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I/E&C Commissioning & Start-Up Specialist

Chehalis, WA
April 23, 2020

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I am driven by my pursuit of excellence as an I/E&C Specialist in the Industrial: Inspection, Commissioning and Start-Up field where I will continue applying Safety, Quality, and Efficiency to all projects, and assignments in which I am involved.


Oil & Gas Commissioning:

Mars 100, Solar Titan130, and 250 gas fired turbines in various Williams Gas Compressor Stations throughout U.S. CTF,s

Edna, TX Compressor station, ONEOK Natural Gas Cryogen & Compressor station Killdeer, ND, Linde Natural Gas CTF

Elk City, OK. Permian Basin Anadarko/Oxy CTF’s incl: Cobra, Atlas, Cyclone, Titan, ROTF, & Mentone.

Power Generation Commissioning:

University of Fairbanks 19MW Brush Coal Fired, Westinghouse frame 5&7 Units (Chehalis, WA - Hermiston, OR

Goldendale, WA), Siemens Frame 9 Units (Hemet, CA), Solar

1500 & 2500 packages (Angola, Africa-Equatorial Guinea, Africa, Sayre, OK, Amelia, LA) -

GE LM-6000 & 2500 packages including BOP systems (LADWP, SCE), Solar Reflective Panel

Power Plant (Henderson, NV, Moapa, AZ, Las Vegas, NV), GE Frame 5’s& 7’s Arizona Public Service, (Douglas, Yuma

and Phoenix, AZ), Westinghouse 501D, Powergen, Trinidad, Solar Turbines incl. BOP (Williams Gas Pipeline, PA, AL, MD)

Mitsubishi 510GAC/Alstom STG (ODEC Wildcat Power Generation Facility).

Petrochemical Refining:

I/E&C, Turnaround Coverage, I/E&C Maintenance, I/E&C, Construction, I/E&C Start-Up and Commissioning Field Engineer, Electrical LOTO, Supervisor, MCC Commissioning - FPSO I/E&C Commissioning of Offshore Platforms - ( North Slope, AK - Equatorial Guinea, Africa, Amelia, LA) - Marine Well Containment Ships

( Ingleside, TX)

Other Industries:

Ivanhoe Copper Mine (Mongolia), I/E&C Pulp Mill I&E Technician - I//E&C Commissioning Methanol Plants, OK,ND, I/E&C Waste-water Treatment - Food Processing Plant Construction and Commissioning (Star-Kist Tuna Terminal Island, CA, Heinz Pet Products, Victorville, CA, US Steel, Gary IN,Ray Copper Mine Kearney, AZ, Barrick Gold Mine, Elko, NV

Lays Potato Chip Plant, Visalia, CA) - I/E&C Field Service Tech - Simplex Fire Alarm Tech

(Orange, CA Children’s Hospital) – I/E&C Commissioning & Start-Up Lead (Capstone Paper

Mill, Longview, WA), I&E Commissioning Lead - Williams Gas Pipeline Multiple Compressor Upgrade Projects (Salladasburg, PA, Benton, PA, Wilkes-Barre, PA). Digester Bio-Gas Renewable Natural Gas plants (RNG plants in Rosendale, West Chester and Kewaunee, WI).


Fuel Gas Turbine Driven Compressor units (Simple/Combined Cycle), Analyzers - Back-Up / Black-Start Generators - C.E.M.S. - Med.- High Voltage Breakers/Xfmrs – VFD’s - UPS’s - H2O Demineralization, Filtration, and Treatment Systems - MOV’s, and AOV’s, HOV's – Instruments, Valves, and Controllers incl.: Rosemount, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Foxboro, Fisher, Masoneilan, ABB, Siemens, Westinghouse, Rotork, Bettis, Bentley Nevada, and more. Control Systems including: SCADA, Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Rockwell, Honeywell, Fiber Optic Cable Splicing, High Voltage Stress Cone installations, Oracle Aconex, Schweitzer Protection Relays, and more.

