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Bamberg, SC
April 28, 2020

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Horatio A. Mason

** ******* ******,*********

SC 29853



April 6, 2020.

Dear Sir/ Madam:

Re: Teaching position at your Educational Institution: For any society to achieve its fullest potential and development in the 21st century, it is paramount that its foundation is rooted in an effective education system. As such, the education system or sector of the society must be one that envisions the advancement of its human potential that will foster this reality or self-actualization of its people. However, notwithstanding the varied challenges a society’s education system faces such as inadequate resources, funding, parental support, ineffective leadership, students indiscipline and students differential learning needs. It is crucial that we as practitioners rise to the occasion in helping to combat the abovementioned challenges through employing sound pedagogical skills, creativity, research and dedicated service to bring about the needed transformation. It is against this background I offer myself for your consideration for a teaching post at your institution. I believe that I have that experience, diligence and requisite skills to engender among your staff, students and the relevant stakeholders in achieving the goals set out by your institution. If considered, I will work assiduously and thereby becoming an asset to your institution in sharing my years of experience and contributing holistically to ensure the goals become a reality.

Attached is a copy of my résumé for your perusal. I am eagerly anticipating a positive response. Yours truly,


Horatio Mason (Mr)


17 Bennett Street

Williston,SC 29853


Tel: 803-***-****

March 9, 2020.

Career Objective : To continue to advance my professional development in the field of education and to assist in the empowerment of others through the delivery of quality and dedicated service.


o Tertiary Education

2009-2012: The Mico University College

Bachelor in Education- Social Studies (Upper second hons) 2002-2005: Mico Teachers’ College, 1A Marescaux Road, Kingston 5 Diploma in Teaching – History and Social Studies (credit) o Secondary Education

1994-1999 - Oberlin High School, Lawrence Tavern, St. Andrew Graduation Certificate, Seven (7) CSEC Subjects

Work Experience:

September 2018- January 2020 – Head of The Department for Humanities with responsibility for Social Studies and Geography. (Oberlin High School) As H.O.D, some of my responsibilities are as listed below:

● Supervise and assist the assigned number of teachers in the department.

● Mark, check and log lesson plans for members of the department.

● Arrange for a substitute teacher in the absence of a teacher.

● Organize and plan programmes for personal and social development of the department.

● Submit annual budget for department.

● Collect and analyze data on students’ performance, teacher’s performance and subject performance internally and externally.

● Prepare and submit reports relating to departments performance for each term.

● Conduct formative and summative evaluation for teachers in the department.

● Attend professional development workshops and seminars and other meetings.

● Coordinate activities for students and where necessary adjust the curriculum to cater to students differential learning needs or abilities etc. o September 2006 – January 2020: Oberlin High School, Lawrence Tavern P.O, St. Andrew

-Social Studies/ History/ Religious Education/ Geography Department:

Teacher of:

● Social Studies (grade10-11 Caribbean secondary

examination certificate)

● History (grade 8-9)

● Geography (grade 7-9)

● Religious Education (grade7-9)

● Health and Family Life Education (grade 7, 8-9)

● Guidance and Counselling ( grade10)

● Caribbean Studies ( grade 13)

o 2005-2006: Constant Spring Primary and Junior High, 8 Cassava Piece Road, Constant Spring, St. Andrew- Teacher of Social Studies/ Religious Education (gr.7-9)


Critical thinking skills

Leadership skills

Information technology skills- Microsoft word, PowerPoint, Publisher Good Interpersonal and communication skills

Achievements and Awards:

● 2016-2017 Recipient for the Most Outstanding Teacher in the Social Studies and Geography Department.

2014-2015 Recipient For being the Most Outstanding Grade Ten Form Teacher 2012 Recipient of the Oberlin High School Punctuality of the year Award. Involvement: (JTA stands for the Jamaica Teachers Association the trade union that represent teachers

in Jamaica)

● 2018-2019 -President of the North West, St. Andrew District Association (JTA): responsible and represent all teachers within the district as it relates to working conditions, arbitrary issues, mediations and any matters arising for representations with school administrators. Prepare Budgets for D.A monthly expenditure, prepare updated financial reports, Manage monetary allocation from J.T.A. head office (D.A funds) Coordinate District Association activities; fund raisers, committee budgets. The district consists of six schools with a total population of approximately 180 teachers.

● 2018- January 2020 - J.T.A Contact teacher (Oberlin High School)

● 2018-september 2019 – Member of General Council of the J.T.A

● 2017-Participant in the Ministry of Education and Jamaica Teaching Council Effective Mentorship Workshop.

● 2016- Present- Member of the Kingston Georgian Society

● 2013 - Participant in the Canadian Teachers Federation and Caribbean Union of Teachers John Thompson Young Leaders Workshop

● 2012-2015 -President of the North West, St. Andrew District Association (JTA)

● 2009-2012- Vice President of the North West, St. Andrew District Association


● 2008-2012- Contact Teacher (JTA) for Oberlin High School

● 2012 – JTA Liaison Officer – Caribbean Union of Teachers games

● 2012- 2015- Member of the JTA General Council (Decision making body of the Jamaica Teachers Association)

● 2011-JTA Liaison Officer -Caribbean Union of Teachers Cricket games

● 2011-Member of the Oberlin High School Guidance / Mentorship Committee

● 2010-Participant of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association Study Circle (HIV/AIDS convener for St. Andrew)

● 2008-2010- Member of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association International Relations Committee.

● 2004- 2005- UNIA Marcus Garvey Youth Club – Mico College References:

Dr. Alma Jackson: Past Humanities Coordinator/Lecturer,The Mico University College,Telephone: 876-***-****

Other references available upon request.

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