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Engineer Piping

Jakarta, Indonesia
April 25, 2020

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Name : Helmizar


Date of Birth : Banda Aceh / June 24th, 1986

Nationality : Indonesian


Degree : Naval Architecture / Bachelor Degree

Membership : Saudi Council of Engineers (SCOE), Saudi Arabia, Valid for 2019 -2020

Contact No. : +628********** (Primary)

+628********** (Whatsapp No);

+966********* (Secondary)

Email :

Skype ID : heeee_zoooo

Passport No. : C3323972

Address I : Jalan Jatijajar II no.74 Rt. 08/08, Depok 16451, West Java, Indonesia

Summary of

Qualification : Helmizar is a Piping Engineer with piping stress, material, and layout experience. He is having strong Piping Engineering experience with accustomed to detail engineering document and ready to conduct assessment of piping systems to ascertain conformance to safety, health and production guidelines. Possesses good knowledge of International Standards and Codes generally used in the field of piping design engineering. Through latest processes and techniques, will utilize engineering knowledge to ensure complete compliance for even the most complex piping systems from drawings through project completion and usage.

Experiences (Knowledge) in International Standards:

API 520 Part I & II, API 610

ASME B31.3, B31.8, Section VII & etc.


WRC 107 & 297

NACE MR-0175

Aramco, ExxonMobil and / or Norsok, Pertamina Engineering Standard

Other International Standard and Code.


Caesar II Version 5.10 up to 2019 (Latest Version)




Naviswork & Smart Plant Review

Ms. Office

Other relevant software

Experiences/Tasks in General:

-Be the focal point for ensuring all integrity related issues are managed and that the appropriate support is provided to the operations team.

-Ensure the technical quality of the work produced and the assigned tasks are completed on time.

-Participate in projects vendor meetings when requested for ensuring the pipelines proper engineering design.

-Provide expertise to answer technical queries and prepare technical engineering studies.

-Reviews of applicable standards, codes and specifications and incorporate them in job specifications.

-Develop and deliver in-house technical training courses/workshops and presentations.

-Review design packages and provide technical support to new projects.

-Responsible for the quality, budget and respect of project schedule for piping stress analysis tasks.

-Reviews the Client’s technical documentation and requirements.

-Review 3D model (by Naviswork) and isometrics to avoid mistake and advice correct action.

-Responsible for the design of all piping supports components

-Issues project piping stress specification and critical lines list.

-Performs calculations of critical piping networks

-Issues loads to allow the design of pipe-rack and foundations

-Issues technical part of datasheet for piping supports components required by stress analysis calls for tender.

-Prepare technical bid evaluation for all piping supports components offers.

-Reviews vendors documents.

-Maintains project technical files.

-Performs the inter-disciplines checking for the part of documents in accordance with the scope of piping material section.

-Checks sub-contracted discipline engineering documents in accordance with the scope of piping stress section.

-Checks documents issued by piping stress engineers.

-Checks the isometrics for construction of critical lines issued by the drafter.

-Mark Up P&ID for preparation of critical line list calculation package determination.

-Support the piping designer to determine the best pipe route and piping support type around critical equipment such as turbine, pump, tank, vessel, reciprocating compressor, etc. Based on piping stress analysis point of view/calculation.

-Provide expertise to support construction engineers to looking for solution when the problem occure while they constructing a piping system in the site.

-Provide and propose the piping stress specification while the owner did not provided it.

-Mentor, develop and train other OJT student/engineers in pipe stress analysis using CAESAR II.

-Prepare Material Take Off based on Isometric and P&ID.

-Support Designer Leader to provide piping arrangment/layout.

-Selection of applicable pipe supports.

-Prepare manual calculation such as piping thickness, dike height design, etc.

-Prepare man hour, datasheet, technical bid evaluation, requisition, others documents need as per project requirement.

-Perform dynamic and static stress analysis based on project requirement.

-Evaluation that involving different load case such as thermal loads, wind loads, seismic loads, PSV reaction loads, thermal bowing, etc.

