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Data Azure

San Diego, CA
May 19, 2020

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Name: Divya Bannan Email ID:

Phone No. 510-***-****


Having 6+ years of experience in all phases of a project’s life cycle including Project Development, Testing and Implementation.

Experience in developing applications under .NET Framework using ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server, WPF and WebAPI.

Well versed with the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process which includes Designing, Developing, Testing and Implementation.

Experienced in software development methodologies such as SCRUM.

Good experience in Web services Windows Communication Foundation WCF Windows Presentation Foundation WPF.

In-depth knowledge in Multi-threaded programming and Thread synchronization.

Experience in using Angular JS to test views and to do end to end unit testing by using continuous integration also.

Experience in developing Microservices using ASP.NET core.

Possess good knowledge of concepts in Relational Database Management Systems like SQL Server.

Extensively used LINQ and ORM tools like Entity Framework to exchange data between web applications and database objects.

Hands on experience in design using Object Oriented Programming Principles like Inheritance, Polymorphism and design patterns MVC4.0/5.0.

Experience in designing rich interactive WPF applications in XAML using MS Visual Studio 2013.

Have excellent knowledge of SQL Server, Stored Procedures and CLR Triggers.

Possess expertise in using ADO.NET objects such as Connection Object, Command Object, Data Reader Object, Data Adapter Object and Dataset Object.

Involved in developing web Pages with rich UI using AngularJS.

Thorough understanding of SOAP and REST API’s

Leveraged Angular resources for all data access, encapsulating URLs and standardizing data access interfaces. Created custom directives for re-usable components (multi-filed form elements, background file uploads, etc.)

Experience in designing and implementing infrastructure as code and CI/CD pipeline for deployments of large-scale web applications.

Experience with Source Control Management tool i.e. MKS, Tortoise GitHub and TFS.

Possess conceptual knowledge of Object Oriented Programming methodologies (OOPS).

Juggled competently multiple assignments, while maintaining the highest emphasis on quality.

Possess a very strong understanding of fundamentals for various programming languages.

Have excellent analytical, communication and interpersonal skills.

Expertise in Power BI, Power BI Pro, Power BI Mobile.

Continuous integration and continuous Deployment (CI/CD) of the Applications into Azure cloud.

Expert in creating and developing Power BI Dashboards in to rich look.


Operating System: DOS, Windows 2008/2010, UNIX

.NET Technologies: ASP.NET, COM+, ADO.NET, ADO, XML, WSDL, XML web Services, Win Forms, Windows Services, Web Form, LINQ, WCF, WPF and Web API

Front End Technologies: HTML & CSS,, AngularJS, Java script, AJAX, Bootstrap, JQuery.

Cloud Computing: Microsoft Azure - Cloud Services (PaaS & IaaS), Storage, Web Apps, Active Directory, Application Insights, Azure Monitoring, Operations Management Suite (OMS), Visual Studio Online (VSO), Azure Search, Azure Bot Service, Logic Apps, Data Factory, Service Bus, Traffic Manager, Cognitive Services, Key Vault and SQL Azure.

Database Development & BI Tools: SQL, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2016/2014, SQL Server Job Agent, Import and Export Data, Linked Servers, Master Data Services (MDS)

Webservers: Internet Information Server 7.5, 8.0 (IIS)

IDE: Visual Studio.NET (2012, 2010, 2008), Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Interdev,UML, Visio, web-storm.

Database Programming: Stored Procedures, Views, Functions and Triggers, Cursors in SQLServer, Oracle (PL/SQL)

Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services 2008/2005/2000

Methodologies: Client/Server Architecture, N-tier application architecture, OOA,Prototyping, Process Models, Systems Integration, SOA

Markup Languages: DHTML, HTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, XSLT, X-Path, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS.

Version Control Tools: Visual Source Safe (VSS), Team foundation Server (TFS), Test DrivenDevelopment (TDD) Serena Dimensions, Object OrientedDevelopment (OOD), Perforce( PV4), MKS, GitHub.

Tools: Azure, Power BI, PowerApps, Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana, File Beat.


Bachelor of Science in Electronics Communication Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India.

Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from North Western Polytechnic University, California, USA.


Hologic, Molecular Diagnostics company

San Diego CA United States, January 2017 –Present.

