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Design Project

Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland
May 18, 2020

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Jie Tang

Personal information

Tampere, Finland

Phone +358*********




Work experience


Formless architects


Gaudi Gao Culture Co.,

Ltd. Design Department

Computer siklls


Office series,

Auto CAD, Sketch Up,

Revit,Rhino, Grasshopper

Language skills



Little Finnish


Sketching, Singing,

DIY stuffs like handmade

things, Reading, Music,

Philosophy Cooking, etc.

Project experience

Malu Jiayuanhai Art Center old factory wedding building renovation related projects

(Supervising the construction site and work related to the design of the project) Oct2015.—Mar2016 Tourist Attraction Planning of Wangxi,Longhui county in Hunan

(The project is a tourism development plan for Huayao settlements) Nov2013—Mar2014 Hunan Laosicheng applied for World Cultural Heritage Restoration Project

(The project is an archaeological restoration design) Oct2013—Jan2014 Renovation of antique building façade

(Renovation of antique building facades on commercial streets) Aug.2013—Oct2013 The Cultural Blocks Preservation and Restoration project of Beizheng Street in Yueyang

(The project is an archaeological restoration design) Aug2013—Nov2013 Changsha City Orange Island Customs Rehabilitation Design

(Restoration design of Western-style buildings) Apr 2013—Aug2013 Rear door repair of Yuelu Academy in Changsha City

(The project is about modification and construction of part of Yuelu Academy ) Apr2013—May2013 The Architectural opuscule design of martyrs cemetery in Yiyang

(The project is about design of pavilions, monuments and roadside signs) Nov2012—Dec2012 Changsha Yuelu Academy's school repairing project

(The project is to repair the design of the lecture hall in the Yuelu Academy) Aug2012—Oct2012 Education Background

Tampere Universities 167/120 ECTS Sep2017 ~Dec2019 Master of Science (MSc) Sustainable Architecture

(Thesis :COLORLESS-An exploration toward architecture as a language) Exchange in University of Stuttgart Mar2019 ~Sep2019 College of Architecture,Hunan University(HNU) Sep2012 ~Jun2015 M.Arch in architecture history and theory

(Thesis : Comparative study on the concept of numbers in ancient architecture between eastern and western world )

College of Computer Science, HNU Sep2008 ~Jun2012

B.S. in Digital Media Technology

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