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Teaching and Reasearch Assistant at Purdue University Northwest

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
April 28, 2020

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Purdue University Northwest, Hammond, IN Dec 2019

Master of Science in Technology (Mechatronics Engineering) (GPA - 4.0 / 4.0) Manipal University, Manipal, INDIA May 2017

Bachelor of Technology (Mechatronics Engineering) (GPA – 8.8 / 10.0) TECHNICAL PROFICIENCIES

Programming with ControlLogix and CompactLogix for advanced mechatronics applications.

Designing HMI screen animations in FactoryTalk View Studio.

Building ladder logic in Studio5000 and RSLogix5000.

Programming with SoftLogix 5800.

Mechatronics system designing, modeling and integration.

Application of computers in process control.

Programming in LabVIEW.

Programming in FluidSIM.

Programming in Arduino.

Programming in MATLAB.

Microcontroller programming in assembly language. PROJECTS

Automated rice filling machine

A complete automated system is built with the help of CompactLogix PLC. Empty boxes are carried to the rice filling station using a conveyor system and desired amount of rice is filled into the boxes. The boxes are then sent to the next stations. The whole process can be controlled using a PanelView plus 1000 HMI. The user can define the weight of rice to be packed using HMI.

Integrating Variable frequency drive and Programmable logic controller Induction motor can be controlled with the help of CompactLogix and Powerflex40. A HMI animation is developed to control the motor from the HMI screen.

Automated packaging model

The animation is developed in FactoryTalk View Studio and the logic file is developed in Studio5000. This model automatically fills, caps and labels the bottles on the conveyor belt and also counts the number of bottles packed.

Motor sizing

The project deals with design of motor for the conveyor belt that carries the boxes to the labeling station. A design program is built in LabVIEW which considers the inputs from the user and suggests a motor for the user’s application. Animation of box labeling is created using SoftLogix 5800, Studio5000 and FactoryTalk View Studio.

Part count notification system

This system counts the number of parts passing on a conveyor system at the end of the packaging line. It uses aws and sends an e-mail notification when a batch of parts are done.

Low plant soil moisture alerting system

This system uses aws and sends an email alert whenever the plant soil moisture level is lower than desired.

Temperature and humidity monitoring system

This system sends continuous information about temperature and humidity to aws.

IoT at home

The user can turn ON and OFF any device at home from any where in the world. This system uses aws IoT.

Keyless bike

Designed a system using Arduino Uno which can switch on the bike using mobile phone commands.

Theft alerting system

The model automatically makes a phone call to the police in case of theft. This model uses Arduino Uno.

Up-down counter

Built a real prototype of Up-down counter using 8051 Microcontroller which counts the number of components leaving the processing unit on a conveyor belt.

Integrating eWon and Programmable logic controllers PLCs and other lab equipment can be accessed and controlled in remote mode.

Automated car parking model.

Built a prototype of automated car parking system in which programmable logic controller is used for the automation.

Industrial application of hydraulics and pneumatics Built hydraulic and pneumatic circuits for different industrial processes using valves and actuators.

Automatic bottle filling model

Built a real prototype of automated bottle filling system in which programmable logic controller is used for automation.

Performance evaluation of fluid film bearings

The project deals with theoretical design of fluid film bearings by solving Reynold’s equation in MATLAB.

Home automation

Built a system to turn on and off all the home appliances using mobile phone. This model uses Arduino Uno.

Remote control car model

Built a remote-controlled toy car using Arduino Uno.

Automatic switching system

The model checks the presence of people in the room and turns ON the lights and fans in the room. This model uses Arduino Uno.


Mahindra & Mahindra assembly line. May 2016 - July 2016 Worked as an intern in a project on “Bill of materials”.

Maruthi Suzuki workshop. July 2016 -Aug 2016

Worked as an intern in technical sector.

Purdue University Northwest, Hammond, IN Mar 2018 – Aug 2018 Student worker in Facilities services.

Purdue University Northwest, Hammond, IN Aug 2018 – Dec2018 Worked as Teaching assistant for Mechatronics program.

Purdue University Northwest, Hammond, IN Jan 2019 – May 2019 Worked as Teaching assistant for Mechatronics program.

Purdue University Northwest, Hammond, IN June 2019 – Dec 2019 Teaching and Research assistant in Mechatronics program. ACHIEVEMENTS

Manipal institute of technology. Oct 2016

Academic excellence award.

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