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CAE occupant crash safety engineer

Foothill Ranch, CA
April 28, 2020

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Summary statement

Passion driven, experienced & result oriented leader seeking opportunities to build safer automotive products using FEA & CAE skills

Key Skills

LS dyna, LS Prepost, Hypermesh, HyperWorks Suite, Catia V5, Oasys Primer, GD&T, FMEA, HP computing, ProEngineer, Ansys, Matlab

Education M.S. Mechanical Engineering University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH, CGPA 3.37/4.0 2014

Thesis: Influence of stress state dependency on ductile fracture modeling in standard test specimens using LS-dyna explicit analysis

B.E. (Bachelors Mechanical Engineering) University of Pune, India, CGPA 3.6/4.0 2008

D.M.E (Diploma Mechanical Engineering) Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, India, CGPA 3.8/4.0 2005

Professional Experience

CAE Design Engineer, TS Tech Americas Inc., Columbus, OH Feb 2015-present

Crashworthiness & safety: Tested designs for FMVSS 201 (roof, pillars head injury in lateral crashes), 202a (Head restraints, back set and height retention), 207 (Seat), 208 (Lap, shoulder, seat belt, whiplash BioRid & Hybrid3 dummy), 210 (Belt anchorages), 213 (Child restraint systems, isofix-latch system & tether), 214 (Side impact), ECE 17 (Cargo luggage barrier retention)

Tested high strength steel material, modeled & calibrated constitutive yielding, hardening, damage & failure behaviour. Characterized stress state and strain rate effect.

Minimized the play (gap) in front seat manual height adjustment lever post assembly, optimized the design & restored the lever turning range. Resolved the unwanted local deformation caused by forces during assembly of plastic cover with the metal lever

Analyzed different countermeasures (design, material & thickness) for bracket to support the designers and testers. Proposed & validated best strength increase, cost reduction, assembly ease & weight-down trade-off. Prevented the pop-up of cup-holder in middle row mid-center seat due to inadequate snaps. The new design steel bracket was added to the back frame as a recall fix.

Managed, coordinated, assigned & outsourced CAD & mesh development projects with offshore designers & contractors

Established and corelated front seat ‘holdability index’ with test and FEA of 50 and 95 percentile 3D HPM1 Oscar dummy

Created and maintained design schedules, performance & regulation compliance, CAE reports as per ISO 9001, standard practices & specifications, and technical presentations.

Saved 93% server storage space for entire team by suggesting, testing & implementing FEMzip software integrated with Compute Manager - a web-based job submission, management & monitoring portal

Established efficient cloud computing utilization guidelines for team by job classification & core/s selection. Created & maintained schedule for annual research items for modeling improvement and accuracy.

•Proposed design, assisted test & validated performance of next-generation head rests to meet G value, energy absorption & pop-out specifications. Products ranged from multi-adjustable front headrests for luxury SUV, rear seat headrests for midsize sedan, second & third row for minivan and finally driver & passenger of 2-door sportscar.

•Performed vertical pull, vertical jig loading, grabstrap pull, lateral helmet lock forces test correlation for sport & cruiser motorcycles at MORP & PORP sit points. Supported similar powersports applications like side-by-sides, ATV's, golf-carts & personal watercrafts.

•Established specification using FEA for recurrence prevention by avoiding pop-out of side-wing under certain bully load condition

•Designed, tested & developed prototype for 'Gap-catcher' & 'Foam-blocker' to avoid dirt & debris accumulation between front seat & center console. Completed benchmark comparison, intellectual property study and applied patents for new ideas.

•Performed durability, life-prediction & reliability analysis using Minitab software for warranty claims and marketability of power rails to prospective customer.

•Helped team achieve weight reduction in seat frame minor model change (5%) and rear armrest (20%). Supported design & test engineers to validate light-weight designs for seat frames. Proposed, modeled & tested new materials including high strength steels, aluminum alloys, plastics, foams, EPP & composite resins to achieve target.

Successfully led and encouraged four company-wide & intra-company CSR activities by serving in the 'Recreation committee'.

Graduate Researcher, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH Sept 2011-Nov 2014

Implemented & tested generalized incremental stress state dependent damage model for dynamic load tests.

Achieved good correlation between simulation & specimen tests (tensile, upsetting, compact-tension, grooved flat plate, 3 point bending, butterfly, ballistic projectile, etc.

