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Engineer Electrical

April 27, 2020

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Ricardo Dominguez

Cell 248-***-****

Seeking a progressive career in a challenging engineering environment that requires excellent project management and communication skills.

Worked in the engineering design, manufacturing and program management environments for the last twenty years with the ability to develop and implement new products. Versatile engineer that has worked in the bottle, automotive and home – plumbing industry successfully incorporated in those industries. Experience:

2017 to Current .- Sr. Project Engineer – Martinrea International, Auburn Hills, MI Work as integrated DRE in GM.Working on site in GM as Resident Engineer for 2020 ZERV (FPV) and 2019 Volt (D2JCI program). The following are a the duties that I daily perform review of PRTS for the vehicle, creation of EWOs in E-square and the new ECR system, TWO and MMO, review of clearances, cost saving reviews, pier reviews for the program, participate in core team meeting to resolve issues. Participate in CIT team meeting for the building of the vehicle in the plant. Development of quotes and timing for part with the participation of my manufacturing assembly. Learn and create ECR for the released of the part in the new released system. Plant visit for quality issues and determine if it was a design or manufacturing issue. Document areas of concern and provide solutions for issues on vehicle, implementation of solution to builds, IVER and PPV and SOP. Discuss and present to management with timing the solution the implementation of change, also review and see new requirements and order parts thru BMB and TWO. 2015 to 2016.- Product Development – Toledo Molding & Die, Plymouth, MI Working on site as Resident Engineer in GM VEC, working on the following programs, A2LL -2020, A1LL, A1SL,31XX Colorado, D2JCI – Volt. Also working with Purchasing, Validation and plant personal, D- Ham (Hamtramck), LGR and Orion to implement a good washer system for our customers. Duties are development and maintaining existing business, also coordination of validation of products as well as trials in the assembly plants. Also participated in the development of quotes and presentations for biding on new programs. Act as back up for T1XX and C1YX programs. Review of warranty parts return and determination of cause and implementation of prevention. 2012 to 2015.- Product Development and Innovation Engineer - Brass Craft Manufacturing, Novi, MI ( Development of three patents in this position) Design and Develop the EFV next generation for Brass Craft and in the process of redesign took cost from the product in the amount of about 400 K also manage to reduce 150 K in plant savings in the implementation. Also securing the new three designs for Brass craft by patenting the excess flow valve and getting validated proper agencies like CSA and validated to Z21.91 spec. which I participated in the committees for development of the spec... Also participated in several focus groups to get in touch with the need and wants of the customer.

Developing and improving current product for Gas and Water application for homes, improving in efficiencies and cost reduction for several gas products. Also worked on the launch of stainless steel water products for faucet, toilet and other application that meet the plumber’s code and brings value to the product. Worked in the international markets in Latin America.: Like Chile – Sodimac, Lastly, maintaining current production products and looking for improvements at the same time. Also opening new markets in Latin America for the introduction of quality American products. 2010 to 2012. - Project Development Engineer - Amcor, Manchester, MI Introduce new products and design to South America, not only for customs beverage but also for diversified products like shampoo, gels, and food containers in the Latin American markets. Negotiated quotes for development cost with Corporate Miami as well with other countries like Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico with customers like Unilever, Alicorp and Polar. Supported and maintain business for CSD water for South America. Take conversation with the customer for concepts and made them a realitiy to satisfied the need of the market and improve brand name to customers. Development of PET liquor bottles for Venezuela for Diageo and other local customers, implementation of change from glass to PET in Dominican Republic for Goya Products. Work with PepsiCo on several offerings for Gatorade for Mexico Market, Venezuela and Colombia. Work with suppliers to development of optional closure for PepsiCo. Design, develop and gone to production with concepts for Gatorade 1lt Colombia / Mexico, 750 lt for Argentina market and Mexico 500ml, 750ml and 1lt. Constant effort for improvement on shoulder, bases designs for customer . Also work with El Salvador and Lipton, worked on heat set development of new products. Also work with prototype to create samples for PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and various smaller customers for Latin America. Understand and come up with solutions for customers, development of tools for prototype shop in Manchester and production floor across Latin America. Prepared quotes for development of project in Manchester and cost for tooling changes. Gave options of existing container for certain markets and utilized the best practices for tooling and sampling. 2006 – 2009 Program / Applications Engineer for Fuel Systems - ACH / Visteon - Dearborn / Milan


