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Data Social Media

Etobicoke, ON, Canada
April 24, 2020

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●BSc in Software Engineering with **+ years of experience in diversified of information technology and consulting

●10+ years of professional services in data modeling specializing Architect EDW and MDM Single/Multiple hosts

●7+ years’ experience dedicated in design, manage and implement data-driven solutions

●5+ years involving all modules of Data Management includes practice on DG, DQ, metadata, data integration, etc.

●SME in making Golden Records by applying knowledge of MDM Process-Landing, applies rules on staging tables, etc.

●Developing two HR performance system (IR Shipping and Ministry of Telecom) along with 5 years supporting

●Developed a LMS in Educational System includes enrolment system and eSequence curse advisor

●Developed a custom Content Management system for managing basic/detail designs of $1.2b in gas transfer project

●Developed distributed database in retrieve 10-digit zipcode

●Accountable on delivery 50+ end-to-end software solution from require gathering through the test and release

●Enterprise-level architecture know-how to set an organization in fulfilling its mission

●Always on multiple technologies in parallel, end-to-end vision, know-how translate a logical design into physical

●Having DBA responsibility in one or more databases and trance how the Data will flow through the successive Stages

●Smart to address 4 issues of Data and writing Data Strategy for Migration, Validation, Clean-up and Mapping

●Rapid deployment and support different types of data integration, migration, harmonization with diverse technology

●Adopting cloud Ingestion (transformation and administration) for UHG(Talend), Vice-Media(Dell-Bomi), eVison, SSIS

●Working with diversity of Databases like NoSQL-HBase (UHG), MongoDB (Terra Nova), Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, DB2

●Implement and automate security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation in distributed system

●Best practice of implementing highly available, scalable & self-healing infrastructure-The City of Mississauga

●Experience in define and deploy automated systems in monitoring, metrics, and logging systems by Linux scripting

●Manage continuous delivery systems, methodologies & batch ingestion framework (Terra-Nova,PostBank, Behdad)

●Comfortable programming on multiple languages C#(7yrs), Java (3), Spark/Scala (1), Python (3), Shell (10), SQL (15+)

●Knowledge of multiple clouds – AWS (AMEX/Terra Nova Analytics), GCP (Vice Media), Azure, Oracle & IBM Cloud

●Business Development in diversity of public/private sectors like education, finance, healthcare, media, Oil & Gas etc.

Professional Experience

Sr. Data Modeller – Kymeta Mar 2020- Halted as COVER19s

Senior Big Data Consultant -American Express

Sep 2019 – Dec 2019 Manhattan, NY

Consulate on developed auto termination data solutions based on Response times on long-run AWS-EMRs

Payment analyzing on 114 million AMEX cards (credit/gift/shop with points etc.) by spin up Amazon EMR

Effective load datasets from data lake-S3, converting the right storing format ORC, Parquet, AVRO from TSV

Applying data transformation logic on Apache Hive, create and upload learning material into Cornerstone LMS

Examination of existing multi-tenant petabytes with +30*1010 growing rate records/month

Agile Team Review on data architect, data models, workflows and complete design documents

Rely on constraints (referential/checks) and triggers rather than individual applications to ensure the integrity and validity of data in distributed environments applying on DB2

ERP Consultant- Lannick

Jun2018 – Dec 2018 Markham, ON

Reviewed business processes, workflows and made suggestions to business on the Data analytics side

Utilized EPICOR customizing tools in developing Sales Order process based on Sales Order strategy

C# programming and follow development models like TDD, unit tests, domain driven design, etc. om MS-SQL

Built, deployed and test a Business Rule engine for pricing and map data objects

Customized Sales Order to meet policies/strategy of pricing as a Business Rules Management (BRM) tools

Senior Data Architect/Modeller – VICE

Feb 2018 – May 2018 Brookline, NY

Modeled a new Data Warehouse and related ETL in support data transferring at a leading US media

Created a high-level Data Strategy on Data Acquisition, Data Validation, Data Visualization(DOMO)