-Evaluation for sensitive equipment such as pump, compressor, heat exchanger, air cooler, furnace, tank, static equipment, etc.

-Anti-vibration design of piping around reciprocating compressor as per NEMA SM 23 criteria. (Able also based on API618 criteria).



1.Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company, Yanbu Saudi Arabia

Position: Piping Stress Engineer –WorleyParsons MPS (July 2019 & October 2019)



Yanbu Export Refinery Project (Piping System)

Job Description:

Site visit regarding to problem at the operating plant based on maintenance department report/finding or any additional new piping line connected to existing line

Prepare piping stress analysis to give recommendation/solution on occuring problem at operating plant

Prepare Stress Report and other report required

Prepare daily activity report

Prepare Iso Mark Up

Prepare Civil Loading Data

Prepare piping installation scope document

Prepare piping support type recommendation for specific problem such as vibration, lift off support etc.

Prepare spring datasheet

Support Senior Mechanical Engineer to provide reasonable explanation regarding to piping recommendation for execution meeting

Support Mechanical Lead for providing material presentation

Involved in Hazid Meeting and contribute on piping installation recommendation/ consideration.

Review HAZID Meeting Report / Minute of Meeting (MOM) before execution.

Integrity and sustainability of refinery plant involvement by providing solution on every piping related problem based on piping design and or stress analysis point of view.

2. WorleyParsons, Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia

Position: Piping Engineer (May 2019 – December 2019)



Shedgum & Uthmaniyah (Piping and Pipelines System)

Upgrade Air System At Berri Gas Plant (Piping System)

Detailed Engineering Design For Hawiyah Unayzah Gas Reservoir Storage (Pipelines System ex: Large bore pipeline system connected to scrapper)

Yanbu Marafiq Project (Pipelines System ex: Large bore pipeline system connected to scrapper)

North Gas Compression Plant Pipeline -NGCP (Pipeline Skid Package )

Ma’aden Aluminum Project (Mine and Refinery)

Other projects (Pipelines System ex: pipeline system connected to skid, scrapper, manifold etc.)

Job Description:

Identifies and accomplish different drawing deliverables as per required by Client.

Day to day review of all piping deliverables, in line with the updates on the other department interfaces.

Reviewing and preparation Stress Isometric up to IFC Revision/ Construction Stage.

Reviewing with respect to Client specification and in house check list prepared for this project

Prepare and/or update piping stress analysis with reports for Issued for construction stage.

Be focal to any update of isometric which will impact to stress analysis issue.

Raise the Technical Query with client if any in advance to get clarified with them .

Follow up the Comments given by the client if any in any deliverables to update periodically.

3. PT. Ciriajasa Rancangbangun Citramandiri, Jakarta, Indonesia

Position: Piping Stress Engineer Freelancer (July 2018/ 1 week)



Jatibarang Reservoir to Desel Reservoir Water Transmission Pipeline (U/G) Piping Stress Analysis in Semarang Barang (Pipelines System)

Job Description:

Prepare piping stress analysis study up to report using Caesar II.

Review alignment sheet.

Correspondency with the customer all required document to finish the calculation.

4. PT. Meindo Elang Indah, Jakarta, Indonesia

Position: Piping Engineer (April 2018 – October 2018)



Kedung Keris Plant of Exxon Mobile Cepu Limited (EMCL) in Cepu, Indonesia (Piping and Pipelines System)

Job Description:

Prepare Requisition of Piping scope item

Prepare Material Take Off (Piping Bulk Material & Pipeline Bulk Material, Manual Valve)

Prepare Piping Stress Analysis Calculation (Possible Designation)

Review Material Specification (FEED doc)

Review Piping layout (FEED doc)

Check Isometric Extract from PDMS for material description as per project specification, quantity, piping item position in isometric, other detail activities as needed.

Check/Prepare piping support type for isometric (Possible Designation)

Visit and Supervise during piping installation upt to commissioning (Possible Designation)

Cooperate with designer to produce good piping layout design regarding to basic consideration

Prepare/Review datasheet such as Barred Tee, Corrosion Coupon, Bird/Insect Screen, etc.

