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Power Plant Safety

Boiling Springs, SC
April 26, 2020

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I am a construction safety & health professional with a B.S. Degree in Occupational Safety & Health, Certificate Industrial Hygiene Management (CIHM) and applicable OSHA certifications. My experience includes both field and corporate office assignments. I typically work on both long and short-term construction projects both large and small.

My employment includes providing safety oversight of contractors for electric utility companies as well as EPC contractors for major construction projects.

I have more than 15 years’ IH/Safety employment in construction, general-industry and major modification projects. Most of my work is in the electric power industry. My experience in the utility industry includes construction, engineering, commissioning, operations modifications and maintenance of power plants, substations and switchyards as well as underground and overhead transmission lines from 135 to 765 KV.

My wind power experience includes serving as temporary Corporate Safety Manager for Acciona Energy (a global wind power company). While employed in this position I performed safety audits, inspections and accident investigations at their wind power sites in the United States and Canada. I also revised their safety procedures including the Lock out/Tagout program.


Safety Advisor for construction of the Pennsylvania Chemical Plant - a Shell Oil polyethylene plant near Pittsburg PA.

Site-Project Safety Manager for Siemens on the Stallings Substation in the Charlotte NC area and modifications to the AMEREN Electric sub-station in Southern Illinois.

Site-Project IH/Safety Manager for Babcock & Wilcox on a major construction project consisting of a pollution control facility and major modification to the existing systems on a power plant in Ohio.

Site-Project IH/Safety Manager for Iberdrola Energy Projects Inc. for the construction of a combined cycle power plant in Salem MA. Peak manpower on site was more than 1,600 contractor employees. I supervised a staff of 10 and provided safety oversight of 18 contractor site safety supervisors. I also developed and implemented the project Lockout/Tag out energy control program.

Site safety supervisor for M.J. Electric, Vaughn Industries, Exelon, and Philadelphia Electric; on substation construction projects in several states. Construction and modification projects including 230 / 500 KV switchyards, main transformer replacements and overhead transmission lines, towers and poles.

Site safety supervisor for several manufacturing plant major modification and production line overhaul projects in Georgia, Ohio and Alabama.

Project/Site Safety Manager for the conversion of a coal fired power plant to natural gas I was responsible for the oversight of all project contractor safety programs and site activities as well as conducting audits, inspections, accident investigations and root cause analysis along with corrective action. Project peak manpower of more than 1000 craft workers.

Corporate Safety Manager (Temporary) for Acciona Energy North America filling in for the permanent manager who was on extended leave of absence. Acciona Energy is a global energy company with electric power sites worldwide. While on this assignment I revised corporate policy and procedures to provide for uniform compliance with the statutes and regulations of both the United States and Canada. This revision provided the uniform compliance necessary to combine procedures for Canada and the United States.

Safety manager experience; on power projects, Philadelphia Electric, Exelon Energy and as site safety supervisor for M.J. Electric LLC and Matrix Industrial Services including providing construction safety management oversight of contractors for utility companies including NRG Energy and Duke Energy on major construction projects.

Regulatory compliance experience in both the United States and Canada including: OSHA, USEPA, ASME, DOT, DOE, DOD, MSHA, NIOSH, API, IEEE, NEC, NFPA, USNRC and a working knowledge of ISO 45001, as well as the ANSI/ASSE Z10 OHS standard. My Canadian experience regulatory affairs experience includes Federal and Provincial regulations as well as their enabling statutes.


B.S. Degree Occupational Safety & Health

A.S. Degree Occupational Safety & Health

A.A. Degree Physics & Chemistry courses


CIHM (Certified Industrial Hygiene Manager)

EHSM Certificate (Environmental Health & Safety Manager)

Qualified as ANSI/ANS 3.1 Health Physics Supervisor/Technician

DOE - Radiological Control Technician

Corps of Engineers Safety Certificate EM-385-1

OSHA 30 Hour

OSHA 510

OSHA- 40 Hour HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response)

TWIC Card (Homeland Security)

First-aid, CPR, AED, and BBP certification

Certified Test Engineer/Nuclear ANSI/ASME

Licensed Airplane Pilot (FAA # 144349476)


Managing the site/project safety department of 2 to 8 safety direct report supervisors as well as administration and oversight of 1 to 20 contractor site safety supervisors.

