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Social Media Manager

Doha, Qatar
April 27, 2020

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009**-***-**-*** - 009**-*-***-***


Over 18 years of solid experience and extensive knowledge of public relations media and marketing practices

Motivated, excellent written and verbal communications skills

Proficient writing and speaking skills in English, Arabic and French

Writing, Editing and Translation abilities English/Arabic, Arabic/English

Organizational skills, good planning and implementation

Team spirited, problem solver and multi-tasked

Proven track record of working successfully with print, broadcast and social media

Exceptional aptitude for detail and accuracy

Strong, creative team player who seeks opportunities to build on team efforts and propose

innovative ideas, alternatives and solutions to routine issues and projects


Swiss Business School (Zurich)

Faculty of Business,

MBA: Masters in Business Administration, International Management

Lebanese American University (LAU, Beirut)

Faculty of Arts, Humanities Division

BA: Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts, Radio/TV/Film/Journalism

(Beyond Being Online)

“Workshop on Digital Entrepreneurship”, Certificate of Participation

One4ALLCSR, Corporate Social Responsibility Master Class, Certificate of Completion

Texas A&M, Leadership Skills and Team Building, Certificate of Completion

College of the North Atlantic, Qatar -Information System Department, Certificate in Project Management

Arab World Water,Special training in water and environmental research in the Middle East region

Reuters, Beirut office, Special training in writing and picture news editing

LAU, Beirut

Worked for three years as a Student Assistant, Dean’s Office Humanities Division, LAU Beirut Campus


Trophee winner for best PR and Communication Senior Officer at the Third Conference for Corporate Social Responsibility

UDC Recognition for best Communication and PR senior officer support

Qatar Foundation, Al Thanaa Award for Professional Excellence, contribution to QF, commitment to Excellence, teamwork and customer service

Hamad bin Khalifah’s University Translation and Interpreting Institute Award,

contribution to TII, commitment to Excellence, teamwork and customer service

ECOQ Recognition as most active, hardworking and professional Communication officer. Qatar Cool’s staff was recognized the most active and busiest team in both panel discussions and exposition.


Dec 2017- Till Present

Account Director Gem Advertising and Publications W.L.L, Doha, Qatar


Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy


Content Management System/ Business Support/ Translation Services

Request assessments, translating SG, legal, technical and general translation from English to Arabic and vice versa.

Worked on translation tender evaluations

Aided in training new employees

Respond to all management inquiries once asked

Qatar Foundation for Social Work- Nama


Worked on company’s image and branding

Design and implementation of Social Media posts and strategy

Draft and Translate all Press Releases and Collaterals

Launched the center’s program campaigns including, Idea, implementation, PR and COMMS Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Sama Nama (Entrepreneurs), Moqblin (Awareness about the center’s activities)

Qatar Foundation- Al Shaqab- Account monitoring

2016-2017 Freelance- Communication Specialist

Working on individual and corporate projects

Managing a team project, external and advertising consultants

Designing communication strategies

Working on corporate identities

Editing press releases, speech training

Drafting policies and procedures for internal communication processes

Delivering key messages

Drafting website and collaterals contents

Main Projects:

-UCI Doha Championship 2016 (Director of PR & Communications)

-QFB- drafting and translating press releases, speeches, press conferences, social media posts, etc

-Two confidential projects with QF entities

-Blyth Academy Graduation ceremony

-Toyota, launching of new technical website, CMS and website renovation

2013-2015 Qatar Foundation, Education City, QATAR

Marketing & Public Relations Specialist

Hamad bin Khalifa University, Translation and Interpreting Institute


Planning and implementing internal and external communication strategies

Successfully managed the TII Awareness, MATS program and Language Center Digital Campaigns

Managing internal events, faculty talks, students’ orientation programs, workshops, Awards Dinners, photo sessions, etc.

Managing and liaising with account officers to produced institutes' collaterals and branding items

Building media relations, tailoring interviews, publishing editorials, press releases etc.

Working on building corporate identity, key messages and institution’s values

Writing and implementing communication policies and procedures

Arranged functions of and coordination between departments and TII pillars

Hosted students and clients and worked on orientation tours

Internal communication plan, motivating staff and project teams through positive thinking,

Helped in renovating institute’s website, launched digital campaigns, etc...

Managed TII major events, i.e. Signing Ceremony with University of Geneva, Fourth and Fifth Annual Translation conference, Distinguished public talks,

Preparing all communication collaterals for validation committee with representatives of University of Geneva

Monitoring and liaise with PR and advertising agencies

Offering consultancy sessions for departments to help in projects from concept, sign offs, scope planning, implementation, execution, quality assurance, delivery and closure

Established a Lesson Learned internal mechanism to prevent future project delays, threats and risks


-Fourth and Fifth TII Conference

-MARCOMM specifications for MOU with University of Geneva

-Signing Ceremony with Sorbonne Université, Faculté des Lettres and University Of Geneva

-Public talks with prominent international, regional and local figures and speakers,

-TII Professional services team member with Qatar Museum Authorities

2011-2012 Qatar Cool - QATAR

Corporate Communication Officer


Identify and establish a corporate communication strategy

Introduce Transparency and Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

Liaise with PR consultant

Manage the communication committee to raise internal awareness about companies values and activities

Introduce, write and edit publications

Preparations of events including, planning and implementation, i.e. sponsorships, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, trade shows as well as internal employee activities, internal functions

Liaise with advertising agencies, production house and printing press

Assessment on potential publications, sponsorships, etc.

Planning for public awareness campaigns and implementation

Planning for department activities for the upcoming year, etc.