Ownership of Data Profiling, Master Data and metadata repositories in a complicate distributed, multinational corporate across 50+ countries (deliver real-time APIs/batch)

Developed data models (LDM/PDM) with ERWIN/LucidChart to meet business objectives in Data Engineering

Configured the connector to use Token-Based Authentication with CRM-Salesforce, NetSuite, Workday

Discussed on common Dell-Boomi integrating scenarios with others like batching request, errors and custom fields/objects needs to be managed for a diverse portfolio of media products like Digital (Editorial/Web/ News), TV Programming, Music videos, Film and print(magazine)

Discovery on ADW-Autonomous Data Warehouse and related ATP as a replacement technology for each data pipelines belong social media platforms like Adobe, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Google

Senior Data Architect – Cognizant

Dec 16 – Jan 18 Manhattan, NY

Provided BI principals, assessment metrics and related checklists to decision makers

EDW Modeling (BPM, CDM, LDM, PDM) by ERWIN for TJX includes Database Security, DQ and Data Enrichment

DM-Data Management-team member on early stage of DM Program-Emblem Health - 30 million members

Analyzed data coming from multiple sources to provide fit to purposes CDC-capture data change-mechanism

Business continuity examination by BIA and inspecting impacts to the company’s asset

Identified 17 CDEs-critical data domain includes Claim, Provider, Plan, Product, Member

Worked with LOBs, help them to understand their MDM/RDM requirements for bottom line implementation

Architecture of multi-domain MDM along with matching Informatica-MDM technology that fits the requirements of the organization and fits with the existing IT landscape

Created an overall Data strategy and standards for DM by proper attention to Data Governance / DQ

Data Model for implementing crucial MDM-Master Database in different environment includes Schemas, data formats, relations, packages, etc.

Defined MDM hub with 15+ requested tools/engines related to Development and Configuration stuff like SAM, designers (Mapping, Workflow), Repository manager, etc.

Characterized DQ includes IDD-Informatica Data Director next to guiding MDM implementing offshore team

Supported DG process by define/enforced Data Steward responsibilities, match & merge rules in survivorship policies and regulatory data

Defined MDM admin activities includes users/groups, workflows/tasks and related mappers matching Informatica-MDM technology

Big Data Architect – Infosys

Feb 16 – Aug 16 Minnetonka, MN

Started a new Talend integration project for government program at UHG-United Healthcare Group

Gap analysis, review the design, data sources, and provide recommendations to resolve Integration problems

Reviewed the Data Integration plan, Data Catalog, Data Mapper, Data Preparation, DQ, ESB, Data Flows and workflows defined in Talend Data Fabric in an Agile Groups

Controlled ETL, Data Warehousing, and Data-lake/Landing tables structure to store per/post processing and in staging tables like Data Cleansing, Standardization and DQ rules

Worked on MDM includes Data Integration, Admin duties, Mappers, Data type conversions, Links, Mapping rules, Filters, Expressions, Lookups and configurator to create Base Tables rows on downstream Hive tables

ERP Consultant (Epicor Contractor) - Gullco International / Hornady / Unique Sports

Feb 15 – Aug 2016 New Market, ON

Providing workflows, BPMs, streamlining the data quality and data flow processes used across the enterprise on ways to improve data accuracy and viability with 500 customers and over 1900 stores (EDI – ETL eVison)

Using Meta Data extracting from MS-SQL server in generating SSRS reports

Designed and implemented BI- Business Intelligence tools in data presentation for stakeholders which was helping the business to gain a strong advantage of +63% profit in GM% on 15 critical lines of business

Defined A to Z processing of data visualization with Epicor tools like BAQ, dashboard, data definition, report styles, data sets, ERs, complex queries and sub-reports under SSRS and SQL using Business Objects,

Big Data Architecture - Terra Nova Analytic

Feb 2014 - Dec 2014 Toronto, ON

OLAP Platform Architect with modern DW and ability to lift and shift large volume of data into AWS Redshift

Initiated ETL packages and workflows to upload data from client side into data lake – MS-SSIS packages

Provided a typical cloud computing to analyze sales in North America geography during the providing time range and cube development on SSAS

Dimensional data modeling for POS data like customer/product/geography/time with facts like orders/sales

Utilized AWS parallelization and distributed techniques for computing Trends from the client information

Setting up secure and robust integrated cloud environments with 99.95% up-times with AWS-RDS

Implementing DQ rules with near-zero management solution applied in pre/post Data Quality processing

Lead 4 back-end engineers in scripting all database objects like Triggers, SP etc.