Serving as temporary Corporate Safety manager for a large global energy company.

Developing and conducting safety training: new employee orientation, continuing training, specialized and process safety training.

Preparing and implementing Initial Assessments for lead, styrene and hex-chrome producing activities including area sampling, personal air monitoring, sample chain-of-custody, laboratory analysis, and prescribing appropriate PPE including developing and implementing respiratory protection programs.

My experience includes reviewing, revising, developing and implementing corporate policy and procedures to assure global compliance.

Preparing site/project specific health and safety programs.

Reviewing the safety and health sections of request for proposal (RFP) for facility owners.

Conducting inspections, audits, accident investigations, root cause analysis, corrective actions and responding to OSHA incident and employee complaint investigations.

Regulatory compliance experience: OSHA, USNRC, USEPA, DOT, DOE, DOD, MSA, NIOSH, API, IEEE, NEC, NFPA, and ASME codes and Experience with and working knowledge of ISO 45001, and ANSI/ASSE Z10 OHS standard.

Reviewing, revising, rolling out and administering several behaviors-based safety systems as well as performing observations, on the spot coaching and trend analysis of collected data.

Soliciting price quotations from vendors then purchasing and issuing personal protective equipment (PPE), industrial hygiene sampling and analysis equipment and services from selected vendors.


ASSE - American Society of Safety Engineers #10062036

ACS - American Chemical Society - Division of Chemical Health & Safety #30160566

NASP - National Association of Safety Professionals #504550

USOPN - Utility Safety & Operations Leadership Network #7324

IBEW - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (past member-local1289)

AOPA Airplane Owners & Pilots Association #00888725


Job Title Employer Projects/Clients Dates

Safety Advisor ATR LLC Shell-Oil Chemical Plant 10/19 to 1/20

Safety Professional NES/Global Duke GT Site/Siemens 9/19 to 10/19

Site Safety Officer HKA/AECOM Mayport-U.S. Navy 8/19 to 9/19

Site Safety Manager NES Global Siemens /AMEREN 6/19 to 8/19

Site Safety Manager NES Global Babcock & Wilcox 7/18 to 6/19

Site Safety Manager NES Global Iberdrola Energy SA 10/17 to 5/18

Safety Supervisor Vaughn Industries AEP 765 KV Substations 6/17 to 9/17

Safety Supervisor Sahara Group Manufacturing facilities 1/17 to 4/17

Project Safety Manager Per Se’ Group LLC NRG Energy 10/15 to 6/16

Corporate Safety Manager Per Se’ Group LLC Acciona Energy NA 4/15 to 8/15

IH/Safety Engineer Condenser Services-DZ NRG Energy 3/15 to 4/15

Safety Professional Allied Staff-Augmentation Duke-Energy 4/14 to 9/14

Radiation Safety Engineer ALARA System-One services Westinghouse-APS 2/14 to 4/14

Safety Professional Allied Staff-Augmentation Duke-Energy 05/13 to 1/14

Safety Supervisor ARC Energy Inc. Dominion Energy Co. 4/13 to 5/13

Radiation Safety Engineer ALARA System-One services Westinghouse-WE 2/13 to 4/13

Safety Supervisor Top Line Safety SCANA Energy 10/12 to 12/12

Site Safety Manager Williams Industrial Services Duke-Energy 2/12 to 7/12

Site-Industrial Hygienist Health Safe Inc. Southern Company 10/11 to 11/11

Safety Supervisor PIC World Inc. Southern Company 9/11 to 10/11

Safety – IH & Radiation Carl’s Services Inc. So. Cal. Edison Co. 5/11 to 8/11

Safety Supervisor Matrix Industrial Serv. Inc. Exelon Energy Inc. 2/11 to 4/11

Safety Professional Carl’s Services Inc. General Electric Co. 5/10 to 1/11

Site Supervisor Rad-Safety i3 Solutions Inc. Southern Company 2/10 to 4/10

Site Supervisor Rad-Safety Spectrum Technical Group Kansas Electric Co. 10/09 to 1/10

