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Hse Safety

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
Not specified
June 30, 2020

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Career Objective

I am applying for the HES Positions which are relevant with my HES Professional background.

Achievements & Accomplishment

1998 till currently assigned for several oil & gas onshore, offshore and subsea projects such as Caltex, Chevron, ExxonMobil,

BritishPetroleum, Total E & P, Oiltanking, Technip, Saipem, Messitech, Brown Root JV with Singgar Mulia and Al Asab as HSE

Professional with an extensive years of HSE Experiences.

Bachelor’s Degree (S1) in English Applied Linguistic Science from Padang of Bung Hatta University West Sumatra Indonesia

Professional Training & Qualifications & Experiences

NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil & Gas and Operational Safety.

Certified Occupational Health & Safety Expert.

Internal Auditor Integrated Management Safety-

OSHAS 18001, ISO 9001 & EMS 14001

Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training and Travel Safety by Boat(T-BOSIET)

Integrated Safe System of Work(ISSOW)by British Petroleum

Managing Safe Work Practices(MSWP)by Chevron Pacific Indonesia.

Behavioral Based HES Instruction by Tripatra Fluor Training Manager from Australia

Pulse – Incident Injury Free by Technip from Australia and French

ORCA – Behavior Based Safety by Technip French.

First Aid & Basic Life Support by Chevron

Operational Excellence Health, Environment and Safety Seminar by Chevron Pacific Indonesia

Safety Observations & Conversations for Leaders(SOC) by British Petroleum Indonesia

QHSSE In House Training from Caltex, Chevron, Total, MCDermott, ExxonMobil, British Petroleum, Oiltanking, Technip and Saipem.

Large experience on similar activities at equivalent position.

Senior in Rigging & lifting experiences

Senior in Working on height + scaffolding activities

Familiar with Several Oil & Gas Specifications

English fluent.

Offshore experience as well

Professional Experience (number of years) :almost 21 experience in several oil and gas companies, services companies, Petroleum Technical Services Company/Fabricator for oil and gas onshore, offshore & subsea.

Experience within project : (number of years) :Almost 21 years experience in several oil and gas projects

Good leadership skills and good communication skills and adaptation

Ability to work on projects in a complex and multicultural environment

Good analytical skills

H2S Training from several oil and gas companies

Senior in Procedures and Standards for Managing Safe Work

Develop Deliverable HSE Documents for EPC Projects in oil and gas.

04 March 2019 – Currently

HSE Manager


EPC for Call-Out Contract for Bu Hasa Wellhead Remote Monitoring and Control Implementation and Construction of Oil Network Over Pressure Protection – Long Term

Developing and executing health, safety and environmental plans in the workplace according to legal guidelines.

Preparing and enforcing policies to establish a culture of health. Safety and environmental.

Evaluating practices, procedures and facilities to assess risk and adherence to the law.

Understanding of HSE Legislative Requirements

Effective interpersonal and verbal & written communication skills

Broad knowledge and experience in risk assessments and audit processes

Develop tracking system for monitoring progress and keeping on track to capture findings are recorded and fellow up until close out

Keeps up-to-date on company HSE Policies and Procedures and follows them

Support and actively participate in Company’s and Organization’s Project Objective to achieve KPIs

Able to priorities and handle several different tasks at the same time

Develop and implement annual project HSE Plan for the Contractor

Competency in PTW Procedure but not limited to Contractor JPs

Competency in HSE Management System

Effective Management of Road Safety

Implement Permit To Work System & HSE Action Tracking Register

Monitor PPE usage and its condition as per HSE Requirement

Posses training certification to conduct proper accident investigation including but not limited to safety flashes

Capability to make Contractor fully prepared to deal with all type of emergencies at work including but not limited to emergency exercises.

Ensure that the Contractor’s fire and safety equipment are receiving timely preventive maintenance

Ensure that welfare requirement are met

Ability to conduct HSE Audits, Inspections, Training and Incident Investigation.