ERP Consultant (Contractor) – MI-Jack / Lanco Group of Company / Loxcreen Flooring

Mar 2013 – Aug 2013 Chicago, IL

Provided BPM solution architecture including back-end integration for Citibank in Check transfer process

Coordinated directly with IT members and technical users on utilizing UD Table

Provided special middleware solution for B2B integration and extracting registered cheques processing to be working at multi-billion ($20 billion) revenue group company with Service Connect and Epicor Business Object

DBA - Korhani Home Inc.

Jan 11 - Mar 13 Toronto, ON

Designed complete set of documents to handling manufacturing operations - BPM, MOM, MES

Generated standard/custom reporting tools as needed by SSRS for on-going request Dashboards/trackers

Setting IT Infrastructure strategy required in controlling network security includes upgrades, patches and switch configurations in maintain all required aspects of the LAN, WAN, WiFi, Firewalls etc.

Reviewed logs, collected recording data on systems’ CPU, memory usage and monitoring storage capacity etc.

Third party integrations include Identify, monitored and resolved EDI issues on processing 810,850,856 etc.

Managed an upgrading ERP in a medium size distributed infrastructure with support Database Servers, development followed documented standards, policies, and procedures

Liaised with other IT service delivery providers, vendors and business partners Rona, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Costco, Lowe’s

Reporting Systems Analyst - Rogers Communications

Jan 2010-Aug 2010 Toronto, ON

Designed a business Scorecard for appraisal 5000 Call Centre Rep include an EDW

Dimensional Data Modeling, integrated multiple logical data models into a single data model(PowerDesigner)

Scripting of RDBMS objects along with user-defined SQL function, stored procedures, SQL tuning, etc.

Automated data extraction, validation and conversion across various SSIS packages from different data sources loading into EDW include CSV/flat files, databases DB2/ Oracle/MS-SQL

Involved cube development process using SSAS includes generating dimensions, measures, deploying cubes from KPIs, and feeding/reading data from Scorecard schema

Education and Certifications

B. S. in Software Engineering from SUT which evaluated as BSc in Computer Science

Technical Competencies

Architect: Service Oriented, Task Oriented

Data modeling tools: -SAP Power designer since 2001, Erwin, LucidChart, MS-Visio

Integration/migration (BI) tools: eVision, MS-SSIS, Informatica PC, Talend, DMT knowledge of Dell-Boomi

MDM tools: Informatica, Talend, knowledge of IBM MDM Server, Power-BI

Database & Big Data: NoSQL; AWS-technology: EMR, EC2, RDS, RedShift, Snowflake, S3, Hadoop technologies: Sqoop, Hive, etc. Postgres, Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2

Shell Scripting: Bash/Linux, Unix/Linux, Java, HTML, XML, JSON, Python, SQL, and version control tools Git/GitHub, Docker/containers, Confluence and JIRA


2019, ML with Spark, Hive on Cornerstone – Amex; Data Visualization with Python, IBM

2018, Talend, Content Marketing, Ruby on Rails (RoR) frame work

2017, Working on AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Python

2016, Big Data tools in Apache side: HBase, Tomcat, Sqoop, SSAS

2014, Internet Marketing (SEO) certified, University of Waterloo

2013, Servers Configuration, IBM/Lenovo certified

2012, Crystal Report, Epicor BPM, EDI, SSRS, SOA at EPICOR University

2008, Project Management certified, Oracle DBA, Network/security (Kerberos) ‘MCSA' certified

2007, Intermediate Web designing, CCNA1-4 ‘CISCO'

2001, Certified Implementation and Database design ‘MCSE', Visual Basic Programming ‘MCSD’

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