Role: Software Engineer

Description: The PANTHER System (Medical Instrument Device) is a fully integrated, automated Nucleic Acid Test (NAT) chemistry processing. The system provides full automation of all assay steps from sample preparation through amplification of nucleic acid, detection, data reduction and amplicon inactivation.

Data Sharing is a part of Panther (Medical Instrument Device) that will be implemented in a peer-to-peer fashion. Data sharing will be implemented in a way that attempts to minimize network traffic by sharing very small metadata packets, rather than actual Panther data, and then retrieving new or changed data only when needed Using Microsoft Sync Framework.


Involved in the Designing, Coding, Testing and Implementation of the application.

Developing the application using MVC, Entity Data Model and RESTful and WCF services.

Responsible for UI design and creating contracts and classes in WCF for different modules in the application.

Developed windows application using C#.Net, WPF, Visual Studio 2017 and SQL Server 2008

Work with Product Managers, Back-End Developers and a Front-End Developer to develop Web 2.0 application for Dashboard application using Front-End technologies like HTML5, CSS/CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, and ASP Visual Studio.

Implemented Two-way Data-binding in Angular JS which makes the application to handle the automatic synchronization of data between the model and view components.

Implemented Angular Service calls using Angular Factory.

Involved in programming XAML applications.

Performed unit testing on every new version before sending it for User Acceptance Test.

Created Stored Procedures and triggers for automated operations.

Worked on Microsoft Sync Framework 2.1.0 to synchronize data (peer- to peer synchronization) Between Medical Instruments.

Developed web services layer and implemented business logic and use cases.

Used C#, WPF, XAML, .NET Framework 4.5 and LINQ methodologies.

Developed UI Automation project using Test stack white framework to run all test cases and generate a HTML report.

Worked on supporting multiple API versioning with backward compatibility with Restful WebAPI.

Developed ASP.NET Core Web API based on departmental requirements and specifications.

Implemented client-side Interface using React JS. Build stable React components and stand-alone functions to be added to any future pages. Used React-Router to turn application into Single Page Application

Worked with advanced concepts of ASP.NET Core MVC such as Models and Providers, Filters used for developing backend technology.

Converting existing API’s and implementing new APIs into client’s middleware stack

Installed and configured Enterprise gateway and Personal gateway in Power BI service.

Using the logic for screening each client record in the system develop windows batch script and Powershell scripting.

Integrated Cosmos streams, SQL data (Azure database) and Kusto’s data to UI Using MVC architecture.

Created Workspace and content packs for business users to view the developed reports.

Scheduled Automatic refresh and scheduling refresh in Power BI service.

Create reports using Elastic Search, Logstash, Filebeat, Kibana.

Worked on DAX queries in Power BI.

Wrote calculated columns, Measures query’s in Power BI desktop to show good data analysis techniques.

Implemented Test Application to test Data sharing between instruments by pushing data for every certain time interval using timers.

Experience in designing and developing Microservices for the business components using .NET framework

Experience with developing the frontend/web applications using HTML5, DHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, XSLT, XSL, Restful Web Services, jQuery, JSON and Angular JS

Implemented,Tested and Proved Time Offset TCP/IP and UDP mechanism to transfer data packets.

Implemented database versioning using XSLT.

Worked on PCR and TMA Assays development.

Computed a local representation of time value from another instrument using TCP/IP protocol.

Imported data from flat files to SQL Server database using SSIS Also used Azure for Scaling and checking the reliability of the applications which were developed during the project

Worked with Microsoft Windows Azure includes a complete set of enterprise-ready data services, including Windows Azure Storage and SQL Databases.

Installed and configured Enterprise gateway and Personal gateway in Power bi service.

Created Workspace and content packs for business users to view the developed reports.

Scheduled Automatic refresh and scheduling refresh in power bi service.

Wrote calculated columns, Measures query’s in power bi desktop to show good data analysis techniques.

Develop CI/CD pipeline using CodePipeline, CodeCommit and CodeDeploy.

Build ETL using Azure Data Factory and Azure Logical Appa.

Knowledge in Azure Compute services, Web Apps, Data Factory & Storage, Azure Networking, Hybrid Integration and Azure IAM.

Used ReSharper tool that allows to run and debug .NET Core unit tests, also contain new quick-fixes, code generation and context actions, update in navigation and search.

