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Special Education Teacher/Educational Diagnostician

Baton Rouge, LA, 70802
May 17, 2020

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Résumé of Qualifications

Brenda Glynn-Brooks

**** ****** ****** • Baton Rouge, Louisiana • 225-***-****


Seeking Part-Time/Full-Time Position

Positions of Interest:

IEP Coordinator, Reading Specialist, Counselor, Educational Diagnostician, Behavior Strategist, Special Education Teacher Offering over 25 years of classroom teaching, private tutoring, and educational leadership experience; innovative in tailoring instruction through technology to meet the needs of advanced placement and general population students, as well as those with learning and behavior differences; passionate about advancing students’ academic, social and emotional achievement.

Areas of Expertise

● Facilitation of online collaborative meetings via Zoom and Google Meet;

● Serving IEP and 504 students as special education teacher and educational diagnostician (IAP, IEP, and development of evaluation)in accordance with Bulletin 1508;

● Coordinating Pupil Appraisal and School Building Level Committee processes;

● Implementing Response to Intervention (RtI) - Academic and Social-Behavior;

● Implementing Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP);

● Facilitating/screenings of informal and formal assessments; interpreting and clear communication of findings;

● Data-driven recommendations to meet student needs as a Team Member and/or Team Leader;

Pertinent Professional Experiences

2010 - Present

Generations of Generating Literacy, LLC Tutorial and Consultative Services Grades PreK – 9th General and Special Education Populations Baton Rouge and Surrounding Areas

● Hired by student families to provide academic tutoring, instructional and behavior support, homework assistance, LEAP/iLEAP preparation, and student support in school meetings;

● Customize instructional approaches to meet the needs of diverse client populations. Propelled learning mastery and academic success for dozens of students, boosting GPA and test scores to the highest potential (facilitated via Zoom and Google Classroom);

● Guided students in test-taking strategies, note-taking, prioritizing assignments, and studying for exams;

● Elevated student performance in all subject areas at least one letter grade; improved results on state test scores up to 30%.

2016 - 2019

Part-time, Contract

Iberville Charter Academy: Contract Educational Diagnostician - Evaluation Coordinator Plaquemine, Louisiana

● Collaborate in a manner which is culturally appropriate, per school environment with administrators, parents, students, classroom teachers, psychologists, speech therapist, and so on;

● Deliver a professional, comprehensive Integrated Evaluation Document based on data, school and medical records, interviews and so on, as stipulated by the Louisiana Bulletin 1508, Pupil Appraisal Handbook;

● Respectfully request and arrange amicable times to meet with team members, including parents to address *SBLC and *PA concerns;

● Facilitate and simplify the review of data - findings included in the Evaluation Report, as well as facilitate an informed team decision on special education eligibility and related specifics;

● Communicate effectively and respectfully throughout the assessment process, particularly when interacting with students and their parents;

● Coordinate and safeguard *SBLC/ARD and **PA processes in regards to integrity and compliance with the guidelines of Louisiana Bulletin 1508, Pupil Appraisal Handbook;

*School Building Level Committee - SBLC/Admission, Review, Dismissal - ARD ** PA - Pupil Appraisal

1996 - 2016

Iberville Parish- Baton Rouge, LA

Community School for Apprenticeship Learning (CSAL) East Baton Rouge Parish - Baton Rouge, LA

Children’s Charter School - Baton Rouge, LA

Clayton County Schools, Jonesboro, GA

Served as teacher and/or educational leader in traditional public schools; served as pioneer educator in charter school movement of EBR, specializing in teaching students with special needs and learning differences, in addition to training faculty and staff on professional and legal practices associated with IDEA; among the first teachers in the state to participate in the Early Literacy Initiative, at Southeastern Louisiana University through Iberville Parish Schools; earned excellence in research as related to “First Good Teaching,” currently referred - Tier 1 Instruction. Earned top marks on annual reviews for creativity in the classroom and dedication to instructional excellence.

