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Senior power Plant Engineer

Jakarta, Indonesia
May 18, 2020

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Said Mahmuddin

Date of Birth : Aceh, January 28-1963

Sex : Male

Personal status : Married

Citizenship : Indonesia

Address : Depok Mulya 1 Blok I/7 Beji.Depok

Email :

Mobile : +62-822-****-****

Formal Education

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Work Experiences

1988-1989 Exxon Mobil Arun Field. (Onshore)

Planner Duties And Responsibilities

oPrepare Outage Schedule

oAudit Materials Incoming-Outgoing

oAudit Reliability Factor


Lead Process Engineer Paper Mill Power Plant 2x18MW (KKA)

Duties And Responsibilities

• Project s Review (Utility) :

oTechnical Aspect

oCommissioning Procedures

oPerformance Guarantee/Acceptance Test

• Operation and Maintenance

oReview OM documents

oPrepare SOP and Maintenance schedule

oManage/supervise OM activities

oStudy/Improve Availability Factor & NPHR


Senior Mechanical Engineer Pulp & Paper Power Plant 1x27 MW, 2x63MW, 3x125MW (RB,BFB,CFB)


Duties And Responsibilities

• Project Review (Power Side) :

oReview QA/QC documents

oReview commissioning documents

oJoint Commissioning Gas Turbine MHI 3x5MW

oJoint Commissioning/start-stop for BOP and Main equipments such as RB, BFB, CFB and STG

• Operation and Maintenance

oReview OM documents

oStart-stop BFB boiler and operate to performance test(commissioning phase)

oStart-stop CFB boiler and operate to performance test(commissioning phase)

o Supervise operation of power plant

oPrepare SOP and Maintenance schedule

oManage/supervise OM activities

oStudy/Increase Thermal Factor

oPlant assessment

oTechnology Sourcing/Optimazation And Plant Modified.

2000 - 2007

Commissioning Engineer Foster Wheeler Services (BFB & CFB boiler) Overseas Projects

(Tainan & Taichung Cogen/Taiwan, Dagang/China), Indah Kiat/Indonesia

Duties And Responsibilities

•Projects & Commissioning:

oPrepare /set up commissioning Documents

oSet up O&M manual

oSet up Commissioning Time Frame/Activities

•Commissioning Activities:

1.Check available drawings and PI & D

2. Check installed logic/Operation philosophy and make sure protection system’s its should be safe to operate

3. Check auxiliaries/fans including boiler feed pumps system ready for trial run

4. Check main equipment such as pressure parts. Safety valve/PRV. Combustion Chamber/bed nozzles. Refractory lining. ESP. Etc.

5. Make sure feed water/boiler water available

6. Make sure fuels and bed material/sand available and limestone if required

7. Power available and trial run to start filling water and bed material.

8. Start refractory cure/drying out and acid cleaning if possible together with refractory curing

9. Start steam blowing as per steam requirement

10. Retuning combustion system as per fuels and air ratio

11. Start-stop as per plant condition

12. Check all conditional of main equipment for ready to 72 hours reliability run

13. Ready to continue operate for performance test/PG

14. Performance guarantee as per contract and environment aspect as per word bank standard or local standard

oUpdate Commissioning Documents As Performance test/ PG

oAfter Sale & Services :

oTechnical Advise for plant outage

oOutage Assessment & Report

oSupervise Pressure Parts Replacement

April – Sept 2007

Commissioning Engineer Cilegon CCGT 740MW (PLN) M701F/MHI 2x270MW, 2xHRSG

Duties And Responsibilities

•Project & Commissioning:

oJoint review commissioning Documents

oJoint review O&M manual

oSet up Commissioning Time Frame/schedule

oJoint Commissioning Activities

oUpdate Commissioning Documents As Per PG Test

2007- March 2014 Makmur Sejahtera Wisesa (CFPP 2x30MW/CFB) IPP ADARO POWER

Chief Mechanical Eng Duties And Responsibilities

• ISBL Project

oVendor Assessment/Bid Selection

oReview Design & Engineering Docs and Plant Concept

oJoint Review Construction Docs & Commissioning Procedures

oPrepare Regulation Documents & Environment Aspect

oSurveillance FAT/OEM

oSurveillance construction activities

oReview acceptance test report

• OSBL Project :

oPrepare Tender Documents For WTP & Water Transmission

oVendor Assessment/Bid Selection

• Operation & Maintenance

oPrepare/set up 1 Year strategy & 5 years PDCA

oPlant assessment and report

oDealing Resource Services & Vendors

2014 – 2015 Korea Wester Power (KOWEPO) SUMSEL-5. CFPP 2 X 150MW/CFB

Engineering Affairs Manager Duties And Responsibilities

Review O & M Documents/SOP

OJT O & M Staff

Prepare/set up 1 Year strategy & 5 years PDCA

Prepare maintenance schedule documents

Risk assessment of engineering issues

Prepare Regulation Documents (HSE & CSR)

Technology Sourcing/Optimazation And Plant Modified.

2015 – at Present Feedback Infra Power (Overseas Projects)

Technical Advisor Duties And Responsibilities

Prepare Commissioning Documents

Prepare O & M Documents

Prepare Start-up Procedure (SOP)

Commissioning coordinator for 2 x 10 MW/Grate boiler (Stalled project - Tembilahan/Indonesia

Plants assessment/due diligence for 12 power plant projects stalled around Indonesia/government power plant (Grate boilers and CFB boilers)

Assessment for GE Jenbacher gas engines (Maxpower, Sumatera, Sorong/Indonesia and Myanmar plant)

FS for new plant – renewable/solar – Tanjung pinang/Indonesia

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