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Machine Operator Engineer

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
April 28, 2020

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Nationality: Saudi – Languages: Arabic / English

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-Riyadh-P. O Box 221885

Email: - Mobile No: +966********* Qualifications

Highly qualified Logistics Leader with experience in transportation heavy goods, oversee and coordinate the storage, distribution and transportation of goods from manufacturing facilities to warehouses to final destinations, ensure these processes run smoothly and that products are sent where they are needed, control the flow of raw materials, manufactured products and other goods from place to place, ensure that the right product, in the right quantity and condition, is delivered at the right place, at the right time, at the right cost, to the right customer.

Professional Experience

GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY. (GE Renewable Sector) JAN 2016 – TO –PRESENT Logistics & Transportations Manager. (KSA & UAE)

Responsibility & Duties:

• Contributed in arranging all domestic Transportation, Renting of Lifting Equipment’s, Inbound/Outbound shipments through DHL as per BHT, SEH, ACS project requirements and handled all shipments in a compliant manner.

• Ensuring that all logistics operations are performed in line with EHS guidelines and GE Ethics and Compliance guidelines under 0% Safety tolerance.

• Contributed in reviewing logistics supplier invoices, prices and ensuring the cost allocation and booking is done correctly before validation.

• Involved in obtaining offer for Re-Export documents for BHT & ACS project shipment and coordination with project team and helped logistics team to apply for Transformer Oil Permit from respective Ministry of Petroleum for ACS Projects.

• Supported the Logistics team by visiting Customs Audit Department Riyadh HQ with GE Authorized Representative to resolve the cases related to Customs Duty

• Difference by Customs on GE-Cogelex and unblock the GE Cogelex Bank Account by Sama/Customs.

• Supported Logistics Team in resolving Cogelex CR Update issue by coordinating with Tabaddul Team to update Cogelex Jeddah CR No. on ( which helped in clearance of the shipments smoothly.

• Adapt proactive approach and have good coordination with all stakeholders and complete the job with the given deadline/ KPI. I will launch the meeting with stakeholders to obtain the inputs to prepare shipments documents and dispatch on time.

• Arrange obtain quotes, do comparison for Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Road Freight and handle Customs clearance related issues of the inbound/outbound shipments of BHT, S.E.H & ACS Projects.

• support to gather documents from supplier. and enter details for SABER

(Product and Shipment Conformity Certificate) launched by SASO Organization required for clearance.

• Monitor product import or export processes to ensure compliance with regulatory or legal requirements.

• Supervise the work of logistics specialists, planners, or schedulers. 2


Lead Logistics Specialist

Responsibility & Duties:

• Maintain and administer company inventory control and property management procedure

• Develop important reports, outline/schedule and conduct stock-taking as at when due

• Take responsibility for property and maintenance of issues

• Help in planning and maintaining of logistics policies and procedures

• Keep proper records of all forms of transactions relating to the company’s logistics operations

• Resolve problems that are related to transportation and logistics systems

• Negotiate transport or logistics rates with suppliers and customers to improve the supply chain

• Analyze areas of corporate logistics to find out the most cost-effective means or method of transporting supplies

• Communicate transport or logistics cost to customers or suppliers as the case may be

• Evaluate and process claims made by customers

• Monitor the entire process of product movement

• Track shipments across different channel.


Responsibility & Duties:

• Inspect, facilitate and organize all incoming and outgoing shipments and record the inventory.

• Arrange new and site returned equipment in respective areas.

• Monitor and record all movements of personnel including visitors in Warehouse, Workshops and another assigned area ensuring safe and secure practice.

• Ensure all materials movements are properly recorded and covered by necessary clearance, Gate pass, delivery note or receipt notes.

• Update on real time basis computer database of stock inventory.

• Ensure all tools and test equipment are not damaged, stored and transported properly and any part thereof is not missing.


Responsibility & Duties:

• Prepare and review engineering plans, designs and circuit diagrams for projects.

• Contact customer / end – Users and provide details.

• Visit site to arrange rework.

• Execute various projects, ensuring compliance with safety requirements and International Standards.

• Identify and propose improvements to existing electrical systems.

• Electrical drawings, specifications, calculations, charts and graphs.

• Write reports detailing current systems and changes to each site.

• Periodic maintenance – battery testing, relay testing and homograph.

• Estimate cash flow projections for projects.

• Troubleshoot on electrical systems/equipment and mobility between cities and sites for solve electric troubleshoot with analysis reports of the Problems.

• Maintain relationships with crews and contractors. SAUDI INDUSTRIAL FOOD CO. (NESTLÉ) JAN 2009– TO –JAN 2010 MACHINE OPERATOR OF PRODUCTION,

Responsibility & Duties:

• Run a production machine and assemble product according to Customer requirements of Quality, cost, and time using the most economical means.

• Communicate with team members and support teams to ensure continuous production of the correct product at high quality levels with minimal wasted time and materials.

• Operate/monitor multiple pieces of equipment during operation to ensure quality production and minimal unplanned stops.

• Perform necessary pre-operation activities to ensure proper equipment startup and operation on multiple pieces of equipment.


International Licenses:

• ISO Certificate 9001:2008 Quality Management System. 2015

• CILT Certificate the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transports. 2020 EDUCATION CERTIFICATES

• Associate of Logistics & Transportation, Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transporter. Period: MAR 2019 to APR 2020

• Bachelor of Electric Power Engineering, Technical Collage. Period: MAR 2004 to AUG 2009

• Higher Diploma in English Language, Britch Collage. Period: FEB 2013 to JUNE 2015

Training courses & Professional development

• Professional Behavior

• Safety Rules

• Ring Main Unit

• Master Pact Breaker

• First Aid – CPR

• Fire Chemistry of Extinguishers

• General Electric Safety

• SAP System

• Change Management & Team


• Schneider Electric 2015. (Riyadh)

• Schneider Electric 2015. (Riyadh)

• Schneider Electric 2014. (Riyadh)

• Schneider Electric 2014. (Riyadh)

• Schneider Electric 2011. (France)

• Schneider Electric 2013. (Roma)

• Schneider Electric 2012. (Riyadh)

• Nestle 2010. (Jeddah)

• Nestle 2010. (Jeddah)


Personal Skills:

Leadership - Time Management - Business Management – Organization – Prioritization – Planning - Reliability at Work – Adaptable – Accurate – Ambitious – Attentive – Teamwork. Technical Skills:

Electric Switchgear: (Ring Main Unit - RM6 – RN2C – MCset – SM6 – F400 – ACR) Protection Systems: (Master pact

– Spam (20, 40.60.80) – VIP Relays (30, 35) – VIGI Module (NS, NSX), Microligic (P, E, H, A). Testing Equipment: KIT Function- Megger Resistance - Megger Insulation, Insulation Resistance Testers (MIT 515, MIT 525, and MIT 1025). · Software Skills: Programming languages: Java (command line and GUI), JavaScript, HTML, Pasic (for STAMP 2 Microprocessor)

Analytical and statistic programs: Mathematic, Minitab. Word processing and publication: Microsoft Word. Spreadsheets and database: Microsoft Excel.

Operating system: Microsoft Windows MS – Office, MS Word, MS Excel. Email: Lotus Notes, Google Mail. Reference

Available on the request.

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