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Data Oracle

Alpharetta, GA
April 27, 2020

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Lucien Marcel Ngooh


Professional Summary:

A seasoned Database Administrator with 14 years of experience in the fields of Oracle database physical design, configuration, performance tuning, backup and recovery.

Certified Oracle Professional in version,11g.

Experienced with Oracle 10G, 11gR2 and 12C supporting OLTP and Data warehouse systems up to 30 terabytes in size in all stages of a full life cycle development .

Good experience with SQL and UNIX korn shell scripting.

Supported Client / Server environment and application development that utilizes Golden Gate One way Replication technologies.

Managed and resolved tickets with diverse issue using Service Now..

Over 10 years of experience with AIX and Linux Operating systems management.

Utilized Oracle Grid Control 11G / 12C and, Toad for database monitoring and Performance analysis.

Experienced in Oracle software installation, upgrades and, migrations from 10g/11g and 12c R2

Experienced in patching rdbms application on UNIX systems and RAC architecture..

Database build version 11G and 12C for standalone and RAC systems.

Actively participated in workshops for establishing database standards, procedures and, backup strategy.

Performed in-depth Oracle Performance Tuning on high volume transaction on very large databases (VLDB).

Performed several database migrations in relocating data center from one site to another.

Installed and configured Oracle RAC system and installed oracle 11gR2 and 12C RDBMS on a two-nodes and three-nodes RAC architecture on AIX 6.1 utilizing ASM configuration

Managed, administered databases sitting on RAC and ASM.

Set up, and administered Oracle / 12c R2 Physical Standby Database utilizing Data Guard.

Provided technical support to development teams with PL/SQL code tuning and number of diverse issues.


B.S. Computer Sciences

University Pierre et Marie Curie


OCP 11g, Oracle University

Professional Experience:

Verizon, Ashburn, VA Mar 2019 – Present

Sr. Oracle DBA

Working on a two / four Node Oracle 12C RAC with dataguard configuration, my main responsibilities are:

Perform Oracle Database migration from On-Premise systems into Cloud (OCI), for 36 databases in all life cycle developement, Utilizing Datapump and Dataguard as technology solutions. This was done by building new systems, with Cloud technology requirement, then import data and set all monitoring jobs and ensure user connectivity has cleared.

Perform Day to day operation support in handling Alerts generated by OEM 13C and DBMonitoring internal tool resolving incoming Incidents tickets via At Your Service tool and various adhoc users requests / issues.

Provide support to application developers with various requests and fixing ongoing issues for system

stability and smooth processing and maximum availability

Ensure security within database is enforced, via profiles and Tablespace Encryption (TDE) features.

Maintain dataguard Active-Active high availability environment and ensuring Primary and secondary database are kept in syc at all times, by resolving Gaps/lags situations.

Perform monthly database refreshes and weekly application Release deployments on Production systems

Handled on-call rotation accordingly and maintained system uptime at its pick.

CA Technologies, (Abjayon Technolgies) Cary, NC Feb 2017 – Feb 2019

Sr. Oracle DBA

Closely worked with Network administrators and System administrators to set up Real Application Cluster (RAC) from scratch

Installed Grid Infrastructure and Oracle 12C database software in test and development and production environments and applied latest patch for software compliance.

Performed database build on a new Super Cluster in preparation for Data center move from Orlando, FL to Allen, TX on AIX and Linux systems.

Migrated new databases utilizing Datapump, DataGuard and Golden Gate. oracle technologies.

Administered and utilized Golden Gate for system requiring No downtime during database migration

Worked diligently with SOX technicians in delivering received scripts output accordingly.

Raised and resolve Oracle Severity one tickets whenever needed to accommodate software issues encountered through Service Now API Channel

Handled various dispatched tickets randomly through our internal Service Now Tool

Handled day to day database administration duties such as Performance tuning and backups issues in all environments..

Monthly Refreshed Pre-production systems with production data using rman duplicate methodplogy

Deployed New Golden Gate One way environment on lower level environment for testing..

