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United Kingdom
May 18, 2020

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Date of Birth: ** April ****.

Nationality: British.

Passport Number: 538002332 (Expires 05/04/2027).

Vantage Number: 207533.

Industry Qualifications & Certification:

NVQ Level 2, - Domestic Gas Fitting and Pipework.

Diver training Cert Number – Part II 250/90.

Offshore Medical, (Expires 18/11/21).

Offshore survival, Including HUET & EBS (Expires 08/2021).

NEBOSH level 3 National Certificate in occupational safety & health (with credit).

PRINCE2 Certificate held (project management).

IMCA approved trainee Air & Mixed Gas Bell Diving Supervisors Certificates held.

IOGP CLIENT REPRESENTATIVE 5-day course taken at NHC, Aberdeen (2011)

DIVE SYSTEM AUDITOR 3-day course taken at NHC, Aberdeen (2011)

OFFSHORE PIPELINE Design & Installation 5-day course- Cranfield University.

M.I.S.T. (Expires August 2020).

SUBSEA ENGINEERING Introduction course (2014) – Robert Gordon University.


PTW courses taken with various companies.

Brief Work Summary:

I have over 34 years civil, offshore oilfield & renewable energy experience, working in many parts of the world involving both air and saturation diving. Some of the many projects I have been involved with include, spool & riser installations, platform and pipeline installations, burning, cleaning, pipe and platform inspections, jumper/control cable installations, wellhead/tree work etc.

Since October 2010 I have been employed as a Client Diving, ROV, Vessel Representative and Vessel Lead on various oil, gas and renewable energy/windfarm projects.

I have worked with many people of different nationalities and cultures as both a colleague and mentor.


A broad knowledge of IMCA diving and marine safety recommendations, marine activities, offshore construction and inspection practices in both oils and gas and windfarms. Ability to understand project documentation including drawings, method statements and pertinent government regulations regarding occupational safety and health.

Computer literate.


JULY 2018 - JANUARY 2019

ROLE: Client Dive Representative (Vessels - Maridive 603, PMS11, Sapura 1200, Larrisa and DSV Lichtenstein).

CLIENT: Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO)/ BP/Dragon Oil.

PROJECT: Procedure & TBRA reviews. Boat landing Installation, pipeline inspection/repair involving cutting out and removing sections of weight coating and PLIDCO clamp installations. DO23 audits of air diving systems on PMS 11 pipe lay barge, Sapura 1200 pipe lay vessel, OSV Larissa and Maridive 603.

12” & 18” pipe-line shore pulls and pipe laying, including diver surveys and mattress installations, stinger, PL profile checks, grout bag free span corrections, PL pigging, testing and pre-commissioning, spool, smart flange and riser installations. (Air & Sat).

APRIL 2018 – JULY 2018.

ROLE: Client Dive Lead/Rep. (DLB 750 & DSV Pioneer).


PROJECT: Upper Zakum 750 project (Abu Dhabi). Cut out and replace damaged sections of 26” pipeline, replace riser, riser guard and associated clamps. Free span rectifications, sleeper rectifications. Riser clamp replacements and bolt tensioning. (Air).

MARCH 2018

ROLE: Client Dive Representative (OSV Maridive 603)

CLIENT: Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO)/ BP.

PROJECT: Damaged 12” riser repair & replacement, Morgan field, Gulf of Suez. (Air)

AUGUST 2017 – FEBRUARY 2018.

ROLE: Client Dive / Vessel Lead. (DSV’s CCC Maritime 2 & Huracan).


PROJECT: Upper Zakum 750 project (Abu Dhabi). Overseeing diving work involving pipeline free span corrections including PL sleeper relocation, grouting, cable rectifications, bolt replacement and tensioning on riser support clamp assemblies, riser clamp installation, as found/built surveys & inspection work. (Air).

JUNE 2017 – AUGUST 2017.

ROLE: Client Vessel / Dive Representative. (Scheldeoord Spud Barge).


PROJECT: Overseeing diving operations involving UXO search, find and identify, in UK and Belgium waters, this was in preparation for the NEMO LINK cross channel electrical cable installation campaign. (Air)

DECEMBER 2015 – JUNE 2017.

ROLE: Owner. Developing H.P water jetting, shot blasting and powder coating business across North West England.


ROLE: Client Dive Representative/OPM. (M.V Seabulk Advantage).

CLIENT: Technip-Abu Dhabi. (End Client – Al Khafji Joint Operations)

PROJECT: Working on behalf of Technip in the Arabian Gulf as a Dive Rep/OPM, work involved office-based procedure reviews, dive system mobilisation, IMCA DO23 dive system audit, replacing damaged fenders and ladders on various platforms off Khafji, Saudi Arabia. (Air)

MARCH 2013-AUGUST 2015.

ROLE: Client Dive/ROV Rep (DSV’s Mayo, Alliance & DP Barge PMS 17).

CLIENT: Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO)/ BP.

PROJECTS: Reviewing dive contractor’s procedures and TBRA’s, office based, spool & smart flange installations, pipeline demolition and repair, IMCA Dive system -DO23, DO24 & R006- ROV audits, anode installations, rig entry surveys & debris removal. PLIDCO clamp installations, free span corrections, riser guard installation, ROV inspections, well plug & abandonment and general IRM work. (Air & Sat)

JANUARY 2013-MARCH 2013.

ROLE: Client Diving Representative (DSV Iremis Falcon).

CLIENT: Canadian Natural Resources International, (CNRI).

