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Automation and Controls

April 27, 2020

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United States

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Professional Summary

A highly motivated self-learner with over 14 years of experience in power system utilities, SCADA, PLC, Automation, Controls and Industrial automation and willing to secure a lead position with a well-established organization with a stable environment that will lead to a lasting relationship.

Work Authorization: Currently working on H1B visa, authorized to work for any employer on h1b visa (need H1B transfer which will take 15 days, I-140 need to file after H1B transfer to extend the visa after 3 years).


Robotic PLC Configuration for HONDA Projects in different plants in US and Canada.

WinCC open architecture SCADA programming using C#, Java programming, JDBC Connectivity, SQL Server, Inductive SCADA Using Python, Omron PLC programming for Honda Engineering of North America in Marysville OH.

RsLogix 5000, 500, 5,Studio 5000, Iconics HMI programming at Baxter HealthCare, Marion, NC.

Building automation using for apple datacenter at Mesa, AZ and amazon data center at Manassas, VA. BA using WinpM, Management Console, VIP, Designer.

SCADA systems like Siemens WinCC, WinCC OA, Wonder ware, Historian, ABB MicroSCADA, GE Cimplicity, and Factory Talk View Studio, GE Proficy, GE ifix SCADA system configuration.

SCIL, VB, XML languages for programming of SCADA and scd (IEC61850).

Electrical designing using AutoCAD.

Quoting projects with the sales team define time and scope of work.

Used LUA Programming Language for different projects.

SQL server, Visual Basic programming, Telnet, Hyperlink, XML, Objective C, IOS app development, html programming using CSS for developing websites.

SIEMENS Sicam PAS (IEC61850 to OPC), SIEMENS relay configuration tools DIGSI (IEC1850), Sitras Pro Configuration tool.

Knowledge of TIA PORTAL v11, v12 and v13 for PLC and HMI configuration, SIEMENS WinCC scada programming.

AC DC Schematics, designing, debugging for various voltage levels.

Worked on communication Protocols like IEC61850-8, Profinet, Modbus, SEL, IEC67807-101, OPC

PLC configuration using Step 7, TIA Portal, Schneider Unity Pro.

WinPM, Vista, Designer, ION Enterprise and ION Setup programming for Meters 9510, 9610, PAC Meters.

Siemens protection relays Sitras Pro, Siprotec configuration, and testing.

IEC61850 integration, GOOSE configuration and interoperability using ABB IET tool, Siemens DIGSI.

Used different protocols like CIP, RSLinx, Suite Link. OSI PI Data Server Configuration, PI Historian, PI-DA.

Configuration of ABB relay tools CAP540, PCM600, ABB gateway configuration tools like CAP581, COM500, RTU util, COM600.

Efficient, self-learning, hardworking and result oriented.

Work with client to discuss the project, clarify and solve the problems.

Work History

Project Manager

Larsen and Toubro Technological Services, Dublin, Ohio 12/2016 – Current

Configuration of the PLC for Robots for various projects of Honda plants in US and Canada.

Develop logic in Omron PLC configuration for sending all the tags in the PLC to the WinCC open architecture for different lines in auto plant involving robotic operated lines.

Configuring the SCADA system using WinCC open architecture ver 3.14, 3.15 for getting all the information to the WINCC OA from Omron PLC, creating object structure using PARA, and graphic development using GEDI. Establishing the communication between the PLC and WinCC OA for the Honda auto manufacturing plant in East Liberty, OH.

Control scripting language (C and C# syntax) used for storing the data in the database, creating data points using script, writing the tags to the excel and reading tags from the excel sheet using the control scripting language.

Inductive SCADA programming for one of the lines in the Honda plant using scripting language of Jython which is the combination of Python and Java.


1.Honda Engineering of North America EGA: Working on the Engineering Design of the HONDA Plants across USA, Canada and Mexico for newly installed systems and robots. Responsibilities in HONDA Engineering involves Designing the System using the Electrical AutoCAD, Programming the PLC's for the newly added Robot's like Motoman, Yaskawa, GE Fanuc robots. Configuration of the Safety PLC for different systems using the PILZ Safety PLC. Testing of the system and Installation of the changes at the Honda plants. Project worked for are the Alabama HONDA project, Indiana Project for the installation of the new robots to the existing station which will handle new model of the car. Creating the Specification documents for different projects which include adding the robots, adding the Jig stand etc. PLC's used are Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens Step 7, and Allen Bradley. HMI's are Omron CX Designer, Factory talk view ME. Programming languages used are C# and Java programming for configuring the Ignition SCADA system.