Prepare Requisition of Corrosion Coupon, Bird/Insect Screen, Barred Tee, Piping Bulk Material, Pipeline Bulk Material, etc.

Prepare Technical Bid Evaluation of Corrosion Coupon, Barred Tee, Monolithic Insulation Joint, etc.

Review PDMS 3D Model by Naviswork Review for MTO checking Purpose.

Prepare Tie-in List, Sp Item List.

5. PT. Fajar Mas Murni, Bekasi, Indonesia

Position: Mechanical Engineer (June 2016 - August 2016)



Pengadaan Dan Pemasangan Kompresor Lp Musi Timur Pendopo Field (Compressor Procurement and Installation of Lp Musi Timur Pendopo Field)

Job Description:

Site survey to PT. Pertamina EP Pendopo Field.

Review piping flexibility analysis report.

Review Tie in Procedure, Specification of Piping and Wrapping.

Review Plot Plan Overall, Piping Layout, Isometric Drawing, Pipe Support Standard Drawing.

Review Material Take Off Piping.

Review Mechanical-Specification Design and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels.

Review Mechanical Data Sheet Discharge Scrubber, Mechanical Data Sheet Air Instrument Receiver, Mechanical Data Sheet Utility Air Receiver.

Review Mechanical Data Sheet HP Fuel Gas Scrubber, Mechanical Data Sheet Fuel Gas Filter.

Review Mechanical Data Sheet K.O. Drum, Mechanical Data Sheet Water Tank.

6. PT. Suluh Ardhi Engineering (Chiyoda Corporation Group), Jakarta, Indonesia

Position: Piping Engineer/Stress Engineer/ Stress Coordinator

(March 2011 – April 2016)



Paku Gajah Development (Proposal up to EPC stage), South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Project Langit Biru Cilacap (PLBC) Proposal, Cilacap, Indonesia.

CBR2 Phase-2 Pipe Stress Analysis Study, Malaysia (Petronas).

Resid Fluid Catalytic Cracking (RFCC ), Cilacap, Indonesia.

JOB Talisman (Jambi Merang), Jambi, Indonesia.

Upgrading Pertamina Plant Jakarta Lub Oil Blending Plant, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Matindok, Sulawesi, Indonesia.


Abadi Gas Field Development FNLG Project Feed (FPSO Project)

Job Description:

Prepare pipe stress analysis till report which consist of:

Flare line connected to PSV from Tank that using loop to absorb thermal movement.

Inlet and Outlet Large Bore Pump Line using Expansion Joint as requirement of analysis.

High temperature line in example steam line.

Line that connected to Pump, Turbine, Tank, and other equipment.

Prepare Loading data on Large Bore line, pipe rack, GRP line.

Prepare Spring Type Support datasheet.

Prepare Preliminary Material Take Off from P&ID.

Review Expansion Joint datasheet from vendor.

Review pipe stress calculation report from other stress engineer.

Aid and share knowledge to the Less Experience Stress Engineer to get solution of pipe stress calculation problem.

Coordination to other discipline about project problem like the data which is need in calculation/design inter discipline.

Prepare Pipe stress analysis Document for sub-contractor.

Prepare pipe stress calculation and report as per construction/as built isometric.

Supporting of critical and non critical lines.

Stress Critical line list preparation and stress system formation.

Prepare TBE (Technical Bid Evaluation) and material requisition

Design Piping Line/piping layout

Check Nozzle tank orientation

Prepare Material Comcode

Other Qualification / Trainings:

Tutoring OJT student in Piping Stress Analysis Training, 2015 which focused to:

Ensure the OJT student understand how to operate Caesar II software application.

Ensure the OJT student understand basic knowledge how to solving piping stress analysis problem with using real RFCC project case study.

