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Stock Control Manager

Colombo, Sri Lanka
May 19, 2020

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Priyantha Prabhath Jayaweera

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I would like to run productive process minimizing TIMWOOD concept. Either way getting and giving away what I know and what rest know to smooth running to gain required goal. Self beginner, dedication till given task completion, discipline to maintain high level of policy. and most important I'm tidy on given dates. I like to improve my knowledge through supply Chain foreign education to grab their experiences and strategies to improve our productiveness.

As management team member I keen on given Instructions and set up new era for company to come up in the industry. Challenges are come from internally or externally that should be face transparently.

I need to be sustained character in the Supply Chain Industry.


Possess the necessary management skills and knowledge of working practices required to administer, improve and develop a Warehouse/Distribution centre to achieve optimum efficiency, effectiveness and quality of service

Quick learner who can rapidly master all aspects of job with limited training and minimum supervision.

Motivated achiever and problem-solver, who will do what it takes to get the job done and who works hard and loves a challenge.

Employment Summary

Since 01st of June 2019 working for Trendy wear Group as

Group Stock Administrative Manager.

Report – MD/ED

Reporting to me 1 Stores Manager+ 8 in charge officers + over 75 other staff

Catering to 5 Sister factories,12 sub plants

Discuss on Clarence Schedule, and arrange unloading and Distribution

Checking daily System common Allocated goods Balances to Send factories

Schedule Local supplier deliveries unloading and distribution

Tracking data of CWH operation – Inward Chart/GRN/GTN and other reports/Etc

Using equipment’s – Folk Lift/Stacker/Hand folk/Man power

Module Using – Trendy Wear ERP

Weekly discuss with team to ensure operations and avoid damages/Obsoletes.

Since 2016/05 to 2019/05 worked for Ramya Group- Trendy Wear PVT Ltd as Head of Operations Central Warehouse.

Direct Reporting – ED/MD

Down layer – 40 including 01 Manager, 03 Executives, 5 Assistants

Catering to – 5 Sister production plants, 72 sub factories and 5 Local Show rooms.

Stock Volume – 50mn- USD - 60000sft Area

A.Receipt goods to Central warehouse.(Bulk/Common/etc.)

B.Receipt Accessories, GRN, counting, GRN Approve, store in relevant bin.

C.Distribute fabric for factories 7days prior to PCD

D.Distribute internally allocated fabrics to others plants

E.Receipt weekly leftovers from outside factories on allocated dates

F.Receipt general items and distribute according to factories PR

G.Weekly reconciliation shipped styles

H.Maintain bin card system easy tracking and daily cycle counting

I.Maintain given budget ranges

J.Develop staff to multi skilling, motivate for reduce absenteeism regularize leave procedure

K.Giving daily tasks to people and monitor hourly.

L.Monitor local selling garments receipt/stocks/ distribution.

M.Maintain given KPI (GRN 24/approve 48hours/fabric in housed b4 7days to PCD/size set on time/sample fabric on time/leftover fabric within 2days/ITN within 72hours)

N.ISO/5S/ other given instructions maintain

O.Entire operational, Admin, HR, Finance and Transport responsibility over the CWH.

P.Local purchasing, price negotiations, supplier evaluation discussing payment matters.

Q.Monitor cost effective methods, and efficient ways to work stations.

Worked for Long Island Clothing Company – Hirdaramani Group as Manager Stores and Ware house since 2015 to 2016 May.

a.Inventory control through AX-Microsoft dynamics to easy forecasting

b.Minimize stock holding over 180days, if available discuss to use before next season starts.

c.Maximum utilization of materials to avoid aged/Holding costs.

d.Keep separate visible identification for different SKUs.

e.GRN/GTN/GIN within 48hours, after send/Receipt goods From/to warehouse.

f.Based on BOM send materials to factory.

g.Collecting FG from factory & Send to customers based on given PI’s.

h.Transport arrangement for deliveries.

i.Train staff for keep standard in their work done.

j.Fix system issues for merch team and rest staff by coordinating group IT.

