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Manager Program

Bethesda, MD
July 01, 2020

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Rockville, MD 20852



Program Startup & Management / Planning / Project Turnaround / Cost Control / SDLC

Call Centers / ITIL / Application Development / Continuous Improvement / VRM / COTR/ Team Building

A Creative Problem-Solver and Confidant Leader Who Creates a Positive Work Environment with Strong Partnerships, Empowerment of Associates and Teamwork.

PMO – IT Program Management / COTR

Wide-Ranging Experience in Program Management and IT Project Leadership in Operations, Software Installations, Networking Upgrades, Systems Migrations and Startup/Turnarounds for Complex Initiatives with Budgets Ranging from $1M TO $100M+.

Proven Technical and Leadership Skills. Deliver Strong Performance and Results through the effective Use of Ideas, Technology and Human Capital. Retired USMC Officer. Can Immediately Contribute by:

Leading Change and Innovation to Gain Competitive Advantage

Delivering Accelerated Results on Critical Projects and Programs

Improving Quality, Time-to-Market, Cost Productivity and Service Levels

Recruiting, Training and Developing Top Performing Teams

MANAGEMENT -- fiscally-maximize personnel, materials, and allocated assets

ADMINISTRATION -- manage project-tasks: planning, execution and budgeting

COMMUNICATIONS -- possess excellent written, verbal, and computation abilities

GROUP LEADERSHIP -- establish group rapport needed for team goal-achievement

Program Operations/Budget Development

Conducted executive management and oversight for international global leader. Presided as official fiduciary in matters of revenue, controls and reporting. Conducted program-authority of projects cash-valued over $110 MILLION. Directed project locus-of-control for strategic Asset-Program planning. Trained staff regarding corporate and governmental policies and practices. Enacted and oversaw objectives Capital-Asset Protection mechanisms. Designed and implemented plans that enhanced operations infrastructure. Created and executed specifications that enhance positive client-relations. Utilized technology to direct implementation of proprietary software. Acted as a reliable conduit of communications for top executive management. Deployed and monitored firm’s performance-metrics reporting apparatus. Coordinated status-reporting from first-line managers to executive suite. Received recognition for consistent PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE


District of Columbia – Office of the Chief Technology Officer

PMO, Program Manager/TRB Manager

October 1998 – October 2017

Provide Support to District Agencies, Standardize the Review and Reporting Process for Technical Review Board (OCTO). Director of Business Operations/Program Manager, IT ServUs 2008-2015 Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO). Responsible for Managing Request for additional Services for Over 100 District Agencies and Departments not provided in the Annual Budget Contracts. Monitor Operating and Capital Budgets for this Department. Act as Interface Between Agency Program/Project Office and Agencies.


Reengineered Customer On-Boarding Process. Department Seat Costs Were growing and Needed to be Controlled.

Worked Closely with Various Service Units to Prepare Sales Presentations and Completely Redesigned the Customer On-Boarding Process. Increased Seats from 7,000 TO 38,000 and lowered Per-Seat Cost by $250.

Program Manager/COTR -Planned a Major Upgrade/Installation Project. Named to Lead the Program, Collaborated with Contract and Procurement Project Teams to Ensure Adherence to Deployment Plan. New Technology Installed On-Time and On-Budget within 90 Days.

Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR)

I provided administrative, procurement support services for operations including Data Centers (ODC1, ODC2), Telecommunications, Networking, and Agency outsourcing. As a manager within OCTO, I developed crossover responsibilities within Procurements, Financial, Project Management, Contract Administration processes. The single point of contact to the OCTO, CFO, Procurement Officer, Program Management Office, its customers and vendors.


Appointed as COTR by District of Columbia Procurement Director for Deployment of 7,000 PC’S to DC Public Schools. (10MM Contract) for the Office of the Chief Technology Officer.

COTR 2008 -2015-Negotiated $7M savings for software licenses. OCTO was in the process of renewing 3,000 Computrace licenses. Assembled team and planned strategy for vendor discussions. Successfully negotiated very favorable terms for new software contract which forecasts predicated significant future savings.

Saved $10M on new mainframe purchase. Data Center was scheduled to purchase new mainframe computer and software. Led the OCTO team that evaluated various vendors and recommended contract award. Saved $7M on computer hardware purchase and an additional $3M on system software contract.

Led team in upgrade of SAN Solutions contract. Data Center and Infrastructure Services needed new SAN space.

As OCTO Program Manager, managed a small group that evaluated proposal and opened negotiations with the vendor. Reduced final SAN Solutions contract cost to $1.1M, saving $1.9M over original vendor bid. Tasked with the identifying all IT funding sources and current spending and balances for operational tasks and new projects.

Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Program Manager, It ServUs

Assigned a duel role of Budget and Business support for IT ServUs and Program Manager of Remedy upgrade.

Remedy upgrade was behind schedule directed to correct schedule and correct communications with BMC contractors who had walked away from initial contract deliverable.


Convinced BMC to resume services on part one of Contract.

Restructured team and reschedule project plan to complete upgrade.

Program Manager, IT ServUs, OCTO

The Districts Help Desk Operation. Managed the Project Managers/R&D Departments in Upgrading Existing

Applications and Deployment of new Software. Directed Staff of 25 with $15M Budget.


Saved $10M on a New Mainframe Purchase. Data Center was scheduled to Purchase New Mainframe and Software.

Led the OCTO Team that Evaluated Various Vendor Proposals and Recommended Contract Award. Saved $7M on Computer Hardware Purchase and an Additional $3M on System Software Contract.

Project Manager/Project Analysist

Promoted Four Times Post-Completion of Various IT Projects Assignments Including Datacenter, Server/Network

Operations, Telecommunications and Others. Program Manager “Justis” Project. Improved Data Shared Between Five Agencies. Top Management Wanted to Improve Interagency Communications. As Program Manager for OCTO, spearheaded a Three-Phase Application Development Project to Build New and Faster Capabilities. Partnered with The Major’s Office Delivered a Successful 18 Month Project Only One Day Late for Less than $2M.


Managed the procurement Team, giving direction to the Chief Judge and three other agency executives, bringing in a successful competitive procurement.

Administered the fiscal activities of the JUSTIS program, including all sub-contracts, competitive awards, all procurements, all billings and all contractual supervision and reporting.

Met with as many as thirteen independent agencies from federal, city, executive and judicial agencies to plan, document the JUSTIS Blueprint.

Participated in as many as 25 presentations and demonstrations of the system, with audiences which included agency CEO’s, CIO’s, legislators, prospective users, federal courts, the Mayor and Cabinet.

The JUSTIS Project was nominated for National IT award 2002

The JUSTIS system is currently being considered as model for information sharing by the U.S Homeland Security Office

Member of “SHIELD” working group, chaired the financial subgroup and drafted the financial requirement section of the business plan. (Shield was the extension and expansion of the “Justis” Project which was proposed as the model by which States could share information.)**“SHIELD” Security in the Homeland by Integrating Existing Local Databases.

Negotiated $7M Savings for Software Licenses. OCTO was in the Process of Renewing 3,000 Computrace Licenses.

Assembled a Team and Planned Strategy for Vendor Discussions. Successfully Negotiated very Favorable Terms for New Software Contract that produced Significant Savings.

Led Team in Upgrade of San Solution Contract. Data Center and Infrastructure Services Needed New San Space. As OCTO Program Manager lead a small Group that Evaluated Proposal and Opened Negotiated with the Vendors. Reduced the Final San Solutions Contract Cost TO $1.1M, Saving $1.9M Over Original Vendor Bids.

Office of the Chief Technology Officer, PROGRAM MANAGER, Process Management Group

I was assigned overall responsibility for the creation and staffing of an internal group formulated to centralize process management activities within OCTO. This project was tasked with the implementation of Business Service Management (BSM) tool to provide an integrated methodology and standardize processes to record incidents, provide support and trace incidents and change request to customers and assets.

I coordinated the implementation, integration and upgrade of the Remedy ITSM suite on an enterprise platform to support agency and district customers. Conduct Assessment, define project scope, and define team roles and responsibilities. Develop conceptual design and roll out plan. Consolidate Licenses, negotiate license pricing, procure hardware to upgrade application, prepare training material and conduct user training, conduct pilots, and migrate pilots to production.


Project started after 3 years of setbacks

300 + user in production in the first 8 months

Integration of individual modules

Increased application functionality

Standardization of business processes

Standardize reporting capabilities and requirements

Supported Metropolitan Police Department CIO and tasked with the identifying all IT funding sources and current spending and balances for operational tasks and new projects. Appointed to special management team formed by Deputy Mayor for Operations, to support, advise and address challenges within the Fire Department.

Office of the Chief Technology Officer, PROGRAM MANAGER, Operations Administration

Budget, Contract Administration, and Procurement Coordination and COTR

Provided administrative, procurement and budget support services for operations including Data Centers (ODC1, ODC2), Telecommunications, Networking, and Agency outsourcing. As a manager within OCTO, developed crossover responsibilities within Procurements, Financial, Project Management, Contract Administration processes and systems. I was responsible for ensuring the quality assurance and accuracy of all procurement submissions, timely and proper processing of statement of work, purchase orders, change orders and payments of invoices. Provided assistance to all direct reports of the Director of Data Center, which include Telecommunications, Network Operations and Agency outsourcing. Identified, reported and resolved all payment and contractual issues related to administrative duties. I provided customer interface for all operation sections. I maintained the professional relation between the OCTO CFO, Procurement Officer, Program Management Office, its customers and vendors.


