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Chiropractic Physician

St. Charles, IL
$85,000 to $90,000
April 26, 2020

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Larry Hopkins


Education / Professional Development

Doctorate of Chiropractic. 1984. National College of Chiropractic. Lombard, IL.

B.S. Human Biology, 1982 National College of Chiropractic. Lombard, IL.

B.A. Biology/Chemistry, 1974. Lewis University. Lockport, IL

Under Graduate Research -Toxicology and Embryologic effects on chicken embryos by pesticides - PVC’s

Graduate Studies. MS Public Health, Toxicology

Graduate Research - gathered statistics that correlated with stomach and duodenal cancer along Fox River Valley basin.

Post Graduate Studies – Over 600 hours in various areas of chiropractic technique, rehab, nutrition, orthopedics, practice management, sports medicine, exercise and marketing. Including, identifying metabolic deficiencies from environmental factors.

Board eligible for Diplomat from American Board of Clinical Nutrition

Professional Experience

Doctors Data Inc. St. Charles, IL

Chiropractic physician as part of scientific support team related to

environmental testing for toxic exposures, dysbiosis, metabolic imbalance.

Active Medical Center West Dundee, IL

Chiropractic Physician as part of multi-discipline team for comprehensive health care including physical medicine, chiropractic, functional medicine, stem cell therapy, nutrition, weight loss, exercise.

The Joint Chiropractic Aurora, IL

Chiropractic care for individuals and families. Diversified, Thompson, and Activator techniques,

Preferred Care Medical Center Eureka, IL.

Chiropractic Physician in charge of physical rehabilitation area, intake examinations, re-evaluation, functional evaluations, range of motion studies. Determining individualized programs and progression. Nutritional programs as needed.

Chicago Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Chicago, IL.

Chiropractic Physician in charge of chiropractic and rehab area. Therapy evaluations and supervision of patients. Design and implement progressive exercise programs.

Starai Natural Health Elgin, IL

Worked with Naturopath in her practice with allergic, chemically and environmentally sensitive patients.

Recommended detox programs, nutritional programs. Taught patients about the necessity of environmental clean-up and the concept of total load on the body’s system.

Familiar with hair analysis, stool cultures, salivary tests, heavy metal toxicity.

Followed much of the Randolph Clinic protocol

Past work experience

Worked at environmental labs as chemist performing wet chemistry and instrument analysis of soil, water and air samples.

Worked at Amoco Laboratory R&D in Naperville.

Analysis of polymers, plastics, oils, resids, gasolines and fuels using various methods and instrumentations.

Professional Memberships

American Chiropractic Association

Illinois Chiropractic Society

Past Member - American Academy of Environmental Medicine

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