Launch and development the S197 2010 Mustang Fuel Tank system with internal components, design internal installation of valves inside the tank shell and also design various components for this program to satisfy the weight and cost demands of the customer. The implantation IR technology for this development was imperative to achieve the goals of the customer. Perform different task as the implementation of current / new program to make the ACH facility more competitive for purchase. Review and improve current process for manufacturing plant, blow molding cycle time reduction, cooling cycle time studies. Review and oversee implementation of new specs and new requirements that the market place is requiring for the manufacturing of Fuel Tank Systems. Review Ford, SAE specs with manufacturing plant. Understand and implement with manufacturing engineer improvements on current process by using tools of statistical analysis for production. Work on P221 current production F-150, U222 - Expedition to make the implementation of the tank agreeable with the manufacturing process, but also implementing other process from the industry to make the ACH more competitive. Manages and implemented CSS matrix for cost savings ideas, manage and guide designers and engineer in order to implement new process and CSS cost savings ideas. Manage suppliers to implement cost savings ideas in plan. Worked on quotes and design for 2011 program,Nissan X61A and B, S197 fuel program.

2005 – 2006 Application Engineer - TI Automotive - Warren, MI. Design, manage and implement lines for brake and fuel for tank systems, worked with BMW on the E-70 program. Also worked on the development of tubing for airbag application for Ford Motor Company on programs like D219 and D258., Chrysler KK program for TRW systems. 2001 – 2005 Product Engineer – Textron – Troy,MI.

Design, manage and implement fuel filler and tank systems, development of DVP&R, DFMEA’s, start up of program from cradle to grave, coordinating launches with customer and manufacturing plant, development of alternative products for customers, coordinate builds with suppliers and customer, created program books to track advancement in program, coordinate design active for program, quotations for testing, prototypes and production cost. Supervise and assists engineers with their programs . Prepared budget for design activity. Worked with following programs in Ford: S197/SN95 (Mustang), D186(Taurus), U207(Sport-Track), P150 (Ranger), Panther program, involving fuel filler pipes in the following materials: stainless steel, nickel plated and rubber components. Supported GM design group

(Warren) with the following programs activities : GMT001 ( Plastic), W-Car( Stainless Steel), participated in tech review and programs APQP for the fuel systems. Also done the Design and coordinate with customer the launch of GM platforms, be liason engineer between the internal & external customer, create DFMEA & DVPR(ADVP&R). Plan for customer builds and have weekly APQP and PDT meeting with Tier 2 & 3's.following activities with GM: GMT 836 Extended Cab,GMX 020 Solstice fuel tank system

,GMT250/257 windshield washer bottle, participated in tech review/ quotations and programs APQP for the fuel systems. Currently working with Asian business unit on Honda :ZQ,XR,MDX. 1995-2001 - Avon Automotive, Farmington Hills, MI

Design Engineer (1999 to 2001) Farmington Hills, MI Design and development of grommets for fuel tank applications on the FN145/FN74 as well as rubber gaskets for fuel pipe assembly on the DR. Worked on the design and implementation of plastic injection fittings for climate control & canister applications. Trouble-shoot customer problems for packaging designs, implementation and determination of hose for customer applications utilizing exotic material construction of hoses for Lev I, Lev II and PZEV. All the above accounts required design, cost and implementation of their products.

Product Development Engineer (1997-1999) Farmington Hills, MI Implementation of convoluted tubing as a new commodity for fresh air vent and implementation of vapor dome bundles for fuel tank system using low permeation nylon. Product Engineer (1996-1997 ) Juarez, Mexico

Implementation of new products at our manufacturing facility, design of tooling, industrial engineering and the creation of appropriate paper work such as: PFMEA, Control Plan’s, Flow Charts, APQP and individual customer requirements.

Tooling Engineer (1995 – 1996) Juarez, Mexico

Designing and purchasing the necessary equipment to implement new products in the manufacturing plan. 1994 - 1995 Materials / Production Programmer – Delphi at Cd. Juarez, Mexico. Schedule of production and material supplies on electrical wire harnesses for two of their manufacturing plants located at Chihuahua, Mexico.


1990-1995 Mechanical - Electrical Engineer, Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Juarez

(US equivalency to a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering) Patents:

Excess flow valve with cage US 201******** A1

Membrane style excess flow valve WO 201-***-**** A1

Excess flow valve with flexible sealing member US 201******** A1 Training

Training received: VE /VA, Simplified Taguchi/D.O.E., Leadership Skills and Team development, Project Management, G.D.T., Compounding of Elastomers, WERS for Ford, Plastic Design, QS-9000, Visteon Project Communication Plan Development, Visteon Program Initiation thru VPDS, Visteon Negotiations and Tactics, Multifactor ANOVA –Analysis of Variance, Black Belt training and Green Belt training, DOE – Wayne State University, Visteon – Presentation skills, Black Belt training at Ford. Sidel training on SBO 2/3 machines, Basic English writing, Dale Carnegie . Member of AMA, SME, SAE.

Bilingual-English and Spanish.

U.S. Citizen able to work in the United States

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