Office Systems: Competent in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Smart Share, TeamBinder, Aconex, Team

Viewer and other Web based platforms, document management and storage systems.

Employment History:

Bluewater Energy Services, Acworth, GA May 20 - Present

Commissioning & Start-Up Manager

DTE Biomass facility commissioning and start-up of 4 Biogas Digester facilities in Wisconsin (Rosendale,

Kewaunee, New Chester, Sun Prairie and Newton projects). I am responsible for the commissioning and start-up

personnel at these sites, as well as the vendor support personnel, and training of DTE new hire personnel. I report

directly to DTE New Projects Commissioning Manager.

Bluewater Energy Services, Acworth, GA Mar 20 – May 20

Commissioning Manager

Rosendale, WI Digester Expansion Project: Managing the daily Commissioning and Start-Up activities of Cherne

Kiewit construction personnel, DTE personnel, and Vendor supplied equipment personnel. Coordinated Vendor

Pre-commissioning / Commissioning / Start-Up activities as well as update meetings with client.

Bluewater Energy Services, Acworth, GA Nov 19 – Feb 20

I/E&C Commissioning Lead

Kiewit Rosendale, WI Digester Project: Lead I/E&C Specialist in charge of pre-commissioning and commissioning

Of digester facility which included: Biogas Digester, Condensate Skid, Fuel Gas Skid, Emergency Generator, Thermal

Oxydizer, Temporary Blower, Flare System, 480vac MCC, and other BOP systems.

GBI (Great Basin Industrial) Carlsbad, NM August 19 – Oct 19

I/E&C SIS Testing

Anadarko Mentone Gas Plant, Mentone, TX: Lead I/E&C Specialist in charge of Safety Instrumented

Systems Check-Out throughout the Mentone Cryogenic Gas Plant facility.

Bluewater Energy Services, Acworth, GA Feb 19 – June 19

I/E&C Commissioning Lead

PSEG Bridgeport, CT Combined Cycle Project: Supervised I&E contractor during final phase of construction.

Field Check Out of I&E installations, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, and Start-Up of a single GE Frame

7HA.O2 combined cycle GTG w/an Alstom STG as well as the BOP systems.

Bluewater Energy Services, Acworth, GA Sept 18 – Jan 18

I/E&C Commissioning Lead

University of Alaska, Fairbanks: Managing and directing of I&E contractors assigned to commissioning crew.

Electrical/Instrumentation and Control system inspection, commissioning, and start-up of Brush 19MW Coal

fired turbine, including Balance of Plant. Daily use of Oracle Aconex document control system.

Bluewater Energy Services, Acworth, GA Aug 18 – Sept 18

I/E&C Commissioning Specialist

University of Alaska, Fairbanks: Field Check Out, Commissioning, and Start-Up of a 19MW Coal Fired Steam

Turbine Generator and Balance Of Plant as well as Ovation DCS check outs.

J Givoo Consultants Inc., Cherry Hill, NC May 18 - July 18

I/E&C Commissioning Specialist

Central Transfer Facilities commissioning and start-up of following Anadarko facilities:

Cobra, Cyclone, Titan, Atlas, ROTF (Regional Oil Transfer Facility).

National Engineering Services, Minneapolis, MN March 18 - April 18

I/E&C Specialist

Emerson technical field service support for Gila River Power Station Units 3 A&B Outage support.

Cleveland Integrity Services, Cleveland, OK Feb17- March18

I/E&C Commissioning Lead Inspector

Williams Gas Pipeline Compressor Stations: 520,517,105,95,84 & 190. Inspector and Commissioning

Lead and Instrumentation Electrical Inspector of Solar Titan 250’s, 130’s Solar Mars 130’s, 100’s

and 90’s as well as BOP, which includes: Caterpillar Generators, Waukesha Generators,

Inlet Gas Scrubbers, Mokveld Fast Stop & Anti-Surge Valves, Gardner Denver & Dresser

Rand Instrument Air Compressors/Dryers, Oil Cooling System, 125VDC Emergency

Back-Up System, Battery Charging systems, Lube Oil pumps and Motors, and the DCS system.

