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Manager Home Health calibration tech

Lacey, WA
April 27, 2020

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Mr. Joseph P O'Connor

**** ******** ** **

Lacey, WA 98503 United States

Mobile: 360-***-****

Email: joseph.o.18

Seeking Job Type: Loan Processing Assistant

Small Business Administration

Closes 8/31/2020

Desired locations: United States – Lacey area, Pierce, Thurston, Kitsap county WA, MT – Missoula, Guam, overseas

Work Experience:

Company United States Department of Commerce

Address 411 Cleveland ave street #199

Tumwater Wa 98407

Position Program Supervisor

12/03/2019 to Present

Wage 25.43$

Hours per week -40

Summary of Duties

Data input

Approvee308 timesheets for employees for payroll

Create and schedule 100 employees CFM, OOS, CFS, Payroll Department, Clerks, Training Staff for 2 shifts for 40 hours full and part-time to maintain project timeline to ensure proper staffing.

Update 3294 Acom programs on Dapps system to ensure documentation is completed on time.

Personal Assistant to the regional 3294 Acom Manager Vanessa Stembridge do all new duties assigned daily

May you contact My Supervisor Yes -Vanessa Stembridge 323-***-****

40 Hours a week pay rate 23.35

Company: Home and Reliable Care,a Home Health Care agency

Address 2602 38th street #199

Tacoma Wa 9840

Salary 2500.00 monthly

12/03/2019 to Present

Hours 10-20 per week

4 months

,Vice President,49% Ownership



Management of the agency to create profit and growth in the Home Health Care Field

By advertisment, word of mouth, meeting State Officails non profits other Agencys

Processing assesment of potentail clients, interviewing staff for potententail Clients .

Scheuling clients need s with staff elegibility ‘processing payroll

Process loans documentation for Banking, SBA laons.

Created 5 year Buisness plan to achive structure and projets goals and budgets to as part of orocess to achieve loans in the amount of 425, 000. at 6.9 % interest from Chase Bank.

I Worte all Policy and Procedures for this agency.

I submitted all documents and applications to the Department of Health of Washington to become a licensed Home Health Care agency.

I Created a Web site, and set up a mantance schedule

I Completed a RFQ application for the Veterans Administrationtion to receive a contrac for the wouned warrior project which begins 6/1/2020.

Established payroll procedures and a bank Accounts

I Increase clients from 0 t0 21 in 4 monthsy by networking advertisement. And creating contracts with the I hpartment of vetern affairs and private insurance companies .

I Hired Rn Nurse for skilled nursing services on a on call basis as needed

Creadted office staff employment positions an summery of duties with benefit and wage package to match buisnesss timeline and resiurces to maintain profit margin set in buisness plan.

Set up all Its software

And all duties to ensure a profitable agency and to expand agency through growth.

May you contact Owner/ Partner Terrell Wilson ph. 253-365-705

Work Experience:

Company Free Will,Home Health Care Agency

Fife 98424 WA United States

07/2019 to present

Salary 2500.00 USD Monthly

Hours per week 20

Position Administrator

Summary /Duties

Management of the agency and create profit and Growth

To consult for new agencies for a fee of 75.00 per hour

Consult setting up agencys for licensing

Consulting in processing loans for VA, Banking, SBA Non Pofits and assisanting in all loan processes

Wrote all Policy and Procedures for the agency Submitted all documents and applications form to the Department of Health of Washington to become a licensed Home Health care agency.

Duties are to create a business plan, budget

Create a Web site, and maintain

Start all new contracts with the Veterans Administration

Established payroll procedures and a bank Accounts

Increase clients monthly by networking advertisement.

Hire Rn Nurse for skilled nursing services

Hire all office personal

Set up all Its software

And all duties to ensure a profitable agency and to expand agency through growth.

May you contact My supervisor Yes Owner Liana Phone 1 818 -319-3979

Work Experience

Company Amada Senior Care, Home Health Care Agency

3560 Bridgeport way west suite 3a

University Place, WA 98466 United States

05/2017 - 06/2019

Salary: 5,000.00 USD Monthly

Hours per week: 40-70

Position Administrator /Executive Business Manager, 20 years’ experience.

