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Software Developer Engineer

BT Layout, Karnataka, India
April 25, 2020

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Santosh Ishwar Malagi Email:

Bangalore, Karnataka - 560029 Mobile No: +91-888******* Career Objective

To pursue a growth-oriented career with a progressive organization that can give scope to apply my knowledge and skills, in tune with the latest trends and be a part of the team that dynamically works towards the growth of an organization.

Professional Experience

Presently working as a “SOFTWARE DEVELOPER” with “VITASTAA ONLINE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED”, Bangalore from 10


February 2020 to till date.

Previously worked as a “JUNIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER” with “VRAIO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS PVT LTD”, Bangalore from 08th October 2018 to 07th Feb 2020. Professional Profile

Having 1.6


year’s relevant experience in Software Development as a “SOFTWARE DEVELOPER”.

WordPress Version 5.3.2 - ( - CMS for both frontend (Html5, Css3, JavaScript, jQuery), and backend-Server side scripting language PHP 7.4.3 and databases MySQL/I 8.0. 12 & MariaDB 10.5.

Backend coding using PHP 7.2.11 - Core & Oop’s, using the Laravel framework 5.8.10.

Frontend/ UI design using Zeplin 3.0 - Frontend/UI Design-hacking tool.

Worked based on Server localhost (Main Server for Testing) with Xampp (Apache) 7.3.11 Server and FileZilla 3.47.0-rc1 - (FTP Application & Client, Server).

Extensively involved in both coding and design, as well as software testing and debugging.

Creating domain and subdomains for the website with Http and Https.

The key areas worked with the database like SQL, MySQL, and MySQLi 8.0. 12.

CRUD operations with existed Websites according to client requirements.

Export / Import of Tables, Schemas, and Databases. Skill Set

Frontend/Tools: Sublime Text, PHPStorm, Visual Studio Code, NetBeans, Eclipse.

Frontend/UI Tools & technology: Html5, Css3, JavaScript-Ajax & Json, JQuery, Xml, and Bootstrap3&4 and also using Zeplin 3.0

Programming Languages: C, C++, Core Java and Basics of J2EE, Php-Core & Oop’s using Laravel-Framework.

WordPress CMS backend-Server side scripting language PHP and MySQL/I Databases.

Databases: SQL, Basics of PL/SQL, MySQL, MySQLi and MariaDB.

OS: Windows, Unix/Linux, Ubuntu.

Server- localhost: Xampp (Apache) and FileZilla (FTP Application & Client, Server) Educational Qualification

Completed Master Of Computer Application(MCA) in Computer Science with First Class from PESU Banglore, Karnataka-560085, in 30


August 2018

Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA) in Computer Science with First Class from BU Banglore, Karnataka-560055

Organization: Vitastaa Online Services Pvt Ltd Period: 10-Feb-2020 to Present Vitastaa Online Services Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 15 June 2015. It is classified as a Non-govt company, Bangalore. Involved in Software publishing, consultancy, production and supply with other applications. Custom software also includes made-to-order software based on orders from specific users.

Vitastaa Online Services Private Limited's Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U74900KA2015PTC080884 and its registration number is 80884. Project -1: WordPress (Entomo) CMS- Vitastaa Online Services Pvt Ltd About the Project:

Mainly the project is supporting both web applications and mobiles Mobile applications Phone apps for WordPress exist for WebOS,


iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).

Header part is consists of header and navigation names are like Home, Solutions, Casestudy, About Us, and Contact. adding by WordPress admin panel > Appearance > Editor > header.php

Template files are added from theme link for Frontend/UI design.

Stylesheet file can be control and layout of the webpages.

JavaScript files: to add MVC for site pages.

Image files: store the all images in one file.

Other files are used to custom files.

Content part is consists of index, home, page, single, category, author, date, search, 404 page.

Adding by WordPress admin panel > Appearance > Editor > filename.php apply to content.

Sidebar/Widget part is consists of sidebar/widget to display.

Are added with different country address for their business like are US, Asia, Middle East and Europe HQ.

With different Products, solutions is about goal culture & workforce, resources has blogs, events & webinars.

Footer part is consists of site address/links.

Functions files are works like a plug-in file. Installing the files via FTP WordPress dashboard. Technology Used:

Frontend/ UI design using Zeplin 3.0 - Frontend/UI Design-hacking tool.

Tools & technology: Html5, Css3, JavaScript-Ajax & Json, JQuery, Xml, and Bootstrap3&4.

Programming Languages: PHP 7.2.11

Database: MySQL/I 8.0. 12 & MariaDB 10.5.