Develop Project HSE Plan

Develop Project Emergency Response Plan

Develop Waste Management Plan

Develop Welfare Management Plan

Develop Construction Safety Plan

Develop Road Safety Plan

Develop HSE Induction Presentation

Develop HSE Engagement Best Safety Practices Topics for Business Partners

Verify Documents of Fire Protection and Dectection

Verify Documents of Hazardous Area Classification Schedule

Verify HSE Action Tracking Register and Closedout

Verify Safety Equipment Layouts and Escape Routes

Verify Fire and Gas Detection and Alarm System Layouts

Verifying Engineering HSE Plan

Verifying HSE Philosophy

Verifying an update Fire Protection & Detection Philosophy

Verifying an update Hazardous Area Classification Schedule

Verifying an update Data Sheet for Fire Fighting Equipment and Safety Equipment

Verifying an update Specification for Fire Fighting Equipment and Safety Equipment

Verifying an update Firefighting and Safety Sign Layouts

Verifyig an update Escape Route and Safety Equipment Layouts

Verifying an update FEED QRA assumption register & QRA Report

Verifying an update FEED FSA assumption Register Fire Safety Assessment(FSA) and an update FEED FSA Report

Verifying assumption register for Fire & Gas Mapping Study

Verifying Fire & Gas Mapping Study Report

Verifying Fire & Gas Detection Layouts

Verifying TOR for Workshop, Report & Closeout Report for HAZID

Verifying TOR for Workshop, Report & Closeout Report for ENVID

Verifying TOR for Workshop, Report & Closeout Report for OHID

Verifying TOR for Workshop, Report & Closeout Report for HAZOP

Verifying TOR for Workshop, Report & Closeout Report for SIL ASSESSMENT

Verifying TOR for Workshop, Report & Closeout Report for Constructability Review

Verifying TOR for SIL Verification & SIL Verification Report

Verifying TOR SIL Verification & SIL Verification Report

Verifying TOR, Workshop, Report & Closeout Report for Detailed Engineering, PHSER, Detailed Engineering PHSER Report, Detailed Engineering PHSER Close-Out Report.

Verifying Feed HSE Action Tracking Register

Verifying feed COMAH Report (including BOTIEWS, HSECES or Performance Standards)

Verifying an update FEED EIA Report

Verifying an update Feed OHRA Report

Verifying an update Feed HSEIA Report

Verifying the references are EPC SOW, FEED HSE PLAN, FEED HSE PHILOSOPHY and ADNOC COP’s

01-Oct-2018 – 28 Feb 2019

HES Compliance Inspector ( 5 Months)

A Singgar Mulia – Brown Root Company -

Project : (Engineering Project Construction Management at Chevron Pacific Indonesia Company)

Responsible for HES Activities on Operation Unit 3 – HIS & EPS Projects

As responsible for HES in Engineering Procurement Construction Management activities, to understand, develop, and promote HES policy, Safe and Injury Fatality Prevention, Tenneth or Ten Golden Rules, Safety Culture and targets, objectives and program for the project.

HES supervision of the daily construction activities on the yard and during offshore campaign.

Special HSE focus on scaffolding activities and working on height + lifting and rigging activities

Conduct Site Inspection for OU3 HIS & EPS at NDC Blowdown Pit Improvement Area 11

Conduct Site Inspection for OU3 Capping Clearing and Hauling Soil Dirt Projects at Darling Area 6

Conduct Site Inspection for OU3 Waste Upgrade Vent Pit at Central gathering Station Area 1 & 3

Conduct Validation and Verification for managing safe work practices for 3 procedures is consist of MSW Leadership Engagement, Hazard Analysis, Permit to Work. 12 standards is consist of MSW Training & Competency Verification, Working At Height, Confined Space Entry, Bypassing Critical Protection, Electrical Safe Work, Excavation, Portable Gas Detection, Isolation of Hazardous Energy, Hot Work, Lifting & Rigging, Simultaneous Operation,