2.BAXTER HealthCare, North Cove, and North Carolina: Responsibilities involved in the projects are configuration of the SCADA system using Wonder ware, Archestra graphics, Allen Bradley PLC configuration, Allen Bradley panel view HMI configuration for filling section, pouching section and packing section. Robotic PLC logic addition and modifying the existing logics according to the customer specifications.

Improving the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) of the entire plant by adding the OEE logic in the PLC and displaying the availability, performance and quality in the HMI, also displaying the faults time and the good part, bad part count of each machine (Printers, Fillers, Automatic Truck Loaders, Automatic Truck Unloaders, Palletizers, Case Packers) on the HMI. Sending the OEE data from the plc to the plant metric software through Data concentrator.

PLC program for the Integro Vision camera for detecting the particles or fault on the bags/indexes and single stack the faulty bags by the Robotic arm. Rslogix 5000, RSLogix 500, RSLogix 5, Studio 5000 programming and Iconics HMI configuration of the faults from the Integro Vision system and the detection of faulty index on the HMI. Kelva web installation and programming of the Allen Bradley PLC for the Kelva unit.

3.Honda Auto Plant, East Liberty, Ohio: Responsibilities involved in the projects are configuration of the SCADA system using WinCC OA ver 3.14, 3.15, programming using the control scripting language, Omron PLC configuration, Network configuration and communication using Hirschman Ethernet device configuration, Array parsing of the PLC data points to the WinCC OA using script, validating of all the data points which are around 5000 IO signals for each project in to the WinCC SCADA system. Graphic creation of the IO’s, Analog signals in the WINCC OA using gedi system for the following projects. GE Proficy SCADA configuration is used for one of the lines which gets the data from different PLCs.

Doors Off/Removal line project (Final assembly plant) in Asset monitoring department.

Trim line 1 project (Final Assembly Plant) in Asset monitoring department.

Trim line 2 project (Final Assembly Plant) in Asset monitoring department.

SMURF Robotics for installation of the front and rear engine using GE Robots (Final assembly plant) in Asset monitoring department.

4MAGNA, Peoria, Illinois : Configuring the PLC for adding a new equipment in to the system and using Allen Bradley PLC RS Logix 5000, 500 and 5. Configuring the HMI Screens for the newly added equipment in the plant which manufactures the front and rear Head Lights of the Car for different brands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan

Role and Responsibilities involved in the projects are Configuration of the SCADA system using Factory Talk View ME, Allen Bradley PLC Configuration, Allen Bradley Panel view HMI Configuration for different parts of the plant. Robotic PLC Logic Addition and modifying the existing logics according to the customer specifications.

Sr Application Engineer

Control InfoTech –Morrisville, North Carolina 07/2010 –11/2016

WinPM configuration using Vista, Management console, VIP, hot bus logic, designer at Apple data center, Amazon data center.

PLC and HMI configuration using TIA portal v11, v12 and v13, integrating Siemens siprotec relay, sitras pro relay, PLC configuration using s7-300 and s7-1200 plc’s for SEPTA mobility station on profinet in Pennsylvania, Schneider Unity Pro for main tie main logic for a substation in Kansas (OK).

SIEMENS Sicam PAS configuration, DIGSI IEC61850 configuration, scd file import to sicam pas and converting to OPC using FSGateway and linking to Wonder ware for a caterpillar project.

Configuration and linking of signals on SCADA systems like WinCC, WinCC OA, Factory Talk View, from the relays on MODBUS, IEC61850, OPC and integrating the relays on SCADA system.

Numerical relay configuration, testing and commissioning of Siprotec, Sitras pro relays with functions, overcurrent, reverse current, over and under voltage, IDMT, Delta I, CB malfunction, line test.

SCADA configuration of industrial project Factory Talk to WinCC SCADA conversion for 3 large Freudenberg Non Vowens plant in Durham, and substation projects using Wonder ware.

AC and DC Schematic designing, correcting and debugging for various substation projects.

Working with sales team to quote for projects, determine the time of completion of project and make understand the scope of work.

Customer/vendor interaction for discussing issues and solving problems.


1.SEPTA, Siemens, Philadelphia (PA): S7-300 and S7-1200 programming and commissioning for

the SEPTA mobility station using TIA Portal.

2.SEATTLE, Siemens Washington state: TIA Portal PLC programming, main tie main logic.

3.Minneapolis, Minnesota: Digsi relay programming, Step 7 PLC programming.

4.Durham, NC: Process plant, Wincc SCADA programming with Step 7 PLC programming.

5.Oregon: Caterpillar SICAM PAS and Wonder ware commissioning and programming on

IEC61850 to OPCV&M Star Siemens.