PCL Construction, Denver, CO Aug 16 -- Feb17

I/E&C Commissioning / Start-Up Lead

ODEC, Wildcat Point Generation Facility I&C field systems check-outs of 2 Mitsubishi 501-GAC turbines,

1 Alstom steam turbine generator, and Balance Of Plant.

Pyramid I&E Corp., Grand Junction, CO June16 – July 16

I/E&C Commissioning / Start-Up

ONEOK, Bear Creek natural gas refining and compressor station Point to Point Loop checks, Instrumentation

calibrations, Fire & Gas system testing, Cause & Effects testing, assisted Operations with Plant Start-Up.

ETEC Industrial Services, Portland, TX April 16 – May 16

I/E&C Commissioning / Start-Up Lead

Austin Energy Outage Vibration Sensor Retrofit, Installation, and Commissioning of 7FE Combined Cycle Turbine, and

Siemens Steam Turbine Generator, Austin, TX Dynegy Power Plant Turbine Spring Outage. R&R Bentley Nevada

Proximity Probes & Vibration Sensors. T/C testing, and loop shooting. Re-install, set probes, and function test loops.

National Eng. Resources, St Paul, MN Mar16 - April 16

I/E&C Commissioning / Start-Up Lead

Phase II of Kapstone Paper Mill Boiler Rebuild. Including: Valve R&R, Pneumatic Transmitter retrofitting to

New Electronic Devices.

Williams Gas Pipeline, Lafayette, LA Oct 15 - Mar. 16

I&E Inspector & Commissioning Lead

I/E&C Commissioning & Start-Up of 3 Gas Compressor Stations for Williams Pipeline Inc., PA. 1-Solar Titan

250, 1-Solar Titan 130, 2-Mars 100’s. Fiber Op. Cable Splicing.

ProEnergy Services, Sedalia, MO Sep 15 – Oct. 15

I/E&C Commissioning / Start-Up Tech

I/E&C tear down, diagnose, and rebuild, commissioning & start-up of Westinghouse 501D Turbine /BOP,

Trinidad, Caribbean.

National Eng. Resources, St Paul, MN Aug 15 - Sep. 15

I/E&C Commissioning / Start-Up Lead

Paper Mill plant wide shut down/start-up I/E&C supervision, and coverage Longview, WA. Remove and

replace instrumentation devices.

ETEC Ind. Services. Portland, TX Oct 14 - June15

I/E&C Commissioning / Start-Up Lead

Arizona Public Service (APS) Frame 5 Overhaul, Douglas, AZ; APS Yuma, AZ Frame 5B Overhaul and

Start-Up. PSM Alstom support Tech, Alliant Energy, Clear Lake, IA; APS Phoenix, AZ Siemens W-501-D

Troubleshooting Repair.

Turnkey Instrument & Electric, LaPorte, TX Aug 14 - Oct 14

I/E&C Supervisor

CVR Refinery Burn-Out Reinstatement, Coffeyville, KS; Holly Frontier Refinery, El Dorado, KS

First Instrument Solutions, Corpus Christi, TX July 14 – Aug 14

I/E&C Supervisor

Celenese Chemical Refinery Turnaround, Bishop, TX; Sherwin Alumina Process Plant Overhaul.

Ingleside, TX

MMR ProCom, Baton Rouge, LA Dec 13 – July 14

I/E&C Commissioning Supervisor

Marine Well Containment System (Eagle Texas& Louisiana), Ingleside, TX; Buffalo Creek natural gas

processing plant, Sayre, OK.

Per Se Group, Wheaton, IL June 13 – Nov 13

I&E QA/QC Specialist

Citgo Refinery, Lemont, IL; Sulfur, Crude, and Hydro treater Units Turn-Around.