Conduct JSA Review Quality

Conduct Zero Harm Courage To Care for workers behaviour

Conduct Hazard Harm on site

Conduct Safety / HES Moment at the Phase Planning Hazard Analysis Meeting, Pre Job Meeting and Coordination Meeting and incidental meetings if required to participate to regular yard coordination meetings to report HES activities for all disciplines Participate and report on hygiene and safety tours

Highlight Safety / HES Success on site

Do Self Stop Work Authority and Stop Work Authority for Unsafe Act & Unsafe Condition

Follow Up Finding Closed Out Report of Site Management Walkthrough

Reporting to OU3 HIS & EPS Project Management Team ( SMBR, Chevron & Contractors)\

HES Compliance Inspection & Supervision of Engineering Project Construction Management activities

ensure that the work is carried out in compliance with company values and policies, relevant laws and regulations, agreed Client/Chevron priorities and objectives, company standards and procedures and good industry practices.

Perform and establish good communication between Company and Contractor

Motivate Contractor, Sub Contractor and Company personnel in order to achieve HES Objectives, targets and Program

Being “visible in the field” and “walking the talk” with HES as a priority.

Perform, in a regular basis, Health & Safety inspections in compliance with Chevron HES policy and expectations

Ensure that all works are performed without any risk for surrounding areas.

Able to prepare and perform presentation & Inductions

Manage an organization to cover all HES aspects of activities on contractor construction yard,

Ensure timely review of HES aspect of construction documentation

HSE administration skills, Training / participating in Incident investigation

Promote of the Project HES policies including of safety observations incl. the close outs as well housekeeping activities

Promote and participate to HES communications and workshops as part of safety culture program implementation

Ensure that all site personnel wearing appropriate PPE

Control and participate in Toolbox meetings

Check and monitoring of environmental conditions are correct implemented and maintained during the whole Construction phase

Participate and observe of Emergency drills organized by Contractor

Maintain good relationships with Contractors, being flexible enough but also strict when necessary to achieve the HES objectives, target & program of the Project.

To carry out any other duty or task that may be assigned by hierarchical superiors.

Ensure that all activities related to working on heights are performed in a controlled and safe manner

Scaffolding :

Ensure that Contractor and its subcontractors comply with the scaffolding requirements. Check, inspect and monitor that area is barricaded during erection and dismantling of scaffolding, that scaffolding is erected, modified and dismantled only by qualified personnel, that scaffolders are using appropriate fall protection, that scaffolding material is appropriate for their use and compliant to standards.

Ensure that the scaffolding tagging system is well implemented and that scaffolding inspections are carried out periodically by qualified personnel.

Obtain and review procedures, certificates and drawings related to scaffolding

Lifting: Monitor site lifting activities. Expediting and monitoring applicable lifting plans Attend to all critical lifting. Perform lifting gears and equipment inspections, and check if they are in line with the inspection and color coding.

Ensure that defected gears and equipment are moved and banned from the Project Engineering and Construction Management for all areas.

Check that all lifting material and equipment are used within the correct weight limits.

Check lifting performances related communications between associated lifting personnel and the identification of the Person in charge.

Ensure that there will be NO load lifting activities over personnel and the warnings precautions and barriers. Ensure correct slinging & rigging of materials prior to be lifted

21-May-2018 – 30 September 2018

HES Coordinator ( 4 Months and 9 days)

Mesitechmitra Purnabangun, PT

Project : (Pipeline Repair & Maintenance Services – Comprehensive Pipeline Maintenance – Chevron Pacific Indonesia)

Main Duties Performed :

Review and Update HES Plan

Establish HES Program, HES Statistic, HES Initiative for Chevron Approval

Monitor the implementation of Approved HES Program

Participate in Pre Kick Of Meeting, Pre Assessment Kick Of Meeting for follow up.

Conduct Site Kick Of Meeting after approval of Construction Execution Plan.

Conduct Weekly HES Meeting

Organize HES Orientation, Managing Safe Work Practices, Fundamental A & B and Motor Vehicle Safety Practice Training & Post Test at Chevron as well.