Inventory System used – Microsoft Dynamics

Reported to CEO Staff handled – 2 executives, one supervisor and 26 members

Different segment of manufacturing table’s ware - Royal Fern wood Porcelain as Manager Ware house 2014-2015

a.Under my criteria first had to do arrange floor according to FMCG basis and arranged properly, labeled.

b.Clearly given instruction and job specification to each people to regularize and understood their jobs.

c.Clearly specified people and allocate to important tasks based on their skills.

d.Teach them and absorbed from them what to do.

e.500 no's of semi finished goods and 12 varieties - 6000 SKU,s handled

f.Monitor reorder levels to raw materials and general used items

g.based on planning requirements delivery arrangement

h.supervised 35 people including 2 executives and 2 store keepers

Develop my personal career left from HIRDARAMANI and joined with HOODVIAN GROUP as Manager Ware house. 2013-2014

a.Under my responsible there were 3 factory locations

b.ensured material receipt to stores and prepare for distribute production location

c.take up GRN entering to system within 24 hours time to ensure system is running

d.manage 75 people with 3 supervisors to run this process

e.Attend meeting to ensure that company communication in proper.

f.took goods ordering excess to order requirement gradually

Inventory system used – Peach Tree

Reported to CEO

People handled – 2 executives, 5 supervisors and 40 workers

Hirdaramani Industries Kahathuduwa 2011-2013 as Assistant manager stores

a.Responsible for Fabric receipt to warehouse

b.allocate goods according to given allocation by merch. the blanketing based on instruction given by fabric inspection within 48 hours after materials allocation given.

d.get them in to company serial and update system GRN to further proceed.

e.attend weekly planning meeting to discuss objects, status, and etc

f.Monitored 4 leased plants and 14 sub factories to meet company production.

g.relax fabric based on given instruction to avoid shrinkage problem creation during stitching stage

h.reconcile balances after completion of cutting stage

Step up as Junior Executive to Senior Executive at Kint plant Apparel Sector Great Hirdaramani 2007-2011

a.Responsible for Raw materials receiving to Eheliyagoda plant

b.Discuss next week plan and relax knit fabrics (roll foam stored goods) according to given plan and keeping them shade serial.

c.Update system within 24 hours time to continue rest processes.

d.issue fabrics according to cut plans sent us

e.after completion of order balance materials need to be submit for allocate next available order or dispose

f.Satisfying of company promoted me as Executive and enrolls to over look entire stores under the manager.

g.Included sewing materials, finishing materials, and General required items to my responsibility. per earlier I had to inform material receiving status to production coordinator 7 days prior to style cut

i.If material short we need to highlight same thing available in the style.

j.Most important is without disruption to production process contributes to run.

k.To initiate LEAN system and first team I'm one of member of it.

l.After evaluate my performances promoted to Senior Stores Executive position and transferred to Woven factory Central warehouse

Joined with ABANS Pvt LTD as Inventory Control Executive 2005-2006

a.Under this controlled 12 locations of sales show rooms

b.accountable for transaction made during month

c.need to meet transaction details monthly to manager

d.and after 2 months except to them take controlled of 14 hire purchases locations under me

e.Regularized their procedures and work systems.

My Career begins as Production coordinator for Corrugated Manufacturing Company in 2001-2005

a.obtain orders from customers and negotiate prices and delivery dates

b.arrange production floor according to delivery priorities

c.arrange transport lorries according to delivery

d.payment collection against invoices


Bachelors of Business Administration – University of Colombo

Being doing MSc in logistics management – MSU

Diploma In Manufacturing Management- IITM

Diploma In Business Management - ABE UK

Hirdaramani Leadership development programme - LDP

Certified Supply Chain professional - IIEL -BLUE OCEAN DUBAI

Certificate in Purchasing Management – ISMM

2000 August G.C.E. (A/L) – Nalanda College, Colombo

2 B’s, 2C’s

1996 December G.C.E. (O/L) – Nalanda College, Colombo

1 D, 6 C’s


English reading - Excellent Writing: Excellent

Sinhala reading – Excellent Writing: Excellent


1997-1999 Member of School Senior Cadet Platoon Cadet Corporal in 1999

1999- Secretary of School Political Science Society

1999- Vice President of School Arts Society

1999- Vice President of School Sinhala Literary Association


1. Mr. Priyantha Udaya Kumara

Factory Manager

Trendy Wear Kadawatha Pvt Ltd

Tel: +94-112****** Ext: 226

Mobile: +947********/776241176

Fax: +941********


2. Mr. Nilantha Perera

Group Financial Officer

Ramya Holdings

Kandy road,



Tel(Office): +941*-******* Ext 240

Mobile : +947********


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