Fluor Corp. Greenfield, SC May 13 - June 13

I/E&C Commissioning Lead

Wilmar International, Ltd., Surabaya, Indonesia; Experimental Bio-Fuel Palm-Oil Refinery I&E

Commissioning Eng.

VersaTech Automation Services, Belle Chasse, LA Mar 13 – May 13

I/E/C&M Lead Supervisor

Noble Allen Energy Offshore Platform, Amelia, LA/ EG, Africa; FPSO I/E&M Commissioning Team


Fluor Corp. Greenfield, SC Jul 12 – Feb 13

I/E Commissioning Engineer

Ivanhoe Mine Project Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia; Copper mine concentrator & blast furnace

I/E Commissioning Specialist.

VersaTech Automation Services, Belle Chasse, LA April 11 – Jul 12

I/E Lead Start-Up Engineer

Cabinda Gas Plant Expansion Project, Angola, Africa LNG plant incl. 3 Westinghouse 2500 kw gen.

systems and Commissioning lead over I&E Team.

Scallon Controls Instrument& Valve Services, Beaumont, TX Sept 10 – Mar 11

Instrument &Valve Technician

Emerson Process Management, Beaumont, TX; Valve/Inst. Tech for multi-refinery shutdowns

throughout SE Texas.

Udelhoven Oilfield System Services, Inc. Anchorage, AK Jun 10 – Sept 10

I/E FCO Technician

ENI Nikaitchuq Project, North Slope, A; Commissioning of Gas Wells incl. BOP

VersaTech Automation Services, Belle Chasse, LA Mar 10 – Jun 10

I/E Commissioning Engineer

Cabinda Gas Plant, Angola, Africa; I/E&C commissioning &start-up of LNG plant including 3 GE LM

2500’s incl. BOP

Sun Constructors, Baton Rouge, LA Jan 10 – Mar 10

I/E Foreman

Hovensa Refinery, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.; Refinery Shutdown & Start-up of LP & HP Flare Systems

Bay Area Instrument & Electric, Benecia, CA Nov 09 – Dec 09

I/E Lead Tech

Golden Eagle Refinery, Martinez, CA Crude/Coker/ Units Shutdown & Start-up of I/E systems

W.B.I. Energy Services, Sierra Madre, CA May 09 – Oct 09

I&E Sup

S.C.E. Power Generation NOX Project (5 Diesel Locomotive Genets) Catalina Island, CA, NASA JPL

Galileo Project, Pasadena, CA I/E Projects Supervisor/Commissioning Eng.

Pacific Industrial Services, Waipahu, HI Mar 09 – Apr 09

Instrument Technician

Tesoro Refinery, Kapolei, HI Refinery I&E Shutdown/Start-up Tech

Western Process Control, Port Orchard, WA Jan 09 – Feb 09

I&E Foreman

Shell Refinery, Anacortes, WA / Tesoro Refinery Santa Maria, CA / Exxon Refinery, Billings, MT /

Tesoro Refinery Anacortes, WA, Shutdown / Start-up Foreman / Supervisor in charge of 5-20 Electricians

& Instrument Technicians, U.S. Steel blast furnace T/A support.

Englobal Engineering Inc., Beaumont, TX Dec 08 – Jan 09

I&E Field Engineer

Exxon Mobil Refinery, Beaumont, TX. Commissioning of I&E loops throughout refinery incl. LM2500

Commissioning and Start-Up.

Emerson Process Management, Orange, TX Aug 08 – Nov 08

Instrumentation & Valve Technician

Exxon Mobil Refinery, Beaumont, TX Assessed, Rebuilt, Tested, and Reinstalled various types of valves

and positioners post Hurricane Ike.