Involve in a preparation of Planning Phase Hazard Analysis (PPHA) meeting

Update Standard Operation Procedure, Standard Repair Procedure and Safe Work.- Procedure as required on a scope of work which is applied on site.

Update Weekly & Monthly HES Performance Report.

Physically check all Equipment, Power Tools & Hand Tools inspected and color coded prior mobilization.

Prepare Driving Permit and Request KP and Sticker

Monitor Integrated Journey Management System for all vehicles, Pre Trip Inspection, Journey Management, Fatigue Management, Pre Job Meeting, Kilometer Driven, Manpower & Man hour and workforce working behavior.

Focus on prevention, ensure that all HES Policies, Procedures, Rules are adhered to / and are regularly reviewed, updated and communicated to comply internally and externally.

Ensure safe workplace environment without risks to health.

Carry out risks, assist, consider how risk could be reduced.

Outline safe operation and construction procedures which identify and take account of all relevant hazards.

Review all procedures for compliance to client requirements.

Carry out regular site inspections to check policies and procedures are being properly implemented including fire drills.

Make changes to working practices that safe and comply with legislation.

Develop and recommend measurers for assuring personnel safety and to monitor hazardous and unsafe situation.

Identify hazards and do corrective actions.

Create safer operation and construction sites to prevent accidents injuries and work - related illness in the workplace

Promote a positive HES Culture in the workplace

Monitor workplace, Health, Environment & Safety, risks and hazards.

Advise workers and managers how to minimize, eliminate these.

Create and implement HES Policy in accordance with the latest legislation and to ensure that these policies are implemented by Management and Employee

Ensure that workplace is safe for all staffs.

Ensure that construction and workers/employees are equipped with established policy and safety regulation

Look to the system to implement and identify potential hazards

Recommend or instruct to restructure for eliminate / minimize risks

Design HES Team

Ensure Safety Data Sheet available on site

Monitor Air Quality

Verify the knowledge of Fire Watcher & Qualified Gas Test of Personnel.

Create Emergency Management & Site Specific Emergency Response Plan and do exercise on site.

26 June – 26 Dec 2016 (6 Months)

HSE Supervisor

Saipem Indonesia,PT

Project : Topside Floating Production Storage Offloading for Oil & Gas Field Block 32 Kaombo Anggola South Africa. Executed at Saipem Karimun Yard – Riau Island - Indonesia

Main Duties Performed :

Plan HSE Supervision for Yard, Assembly & Fabrication Area

Direct all Team to implement HSE Management System, Rules, Regulation and Safe Work Practices that meet with Company’s vision and mission.

Check the implementation of HSE Management System for all areas of concern

Act to improve the implementation of HSE Management System

Review HSE Performance Report, Inspection & Audit Report prior to be submitted to HES Manager, Fabrication Team for follow up..

Participate in all HSE Activities, HSE Program, HSE Meeting and HSE Training.

Review Procedures, Job Safety Analysis, Permit to Work, Work Instruction and Work Method are understood by all team.

Inspect Personal Protective Equipment, Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, Multi Gas Testers, Hand Protection, Harness Protection, Face Shield, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Glass, Fire Proof, Fire Retardant Sheets, Pressurized Gas Bottles, Welding Cable, Acetylene Hose, Pressurized Hose & Whip Check, Building Illumination, Scaffolding, Fall Protection, Ladders, Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, Mobile Crane, Crawler Crane, Fork Lift, Cherry Picker, Working Platform. Heavy Equipment, Light & Heavy Vehicles, Hygiene & Sanitation for Office, Fabrication Shop, Assembly Shop, Hall & Canteen and Fabrication Yard.

01-March-2015–01-March-2016 (12 Months)

HSE Coordinator

Technip Indonesia, PT & Technip Production & Geoscience Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Project : Indonesia Deepwater Development – Bangka Subsea Installation – Chevron Indonesia Company.