PROJECT: Mid-water arch chain tether replacement, Olowi, offshore Gabon. (Air & Sat)


ROLE: Client Diving Representative (DSV Well Enhancer).

CLIENT: Centrica.

PROJECT: Tree’s project, North. Sea, involving SCM & hydraulic hose change out. (Sat)


ROLE: Client Vessel / Diving Representative (DSV Bar Protector).

CLIENT: Centrica.

PROJECT: York Field Development, involving 3” & 16” spool installations, grout supports, mattress installations, and ROV / dive surveys. (Sat).

AUGUST 2012.

ROLE: Client Diving Representative (FPSO Heawene Brim).

CLIENT: Bluewater.

PROJECT: Overseeing mobilisation of nitrox surface diving system and completing IMCA DO23 dive system audit on-board FPSO; replace subsea mooring wire on FPSO. (Nitrox)

JULY 2012.

ROLE: Dive System Auditor.

CLIENT: Teesside Wind Farm LTD.

PROJECT: IMCA DO23 audit of a nitrox dive system on Ocean Wind 6.

MAY 2012-JUNE 2012.

ROLE: Client Diving Representative (DSV Smit Constructor).

CLIENT: Maersk Oil & Gas-Denmark.

PROJECT: Maersk’s annual inspection project in the Danish North Sea, ACFM, MPI, CVI, UT& CP inspections also rock dumping & free span corrections. (Sat).

JULY 2011-APRIL 2012.

ROLE: Client Vessel / Dive Representative (OSV Relume).

CLIENT: Fluor.

PROJECT: Greater Gabbard offshore Wind Farm, TEKMAR activations, messenger wire installations, sea-bed surveys, concrete mattress installations, cable rectifications, and overseeing de-mobilisation of dive system. (Nitrox).

JUNE 2011-JULY 2011.

ROLE: Bridge Supervisor/Client Diving Rep (DSV Smitt Constructor).


PROJECT: Sherringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm.

Supervising 7 riggers and work class ROV, also overseeing diving operations, work involved bell mouth installations, TP installations rock dumping and survey operations. (Nitrox).

APRIL 2011-MAY 2011.

ROLE: Client Vessel / Diving Representative (OSV Normand Mermaid).

CLIENT: Fluor.

PROJECT: Greater Gabbard offshore Wind Farm, work involved dredging, sea –bed surveys, mattress installations, cable rectifications etc. (Nitrox).


ROLE: Client Diving Representative (DSV Well Servicer).

CLIENT: Burrullas Gas Company, Egypt.

PROJECT: Phase VII of the West Delta Deep Marine project in the Mediterranean Sea. Work involved three hot taps including two hyperbaric welds, all associated spool and valve installations, ROV intervention, testing and pre-commissioning. (Sat).


Close monitoring of contractor to ensure that all works were carried out with full compliance to project methods and requirements together with safe and efficient completion of work scope.

Monitoring quality and HSE performance through visible tours and conducting regular inspections ensuring client, governmental and contactor procedures were adhered to.

Preparing and conducting safety meetings.

Planning for optimum productivity.

Liaising with survey, marine crew, project managers, ROV, diving and other contractors.

Ensuring regular diving drills were carried out and keeping a log for records.

Participation in toolbox talks, kick off meetings & HIRA’s.

Ensuring that personnel are sufficiently qualified, certified and competent for the work to be undertaken.

Involvement of management of change (MOC) process.

Preparation and distribution of daily/weekly progress reports.

Oversee mobilisation and de-mobilisation of project equipment and diving systems.

IMCA (DO23/24/40) Dive systems & ROV (R006) audits.

Making sure Permit to work systems and correct isolations were in place.

Made certain that suitable diving plant and equipment was certified and fit for purpose/use and complied with industry/governmental regulations and standards.

Being the first point of contact with shore-side support groups and management.

Office and offshore based reviewing of diving contractor’s procedures, method statements and TRA’s.

Producing lists of ‘lessons learned’ to assist with client learning on project completion.



Employed mainly in the British, Dutch and Norwegian Sectors of the North Sea as both an Air and Saturation diver working from many DSV’s, barges, semi-subs and jack-ups. Duties included such tasks as spool and riser tie-ins (flexible and rigid), cable and umbilical installations and general sub-sea construction and inspection. Other duties included maintenance of surface plant and equipment.

All carried out with a strong emphasis on HSE.

Some of the company’s worked for include Stolt/Acergy, K. D Marine, Ocean Tech

and ISS.

Incidentally it was during this time I was requested by Stolt Offshore to go to the Barents Sea and was part of the initial dive team to reach the sunken Kursk Submarine.

MAY 1988-JULY 1992

Contract oil-field diving in the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Suez, India, Azerbaijan, West Africa, South America and North Sea as both an Air and Saturation diver working off various Lay Barges and DSV’s.

I was also employed as an assistant dive supervisor which involved ensuring safe systems at work existed; customer liaison and ensuring operations were conducted in accordance with company and industry best policies and procedures.

Diving work involved burning, riser clamp and riser installations, platform, pipeline & spool installations, inspections and cleaning etc.

Some of the companies I worked for during this period were Seaway, Stolt Comex Seaway, Oceaneering, McDermott’s, Frasers, CCC and Ocean Tech.

APRIL 1985-APRIL 1988

Initially employed in-shore, dock-yard diving, gaining good experience as a diver working mainly for Connolly Diving Services in Liverpool docks, North West of England, duties included Cofferdam construction, dock/culvert gate removal and installations, burning, inspections, ship’s hull/prop surveys & cleaning, air-lifting etc.

Certificates and references can be supplied upon request.

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