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Cloning,protein purification,transfection,PCR,western blot,gel electro

Milwaukee, WI
May 21, 2020

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Sanjna Girdhar

Professional Summary

A highly dynamic and motivated individual with three years of wet lab experience backed by certification in Chemical Hygiene and Biological Safety. Consistently recognized for success in planning and executing experiments with remarkable analytical and problem solving skills. Work History

Dr. Ionel Popa - Research Assistant

Milwaukee, WI

02/2017 - Current

• Engineering of poly protein constructs employing molecular cloning techniques.

• Expression of engineered poly protein constructs using protein purification techniques.

• Testing antibody binding activity of proteins using western blotting.

• Sending DNA samples for sequencing.

• Preparing buffers, media, pouring plates, making agarose gels as needed.

UWM Research Symposium 2019 (poster presentation): Engineering of poly construct L-meGFP-L and testing its activity using binding assays). Mayo Clinic - Student Research Intern

Rochester, Minnesota

05/2019 - 08/2019

• Engineering of PKD1 variants using molecular gene cloning.

• Transfecting cells with PKD1 variants (experience with mammalian cell culture).

• Immuno-fluorescent labeling of eukaryotic cells.

•Quantification of protein expression using flow cytometry. American Society of Nephrology Conference 2019 (poster presentation): Missense mutations in PKD1 lead to reduced surface localization of the polycystins in ADPKD).

University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee - Supplemental Instruction Leader Milwaukee, United States

09/2019 - 05/2020

H: 414-***-****

C: 414-***-****

Milwaukee, WI 53211


•MS office

•Gene cloning

•Recombinant protein engineering and


•Gel electrophoresis

•Primer design

•Performing PCR reactions

•DNA extraction

•Protein purification

•Protein electrophoresis

•Western blotting


•Immuno-labeling of cells

•Optimization of experiments

•Handle multiple projects




University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bachelor of Science: Cellular And

Molecular Biology

● Tutoring undergraduate students for Physics 120

Important Coursework: Molecular

Genetics, Laboratory techniques in

Molecular Biology, Biochemistry,

Functional Genomics

● GPA: 3.77

Major Projects

1. Engineering and expression of poly protein A construct: Two subunits of Protein A, B4 and B5, were engineered to make their octameric units from the monomers using Molecular Biology techniques, PCR, cloning, ligations, sequencing, to name a few. The octameric units were expressed using IPTG and the proteins were purified employing a number of downstream processes. The proteins were run on SDS PAGE gels to check for their molecular size and western blotted to check their binding ability with the IgG antibodies. (Popa Lab)

2. Engineering of fluorophore poly-protein construct: Construct ProteinL- linker-GFP-linker-GFP-linker-ProteinL were constructed employing molecular biology techniques. The construct was expressed and the protein purified. Different concentrations of antibody IgG were run on SDS PAGE gel, western blotted, and incubated in the constructed protein to compare the chemiluminescent signal with the ECL substrate. (Popa Lab)

3. Mutation Analysis and Characterization of Novel Genes in ADPKD Patients: Different combinations of Missense mutation in gene PKD1, directly associated with disease Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease, were analyzed to quantify surface localization of the protein PC-1 in human kidney cells it functions. The clones were created using site directed mutagenesis and transiently transfected into the human kidney cells. The quantification was done using flow cytometry. (Mayo Clinic)


SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming Using SAS 9.4 CRLA Certificate for advanced tutors


Available upon request

● Hold in person and online exam reviews before each exam

● Led discussions and activities centered around course content. Led activities that developed students' physical, emotional and social growth.

Dean's List [Fall 2016, Spring 2017,

Fall 2017)

Awarded Support for Undergraduate

Research Fellowship (13,000$)

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