Involved in Unit testing and Integration testing of the application using Nunit and MSTest.

Environment: Visual Studio 2017 IDE, C#, C++, .NET Framework 4.7, ADO.NET, LINQ, SQL Server, ASP.NET Core 2.0, ASP.NET Core, HTML &CSS, Angular JS, WEB API, Entity Framework Core 2.0, Web API, WCF Service, .NET4.5, XML,JavaScript 1.8 (AJAX, jQuery, JSON), PHP, SOAP, REST APIs TCP/IP, Azure, Power BI, Cosmos, Microservices, NUnit and WPF.

Alignment Healthcare, Orange California March 2016 to December 2017

Role: Software Developer

Description: The project is defined to collect and maintain the patient information from different locations and deliver it to operators while generating reports using GUI.


Designed and Developed Business Entities, Business Layer, Data Layer.

Strong experience in designing and implementing RESTful services using Web API’s

Developed Web Services with Request and Response objects.

Worked with Web Services, Caching features, Configuring optimizations and securing the web application.

Designed WPF Forms, Custom Controls and User Controls using XAML language for interactive UI

Did the forward and backward data mapping between the fields in mainframe and FACETS.

Developed Web applications using XML, XAML, XSLT, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript (JQuery), Knockout JS and CSS.

Services implementation on Windows Azure.

Designed and Consumed XML Webesvices using Microservices

Develop user interface by using Telerik Kendo UI, jQuery, JavaScript, Json, AJAX, and HTML5.

Design and develop fully prototypes and mockups using HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery for future enhancements and implement them on the live web platform.

Developing .Net batch application responsible for processing medicare enrolle information in FACETS.

Developed UI using ASP.NET with Master pages, themes, CSS web server controls and User Controls.

Used Angular JS to create maintainable and testable single page application.

Experience in creating Containers by Docker's for Microservices.

Consumed Docker's to develop Container's for the Microservices. Designed and Developed Container Management Rancher to publish Containers.

Used Entity Framework to fetch data from Database using LINQ queries .

Designed the application using an MVC 4 (Model View Control) architecture that promotes a clear separation of the presentation, business logic and data access tiers

Client and server side validations using JavaScript and Validation Controls and performing the tasks related Database issues.

Testing the application for performance issues and data integrity using NUnit.

Experienced in Software Configuration Management, setting up company Version policies utilizing Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Environment: Visual Studio 2015 IDE, C#, ASP.NET, XML, IIS, SSIS,Crystal Reports,WCF,.NET Framework 3.5, Entity Framework, LINQ, GUI, WebForms, Angular JS, Microservices, Javascript, HTML & Css.

Premier Healthcare, Charlotte NC USA October 2014 – February 2016

Role: .NET Developer

Description: It collects the medical data from patients and doctors and the procedures that are performed on the patients and other statistics in order to compile reports for about 240 affiliated hospitals. It receives the data the Big Data in text file. MicroStrategy Reporting Suite is used to display the report.


Participated in the design and development of new change requests, project enhancements and the life cycle.

Developed ETL packages containing different data sources (SQL Server, Flat Files, Excel source files, XML files, etc.) and then loaded the data into destination tables by performing different kinds of transformations using SSIS/DTS packages.

Worked on enhancing and deploying the SSIS Packages from the development server to the production server.

Assisted in the middle-tier design of XML, XSD’s, and XSLT’s for communicating data to and from database via Web Services

Created Web Methods using Web Service and deployed the Web Service on IIS in the production server

Incorporated new functionalities and additional fields for the LEAF application.

Worked on modifying the existing forms apart from creating new forms using .NET code.

Used ASP.Net Input Validation Controls for Client-Side Validation.

Used various JQuery UI controls such as accordion, date picker and many more

Worked extensively on JQuery dialog popups and populating partial views

Designed the application using an MVC 4 (Model View Control) architecture that promotes a clear separation of the presentation, business logic and data access tiers

Implemented MVC design pattern for the web application

Developed the independent WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) services and defined Service Contracts

Generated entity classes based on the database schema and improved the development of N-tier architecture using LINQ

Implemented the entire back end of the application in C#.NET, using various object oriented features.

Used Oracle database for storing all the data saved through the application, and migrated the historical data using SSIS.

Involved in Unit testing and Integration testing of the application using Nunit and MSTest.

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