

Working with 6010, 7010, 8010, 7018, 9018 rods and 7024 jet rod

MIG welding dual shield gas co2 and argon

Flux core wire 1/16, 3/32

MIG pulse welding

Pipe fitting my own pipes welding down hill 6010 root and hot pass finish off with 8010 cap

Using my Rig truck with own pipeliner machine and tools

Forklift work and man lift work at all heights

Welding vertical, horizontal, overhead positions

Working at Heights

Tanco Engineering, Inc.


Tank Welder/Tank Fitter/SubArc Welder/Pipe Welder

Tank Welding MIG/Stick/Sub Arc

Reading blue prints where steel plates need to be laid out in position

Working at heights most of the job

Pipe fitting 2”-30” pipe

Welding pipe 6010 root and hot passes plus cap off with 7018

TIG welding pipe root/hot pass and cap off with dual shield wire(MIG)

Welding vertical, horizontal, overhead, Flat all dual shield wire

Cutting steel with torch and preheating steel before welding

Cleaning welds and visual test by QC and all welds got to be X-ray

Rocky Mountain Fabrication


Tank Welder/Fitter

Welding MIG/Stick/SubArc Welding

Welding stainless/carbon steels

Building floating roofs and seals

Replacing tank floor, roof and rafters

Welding horizontal tank with Sub Arc machine refer to 3 o’clock

Cutting steel to fabricate if needed

Building tank/thickeners from stainless to carbon steel

Reading blue prints

Repairing welds if didn’t pass X-ray

Working with tank painters from sand blasting to painting

Cleaning tank out such as crude oil and other materials with SUBA gear

Advance Tanks & Construction Co.


Tank Welder/Fitter

Welding tank shell vertical, horizontal, overhead and flats

6010 5p rods welding downhill on tank sheets

Fitting steel in place where they need to go from blue prints

Working at heights

Hanging sheets and roof rafters for tank roof

Worked on internal floating roof and seal on pontoons

Brahma Group Inc.


Ironworker Connector/Bolt up crew/Structural Welder/Pipe Welder

Working in different areas of environments like mines/smelter/refinery/power plants

Making sure working in safe areas

Checking all tools are in working order

TIG welding pipes/structural welding old to new steel

Hanging steel and working as a journeyman

Connect steel with the rising gang

Rigging steel

Structural Ironworker

Knights Marine/Signal Shipyard


Shipyard Welder/Pipe Welder/Ship Fitter

Welding dual shield MIG co2/argon

Working with carbon/stainless/copper nickel

Cutting bulk heads and I beams steel inside vessels of ships

Lifting over 50lbs of tools

Welding pipes with 6010 root/hot pass and cap out with 7018

Blue prints lay outs and reading welding symbols

TIG welding pipes root/pass and cap out with 7018 or 11018

Aerotek/Casey Industrial Inc.


Structural Welder/Fitter/Ironworker

Performed MIG/Flux core welding in Power Plant outage building bag house, bottom ash and air ducts

Welded structural mild steel

Responsible for welding in all positions

Used plasma cutters and oxy acetylene, Ironworker’s tools of trades, power tools

Fabricated and fitting pieces together

Helping riggers

Aerotek/Durus Industrial Inc.


Structural/Pipe Welder

Used Stick/TIG; 308-309 and 316 stainless rods and 7018 rods for carbon steel

Produced quality combo welds for stainless steel and carbon steel

Performed thermal cutting and grinding of components

Fixed cracks in carbon steel parts

Performed installation and repairs of assembly parts and plates

TIG welding pipes from stainless and carbon steel

Rocky Mountain Fabrication


Tank Welder/Fitter/Ironworker/Rigger

Performed MIG, stick, Flux-core heliarc welding In all areas

Passing all welding test in all positions

Fitting and fabricated pieces together from blue prints and did layouts and fitting on components

Repaired welds that didn’t pass X-ray

Welding on light to heavy gauge metals

Prepped all metals for welding by grinding and cutting with oxy acetylene, power tools

Kept a cleaned and safe work area environment

Hanging I-beams for roof of tanks

Working at heights

Checking all rigger

Zachry Construction Inc.


Maintenance mechanic/Structural Welder/Pipe Welder

Stick welding pipe

Grinding areas that needed to be cleaned for welding

Promote safe work practices

Maintained daily records or work undertaken and materials uses

TIG welding inside boilers on tubes

High quality welding

The Industrial Company (TIC)


Structural Ironworker/Forklift Operator

Assembly structural steel and erected steel

Forklift operator moving materials place where it belonged

Learning how to connect steel

Learning the trades of a Ironworker

Millwright helper

Welder helper

Cleaning up work areas

Structural welder

Helping rigger set up crane

Learning pipe welding

Working safe in harsh conditions and weather

Fann Contractor Inc.


Heavy Equipment Operator/Structural Welder/Earth Mover

Dozer operator

Front end loader operator

Motor grader operator

Scraper operator

Working with hot asphalt

General Labor

Water truck driver


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