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Scrum Project

Burtonsville, MD
April 23, 2020

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Anthony Okhumoya


Waldorf, MD 20603


A servant leader with expert skills and abilities developed through professional experience and education. Partnering with organizations to motivate and empower teams to deliver value in a collaborative space, cultivate team work, Scrum Values and Agile Principles; while focusing on continuous improvement and building high performing leaders.


·Coaching Scrum Adoption

·Agile Program Management

·Project Management

·High-level Estimation

·Release Planning


·Product Management

·Roadmap/Milestone Planning


·Continuous integration


·Scrum Framework



·Agile Methodology


BSc Public Administration, (ICP-ACC) ICAGILE Certified Professional, (SSM) SAFe Scrum Master, (CSM) Certified Scrum Master


JIRA, Version One, Central Agile (Rally), Rational, Skype/Lync, Zoom, Google Hangout, Join Me, WebEx, Confluence, Jabber


Sr. Scrum Master


July 2019 – present

Worked with multiple teams on an Enterprise Entity management project. We were to build a web based application to create entities and forming relationship between them.

Facilitates and monitors the scrum process from initiation through delivery

Serve as a liaison between the product owners and development team to ensure that all targets and requirements are met

Maintain product backlog

Removes or addresses process impediments

Mentoring and coaching scrum teams to instill agile values and principles and lead by example

Facilitating productivity by removing impediments team will encounter, mediating through conflicts, helping team to make decisions and adhering to continuous improvement principles

Coordinating across other agile teams for complex projects

Managing scrum process and passing it to the team as self-organization matures

Driving adoption of engineering practices and best coding practices

Leveraging data to measuring and monitoring progress (Burn down charts etc.)

Everything you will find necessary to increase the development effectiveness

Helping teams adhere to the best engineering practices and the Definition of Done

Facilitate team’s self-organization and growth

Facilitate communication and Improve transparency, remove impediments the team will encounter

Track and communication team progress, as well as sprint or release progress

Organize and facilitate scrum events

Encourage discussion, conflict resolution, alternatives or different approaches

Help mitigate distractions and increase the team’s focus

Be an active part of the scrum master community within company and participate in continuous Improvement within this discipline

Liaise with project stakeholders on an ongoing basis

Review and confirm the appropriate resources and participants needed to achieve project goals are assigned

Set and continually manage project expectation with team members and other stakeholder

Build, develop, and grow any partner relationship vital to the success of the project.

Sr. Scrum Master

FEDEX – Colorado Springs, CO

May 2019 – July 2019

Working with multiple teams simultaneoulsy in creating a configurable product enviroment in other to achieve speed to market in providing global customers with access to the harmonized offerings. Technology used was JAVA, JAVA Script and Mainframe.

Conduct Grooming meetings, Scrum Daily standup, Product backlog, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospective meetings.

Improve team velocity by incorporating capacity planning into sprint planning sessions.

Work with POs and IT Director to address Defect/Bug flow within the sprint and from out of the Sprint.

Work with Product Owners, Product Managers, Scrum Masters, IT Directors, to address intake process

Work with Product owners and Other scrum masters to address QA environment issues, regression testing, Embedded Testing, TQA and

Work with Products owners to align features to address and communicate dependencies

Work with Product owners, product managers in SAFe to align requirements and prioritize Features

Conducted User Story writing workshop and emphasized the importance of INVEST

Coaching and mentoring highly collaborative project teams that are geographically distributed in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Spear head functional and budget meetings with directors and Management Team to discuss the budget and cost benefit analysis impact for the project.

Work with Scrum masters and Product owners ensure transparency at all levels on Version One.

Work with product owners to prioritize and validate User Stories

Coordinate and participate in weekly estimation meetings to provide high-level estimates (Story Points) for backlog items.

Monitor the project progress and radiate the information to stake holders. Identify and mitigate team risks and impediments (Blocking Issues, Critical Defects) on daily basis

Worked extensively with Quality Engineering to ensure Zero Defect Releases.

Scrum Master

BB&T Bank - Baltimore, Maryland

February 2017 – May 2019

Served multiple teams simultaneously as a coach, mentor and trainer. This was a web-based application project build on improving accountability, reducing costs and adding value to end users to make usability of applications more user friendly. At project inception I coached and facilitated the implementation of the scrum framework within various departments. Scrum team was made up of SQA, java developers and product owner. Our sprints were 2 weeks long, and we released into production quarterly. Deliverables included release plans, sprint plans, burndown and velocity charts.

·Coached Product Owner in providing business and customer value, backlog refinement early and often

·Educated Product Owner, stakeholders and development team on the agile best practices

·Resolved impediments by finding the right personnel to resolve them, escalate when necessary and protect team from external interferences.

·Facilitate all scrum events (daily scrum, sprit planning, sprint review and sprint retrospective) and ensure all outcomes are defined, understood, and achieved for all scrum teams

·Partner with Product Owner to ensure product backlogs are continuously prioritized in line with business priority.

·Build and foster an environment of trust and teamwork

·Empower the scrum team by providing continuous improvement opportunities to efficiently solve problems and provide critical thinking skills.

·Proactively anticipate, detect and protect team from any distraction that may impede the team from achieving sprint goal.

·Direct and leads scrum team from project initiation through to the delivery of a “done” product

Scrum Master

Adecco Healthcare - Atlanta, Georgia

January 2013 – December 2016

Served as a scrum master on a team made up of developers, DBA, quality analyst and product owner to create, modify and maintain a web-based application used within the company by health care professionals to access data and also ensuring timely updates are made as new data is inputted. Company was operating in a waterfall environment at onset, and as scrum master I was tasked with facilitating the implementation of scrum. Used Atlassian products (Jira, Confluence) to track metrics and for documentation. To help team grow, I paid keen attention to team velocity, capacity and within sprints the burndown charts. Used in house Project Manager to handle impediments that needed to be escalated beyond scrum team resources. Estimated user stories using agile games such as planning poker. Held product backlog refinement meetings with Product Owner ahead of sprint planning to be more time efficient in meeting requirements during sprint planning sessions.

·Facilitated all scrum events including sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint reviews retrospective and other meeting as needed.

·Collaborated and coached team to be self-organized.

·Work with Product Owners of different applications and projects to groom the backlog and prepare for sprint planning.

·Tracked, escalated, and removed impediments using internal and external resources

·Identifies risks and issues and escalates them to management.

·Promotes good practice by ensuring team members update tasks often

·Utilize metrics such as capacity, velocity and burn down charts to keep track of team health

·Facilitated story estimation using agile games such as planning poker

·Participating proactively in developing and maintaining teams engineering best practices such as pair programming, code reviews, test automation, TDD, ATDD, BDD, continuous integration/continuous deployment.

Project Coordinator

Pacific Systems Inc

February 2009 to December 2012

·Defined project scope and objectives through internal project management methodologies.

·Coordinate Hybrid IT Project Teams from implementation-thru-delivery of complex infrastructure projects leveraging SDLC processes against Waterfall and Agile projects.

·Establish effective communication for the department with consistency across development and business management. Presentations, recommendations and updates provided.

·Coordinate offshore teams in different geographical places.

·Ensured task completion to specifications, on time and within budget.

·Designed and implemented service-oriented architecture (SOA) frameworks using JavaEE stack.

·Worked collaboratively with enterprise architecture team to ensure that the proposed solution is aligned with enterprise architecture direction.

·Coordinate implementation and solution architecture for application enhancements.

·Provide technical and architectural guidance to team members.

·Design Architecture workflow for N-tier applications and implemented re-usable components.

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