OS: Windows, Unix/Linux, Ubuntu.

Server- localhost: Xampp (Apache) and FileZilla (FTP Application & Client, Server). Responsibilities:

Understanding clients requirements, discuss with them about website design and function.

Designing and building the website front-end and back-end development.

Creating the website architecture.

Designing and managing the website back-end including database and server integration.

Generating WordPress themes

and plugins.

Conducting website performance tests.

Troubleshooting content issues.

Monitoring the performance of the live website.

Project-2: Emailer Template Outlook (Microsoft EDM)-Vitastaa Online Services Pvt Ltd

Front End/Tools Libraries: Sublime Text.

Frontend technology used: Html5, Css3, JavaScript-Ajax & Json, JQuery, Xml, and Bootstrap3&4.

Note: Strictly checking the contents according to the client website links and revert back to client with validation.

Project -3: Learning Management System (LMS) - Vraio Software Solutions Pvt Ltd


Client Name: Chinmaya International Foundation

About the Project:

Mainly the project is supporting both web applications and mobiles.

Creating a password and reset password Authentication.

Privacy-Preserving Selective Aggregation of Online User Behavior Data.

Once the user can check the information about books, it will show some details about the book based on price with different books.

These books contain like is Curriculum for This course inauguration YouTube video, meditation – 01(Audio), Chanting, Doubt Clarification – 01, Self – Assessment, other information.

This includes Lifetime Access, Access on Mobile and TV, View Brochure, View Schedule.

Users can also add, remove the books to both shopping cart and wish list.

We can also modify the user profile, make chat and know purchase history.

Sending Email verification, whoever can create an account with their email id.

Once the user can be logged in to the websites it consists of all courses and Vedanta course lists like are Master Gita Master Life, Upanishad, Advanced Vedanta, Bhagavad Gita course.

Users can search the books according to category, price, level, Languages, ratings.

Users can purchase the books by online payments with different EMI payment monthly slots and payment methods using Razor Pay.

Purchasing books only for registered users to the application. Technology Used:

Frontend/Tools Libraries: PHPStorm Editor.

Frontend tools & technology: Html5, Css3, JavaScript-Ajax & Json, JQuery, Xml, and Bootstrap3&4

Programming Languages: Oop’s Concepts-Laravel Framework version 5.8.10

Databases: MySQLi (7.2.11).

OS: Windows, Unix/Linux, Ubuntu.

Server- localhost: Xampp (Apache) and FileZilla (FTP Application & Client, Server) Responsibilities:

Worked on both windows and Linux Environment.

Translate user requirements into the overall architecture and implementation of new systems.

Understanding the client requirement using create and debug database related queries.

Monitoring the performance of web applications & infrastructure.

Create test code to validate the application against client requirement.

Troubleshooting web applications with a fast and accurate resolution.

Manage projects based on the client requirement.

Importing and exporting the database files.

Involved in front end and backend activities like design and development Support Activities

Supporting the issues sent by the customer through e-mail and daily updates to the clients.

CRUD operations based on customer requirements.

Creation of new user & giving access to products at various database level.

Analyzed the functional/design specifications for the Business processes, validations based on the gathered requirements given in the BSD.

Internship Projects

VRAIO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS PVT LTD - BENGALURU, KARNATAKA – 560085 from 01-Jan-2018 to 30-May-2018

(Online Medicine System- Based on PHP and XAMPP Server) Academic Projects

In the PESU project Evaluation:

In _3

rd SEM (Online Movie Ticket Booking System, Based on PHP and XAMPP Server).

In _4

th SEM (Library Management System, Based on Core Java and Oracle SQL). Training and Certification

Completed Training Course in WEB DEVELOPMENT which includes Html5, Css3, and JavaScript-Ajax & Json, JQuery, XML, Bootstrap and Php-Core & Oop’s using Laravel- Framework, MySQL/i. At ASCENT SOFTWARE TRAINING INSTITUTE PVT. LTD in Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560029.

Future Outlook

To enhance abilities through exposure to the latest technologies and achieve steady professional and personal growth by being loyal to the company. Act on continual improvement and system up. Gradation in the organization to reach the company standards. Personal Profile


I confirm that the information provided by me is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Eagerly waiting to join and serve your concern to the best of my level and intelligence. Date : Santosh Ishwar Malagi

Place: Bangalore

Father Name : Ishwar Kallappa Malagi

Languages are


: English, Kannada, and Hindi.

DOB : 25/07/1994

Nationality : Indian

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Single

Personal skills : Self-learning, interests to learn Explorer. Passport Number : Application Reference No.(ARN) 18-100******* Status – In Progress.

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