Providing oversight, management, and coordination for over $70 -111+ million in fiscal resources.

Maintaining records suitable for audit of all activity connected with budget, procurement and contract operations. (500+ per year)

Collecting, reviewing, logging and maintaining information and files related to ongoing activities and compiled required reports.

Providing review and guidance to Data Center vendors concerning contract compliance.

Providing a single point of contact for Director, Managers, contractors and vendors for planning/ problem resolution.


Realizing Cost saving of 10 + MM Dollars

Designing and instituting system wide filing and paper flow process

Appointed acting Director of Operation FY 00, 01 and 02


Provided Y2K audit and oversight and liaison between the Government Accounting Office, (GAO) and the District and Answered questions presented by GAO and prepared the supporting documentation.

Presentations made on a BI-monthly basis, reporting District progress to the Building Subcommittee of GSA, which is a Member of the Presidents National Advisory Committee

Responsible for schedule management and accountability for 10 million-dollar Y2K program services managed the initial competitive procurement activities and prepared all decision documents submitted to OCP awarding contract to KPMG (BearingPoint) for “Justis”

Project Analysis/Project Manager Y2K

Organized and implemented a core Inter-agency Y2K Program. This Inter-agency counsel involved 68 District Agencies Project Managers and Planners focus on Y2k issues and cross-agency concerns. Directed process to devise solutions to issues for disposition By Mayor ‘s Y2K Advisory Committee, creating policies for four public service groups (Public Safety; Health and Human Services.

Finance and Budget and Education and Community outreach). I created inter-face blueprint and directed staff participant liaison within each of the four areas, to include federal partners and area municipalities.

Provided Y2K audit and oversight liaison between Government Accounting Offices’ (GAO) Y2K Auditors and District. I answered the questions presented and prepared the supporting documentation. This audit is ongoing and has to date consumed over 500-man hours. The GAO Y2K Audit satisfied oversight groups requirements for validating the ability of the District to complete Y2K readiness in accordance with project schedules.

Presentations made on a BI-monthly basis, reporting District progress to the Building Subcommittee of GSA, which is a member of the Presidents National Advisory Committee, headed by Mr. John Koskinen, special advisor to the White House. Additional speaking engagements presented to HCFA, Community Groups and as needed.

DOD Experience, United States Marine Corps, MAJOR (USMCR Retired)

1972 to 1995

I served the Corps in several leadership capacities over a twenty-year period.

Platoon Commander

Company Commander & Executive Officer

Training Officer

Battalion/ Regimental/ MEB Staff Officer

Independent Duty

Independent Duty

Participant in DOD/ JCS Exercise Logix 1991/1992 Acting as Adjutant/ S1

This was a testing of contingency operation orders of the logistics priorities in the designated theater. Task to test and recommend changes.

Assigned to Active Duty Special Works - FPLEX (Formally Logix)


This was an eight-month assignment as Marine Corp Liaison to the DOD/JCS exercise. The exercise was altered to include a tactical problem in conjunction with the logistical support.

I trained and coordinated the Marine Corps participating units from. Okinawa, Camp Pendleton, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. My direct reporting senior was the Commanding Officer, Warfighting. I provided communication & briefing between Exercise and Quantico. Weekly Status Reports and After-action report with recommendations. I conducted monthly training of exercise participants prior to the actual exercise.

Received my best active duty fitness report, statement in section C “this Officer has accomplished more than any other two officers previously sent as Liaison to this exercise”.


BA Degree from Bethany College.

MS Marine Corps University (Command & Staff College)

Amphibious Warfare School

Amphibious Staff Planning,

Intelligence Staff Planning, and

Civil-Military Operations courses


Certified Project Management- PMI

Professional with ITIL Certification Quantum

Certified COTR. DC Certificate Course

Top Secret Clearance, SCI (Active-9 Nov 2018), DOD.

Professional Courses

Leadership Principles

Project Management

Contract Pricing Accurate Project Estimating


Certified Business Analysis Professional Course (Exam Not Taken)

Optimizing Microsoft Project for Earned Value Management

Remedy Training (BMC)

International Computer Negotiations (ICN) 3 Class

Software Procurement,

Hardware Procurement

Total Vendor Management Course

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