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Civil Engineering Manager

Metairie, LA
May 18, 2020

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Ja’Mil L. Welch B.S., GSP, CSM, CSST,


Experience Summary

A Veteran with 20 years’ experience seeks employment as a Project Safety Manager, Director or (Senior) Project Safety Manager. My recommendations have created Zero (0) loss time or fatal injuries. Excellent communication skills verbal and written with a proactive mentoring and coaching approach. Well versed in document preparation Microsoft Office Excel, Power point, and Word, Research, Data Analysis (Risk Matrices). Open to overseas opportunities Passport and TWIC ready.


12/2018 - Bachelors of Science – Occupational Safety and Health Eastern Kentucky University – Richmond, KY

09/2010 - General Education Courses – Environmental Management West LA College – Culver City, CA

Current Certifications

(2019) BCSP – Graduate Safety Practitioner - GSP

(2019) ISHM – Associate Safety and Health Manager – ASHM

(2019) 360 Training - EM 385-1-1 8 Hour Refresher Course


(2018) NASP – Certified Safety Manager - CSM

(2018) NASP – Hazard Analysis Technician – HAT

(2018) NASP – Accident Investigation Technician – AIT

(2018) NASP – Safety Auditor Certification – SAC

(2018) FEMA – Incident Command Systems – Online Emergency Management Institute

(2017) OSHA 500 – Train the Trainer – OSHA Authorized Instructor

(2011) NASFM – Pipeline Emergencies and Awareness Program

(2011) OSHA 510, 511, and 30, OSHA Haz-Mat Management-2015, OSHA PRCS-2264, 2045, EM385-1-1


Military Service

1996-1998 – 88M – Transportation MOS – Special Forces / Special Operations Transportation Manager – Ensured all safe ground movement operations. National security trained. Experience in eradicating minimal to high level security threats. Successful and timely transport of sensitive and hazardous materials to final destinations. Cross trained in disaster relief, emergency response, maintenance, petroleum, maritime, barge operations, civil projects, USACE projects, and construction fields. Deployed overseas.

Professional Experience

U.S. DOE – Strategic Petroleum Reserves – New Orleans, LA – Safety Specialist – 12/19 – Present

Program Management and development within the organization ensuring Contractors and subs adhere to compliance of Department of Energy (DOE) Regulations and Orders

Facilitated/attended safety meetings, manager meetings, regional, and Department meetings vital to project

Developed daily reports, documents, plans, and programs to adhere to OSHA and stringent DOE standards

Maintained professionalism with personnel and other local and federal entities daily to ensure a cohesive environment where regulations/standards were appropriately implemented in changing/hazardous environments

Verified management inspections of work environment was performed and proactive approach utilized to identify hazards

Coached, mentored, and educated supervision on methods to enforce safety culture and make 1st line supervision more accountable

Managed oversight of GC FFPO audited all incident and accident reports, verified accuracy, and determined root cause as well as recommended corrective actions

Performed site visits of the four facilities within the DOE SPR and managed safety oversite of the contractors

Managed/Monitored task such as heavy equipment operation, Levee excavating equipment, trenching/excavations, welding, high-voltage power, demo activities, hazardous materials remediation, flaggers, traffic control/coordination, diving operations, demo, concrete pours, confined space, elevated work, backfilling, hazardous materials use and storage, critical lifts, PRCS task, boring/drilling ops, pipeline oil movement and maintenance, pressure testing (hydro), and Levees / dredging projects to name a few

SALUS - Inquip – Sacramento, CA – Senior Safety Manager (SSHO) – 3/19 – 11/2019

Managed entire safety program for organization ensuring, enforcing, and monitoring compliance

Third-party contractor for $52 Million USACE Natomas Basin Reach 1 Levee project

Facilitated and attended safety meetings, manager meetings, and other meetings vital to project

Developed daily reports, documents, plans, and programs to adhere to Cal-OSHA and EM 385-1-1 stringent standards as well as TCP for MUTCD and Cal-Trans compliance regarding local/regional traffic concerns

Worked seamlessly with USACE personnel, City of Sacramento, Cal-Trans and other local and federal entities daily to ensure a cohesive environment and regulations / standards were appropriately implemented

Performed daily inspections of work environment and took a proactive approach to identifying hazards

Managed projects at multiple sites, and areas successfully with zero injures, incidents, and accidents

CSM - P1P – Pryor, Ok – Regional Safety Manager – 1/17 – 2/19

Developed and Managed all aspects of the safety program for organizations and ensured compliance

Developed technical reports, documents, legal documentation, and managed sensitive information

Managed the safety budget, ordered safety supplies needed and inventory of safety supplies/equipment

Accomplished audits, inspections, and RCA’s as needed. Executed orientations, trainings, and meetings

300 OSHA Log Recordkeeping, and audited daily documentation JHA’s, equipment forms, and CSE logs

Enforced procedures as necessary to minimize or mitigate hazards according to the 29 CFR 1910 and 1926 (Cal)OSHA, ANSI, ISO, NFPA, NEC, EPA, (SC)AQMD, DOT, MUTCD, ASME, FMCSA, and ASTM standards

Managed compliance in the field during all civil engineering work and inspected the work environment for proper Benching, Sloping, and Shoring prior to employees entering the trenches or excavated areas

Made suggestions to the organization for improvement of safety culture for a multi-site contractor