Stamping simulation & comparison of *Mat_24 *Mat224 & *Mat81_ortho for sheetmetal part springback & failure in LS dyna

Found mode shapes, natural frequencies, forced frequency response, resonance & convergence in pump casing using Ansys

Implemented & compared the Max. principal/shear stress, Von mises, Mohr-Columb, Johnson-Cook, Wilkins, Gurson & Xue-Wierzbicki failure criteria

Analyzed crashworthiness, durability & safety of Ford Tarus F-V02 & Toyota Yaris v1m substructure with different types of contact & erosion considerations in LS dyna

Developed & implemented algorithms in FORTRAN for incompressible linear elastic, non-linear Neo-Hookean & Von Mises elastic plastic material models. Tested them for benchmark problems like Beam-vibration and Dog-bone specimen in LS dyna

Converted the LS dyna Mooney-Rivlin material (*Mat27) to user-defined using history variables for deformation gradient

Developed a finite element solver in MATLAB for solving 2D elasticity problems using four noded quadrilateral elements

Optimized a hyper elastic constitutive model by fitting material parameters for human anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

Modeled a seating chair in Solidworks & analyzed for buckling using static, non-linear and eigenvalue method in Ansys

Developed a human brain aneurysm FEA model from MRI scans using 3D Slicer to be used for fluid-solid interaction simulation

Design Engineer, Hi-Tech e soft (Whirlpool Corporation), Pune, India Jan 2010-Aug 2010

Generated new concepts for dishwasher console and crown in the form of 3D models, assemblies and drawings

Designed the lockable mechanism for slide railing in dishwasher and finalized preliminary drawings (DCP)

Modeled the inner door louvers and plastic door seals for refrigerator assembly using ProEngineer wildfire software

Handled product lifecycle & data management (PDM/PLM), simulation-based-design (SBD) and support activities

Engineer-Trainee, Emerson Innovation Center, Pune, India Sept 2008-Dec 2009

Assisted Industrial Automation business group in leading engineering changes (ECO’s & ECN’s) and performed DFMEA

Re-designed cable glands, fabricated steel enclosures, metal stud-brackets, heat sink casting and junction boxes to meet cost & weight reduction targets and safeguard in hazardous environments

Performed reverse engineering of competitor product (lighting fixtures) and analyzed the merits of design change

Developed new sliding door concept for thermostat plastic housing. The old hinge-design often resulted in breakage & loss of protective cover

Trained team for Geometric dimensioning & tolerance, best design practices, fastener selection and company standards.

Onsite Design Engineer, Universal CAD/CAE solutions, Pune, India July 2008-Sept 2008

Built a mechanism consisting of levers, arms & stand support used in automation of material handling system in Pro/Mechanism

Designed bracket tail pipe, a press tool component for TATA motors, Pune, India

Generated entire assembly and dismantling animation videos using 3D models of 11 makes of single-stage and multi-stage pumps. Different pump components and their assemblies modeled showcased at International Dealers Meet, Bangkok.

Summer quality Intern, Conex Avio Auto Ltd., Pune, India May 2005-July 2005

Wrote quality reports on inspecting sheet-metal checking/welding fixtures and press dies using CTR99 (Collaudo Rear Temp – Model comparison software) and Winmeil (Inspection software) on Coord-3 CMM machine

Assembled JCB crane chassis fixture by welding and precise positioning using coordinate measuring machine

Maintained quality assurance (QA) in the fitting and assembly department

Project trainee, Alfa Laval India Limited Aug 2007-Apr 2008

Trained in the design, fabrication & testing of heat exchangers/pressure vessels using ASME/TEMA standards at the Process Equipment Manufacturing (PEM) division

Learnt to use standards ASME section 2 for material selection, section 5 for welding & fabrication and sec 8 division 1 for strength characteristics

Significant achievements

Published a paper on the influence of stress state dependency on ductile fracture modeling in 2016. URL:

Won ‘Best design award’ for fabricating mechanism capable of throwing a tennis ball beyond 30 meters distance at state level

Authored and presented technical papers in different colleges and won accolades including ‘best speaker’

Rode over 200 miles with thousands of other cyclists every year since 2015 in an annual grassroots event, Pelotonia, which raises money for cancer research in the Columbus, OH area.

Date: 28th April 2020 Place: Foothill Ranch, CA

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