Main Duties Performed :

Review all deliverable HSE documents and HSE Plan

Conduct HSE Project Site Specific MCU, MEDEVAC, ERP, Induction & Pulse and ORCA Training

Conduct Risk Assessment & HIRADC

Conduct Internal Inspection and Audit Permit To Work

Conduct HSE Activities & Program

Prepare Daily, Weekly & Monthly HSE Performance Report

Conduct Observe, Recognize, Correct, Act to improve Program

Conduct Alcohol & Drug Test

Ensure employees comply with all aspects of HSE Laws and that workplace are not cause of ill health, injury and even death.

Inspect business premises, advise employees and investigate accident/incident and through enforcement of the laws commitment to the highest standard for HES of employee, customers, contractors as well as to the protection of environment is the commitment in which we live and work

Oversee contractors involved on this project.

Maintain the high standard safety of the company.

Maintain the high quality standard to be inspected by way of ensuring compliance with the company’s requirements, HSE Specification & Plans.

Ensure the contractor complies with the HSE Plan.

Create daily site safety inspections and reports.

Assist Contractor with safety concerns.

Provide training and guidance to contractors.

Attend and provide input at Monthly/Weekly/Daily Contractor and Client Meeting.

Report HSE Issues to Company Management.

Participate in Management Site Visit

Ensure HSE Tool Box Talks, Fire Fighting, Fuel Spillage, Clean Up Exercise and fire drill are understood by all employees.

Assist preparing HES Strategies, developing internal policy, Lead in house training with managers and employees about HES & Safety issues & risks.

Keep record of inspection finding and produce reports and suggest improvement.

Ensure that all accidents/incidents are documented, investigated and recommended improvements are implemented.

Keep up to date with new legislation and maintain a working knowledge of HES Legislation and developing that affect the company.

Assist in managing and organizing a safe disposal of hazardous substances.

20-Nov-2013 - 29-Feb-2015 (15 Months)

HSSE Manager – IOT Oiltanking, PT

Project : Storage Tank Farms & Jetty Construction at Teluk Paku - Karimun Riau Island Indonesia

Main Duties Performed

Responsible for ensuring all contractors full compliance,Policies, Procedure and Legislation applicable to Project.

Monitor the implementation of HSSE Management System as per company requirements as stipulated on Company Exhibits.

Organize HSE Focal Points, Issues, Matters, Inspections & Audits, ERP Drill, Project Self Assessments Checklist Rating, Method Statements & Risk Assessments, Medical check Up HSE Training/Course/Induction,

Plan, Implement and update safety policies and procedures in compliance with local statutory and regulations

Keeps up to date on new and proposed regulation changes

Investigate and responds to regulatory compliance concerns

Develop and implements training program to align with industry best practices and standards

Manage the HSE Management System, creates a safety culture that is proactive and sustainable

Oversees and provides support for personnel training, safety inspections, follow ups, incidents investigation and other hse activities related to the company clents or regulatory compliance

W ork with department managers, supervisors, to offer employee mentoring, coaching, and

guidance in making safe choices whole working to foster an incident and injury free


Give feedback to HSE team, employees and leaders within their assigned work areas on matters relating to the safety culture

Review and develop Project HSSE Plan, HSE Procedure, HSE Standard Format, HSE Policy, HSE KPI & Rating, HSSE Manual, HSE Guidance and Monthly HSSE Statistic Reports of all contractors.

Review the risk assessment periodically to determine the ongoing suitably of the identified

control measures, and update the risk register

Identify the significant environment aspect and impact and identify appropriate control measure

Advise on a range of specialist areas ( eg. Fire Regulatory, Hazardous Substance, Noise, Safeguarding Machinery and Occupational Desease..