Summary of Duties

Supervised 29 staff / 311 clients

Accomplished and energetic Business Executive with a solid history of achievement in the Business

Processed all documentation for SBA, Banking Pvt Loans

Environment, with 20 years’ experience as an Executive in the health field. And the business environment

I expanded the company state contracts by 7 and private contracts by 10 within 2 years. Expanded company offices from 1 -4 to create new work programs work and to increase profit, from one county to 4 counties in the State of Washington, increasing billing hours from 4000.00 a month to 16,000.00 a month, overall increasing revenue annually by 4,147,200.00 in 2 second year.

I have an excellent computer understanding of software programs such as MS Word, Outlook, and Internet Explorer; and Mac computers and software.

I responded to a variety of customer inquiries and/or supplying program information to the public; clients Department of labor Industries, Department of Employment, Department of Health, Department of Social and Services.

I worked daily as the business, with financial documents, tax returns, profit, and loss statements and sent balance sheets to CPA I filed quarterly reports of Profit and loss statements to the owner every 3 months. I also projected profit and loss on a 5-year schedule to include all-new worker programs. all within the budget for the business. to maintain profit

I also prepare all banking financial documents for analyses for lines of credit and made recommendations to the owner for options of credit lines from multiple sources.

Related Skills:

I am a motivated leader with strong organizational and prioritizing abilities.

Areas of ability and skills include

Judgment and decision making

Systems Analysis

Complex Problem Solving

Administration and Management Coordination, Communications, Media

• Identified and analyzed industry or geographic trends with business strategy implications.• Managed the timely flow of business intelligence information to users.

• Analyzed competitive market strategies through analysis of related product, market, or share trends.

• Communicated with customers, competitors, suppliers, professional organizations, or others to stay abreast of industry or business trends.

• Generated standard or custom reports summarizing business, financial, or economic data for review by executives, and stakeholders.

• Maintained or update business intelligence tools, databases, dashboards, systems, or methods.• Maintained a library of model documents, templates, or other reusable knowledge assets.

• Supplied technical support for existing reports, dashboards, or other tools

• Conducted or coordinate tests to ensure that intelligence is consistent with defined needs.

• Disseminated information regarding tools, reports, or metadata enhancements to staff...

• Wrote company Policy and Procedures Home Health Care Manual using Washington State Codes (WACS) also using RCW and all Medicaid federal laws to ensure the company's Policies and Procedures met Washington state and federal guidelines for agency operations.

I Maintained all office equipment by ordering maintenance and repair

I order all office supplies monthly using an inventory schedule and replacement system

I did all RFP, Reasons for Proposals and RFQ to create new contract’s I reviewed all new contracts to ensure company complicity to meet all new contracts requirements

I signed all new contracts to promote company growth.

I created new work programs out of the new contract and hired the management personal program manager to insured compliance with all state and federal, OSHA guidelines and with set guidelines for all new management to achieve company goals in 90 days 180 days 1-year mark then 2-year mark.

I supported 4 offices in 4 counties daily

I maintained facilities, maintenance by contracting with other agencies in a bidding process to achieve the most services and within the monthly budget.

Thought Leadership I created teams that were strong and resourceful to conduct all projects and tasks in the fast pace environment that needed min supervision •.

Negotiated the Collective Bargain Agreement with the Union SUIE 775. To maintain a 29% profit for the company, everyone knows the goal of any union is to take 84% of your annual budget, in benefits and other programs leaving you only 16% profit to run your company administration office personal sections and company bonuses.

I have over 5000 hours of training experience in setting up programs to achieve CNA. RNA, HCA licensing programs for caregivers’ staff to be employed by the agency or to train other agencies staff to increase profit.

I have over 20 years’ experience in caregiving myself NAR/ HCA my license # HM6096971 is active,

Okay to contact my Supervisor: No. The owner of the agency answer was my supervisor

Reason for Leaving I reported the owner for Medicaid Fraud to Washington State I will supply the Medicaid fraud case number and reasons for my decision in a secluded setting interview. The Medicaid fraud case is still ongoing, and a personal lawsuit is now in process.

Work Experience

Company AAA Residential Services Home Care Agency

9021 pacific ave Tacoma 98466 WA

01/2002 - 01/2015

Salary: 7,000.00 USD Per Month

Hours per week: 30 for 13 years

Position CEO Owner / Administrator / Business Manager, Case Manager 18 years’ experience

Summary, of Duties

Management my agency to create profit and Growth

I set up my agencys for licensing

I created and process all loans for VA, Banking, SBA Non Pofits and line of credit for my agencuy for a 14 year period

I also supervised 115 Office Staff in three States / 1000 homecare employees.