Implementation of internal communication and enhancing internal corporate images


-Managed Qatar Cool Sponsorship and implementation of two Corporate Social Responsibility Conferences.

-MARCOMM specifications

-Managed two diversity town hall meetings involving all nationalities working in the company

-Hosted international and local visitors in IDCP inauguration

-Managed the TII conference on

-Managed a success story internal bulletins and collaterals

-Launched a paper free day, water and electricity rationalization campaigns in the company

2010 Qatar Petroleum - Privatized Companies’ Affairs - QATAR

Senior Public Relations Officer


Establish a public relations department (work in progress)

Planning a public relation strategy for the Holding Companies: Below The Line, Above The Line,

Internal communication, events, publications, corporate films, professional photography and videography

Responsible for events held by the company; complete preparation and coordination with external parties

Manage and implement policies and procedures for PR activities; Annual Report, Publications, Press Releases…

Financial results Advertisements

Responsible for liaison, communication and production with Advertising agency, artwork, concept design

Managed a small team to implementing a Content Management System for companies website

Consolidation of website contents for 4 previous years

Liaison and coordination between Holding companies and their group companies PR departments

Held most vendors communication and quotations

Aided in preparation of tenders

Perform all tasks given by senior management

Produced yearbooks, flyers, ads, announcements

Organized general assemblies


-Compilation and update of five years press releases and media materials for IQ website ( Project with QP IT)

-Launching GIS new website, renovation and compilation of website Data ( Project with Gray advertising)

-Managed two AGM and for IQ and GIS

-Managed two annual reports for IQ & GIS

2005-2008, SINAR SARL - Contractors & Projects, Beirut LEBANON

Assistant Manager

Main projects: Mechref Country Club Villas, Platinum Tower, Beirut Souks, Four Seasons Hotel Beirut


Carefully studied company’s status quo and worked on creative concepts

Successfully managed the re-start-up of the company

Creating a new company image by enhancing company reputation (changing logo, company profile, elaborating company identity, conducting shooting sessions, etc)

Implemented new policies and procedures

Arranged functions of and coordination between departments

Motivating staff and project teams through positive thinking, internal communication plan

Helped in acquiring new projects through eloquent communication and creative presentations

Managing the event of launching the new Sherwin Williams Eco Friendly Paints

Assisted managing director with clientele meetings, servicing, and brainstorming

Held most vendors and suppliers, inquiry, orders, shipments etc…

Monitored projects from bidding, sign offs, scope planning, implementation, execution, quality Assurance, delivery and closure

Established a Lesson Learned internal mechanism to prevent future project delays, threats and risks

Handled most of banking communication and banking related issues

2002-2004: Gérard and Co, Professional Photographic Center - LEBANON

Assistant Manager


Established an internal system based on project activity

Systemized the daily operations of the company

Held meetings with clients, introducing the uniqueness of equipment and professional art work of photographic layers

Introducing creative thinking, story boards, and episodes

Negotiating with clients, brainstorming and transforming a win lose situation into a win-win relation

Follow through with suppliers, graphic designers, latest related field technologies

Setting a real artistic photographic studio and offices reflecting company’s activity

Gérard and Co SARL - LEBANON

1998- 2002 3H Technology, (formerly SUDEST SARL, Contacting & Information System), Beirut Lebanon

Assistant Manager

Main projects: BNPI (Beirut), FIAT (Italy), Ministry of Education, Verdun 730


Systemized the daily work between office and site

Implemented new control measures over procurements and site stocks

Maintained all bookkeeping and projects progressive reports

Succeeded in meeting deadlines and cutting costs

Aided in research and presentations of tenders

Surveyed all banking operations, loans, L/Cs, checking, etc...

Preparation of manager’s agendas, travels, appointments, conferences

Established proper filing and documentation system

Acted as a liaison between the IT department offices in Beirut and Virginia Washington Major

Future Television - LEBANON News Department

Editor and Segment Director

Producer, Cinematic, Documentaries, Political features, Special Revues, 3alam El Saba7, le 7eme Art, Styles of music, 3ammara, Beirut the Renovation, Beyond the Siege


Maintained all picture editing for 8 o’clock news

Produced main documentaries of the renovation of Beirut (This included original idea, research, script writing and location analysis, scenario, shooting schedule, editing rough cuts and final cuts)

Directed and written various programs for Alam Al Sabah, a 20 year live morning show

Special feature about the renovation of movie theaters in Beirut. “Le 7ème Art”

(This is a 45 minute feature about Circuit Empire, the biggest Cinema Circuit in Lebanon.

Client Orientation, client video interview, cinematic filming approach, diversity of angles, nostalgic mood, research and archive, writing script, exquisite montage sequence and attractive feature trailer)

A Series of 33 episodes on the history and architecture of Islamic Mosques in

Lebanon. ‘3amara”

Handling all contact with stakeholders, getting permission from related ministries, helping in script editing, shooting sessions, picture editing, rough cut and final cut)

A hit musical program. “What’s up Rock” (Getting Production houses sponsorship for the program, communication with singers and performers, script writing, covering musical concerts and events, picture editing, rough cut and final cut)

(Special Recommendation from MTV Europe)


Operator of Windows XP, Word, Excel and Power Point, web browser and Social media

Active member in CAS, LAU and SBS Alumni CAS, AND Ex- Co/president in Lycée Voltaire (Commité des Parents Secretary of Communications and pedagogic consultant for Secondary, parent delegate for five years)

Interests in health, environmental awareness, anti-discrimination, charity and eco-friendly sustainable solutions, travel and tourism, sustainable solutions

Interests in human rights (women and children), reading, traveling, music, cinema and antique collection

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