01 Oct–18 Nov 2013 (1 Months 17 days)

Halliburton Indonesia, PT

Project : Vico W ell Work & Drilling Muara Badak – Balikpapan – East

Kalimantan Indonesia

Main Duties performed:

Participate in HSE Tool Box Talk & Trainings

Prepare Daily, Weekly & Monthly HSE Report

Conduct Inspection & Audit

Inspect the place of employment, by observing and testing mechanical equipment,

hand & power tools

Visit all areas of worksites to inspect ladders, platforms, scaffold, confined spaces, Excavation to observe all potentially dangerous working conditions.

Document violation through notes, sketches, measurements, photographs and


Review accidents, injury and illness to detect problem areas related to employees safety.

Investigate Occupational accidents and injuries to determine cause of accident/injury

Evaluate working condition and recommend improvement

Explain HSE Standard.

Conduct meeting with employee representative to discuss the finding

Gather evidence and prepare the report of finding.

Follow up the close out of finding

Maintain the file, reports and correspondence related to the finding

26-Sep-2012 - 26-Sep-2013 (12 Months)

HSE Manager

Meindo Elang Indah, PT

Project : Total Exploration & Production Indonesia - River Crossing and River Bank for Offshore Engineering, Construction and Pipeline Services W ork for Central Process Unit Plant, South Processing Unit Plant and North Processing Unit plant and Central Processing shorebase Total Exploration

& Production East Kalimantan Indonesia

Main Duties Performed:

Ensure HSE Management Systems, Work Method and Procedure.

Accountable for client- approved HSE Program, RA, PTW, ERP, Bridging Document.

Inspect all permitting for vessels, seaman books, equipment 3rd Party


Conduct HSE Inspection Tour and HSE Management Visit with clients.

Lead investigations for accidents, near miss & incidents

Maintain all HSE Statistic, HSE Documentation and Inspection & Audit

Report Daily, W eekly & Monthly HSE Report to Project Manager

01 Feb 2012 – 22-May- 2012 (3 Months, 21 days)

SSH&E Lead

ExxonMobil Indonesia, PT

Project : Engineering, Procurement & Construction - MCL Infrastructure Facilities

Main Duties performed :

Review contractor SSH&E deliverable documents and plans

Establish SSH&E Meeting with company and contractor

Conducted and updated Company SSH&E Activity Schedule

Ensure 13 Elements of Contractor HSE Program

Establish SSH&E Leadership, SSH&E Workshop, SSH&E Training, SSH&E Induction

Inspect and follow up SSH&E outstandings(Contractor Unsafe Acts, Unsafe Conditions)

Report Daily, W eekly & Monthly HSE Report to Project Manager

Update Dashboard of HSE Management Database

01-Jun 2009 – 31-Jan-2012 (31 Months)

HES Coordinator

Global Arrow, PT

Project : Residential & Industrial Area Sumatra Management Operation Chevron Riau Indonesia

Main Duties performed :

Participate in HSE Tool Box Talk

Prepare Daily, Weekly & Monthly HSE Report

Conduct HES Inspection & Audit

Participate in Monthly Performance Review

Participate in Traffic Safety Enforcement Team

Update Total Performance Index

Participate in Monthly Performance Review with BP & Chevron Management`

23-Feb – 01-Jun-2009 (3 months, 8 days)

HSE Supervisor

Kaliraya Sari, PT

Project : W UR Package D Construction Services Project: Surface Facilities Pipe Dismantle, Re Greening, Maintenance & Repair Canal and Reclamation HO Borrow Pit Chevron Riau Indonesia Main Duties performed :

Participate in HSE Tool Box Talk

Conduct Inspection & Audit

Investigate and complete the process for close out of all Accident Investigation Reports

Prepare Daily, Weekly & Monthly HSE Report to be submitted to HES Superintendent

Inspect equipment, tools and working conditions to ensure safety of workers

engaged in construction and maintenance of overhead and underground power lines

Inspect Safety Belts, ladders, ropes, rubber goods and tools and replaces those

Observe crews at works for safety precautions

Examine condition of ditches and tunnels and recommends use of braces to prevent Cave-ins endangering workers

Instruct workers in use of safety equipment and safe work methods

13-May 2008 – 13-Nov- 2008 (6 Months)

HSE Advisor

British Petroleum Indonesia

Project : Phase 2 Geotechnical Investigation and Train 1 & 2 Construction

Main Duties performed :

Inspect & Review Contractor HSE Plan, Quality Plan, Inspection & Test Plan, Controlling Document, Risk Assessment Procedure, Personnel Qualification, Equipment Checklist & Calibration Certificates.