I Developed project goals, objectives, initiatives, or strategies in collaboration with sustainability professionals.• Assessed or proposed sustainability initiatives, considering factors such as cost-effectiveness, technical feasibility, and acceptance and market share and growth .

I reviewed all technical or administrative support data, programs software for sustainability or issues.

I researched or review regulatory, technical, or market issues related toto company growth and sustainability.

I reviewed and revise sustainability proposals or policies quarterly and annaully as needed .

I developed reports or presentations to communicate the effectiveness of initiatives.

I I dentified or procured needed resources to implement programs or projects.

I created marketing materails to outreach media, such as brochures or web sites, to communicate issues, procedures, or objectives.

I wrote grant applications, rebate applications, or project proposals to secure funding loans for projects. For my agency and help set up nonprofit homes, housing, soup kitchens, food banks in the community to help the homeless

I researched or created new indicators. to project company growth, debt, processing by creating profit and lost statements monthly quarterly and annanully in a real time time cash basis .

I Negotiated the Collective Bargain Agreement CBA with the Union SUIE 775 for 15 years yearly while increase employees benefits and wages and maintaing a healhly profit margin annaully .

I created trainering materail for Adiminstration staff, Case Managers RN Nurses, Quility Control managers Staff Trainers Caregivers HCA / Cna over 15 years ensuring that all State and federal quidlines were follwed .

I personally have over 4000 hours hands -on diricet training of staff ensuring CNA. RNA, HCA licensing for caregivers Admin Staff,Case manaagement job positions and duitiies to ensure employee susscess within my agency to create a well trained oragaqnstaion .

• I created a buisness plan to expanded the company into 2 states by following and updating my buisness plan I achieved all project goals within the timeline and within the buisness plan allocated budget .

I wrote and reviewed all Policies and Procedures for my Home Health Care Manual using Federal, state quidlines for the Agency operations for 18 years

• I Reported to the Board Monthly.and submitted profit and lost statements and proposed all future expansions and loans requirments

My reason for leaving I sold my agency in 2016 to Res Services for $1.4 million. and I am not under any non compete agreement .

Work Experience

Owned and Operated a Adult family Home

Called lacey Aduly family home at 1331 Allegheny ct se Lacey WA 98503 from 2002 to 2014 Salary: 7,000.00 USD Per Month

Hours per week: 70

Summary of Duties, Case Manager/Facility Manager, Transportation Manger,Acituvity manger .

I also supervised 5 staff /6 mentally ill female clients, I particapated in the Expaned Connunity Servcise CS contract with Western State Hospital, Thurston County Behavioral Resiurces and Washington State Department of Socail services . All my ladies came from Western State Hospital, because it was a female only program to re-establish socail living, cooking, shopping,budgetting bus,riding skills in a intenst 2 years 24 hour program to provide them with the skills for independent housing and living .

I wrote and updated the policy’s and Procure Manual for the ECS program and the Adult Family Home using the WAC, RCW, and all state and federal guidelines for agency operations for 10 years.

My team achieved a 87 % susscess rate overall and a 13 % re-instulized rate

Sold the AFH in 2016 with my Home Health Care Agency for $752,000.0

Owner and Operated of a 89 Bed Boarding Home called Forest Manor

190 Jackson Ave Centralia WA-

2001 -2003 sold Facility in 2003

Salary: 7,000.00 USD Per Month

Hours per week: 70

Work Experience

Positions Adminstrator Supervisor of 3 Rn Nurses/ 4 LPNS /45 caregivers

Intake l relaese Case Manager,Facility Manager Acitivity Dirictor, Transportation Dirictor, Weekly shopping / food,Staffing Matrails

Summary of Duties

Supervised 57 Staff/ 89 clients

I oversaw all daily services provided to clients

I reviewed all intakes and assessments completed by the RN Nursing staff for placement for all new clients f and all discharges form the facility

I reviewed and updated all RCW a WAC’s for the policy and procedures manual. for the operation of the boarding home to meet all state and federal guidelines.

I responded to all state audits and made corrections to keep a 0 deficient rating from DSHS.

I hired all staff positions from RN charge Nurse, office staff, care aides, cooks, maintenance department.

maintained Quick books accounts to reviewed by CPA for state and federal guidelines We supplied 24-hour Nursing services care for all levels of care and 24-hour living arrangements for 89 mental Patients

Reason for leaving sold company 2003

Work Experience

Company Acres/All vest 3 Positions

1010 south Tacoma way

Tacoma, WA 98444 United States

01/1998- 1/2002

Salary: 3,000.00 USD per Month

Hours per week: 50

Position Program Director/ Mental Heal, Case Manager for the Opportunity program

Duties, and Summary.