Education And Professional License

Areas of Certification Degree/ License Certifications

State of Texas

● Educational Diagnostician - Credentials Approved by Texas Dept of Ed, 1-year non-renewable pending;

State of Louisiana

● Educational Diagnostician

● Bachelor of Arts, Grades 1-8th

● Master’s Degree, Plus 30 Graduate Hours

● Guidance Counselor & Elementary Grades Counselor

● Special Education,Mild-Moderate, Grades 1st - 12th

● Early Childhood Education, Pre-K - 3rd

● Reading Specialist, Grades 1st - 12th

● Child Search Coordinator

Institutions of Higher Learning Attended

Southern University A&M College, Baton Rouge, LA

Southeastern University, Hammond, LA

University of Phoenix, Online

Nicholls State University, Thibodaux LA

Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Online


Presenter - Selected Professional Development and In-services

● Parental Rights, and Responsibilities; Strategies for Developing Critical Thinking: Test-Taking Strategies, Saturday Morning Literacy; Children’s Charter Elementary: February 2009

● IEP Compliance in the General Education Setting; Faculty In-service: Community School for Apprenticeship Learning; Fall 2003

● Presenter, The School Building Level Process and Serving 504 Students; Faculty In-service: Community School for Apprenticeship Learning; Fall 2002

● Presentation, Building Comprehension Skills in Early Learners Through Language Development: LA Dept. of Ed, Graduate Forum. Southeastern Louisiana University - 2001

● Presenter, Dynamics of Poetry, Rhythm, and Rhyme to integrate Instruction Iberville Parish Schools, District-Wide In-service; 1999

Participant - Selected Professional Development and In-services

2016 Autism Screening and Referral Process, Online, University of Missouri Summer

2008 Autism Spectrum Disorder; Whole-Class Group Contingencies, Symposium - Summer 2009 Autism Spectrum Disorder, "Who" and "Which" Speech-Generated Devices, Symposium- Emory University; Atlanta, Georgia

2004 - 2007 Autism Awareness, Comprehensive Job-Embedded Professional Development, Three-years, Clayton County School District; Jonesboro, Georgia 1999-2000 Early Literacy Initiative, Research, and Job-Embedded Professional Development,

One-year, Southeastern Louisiana University; Hammond, Louisiana

Current Graduate Studies, Add-On Certification

2019 -Present

Areas of Study English as A Second Language (ESL)

Institution Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Online

Testimonial References

Mother’s Testimony “… I am so grateful that Ms. Brooks tutored my son, who was diagnosed with ADHD in his third-grade year. Ms. Brooks believed that my son could do better, and worked with him by creating and developing a special learning plan, reward system, and a number of other strategies that helped him reach his full potential. I’ll admit, there were times when I thought,

“He can’t do that! That will never work!” Only to be proven wrong. She believed in my son when I couldn’t. He is currently at the top of his class, and I am so grateful that I trusted her to help my child Charisma Lewis 6/12/2019

225-***-**** (Permission to Redact and Publish Granted)

Grandmother’s Testimony “… My grandson started tutoring with Mrs. Brooks when he was in 6th grade. At that time, he was struggling with learning and had behavior problems. She gave him several tests to find where he was and explained the results so that I could understand. Shortly after she started working with him, I noticed how much he enjoyed learning and looked forward to going to the library for tutoring. His grades went up; Mrs. Brooks even went to school meetings with me so that my grandson could get a 504 Plan (ADHD). By the end of that school year, my young man was among the smartest in his class, his confidence was up, and he no longer had behavior problems. Later we learned that his LEAP Scores were among the highest in that class. My young man not only learned with Mrs. Brooks, he learned to enjoy learning. That was six years ago, my grandson graduated high school this year with a 3.5-grade average and earned a full academic scholarship for college this fall. Words cannot express how proud I am of him. I can’t help but wonder where he would be had it not been for her. I know that there are good teachers and tutors, but there is absolutely no one who can reach a child like Mrs. Brooks.

Rita Hamiton


225-***-**** (Permission to Redact and Publish Granted)


Juliette Palmer Fairley, Ed.D

General Education Teacher,

Melrose Elementary;

504-***-**** (Cell)

Baton Rouge, LA

Alton E. Price, Professor

Supervisor of Student-Teachers,

617-***-**** (Cell)

Boston College, School of Education

Boston, MA

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