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Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Hillsboro, OR, 97006
April 26, 2020

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Henriette (Rita) Beigh



Senior & Lead Software Quality Assurance Engineer with more than 3 decades of hands-on experience

Lead Test Automation Engineer

Experienced in Software Development

I prefer positions that utilize my accumulated knowledge of Software Testing, Test Automation, Software Development, Embedded Systems, & Hardware Test. An ideal position presents challenging & complex technical work allowing me to improve & optimize existing processes. I am a logical & resourceful problem solver able to utilize previous experience to rapidly adapt to new challenges. I am experienced in defining & implementing Quality Assurance & test processes in complex environments. I swiftly assimilate new tools, technologies, & processes to improve my capabilities.


I am a logical problem solver able to utilize previous experience to rapidly adapt to new business challenges. I am experienced in defining and implementing Quality Assurance and test processes in complex environments. I swiftly assimilate new tools, technologies, and processes to improve my capabilities.


Embedded Systems, Graphics Hardware, Digital Video Manufacturing, Mortgage Servicing, Health Care, Automotive, Government, Digital Security, and Educational Software


Soft Skills

Hard Skills

Strong leadership skills

Conversant and experienced in management techniques

Senior Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance Lead

Technical Presentation

Learning (a “quick study”)

Highly organized and an excellent planner

Proficient with project planning tools and practices

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Trained in group facilitation and conflict resolution

System, Functional, Interface, and Web Client and Server testing

Black Box Testing (Web, GUI, IDE)

White Box Testing (C, C++, VB.NET, Java, and Assembly Language)

Grey Box Testing

Unit Testing

Integration testing

Functional testing

Microsoft Test Manager (MTM)

Rational Quality Manager

Microsoft Visual Studio & TFS

Windows, Windows Server 2003, Macintosh OS X, UNIX (AIX, HPUX, Solaris, and Linux), Aegis, and CPM86

Regression testing

DBMS using PostgreSQL, DB2, MS SQL Server, Toad, and MS Access

Testing with SQL scripts

Java, C, C++, C#, VB.NET, Selenium, TestNG, JUnit, NUnit, SoapUI

Architecting Test Automation Frameworks and implementing Test Automation & Test Cases

Automated Testing/Test Automation using Selenium, TestNG, Maven, Test Complete, C#/C/C++, JUnit, and NUnit.

Test Automation using HP UFT (WinRunner & QTP)

HP ALM (Quality Center)

Embedded Systems Programming and Test



Job Seeker

Hillsboro, OR

Submit Résumés and Cover Letters to numerous potential employers

Participate in Phone Screenings, Phone Conversations with many recruiters, & Phone Interviews with hiring managers

Face-to-Face Interviews

Daily screening for job availability from various job boards


Software QA Analyst

(Contract) Portland OR

Daily interaction with team members, both local and remote, in Scrum standups

Write Test Plans

Write Cucumber/Gherkin scripts

Execute Test Cases

Report defects found using Jira

Career Sabbatical

Took online tutorials and studied many different subjects


Rest API





Studied new QA methodologies, processes, and tools

Studied and learned new Programming Languages



Continue maintaining and honing SQL knowledge

Designed and wrote a Java application for finding and displaying various categories of Prime Numbers. The Java source code for that program will be provided on request.

Implemented a much larger version of the Prime Number application in C#. The C# source code for that program will be provided on request.


Software QA Analyst

(Contract) Portland OR

Manual Testing in the Custom Reports Team

Test Automation – SQL Scripts

Write SQL scripts to test multiple databases

Automated the bulk of the SQL test processes

Interpret complex test results

Daily interaction with team members, both local and remote, in Kanban meetups


Sr. Software Developer in Test

Vancouver WA

Architected an Automation Framework for testing current and future product releases

Designed and implemented many Test Cases and tests

Became expert with Selenium Webdriver, Java, TestNG, and Maven

Mastered JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA

Participated in scrum standups each morning

Did Black Box testing on a soon-to-be-released Web Application

Worked as a resource mentoring and sharing my 25+ years of experience with a very new QA team


Software Engineer III

(Contract) Hillsboro OR

Perform functional tests on IVI hardware modules in a Scrum environment.