Supervised 25 staff and 46 clients

The Opportunity Program was the first one to release juvenile sex offenders and other offense offenders back into the community in a conditionally released program. They would volunteer into the program at the age of 18 years old and to be released if they met all the program conditions at 21 years old.

Opportunity Program was designed for Aguirre housing, job placement. Job training supplies weakly counseling and reviews for set goals. The client would have a one on one 24-hour staff counselor assigned to them to live with them go to collaborate with them and to report on their progress or violations. As the Director I hired, the staff, supervised schedules reported to the state of Washington monthly on client’s evaluations, took part in counseling sessions and all work-related and housing requirements to support the program. Wrote with client and therapist behavior plan and guidelines for client 24-hour care for staff to follow

Reason for leaving Started my own Agency’s

Work Experience

Correctional Officer

Work at the RAP/ Lincoln work-release program for inmates.

Month 01/1995- 1/1998

Salary: 3,000.00 USD per Month

Hours per week: 50


Supervised 42 inmates

drug test, bed check, transportation, security, counseling, job search counseling, lockdown,

Reason for leaving promoted to Case Manager in Acres/All vest.

Position Mental Health Counselor lives in Staff 24 Hour Program

01/1994 -1995

Supervised 1-7 clients daily

Rate of pay 150 a day

7 days on 7 days off


Work the Community Protection program.

Supervised and counsel register sex offenders in a work living arrangement 24 hours a day stayed within arm’s reach of the offender at their work, housing, social events at night set the alarms system’s and slept at their residence for 7 days then off 7 days did many days of overtime. Charted their daily activity, went to their weekly therapy, took part in their therapy sessions, and in the behavior plan. Followed all behavior plans quid lines

Reason for leaving promoted to correctional officer /schooling /training for Acers / All vest.

Work Experience

Us Army 1st LT Officer

Supervised 45 soldiers

111 military rd.

Lacey, WA 98503 United States

01/1991 - 10/1995

Salary: 3,000.00 USD per Month

Hours per week: 80

Position 1st Lt Officer 12Armor M1A1 Tanks US, Army


12 An Armor Platoon Leader responsibilities prepared 45 solders 5 M1A1 tanks, three Bradly’s for combat as the scout platoon to support Company, Battalion operations/missions to ensure combat capability at all levels of operations.

Promoted to S-3 staff for Battalion to maintained all safety records ensured all logistics Beans to Bullets to complete the mission. And to ensure solvability in a hostile environment.

Reason for leaving needed to see the other side.

Work Experience

Us Army Staff Sergeant Mos. 35H /35B Electronic Calibration Repair TMDE Technician 8 years’ experience

Supervised 20 soldiers 03/1979 - 01/1991

Hours per week: 70 Duties,

Position Lead Tech Calibration Repair

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills

Work Lab at Picatinny Arsenal New jersey 3 years

Work lab at Redstone Arsenal Alabama 2 years

Lead tech mobile units Korea, Germany, Italy

Accomplishments and Related Skills: Lead Calibration TMDE Tech/Repair

Calibrated/ Repaired Medical hospital Equipment, Avionics Equipment, Rader equipment Microwave Equipment. Sensitive communications equipment, weight scales, torch winches, all Electronic test equipment examples scopes, frequency generators multimeters power supplies up to AC /DC 10,000. volts all electronic and psychical test Equipment as Lead Tech Sargent at the team level and lab level 4

Reason for leaving promoted to officer

Work Experience

Us Army 11B Infantry soldier 4 years combat arms

The reason for leaving my feet hurt all the time.


CAL STATE San Bernardino, CA the United States

1990-1993 GPA: 3.2 Credits

164 Semester hours Major:” Political Science Minor Health”

Did not finish school why? the got divorce became a single parent, needed to feed my kids. been working ever since.

Will finish degree in 2020

Licenses and Certifications:

Home care Aide License HM 60906971 I got licensed as an HCA to measure the training program I set up at Amada Senior Care, and to be able to measure all aspects of training requirements to modify the program

Results increase the training success rate and quality of staff and retention of staff.

Professional References:

Dr. Richard Peterson PH. D phone 253-***-**** email

Candy Nelson RN Nurse phone 360-***-**** email

Rosemarie Quitlong RN Nurse Case Manager phone 360-***-****


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