Presenting Material For Internal Piping Weekly Workshop 2015 at PT SAE which consisted as following item:

Pipe Design Around Turbine

Pipe Design Around PSV

Expansion Joint

Pipe Stress Static & Dinamic Analysis training, CCIT Engineering Faculty 2012

University of Indonesia with acknowledge of South East Asia Intergraph Representative (Registered number from CCIT Engineering Faculty

University of Indonesia 003/Cert-Tr/CCIT/E03/2606/12)

This training is a package of purchasing Caesar II 5.3 latest edition in 2011

Referring to this training course, I improve my capability on:

Operating Caesar II the Piping Stress Analysis software with new look and application

Static and dynamic analysis on pipe stress analysis.

Pds Training 2011-2012

Referring to this training course, I improve my capability on:

Prepare new sheet to start piping design, support, and equipment design.

Modelling piping routing, support, equipment.

Extract isometric with template.

Prepare material data input on PDS database

Welding Inspector Training held by P2M - Departemen Teknik Mesin FTUI, 2010-2011 (Registered Number From DEPNAKER RI & P2M DTM UI 088A/H2.F4.P2M-DTM/PPM/2011)

Pipe Stress Analysis Course, By Ap-Greid, Jakarta 2010

Referring to training course, I improve my capability on:

Operating Caesar II the Piping Stress Analysis software

Utilizing P&ID, Material Class, Pipe Isometric and Environmental

data as modelling input

Ability to select pipe model referring to temperature and sizing

indicator for Piping Critical Line List

Static pipeline system analysis

Approach to system reaction e.g. resistance, load or pipe movement

affected to other piping line, component or equipment

Selecting pipe support type based on system analysis

Toefl Preparation held by LBI FIB UI 2010

Subject: Understanding, Implementing, and Practicing with Toefl questions that are consists of listening, structure, reading questions.

Final Test Score: 490.

Matlab Short Training held by IME FTUI 2009

Subject: Starting Project With Matlab, Basic Command, Practice.

OHSAS 18001:2007&SMK3 Training in Pusat Studi Jepang UI 2009


Understanding K3/ Safety In a Company

Understanding The Condition of OHSAS 18001:2007 Implementation

Understanding Emergency and Alert Situation

Understanding Administration and Safety Management

Understanding Safety Management System Documentation

Additional Information:

Total Work Experience: More Than 6 years as Piping Engineer/Piping Stress Engineer.


Success as piping stress project coordinator/lead in short duration (about 3 months) project which can be finished before deathline schedule. In this project, we collaborated with overseas engineer who stationed in Japan.

Accomplished short duration project two times (total 2 months) as piping stress engineer in refinery plant (Oil company office and site) to resolve any technical problem during installation, plant modifition/maintenance/operation based on piping design/stress analysis point of view.

Accomplished Aluminum plant project piping modification stress analysis of 18 piping systems for Construction Stage within less than 1.5 month.

Open to Position as: Piping Engineer and Piping Stress Engineer, Pipeline Engineer.

Expected Salary : As per Market Rate, Negotiable with Company Regulation

Notice Period Required: Immediately

Languages : English & Bahasa

Formal Education:


Place: University Indonesia

Major: Naval Architechture

Department: Mechanical Engineering

GPA: 2.99/4

Entrance Year: 2004

Graduate Year: 2010

Final Assignment: Study On The Crews Human Factors On The Potential Ferry Accidents (Case Study On Merak Bakauheni Ferries).

Senior High School: SMU Negeri 68 Jakarta, start-end of year: 2001 – 2004

Junior High School: SLTP Negeri 216 Jakarta, start-end of year: 1998 – 2001

Elementary School: SD Negeri Cempaka Timur 05 Pagi Jakarta, start-end of year: 1994 – 1998; SD Negeri 40 Banda Aceh, start-end of year: 1992 – 1994.

Organization Experience:

Staff of SOSMA Division IMM FTUI, Mechanical Students Association of Engineering Faculty (IMM FTUI), 2005-2006

Industrial Visit:

PT. Dok dan Perkapalan Kodja Bahari Unit Produksi III, at Cilincing Jakarta, 2008

PT. Arpeni Shipping Company, at Thamrin Street Area Jakarta, 2007

Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran (AIP), Cilincing Jakarta, 2005

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