Automation – Excel Documents

Software Development of Team related tools in C# and VB.NET.

Participate in daily Stand-Up meetings with the entire team.

Use MS Visual Studio Enterprise for code development.

Use Mercurial with Visual Studio for Source Code Control.


Senior Software QA Analyst

(Contract) Beaverton OR

Automate the Test Case development process using C# and VB.Net and other SQA functions as needed

Test Automation – SQL Scripts

Write complex SQL scripts for testing format and content of Mortgage Servicing Industry Documentation

Create and maintain data collection and analysis tools

Write extensive Test Case documentation

Develop QA documentation standards for Test Case documents

Solve extremely complex problems in a large multi-database environment

Analyze XML outputs

Create meaningful documentation for team use such as Data Diagrams, Entity Relationship Diagrams, VB modules to facilitate documentation processes in both Excel and Word


Software Test Engineer

(Contract) Lake Oswego OR

Automate the Test Case development process using C# and VB.Net and other SQA functions as needed

Test features of a SaaS Web application for the Hospital industry.

HIPAA knowledge essential for these tasks

Test large scale Database Web application using MS SQL Server 2008

Create and maintain data collection and analysis tools for Test Metrics support.

Testing of Business Rules using MS BizTalk Rules Composer and verification via Application behavior

Creation of standardized Test Case documentation

Agile/Scrum SDLC

ADP Dealer Services

Software QA Analyst IV

(Contract) Portland OR

Develop test automation tools to facilitate testing using VBA and VB.NET.

Execute test cases on a Credit Check and Credit Application SaaS application for the Automotive Sales industry.

Review extant test documentation

Evaluate Load Test and Automation tools and strategies for their implementation.

Wrote SQL queries for validating extracted data and XML code from databases in use. Primary tool: Toad

Defect reporting, Test Metrics, and Test Documentation using HP Quality Center

Automate SARBOX reporting for distribution to other units within ADP.


Software QA Lead

(Contract) Beaverton OR

Testing HD Video tools (embedded system)

Coding using C# and VB.Net for Test Automation of Test Case development and other SQA functions as needed

Responsibilities included authoring Test Plans, Test Cases, and Requirements Coverage Matrix

Reviewed existing documentation, and planning, implementation of the overall QA strategy

Defect tracking, and test execution.

Two persons reporting domestically and another four reporting from India.

Gained in depth knowledge of High Definition digital video and test equipment

State of Oregon DHS

Senior Software QC Engineer

(Contract) Salem OR

Developed automated tests in Java using JUnit and HTTPUnit.

QA on the eXPRS billing system for the DHS.

Created Test Case documents from Use Cases and Scenarios.

Developed equivalence classes and boundary conditions, and created program flow spreadsheets to facilitate test planning.

Agile SDLC


Senior Software QA Engineer

(Contract) Beaverton OR

Responsible for creating and developing Entercept Agent test automation framework written in Perl.

Wrote a test application for generating events with Entercept Agent.

Extensive Black Box testing and Test Case Document audits for Entercept Agent and Management Server.

Tested Entercept Management Console Web Application. Installed and wrote SQL queries for MS SQL Server.

Texas Instruments

Software Quality Assurance Lead

(Contract) Dallas TX

Responsibilities included trend analyses, test planning, risk analysis, and overseeing the efforts of several other QA engineers.

Areas of testing, both manual and automated, included operating systems for both Z80 and 68K platforms in wired and wireless interface.

Evaluated the quality of the calculator embedded code.

Helped create and maintain an Automated Test harness written in C#.


Senior Software QA Analyst

Hillsboro OR

Wrote test suites and frameworks using WinRunner, MS/Rational Test, C++, and Java

Wrote Test Automation Harness to test the MS SCC API

Debugged and made additions to several existing DLLs. Web testing of Merant Dimensions Database on Oracle and DB2 databases using Web Clients and Servers running the following Operating Systems: HPUX, AIX, Solaris, Linux, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

Experience with Apache and IIS Web Servers and Tomcat Application Server. Tested the Collage Web Content Management application.