Participate Pre- Mobilization, Assessment, Action Plans and responsibilities for follow up.

Field investigation acts as Tangguh Phase 2 on site focal point for all HSE Matters.

Verify recorded & implemented on site for each unique P2GI activity.

Provide HSE Report and guidance to the BP Geotechnical Site Representative and the Geotechnical Contractor’s Team.

Evaluate HSE Performance of contractor personnel and compliance with requirements of

the HSE Management plan as specified in controlling documents.

Provide HSE input in all contract relevant TBT’s, TRA,s and risk assessments and recommend suitable actions completed for closeouts.

Participate in and give input or feedback to contractor and BP safety meeting.

Report Daily, W eekly & Monthly HSE Report to Sr. HSES Specialist

01-April – 11-May-2008 (1 month, 11 days)

HSE Officer

Total Exploration & Production Yemen

Project : Khari r - East Shabwa – Flare Upgrade Project Block 10, Airstrip Projects and New Project for gas and refineries Field HSE Officer – Flare Upgrade Project, Airstrip and New Projects

Main Duties Performed :

Provide and advise, information and instruction on local HSE issues.

Assist in the application of HSE procedures.

Manage risks and hazards in their area

Report and investigate incidents, injuries and hazards..

Audit HSE compliance with regard to risk, emergency and hazardous waste management.

Promote HSE Awareness and safety culture to the construction and operation workforces

Participate in the preparation of construction works and operation.

Check that measurement and prescriptions are enforced.

Report Daily, W eekly & Monthly HSE Reports to Area Construction Superintendent.

13-Sep-2007 - 29-Mar-2008 (6 Months, 16 days)

HSE Supervisor

McDermott Indonesia Petroleum Technical Services Company

Project : SU Tu Vang Project fabrication of Jacket, Living Quarter, Sub Cellar Deck, Cellar Deck, Intermediate Deck, Main Deck, Helly Deck for Su Tu Vang Project Cuulong Joint Operating Company

Main Duties Performed :

Supervise and ensure the implementation of HSE for in a daily basis.

Facilitate Risk Assessment Programs on site.

Conduct Daily Safety Talks, Attend W eekly HSE Meeting

Conduct Weekly HSE Inspection and Safety Walkabout with Construction Manager

Participate in Critical Lifting Conference Meeting.

Review Sub-contractor’s HSE Plan

Participate in internal and external weekly meeting with McDermott and client.

Conduct HSE Induction for new comers to fabrication yard

Ensure all color coding for all equipment and parts are implemented.

Ensure all in the area of fabrications are well inspected.

encourage HSE awareness and HSE Notice Feedback

Report Daily, W eekly & Monthly HSE Report to Project HSE Manager


09-Feb-2006–05-Sep-2007 (19 Months)

HES Superintendent

Bina Rasano Engineering

Project : W P 22 Multidiscipline Projects - Electrical, Piping, Civil & Construction.A Tripatra Fluor Flexible Progam Management Chevron Riau Indonesia

Main Duties performed :

Role and Responsibility is, to ensure that BRE Project Management Teams Resource Unit Rate& W ork Unit Rate and with the total of Ten Contractors under BRE Management Teams has implement safe working practice

Lead in-house training program to develop new hire and interns.

Identifiy potential hazards and determine effective ways of reducing risk associated with construction in oilfields and gathering stations coverage areas.

Assist in addressing identified actions, resulting from hse audits and inspections.

Assist HES Personnel during site inspections and provided them feedback derived from review.

Create and maintained relevant HES Legislation and Documentation.

Provide support in the implementation of

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