6.Youngstown (OH): Configuring the Wonder ware SCADA, ION enterprise metering, SEL RTAC Configuration, WinPM.

7.Caterpillar Project, Siemens (OK): Wonder ware SCADA to Relays using Siemens

SICAM PAS tool for conversion of signals from IEC61850 to OPC Server.

8.Air field security, Siemens, Charleston (SC): WinCC SCADA configuration for

Communicating with Siemens Relays.

9.Schneider PLC programming, Kansas (OK): Schneider PLC programming, main tie

Main configuration, Generator black start configuration.

10.Siemens metro project San Diego: Step 7 PLC programming and commissioning for MTS customer in San Diego for 43 substations.

DCS Engineer

Schneider Electric (Before AREVA T&D) - Delhi, India 03/2009 – 07/ 2010

Integrating the IED's of a power plant on SCADA (PACIS) systems using IEC61850.

Establishing the communication between the numerical relays and the SCADA system on the

IEC61850 network by using TCPIP communication.

Designing HMI SCADA screens using PACIS tools, engineering and configuring the gateway

Devices for remote communication using Protocols like MODBUS, IEC60870-101.

Training on PACIS Level 1 and 2 in Lattes, FRANCE using IEC61850.


Database creation and Validation of Aliveri 400/150 kV substation, ALIVERI (GREECE)

Engineer Design and Testing

ABB - Bangalore, India 12/2005 – 03/2009

Integrating the numerical relays REC670, REL670, RET670, and REB 500 in to the MicroSCADA System on IEC61850 communication protocol.

Configuring the numerical bay control and protection relays and checking the interlocks of the system and establishing the communication to OPC server on IEC61850.

Designing the communication architecture for 400 and 220kV systems and making the scd file using IET tool for establishing the communication to SCADA system.

Engineering the whole system in SCADA which includes creating SLD in visio, making scd file, configuring goose, database creation, linking the OPC server of SCADA system with IED’s using client-server communication, Siemens and abb interoperability configuration.

Engineering and configuring the gateway devices like com581, com500, RTU560 and converting one protocol to other like IEC61850 to IEC67807-101,104, Modbus, designing the communication architecture for 400 and 220kV substation systems, problem solving and debugging and supporting customers.

Successfully completed the first IEC61850 based substation automation on SCADA system in INDIA implemented by ABB.


Power grid corporation of India Ltd, Location: 400 kV Substation at Bina, Uttar Pradesh, Balia, Uttar Pradesh, Maharanibhag, Delhi.

Responsibilities in projects: Integration of all IEDs in SCADA system, configuring of Gateway for

Sending signals from IEC61850 to IEC60870-5-101 to remote for controlling and monitoring, creating

the MicroSCADA database, and creating all the alarms in the SCADA.

Tasks accomplished: Configuration of IED’s using configuration tools like PCM 600, DIGSI etc.,

Database creation using MicroSCADA pro, generate icd files and create scd file, configure goose

Between the relays using engineering tools IET, ITT, demonstrating the entire system to the customer.


Master’s in Business Administration Current

Currently Pursuing Online Master’s degree at Ashworth College

Current GPA (4.0)

Bachelor of Engineering: Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2004

Vasavi College of Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India

Top aggregate percentage: 88.1%

GPA (4.0)

Training and Technical Workshops

Core Java, Advanced Java which includes JDBC Connectivity, Java Servlets, HTML, CSS, JavaScript Programming languages.

Siemens, Atlanta Georgia: Trained on, Vista, Designer, 9510, 9610, PAC Meters, ION setup and integration.

Areva, Montpellier France: Trained on IEC61850 technology PACIS SCADA system Level 1 and 2, integration and communication.

Siemens, Wendell, NC: Trained on SICAM PAS and IEC61850 integration.

Raleigh, NC: SEL Trained on RTAC, SEL Relays.

ABB, Bangalore India: Trained on IEC61850 interoperability, integration and communication and GOOSE configuration.

New Delhi India: International conference conducted by ABB on POWER LINE to demonstrate latest IEC61850 Technology.

Mumbai, India: CEPSI 2006 an international event conducted by SIEMENS in Mumbai, India.

Certifications and Achievements

Gold medal for topping Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics in Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

Certificate of merit for topping engineering 2nd and 3rd years of Bachelor of Engineering in Electricals and Electronics.

Paper presentation in National Institute of Technology Warangal, on the topic static security enhancement via optimal utilization of thyristor controller static capacitor.

Fundamentals of Engineering/Engineer in Training (EIT) is cleared and appearing for Professional Engineering license exam.

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