Applied Control Technologies, Texarkana, TX May 08 – Aug 08

I&E Field Engineer

Alon Refinery, Big Spring, TX Post explosion Commissioning and Start-up of I&E Systems throughout


Bay Area Instrument & Electrical, Benecia, CA Mar 08 –April 08

I&E Technician

Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery, Avon, CA Removed, replaced, bench tested/calibrated, commissioned I/E

systems, SIS testing during refinery shutdown.

Pacific Industrial Services, Waipahu, HI Jan 08 – Feb 08

Instrument Technician

Tesoro Refinery, Kapolei, HI Removed, replaced, bench tested/calibrated, commissioned I/E systems, SIS

testing during refinery shutdown.

Gulf States Incorporated (GSI), Houston, TX Nov 07 – Dec 07

I&E Field Engineer

Chevron/Phillips Refinery, Ocean City, TX. ESS testing, Instrumentation installation, Electrical systems

testing throughout refinery during Turn-around.

Instrument Specialist Corp, League City, TX Oct 07 – Nov 07

Instrument Field Engineer.

Chevron/Phillips Refinery, Pasadena, TX I/E systems checkout, commissioning, and start-up during

refinery outage.

Technical Resource Services, Greenville, SC Aug 07 – Sept 07

I&E Field Technician

British Petroleum Refinery, Texas City, TX I&E SIS testing, and field I&E systems commissioning and

start-up for plant wide outage.

Pro-Energy Services, Houston, TX May 07 – Aug 07

I&E Start-Up TA

Southern Cal. Edison, Mira Loma, CA I/E&C commissioning /start-up Technical Advisor over 2

GE LM6000 projects including BOP.

Lauren Engineering & Constructors, Irving, TX Mar 07 – May 07

I&E Start-Up Engineer

Solar One Power Project, Boulder City, NV Commission/Start-up of Rosemount xmtrs, and Auma

MOV’s throughout 47mw solar pwr plant.

Murray Electrical Contractor, Roseburg, OR Jan 07 – Feb 07

Instrument Lead Technician

Tesoro Refinery, Anacortes, WA Supervised inst. /elect. craft during refinery shut-down.

Englobal Engineering Inc., Houston, TX Nov 06 – Dec 06

I/E&C Field Engineer

Conoco Phillips Refinery, Belle Chase, LA Field assessment by means of functional testing of inst. /elect.

Devices/systems throughout refinery post Katrina Hurricane.

Murray Electrical Contractors, Roseburg, OR Aug 06 – Oct 06

I/E&C Technician

Tesoro Refinery, Anacortes, WA Commissioning/start-up of I/E&C systems related to new CCU.

Gulf States Incorporated (GSI), Houston, TX Dec 05 – July 07

I&E Start-Up Technician

Chevron Refinery, Richmond, CA Commissioning/Start-up of inst./elect. Devices /systems within new

gas plant project.

Timec Corporation, Carson, CA Oct 05 – Dec 05

I/E Field Engineer

Chevron Refinery, Salt Lake City, UT Field engineered demolition/installation of instrumentation and

tubing within HF Alky unit, and Hydro Cracking unit.

Western Process Control, Port Orchard, WA Aug 05 – Oct 05

I/E&C Commissioning/Start-Up

Conoco Phillips Refinery, Santa Maria, CA. Removal, installation, calibration, commissioning, and

start-up of Rosemount inst. devices in carbon plant unit

The Industrial Company (TIC), Bakersfield, CA Mar 05 – July 05

I&E Start-Up Engineer

Bakersfield, CA

Dept. of Water and Power, Victorville, CA Commissioning/Start-up of 6 GE LM6000 GT’s incl. BOP

Current Certificates:

CA Electrical License – Breathless C.P.R. Certification - C-STOP Safety

Training Card - I&E NCCER - TWIC - MSHA 30hr - OSHA 10 -

Medic First-Aid - U.S. Passport - Three Rivers Safety Training -

HUET Card - Immunization Yellow - BATC Card - Houston Safety Council Card

Instrument/Electrical Inspector Certificate – Pipeline Inspector Certificate - LOTO

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