Administered on way replication Golden Gate replication keeping up with synchronization issues and lag Production systems.

Worldpay USA (Yash Solutions), Atlanta, GA Jan 2015 – Dec 2016

Sr. Oracle DBA / Analyst

Strictly came on board to perform Data Center migration from Morgan Falls to T5 new data center in Alpharetta, while other team members are focusing on handling day to day dba activities.

Performed 12C software install and applied latest patch for software compliance in Development, QA and production environments for 21 databases all together.

Freshly built databases duplicated from existing source systems then migrated them with minimal downtime utilizing Datapump and DataGuard oracle technologies.

Assisted other team members troubleshooting arising Clusterware issues randomly until successful resolution.

Helped tune poorly behaving queries with available oracle features until in accordance to service level agreement.

Successfully performed datacenter database migration utilizing Lift and ship approach

Assigned Primary DBA role and responsibilities of 48 databases in a full life cycle development.

Performing Releases staging and deployment via established procedures while closely following guidelines to ensure data security and system availability.

Performing scheduled upgrades from oracle to Oracle 12C running Linux.

Performed database migration 11G to 12C, from 3G to 4G network from AIX to Linux.

Performed 12C software install / patching and database creation, including users set up with necessary privileges, on demand for new/existing customers.

Overseeing all aspects related to Day to day DBA activities including but not limited to Rman backups, System Performance Tuning, database refresh, applying patches and handling on-call rotation.

Performed day to day troubleshooting and support activities in all available environments

General Electric (Pyramid Consulting ) Atlanta, GA Dec2014 – Dec 2015

Sr. Oracle Database Operations Support

Straight Production support DBA in a team of 8 Senior DBA’s

In charge of the ticketing Queue; assigning ownership of tickets to peers, owning and resolving tickets of all nature randomly.

Performed database migrations in an effort to consolidate databases from out of lease servers into one superdome server.

Performed standalone database conversion into Real Application Cluster (RAC) architecture

Performed across board database upgrades from 11.2.0.x to 12.2.0.

Resolved Priority one tickets related to performance bottleneck as well as unplanned outages.

Performed Database and schema refresh on demand.

Provide consultation to application development teams on DBMS product technical issues.

Provide on-call support for databases 7 X 24.

Responsible for database performance tuning, security, and database backup/recovery

Identify opportunities for performance improvements

Investigate, troubleshoot, and resolve database problems.

Coordinate downtime with application development teams and system engineers.

Monitored and troubleshot various issues pertaining to Golden Gate replication Bi-directional environment.

Wells Fargo, (Advantage resourcing) Charlotte, NC Jun 2013 - Dec 2014

Sr. Oracle DBA

Successfully installed Oracle Real Application Cluster including; Grid infrastructure (Clusterware and ASM) and Oracle RDBMS software on a 3 nodes RAC architecture in development, UAT d Production running oracle version.

In coordination with application developers, designed Roles and privileges pertaining to business requirements

Built brain new databases, set up users and privileges accordingly

Loaded entire databases with data from legacy systems into development, testing and Production areas utilizing Data Pump.

Followed established procedures to protect corporate data resources against unauthorized access or accidental loss

Concurrently maintaining three existing 4-node RAC application systems with day to day DBA tasks.

Performed Online table redefinition to reclaim unused space and and assisted developer better re-structuring their PL/SQL codes along with other various requests from Application team.

Translate a logical data model or user specifications into a physical design.

Ensure the detailed physical design of data structures and database complies with enterprise standards, guidelines, policies, procedures, and processes.

Handle a flow of various nature of incident ticket including (space management, backup/export failure, database performance Tuning and users' connectivity)

Performed scheduled upgrades from to

Applied quarterly security patches on Exadata/RAC environments.

IBM (GTSG) Atlanta, GA Jan 2012 – Apr 2013

Sr. Oracle DBA

Straight production support in a 24/7 two-nodes RAC environments running Oracle 11gR2 with large databases.