Tested email client and server functions within PVCS Tracker and PVCS Dimensions (Outlook and Exchange server).

Created all categories of test documentation including, but not limited to, Test Plans, Test Matrices, Test Schedules, Test Results Summaries, and defect tracking documentation using PVCS Dimensions and PVCS Tracker.

Tested the Dimensions I-Net Web Client interface using both Netscape (UNIX and Windows Clients) and MS Internet Explorer.

Acted as SQA Lead on several projects directing the efforts of myself and other test engineers.

Shell scripting using BASH. Wrote SQL queries to facilitate and validate testing. Created XML scripts for application-to-application communication.

Responsible for QA-to-Programmer communications between staff in Oregon and the UK

ImageBuilder Software

Sr. Software QA Engineer & Software Developer

Portland OR

Programming in C/C++ to test error handling for a proprietary Class Library.

Wrote Test Harness in C++ to evaluate and profile most of the Win32 API calls (video).

Participated in Developer Forums and introduced Coverage Analysis Tools within the company.

Wrote several custom test tools for specific projects. Test automation using MS/Rational Test.

Tested email client and server functions within several products

Tested most of the products developed within the company.

Debugging of C++ code for the programming team

Tested Windows and Mac applications, Web Client applications, and GUI.

Wrote Database using MS Access and VBA for the IT Department

Acted as SQA Lead on most projects

Elegant Design Solutions

Sr. Software Developer

Salem OR

Developed User Interface, Communications layer, and Microcontroller embedded code using C and ASM-86 programming languages

Responsible for all Software Development and Project Management

Key roles (PM and SW Development) in the implementation of two inventions

Tested and programmed 8051 Micro-Controllers serving as critical components of embedded systems

Created, tested, and implemented an algorithm for predicting remaining battery life.

Defined Quality Assurance standards for both Software and Hardware

Authored the majority of project Documentation

Took one invention to Japan to demonstrate and sell to seven different High Speed Copier OEMs.

Hardware design

Managed the efforts of 3 contractors, 3 hardware engineers, and 1 hardware technician.

II Morrow

Software Quality Assurance Engineer Lead

Salem OR

Created the QA and Test strategies for the MODEM of the UPS Vehicle & Package Tracking System.

Evaluated and Implemented CODEC Algorithms using Mathematica

Conducted Code Reviews

Wrote Motorola DSP56000 code

Conducted Code Reviews

Wrote Motorola DSP56000 code

Created Test Plans


Senior QA Engineer & Software Developer

Beaverton OR

Programmed using C, x86 Assembly, Bit-Slice Architecture microcode, and AT&T DSP32C Assembly

Coded Test Automation Suites for proprietary graphics hardware, device drivers, and Software Applications on the Unix platform

Wrote embedded Built-In-Tests for High End graphics devices

Wrote software for testing Windows Device Drivers

Key player in developing and testing an API for a new generation of Graphics Accelerators. Established and Implemented all Software Quality Assurance policies, procedures, & documentation standards.

Tested and built various embedded components of several Video display systems

Wacker Siltronic

Measurement Systems Engineer (Developer)

Portland OR

Developed User Interface and Communication layer for controlling the measurement processes using C and ASM-86 languages

Responsible for the design and development of Software Applications and Hardware Interfaces to support the measurement and quality of Silicon wafers and crystals

Helped in the implementation of Statistical Process Control for the Test and Measurement Systems Team




Major Area of Study



Clackamas Community College

Oregon City, OR

Mathematics & Computer Science



Clackamas Community College

Oregon City, OR




Portland State University

Portland, OR

Computer Science; Psychology


3. 5

Portland Community College

Portland, OR

Java Programming, Advanced Java Programming



Oregon Institute of Technology

Portland, OR

C Programming



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