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Design Engineer Mechanical

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
30000 per month
April 28, 2020

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I would like to establish myself as expert in the field of Mechanical and wish to my expertise thereafter in every innovative, creative and challenging sphere of the organization towards successful completion of project.

Academic Profile





College / School

2012 - 2016




Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan

2011 – 2012




GBPUC, Hassan

2009 - 2010




Cambridge Public School, K.R.Pet

Aggregate Percentage in B.E: 78.7% (8.62 СGPA)

Technical Skills


Microsoft office (macros)

Visual Studio


Basics of GD & T

Solid Edge

Key Strengths

Leadership and organizing skills.

Quick learner, Well-organized and strong work ethics.

Ability to work with a team.

Adapt new concepts quickly while working under pressure.

Experience Summary

1. Mercedes Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI)

Duration: 9 months (11th July 2016 to 31st March 2017).

Designation: Student Trainee

During my training, I have worked on various design topics in Rear axle and Chassis of Mercedes Benz trucks with gaining good knowledge on Analyzing the design problems and innovative development.

2. L V H Energy Private Limited

Duration: April 2017 to Present

Designation: Design Engineer

Job Description: Working on Design of Electric Motorcycle

Experience on Design Tool (UG NX-11)

Solid Modeling: Truck Rear Axle Components

Drafting: Rear axle and Suspension components

Assembly: Rear Axle and Fuel Tank

NX Nastran: Analysis of Wheel Hub components.


“Projects at MBRDI”


Title: “Study on Commonising the center distance of two planetary gear trains”

The study involves the optimized design of Wheel hub’s planetary gear set for two different gear ratios. Analysis on achieving common center distance for both reductions has done.

If we can achieve same center distance for both planetary gear trains, same wheel hub can be used for both planetary gear trains.

Study on gear terminologies and the design of gear has been done.

Alteration of the gear parameters of one of the gear sets has been done to achieve common center distance.

During the design of gears, the failure stress is studied and the analysis of bending stress is done in NX tool.

Along with the bending stress, the surface endurance stress is calculated mathematically for both the gear sets.

Comparison between both the gear set parameters has been done.

Finally, the effect of changing gear parameters is studied so that we can have a clear picture on achieving common center distance for the gear sets.


Title: “Turning circle radius calculation tool using Microsoft Excel and Visual Studio”.

Making of a tool which is used to measure the minimum turning radius of the vehicle (Truck) with minimum input of the vehicle’s dimensions.

Study on Ackerman mechanism and the basic measuring dimensions used for Trucks.

Mercedes Benz North American truck “West liner” is taken as reference for the study.

The truck is visualized through NX tool and the dimensions required are recorded for the calculation.

The theoretical calculation for Ackerman angle, turning radius, etc., has done.

In the Excel, every inputs and the required output have been calculated.

Turning radius is something that is calculated during U-turn of vehicle, this path have been created in excel with the help of Macros using truck dimensions and the output.

Compared to excel, Visual Studio or .Net is a user friendly application. So the same values used in excel is programmed into Visual Studio language.

Finally, this tool helps the designer of a vehicle to specify its turning radius with the basic dimensions.

Also the tool helps in calculating and visualizing the trajectory of the vehicle path when taking the U-turn.

“Projects at LVH Energy”


Title: “Study on current market condition of Electric two wheeler vehicles”

The study on different type of electric two wheelers and their specifications all over the world.

Basic issues with the current models of Electric motorcycles.

Consideration of parameters when it comes to e-vehicles.

Study on failure of e-vehicles in Indian market.

Steps to implement and encourage the e-vehicle sales.

Tie-up possibilities with the foreign electric motorcycle companies.

Model specification and adoptability suitable for Indian condition.

And conclusion on best model that we can adopt for the design.


Title: “Design of housing for LED lighting products”

Using NX tool, the design of housing for LED lighting products has been done.

For products like Solar home lighting system, Garden lights, Solar mobile charger etc., design has been done.

Innovative design work of these products is going on because it should be competitive in current market of LED lighting products.

Professional Summary

Skilled Unigraphics NX Design Engineer with one and half years’ experience in product design and development of automotive components. And seeking opportunity to further enhance my knowledge in Design.

Personal Details


Mother’s Name : PADMA C.V

Date of Birth : 27-04-1995

Languages Known: English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Sankethi.

Hobbies : Playing and Watching Cricket, Reading Kannada Novels.


Mobile-no: 948-***-****/ 866*******

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