Documented and executed steps in support of different planned production maintenance.

Utilized OEM for performance Tuning analysis and handled in a timely basis all generated alerts randomly.

Scrubbed alert log for error detection and took immediate action accordingly.

Managed space growth at tablespace and disk level in a multi terabytes ASM environment.

Analyzed and helped speeding up long running queries.

Generated and Analyzed AWR and ADDM report for system performance enhancement.

Effectively communicate and assisted offshore application developers with various requests.

Handled numerous tickets generated by Service Manager

Migrated new releases from QA to production.

Applied several quarterly security patches as well as bug fix patches.

Performed database migrations to move American Express entire data Center from Phoenix, AZ to the newly built one in Greensboro, NC

Monitored Rman backups and corrected issues

Mercy Health Systems, St Louis, MO Dec 2008 – Nov 2011

Oracle DBA

Part of a team of nine(9) DBA's, mainly in charge of full life cycle support of a 3tb data warehouse running Oracle 11gR2 on a RAC system built on ASM storage on an ultimate fast paced environment.

Upgraded Grid agent from to on 4 servers

Installed Oracle 11gR2, Upgraded Oracle to on RAC and loaded data accordingly.

Managed RAC environment dealing with Services and cluster issues.

Performed several full/partial schemas refresh from production to test or development environments.

Migrated numerous releases from Development to Test and to Production in a timely manner, through scheduled releases.

Performed 11gR2 software Install and, configured it as RAC architecture with ASM storage.

Administered ASM storage by adding disks when needed and rebalancing disk groups,

Analyzed system overall performance behavior via AWR/ADDM and implemented corrective action

Tuned numerous poorly behaving SQL queries for optimal results.

Applying in a daily basis numerous releases in QA and migrate them onto production environments.

Performing bi-weekly database refresh of QA and staging databases with production data.

Enrolled users and managed security within the database.

Supported Application developers with all their needs in enhancing their PL/SQL codes to meet SLA’s, connectivity and release migration from QA to production.

Performed Weekly export backup on a Sql Server database.

Installed/configured GridControl on Linux x86_64

UPS, SCS (Pyramid Consulting Inc) Morris RD, Alpharetta, GA Feb 2007 – Oct 2008

Oracle DBA

Performed all aspects of Database administration:

Migrating new releases from testing to production database.

Checking alert logs and resolving detected issues.

Reviewing detailed requirements from requestors.

Activated table monitoring on production boxes to collect statistics using DBMS_Stats thus reducing the maintenance window time-frame.

Analyzed slow-running queries, using the execution plan and recommending solutions for faster run.

Reviewed and resized redo logs wherever possible to reduce redo log space requests and ensuring mirroring of members.

Managed and administrated Oracle 10g RAC database on Linux.

Upgraded Oracle 9i databases to version 10g release 2.

Refreshed test databases with production data using manual cloning procedure or export/import.

Performed database Migration for thirteen databases moved from different locations overseas to be consolidated to Atlanta based data center using cloning technique.

Applied Security patches on 9i and 10g database systems

Provided 24/7 on-call rotation support for all systems.

Delta Technology, Atlanta, GA, Nov 2004 – Feb 2007

Sr. Oracle DBA

Straight production support DBA, responsible for proactive/reactive database maintenance and, break fixes and, correcting space usage

Analyzing researching and fixing reoccurring errors found

In the alert log file; Correcting failing backups jobs

Responding to hot calls for various and diversified problems; Handling of conference calls and resolution of hot issues related to flight scheduling;

Tuning the instance and application codes for better performance

Refreshed databases for testing purposes

Administered, maintained Dataguard and troubleshot uprising issues.

Performed various full and partial cross platform recoveries testing using RMAN.

Partnered with development team in designing, developing and testing materialized views.

Deciding on disk Raid configuration, and designing the file system layout on a SAN storage environment.

Reviewed and executed the migration process to move data structure from flexible test environments into secured production operations.

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