Radiation Safety ANSI-3.1 Bartlett Holding Co. (BHI) Duke and Penn. Elec. Co. 3/09 to 5/09

Site Safety Supervisor MJ Electric LLC Philadelphia Elec. Co. 2/09 to 3/09

Safety Radiation ANSI-3.1 Bartlett Holding Co. (BHI) Duke and Penn. Elec. 3/01 to 11/08

Safety Radiation ANSI – 3.1 New World Tech Viegas Navy Base 10/01 to 12/01

Safety Radiation ANSI-3.1 Pacific Gas & Electric PGE-Diablo Canyon 7/01 to 9/01

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) VERSAR Inc. Nelis AFB 2/01-6/01

Safety Radiation ANSI-3.1 Bartlett Holding Co. (BHI) APS Inc. 10/00-12/00

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) VERSAR Inc. Nelis AFB 5/00-10/00

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Scientech Inc. Norton AFB 8/99 to 12/99

See work history summary above for 1970 to 1999


James Keating


Resume supplement

The following is a partial list of duties performed by me during the course of my employment for the companies and projects listed on my resume.

Effectively manage my time between site walkdowns, observations, coaching, training, recordkeeping, meetings, sampling, analysis, and report preparation.

Provide project IH/Safety Management services for employers on projects as large as 1600 peak manpower and as small as 50 employees.

Continuously improve project/site safety culture and performance on all projects regardless of size or duration.

Use lean management concepts to improve quality and efficiency of the IH/Safety Program.

Supervised up to 9 direct report project safety and administrative staff.

Conduct work site self-assessments, audits and inspections.

Perform incident/accident investigations including root cause analysis and corrective actions.

Provide ongoing training of staff and audit the initial and continuing training of project contractors.

Provide case management for employee illness and injuries including interacting with workers compensation insurance carriers.

Perform risk assessments, Job Hazard Analysis and Site Safety Evaluation

Conduct safety meetings and chair site safety committee meetings.

Research regulations, standards, statutes, interpretations and precedent for the purpose of formulating policy and preparing procedures.

Review collective bargaining agreements (CBA) and project labor agreements (PLA) of contractors on union projects. Interact with business agents and shop stewards regarding safety issues.

Prepare, review and revise safety and industrial hygiene programs, specifications, procedures both site and corporate.

Develop, implement and administer site orientation and training programs including training specific to the applicable OSHA standards.

Develop and maintain record keeping in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Provide oversight of contractors, subcontractors and vendors along with reviewing and approving their project/site specific safety programs to assure compliance with my employer’s contractual specifications as well as all applicable regulations and statutes.

Recommend or select vendors and suppliers based on based on performance indicators, cost and availability.

Designed initial assessments programs for employee exposure to Lead, Styrene and Hexavalent Chromium including; selection and procurement of instrumentation, HVAC & containment equipment as well as selection of the laboratory for sample analysis. Prepared sampling and direct monitoring procedures, record keeping and final report. Prepared and managed the respiratory protection program in support of the assessments.

As Site Industrial Hygienist I Performed an ex post facto investigation and Basic Cause Determination (BCD) for the Hatch Nuclear Power Plant, the purpose was to determine the postulated employee exposure to asbestos for the unmonitored and unprotected workers that performed these activities. The exposure occurred shortly before I was employed at the site.

Accompanying OSHA during inspections.

Assisting my employer in the preparation of written responses to OSHA regarding employee complaints.

Appearing at the OSHA Area Director informal hearing, on behalf of my employer, to vacate or reduce citations and penalties by gathering evidence to support our position.

Assisting my employer in defending third party construction personal injury lawsuits by gathering relevant documents, providing answers to plaintiff-interrogatories, testifying at depositions and assisting our attorney in researching applicable regulations and standards.

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