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Goodlettsville, TN, 37070
May 17, 2020

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Jim Davitt More details at


• Filled roles as developer, analyst, designer, architect, team lead, and project manager

• An extensive history of successfully designing, developing, and delivering user interface, middle ware, and back-end high performance, highly available, highly reliable systems, databases, and data warehouses

• Focused on delivering product, meeting time and budget constraints, and exceeding expectations C, C++ Pro*C, ESQL/C Oracle, Informix Unix, Linux bash, awk OLTP, OLAP Perl, mod_perl ecpg, ERWin Postgres, MySQL AIX, SunOS grep, sed, ERD, ETL SQL, PL/SQL Connector/C CouchDB, Apache Solaris, HP/UX lex, yacc, &c relational & dimensional SQR, PL/pgSQL sqlplus, sqlldr AWS, Cloud data marts, NoSQL Verizon September 2019 - now Las Colinas, Texas

Database Developer. Researched and optimized long-running queries, converted PL/SQL to plpgsql, wrote shell scripts, and maintainted Perl programs as part of a modernazation project moving a client-server product using Oracle to a cloud-based solution using PostgrSQL. Tools used included SQL Developer, PL/SQL Developer, and PgAdmin 4. Hilton Worldwide January 2019 - July 2019 Memphis

Designer/Developer. Designed and developed a suite of programs that compared schema and data among Informix, MySQL, and Postgres databases used to identify discrepancies between schema metadata and replicated table data. The software was written in C, ESQL/C, and Perl using Informix, Postgres, MySQL, Connector/C, ecpg, and Amazon's MySQL and Postgres client libraries and databases.

September 2018 - January 2019

Designer/Developer. Produced a collection of Perl programs to aggregate incoming data feeds consisting of millions of transactions per day. Achieved an 85% reduction in database transactions and 25% reduction in processing time. The optimization was needed before the business users could offer dynamic pricing to more customers. Dollar General March 2018 – August 2018 Goodlettsville, Tennessee Developer. Closed a number of Warehouse Management System tickets including enhancements, bug fixes, and file transfers. Upgraded intranet Apache servers enabling HTTPS. Wrote tools which made copies of production databases and gave developers the ability to roll back to pre-test state. Tools used included C, Pro*C, PL/SQL, Perl, Oracle packages and utilities, sqlplus, and sqlldr in AIX and Linux environments.

Hilton Worldwide 2017 – 2018 Memphis

Designer/Developer. Designed and developed tools used to evaluated data integrity, replication latency, and database performance on cloud-based Amazon Aurora databases. Designed and developed a translator and collection of C libraries which enabled programs written in Informix ESQL/C source code to run against Amazon's cloud-based Aurora DB with minimal modifications. Used Informix ESQL/C, C, Perl, MySQL, Maria DB, and Amazon's Aurora DB on Linux. 2015 – 2016

Bug hunter. Isolated a variety of memory-corrupting defects that caused sporadic system outages. C and ESQL/C source code was acquired, static analysis tools were evaluated, a framework for performing analyses and collecting results was developed, defects were uncovered, and bugs were eliminated. More than 1 million lines of code (14,000+ files in 2,000+ directories) were analyzed to uncover ~170 defects.

Epsilon 2010 – 2014 Blue Ash, Ohio

Database Designer/Developer. Maintained and developed ETL processes handling demographic and earning data for multiple loyalty programs supporting between 3 and 12 million members. Designed, developed, and maintained PL/SQL procedures which processed clients' sales records and generated member rewards data

(earn, bank, and burn loyalty points) and procedures which provided Java-layer web services with operations on objects stored in the database.

Designed and developed database analysis tools that generated plots of references among Oracle database objects. Designed and developed procedures which captured revisions to procedural packages, procedures, functions, and triggers (somewhat trivial) and revisions to models (non-trivial).

The environment was primarily Oracle (PL/SQL, sqlplus, packages and utilities, etc.) on AIX using ERWin, Allround Automation, Embarcadaro tools, and Quests's TOAD.

Jim Davitt More details at


Hilton Hotels Corporation 2006 – 2010 Memphis

Developer. Wrote mapping, geocoding and reverse geocoding, and routing interfaces to the MapQuest software for web applications. Optimized long-running Informix procedures reducing run time from 12 hours to 20 minutes.. Designed and developed systems which collected data from external vendors, maintained them in databases, and made them available via XML messages exchanged through HTTP requests/responses. Developed and/or maintained the processes which gathered virtually all the static data (text, images, dynamic driving directions) appearing on the websites associated with Hilton's brands. Tools used include Perl, mod_perl, C, Apache, MySQL, Postgres, Informix, Oracle, Java, and various XML toolkits in Linux and Solaris environments.

Sedgwick Claims Management Services 2003 - 2006 Memphis Database Analyst/Designer/Developer. Designed, developed, and deployed data warehouse ETL processes, relational and dimensional data marts, intelligence products, and reports featuring packages, stored procedures, table functions, and pipelines. Designed and developed packages that streamlined claim "count and amount" processing. Optimized long-running processes and, in one case, reduced what had been a week-long report production process to less than two hours. The database used was Oracle 9i and 10g. Software tools included Perl, PL/SQL, Oracle utilities, Crystal, Brio's Intelligence Designer and Report Builder, Embarcadero's Rapid SQL and ER Studio, ERWin, and Quest's TOAD. Other clients

Qualia Corporation

The Weather Channel

GE Capital

The Weather Channel

Chicago Board of Trade

Heller Financial

World Com

Information Inter*Clear

Manhattan National Life




Abbott Laboratories

Precision Response Corporation


Scientific Atlanta

American Airlines






Barrington, Illinois



Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Bedford, Massachusetts

Schaumburg, Illinois

Abbott Park, Illinois


Arlington Heights, Illinois

Norcross, Georgia

Fort Worth


Clients: hoteliers, retailers, marketing, third-party administrators, software companies, broadcasters,

finance companies, commodity exchange, insurance

companies, manufacturers, call centers, telephone

companies, and airlines

Projects: database design (relational, network,

and dimensional), transaction processing,(TPF

style using STIF messages and RESTful APIs

using XML/JSON/YAML messages), data

warehouse and data mart design, business

intelligence, re-branding websites, producing

websites, user interfaces, system upgrades,

integrations, optimizations, system design. data

migration, data validation, highly available

services, legacy-to-desktop conversions, database

and data migrations

Other technologies: X Windows, Motif, RPC,

SAS, image processing, lex & yacc

University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas

Graduated cum laude with a BSBA. Studies beyond the degree program included quantitative analysis, digital simulation, forecasting, numerical methods, and heuristic problem-solving techniques

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