Conducted safety inspections and accident investigations associated with construction, electrical, and industrial environments, including difficult and complex project atmospheres

Reduced heat stress incidents by 82% within 2 months of employment

CSM – Apple Campus 2 Project – Cupertino, CA – Senior EHS Manager – 1/17 - 4/17

Managed the safety program for an electrical contractor addressing the gaps and areas of weakness within the program. Instituted MOC process to implement more effective policies and procedures

Solution driven problem solving for an array of issues including sanitation, ergonomics, and industrial hygiene

Successfully Managed 4500 employees, 2.8 Million Sq. Ft. facility, a $6 Billion Data Facility project with Zero recordables. Enforced trenching / shoring standards, LOTO, Fall Protection / PFAS, and Haz-Comm

Completed reports and audits daily, reported to supervisors, conducted safety meetings, scheduled training, and addressed the concerns of all employees regarding site conditions and ensured they were rectified

Managed BBS program and implemented control measures as needed

Monitored and observed all tasks, processes, and projects to ensure appropriate hazard controls in place

Utilized Stop Work authority to manage and resolve IDLH situations and improper remediation practices

Intuitive Safety Solutions – BP – Whiting, IN – Area Safety Manager 6/2014 – 12/2016

Program management and evaluated multi-site compliance of all employees and sub-contractors

Successfully managed multiple sites, analyzed and reviewed all mandatory documentation. Developed all documentation to ensure compliance to all local, State, Federal laws, standards, and regulations

Conducted manager’s meetings, new hire orientations, all-hands/tool box talks, and all training as needed

Minimized safety violations by 37% through coaching, compliance enforcement, and ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001 procedures . Crane safety, working at heights, trenching/shoring, and PRCS compliance enforced

Lead Accident investigations, executed RCA’s, monitor all aspects of injuries including Workers Comp cases

Managed, analyzed, and inspected all confined spaces, trenches, civil engineering areas, and boring ops

Presented all evidence and findings of investigations to upper management in administrative and legal arenas

Verified all high-hazard work was closely observed by the safety department in Refineries, T&D facilities, Tank Farms, O&G plants, Wind Farms, New Construction, Demo projects, and Civil Engineering projects

Managed the permit writing process and inspected the work areas for continued compliance verifying all applicable control measures and safeguards were implemented and reliable

Cheniere Energy, Inc. – Cameron, LA - Risk Assessor / PTW Coordinator 3/2016 – 9/2016

Facilitated Risk Assessment meetings and negotiated Risk Matrices. QA/QC of Risk Assessment process within the LNG facility, vessel loading/unloading area, the Maritime, and civil construction areas of facility

Read and understand as-builts, drawings, plans, and P&ID’s for the newly constructed facility to properly permit work in targeted areas. Ensured no hazardous or affected Sim-Ops were administered

Member of CoW Committee, Safety Steering Committee, Risk Assessor Review Board

Lead safety walks with contractors prior to issuing Work Authorizations or Permits to Work (PTW)

Commissioning/Decommissioning responsibilities, management of documentation and equipment

Inspected and audited civil construction projects throughout the facility for stability and excavation standards

Safety Partners, LTD – Siemens Corp USA - Ocotillo, CA – Regional HSSE Manager, 7/2013 - 5/2014

Successfully Managed multiple Alternative Energy sites, HSSE programs, and safety compliance

Conducted daily safety meetings, briefings, site specific orientations, and conference calls to superiors

Created and issued work packages for special projects as well as documented all MOC request

Reduced 1st aids and injuries 30% by enforcing safe work procedures and implementing controls measures

Initiated Safety Audits and daily Fall Protection Inspections significantly impacting emergency preparedness

Bump tested and utilized Gas Monitors daily, coordinated all TAR activities, Researched, and enforced DTSC, Cal-EPA, SCAQMD, and BLM stringent policies

Eliminated $275,000.00 in fines through proper hazardous waste disposal methods

Managed 3 safety professionals and developed more efficient reporting standards on site

Raised the standard throughout the region and minimized hand injuries by 47% through a more effective JHA document and enforcing lead foremen to be more accountable.

Certified Safety – BP - Whiting, IN - Risk Assessor / PTW Coordinator/ Safety Manager, 2/2010 - 6/2013

Developed HITRA’s and Risk Assessments at BP Refinery on high-hazard new construction task such as civil engineering activities, steel erection, hot-work, working at heights, stationary/mobile scaffolds, and trenching

IA/AA for the PTW process, promoted to Night Shift Manager, and QA/QC. Issued the PTW for specified areas and phases of the project as well as coordinated all Simultaneous Operations (Sim-Ops)

Trained all newly hired employees in the CoW Specialist responsibilities as well as OSHA 10 and 30-hour training when necessary. Inspected work areas / processes for ergonomic issues and repetitive motion task

Managed and Coordinated TAR activities, including budgeting for RA and Safety department

Coordinated with Plant EMS to assist in emergency response and evacuation procedures

Use of PFAS to do audits, inspections, and QA/QC checks of permitted areas

Audited permits and verified safe work procedures were implemented. Assisted with implementation of the LDAR program for new 12 Pipe Still, New Coker, and the GOHT at the Whiting facility

Responsibly managed $15 - $35M worth of equipment/materials a day.

References Available Upon Request

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