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Engineer Python

Jersey City, NJ
April 23, 2020

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Nitin Gullah 646-***-**** Jersey City, New Jersey Summary:

● 7+ years of experience as Network Engineer using AWS Services, Network & Security, Linux, MySQL, Python, Docker.

● Earned Award of Excellence from NIIT (received by 4% employees selected in the year 2014)

● CCNP (R&S) Certified


Master’s in Business Intelligence and Analytics, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, GPA 3.77 May 2019 Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communications, Nemi Chand College of Engineering July 2009 Courses:

Optimization and Process Analysis, Multivariate Data Analysis, Experimental Design, Social Network Analytics, Web Analytics, Introduction to NLP, Big Data Technologies, Financial Decision Making, Python for Finance Skills:

Programming: Python, Bash

Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB(NoSQL)

Cloud Technologies: AWS EC2, Storage, VPC, IAM, NAT, Network ACLs, Auto-Scaling, ECS, ELB, Elastic Beanstalk DevOps & Pipeline Tools: AWS CloudFormation, Lambda, Jenkins, Docker, Git API: Scikit-learn, Pandas, Numpy, NLTK, PySpark, Spark MLlib, Matplotlib, ggplot Machine Learning: Linear/Logistic Regression, SVM, Naive Bayes, Random Forest, Clustering, PCA Ticketing & Monitoring: ServiceNow, SolarWinds, Nagios, Splunk Network/Firewalls: Cisco Catalyst & Nexus switches, ASA, Juniper (SRX), Routing (OSPF, BGP, VRFs, PBR), ACLs, NAT/PAT, VPN Operating System: Linux, JunOS, Cisco IOS, NX-OS


• Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) – Routing & Switching 9/14-1/21 Experience

Cloud DevOps Engineer, Tuutkia AWS, Python, Linux, Docker, Nagios 9/19-Present

• Assisting migration from 3-tier architecture to microservices.

• Efficiently leveraging Dockers in the existing monolithic environment.

• Planning deployment of open source tools to monitor AWS infrastructure. IT Analyst, NIIT Technologies AWS, Python, Linux, Routing, Switch, Firewall, VPN, NAT/PAT, SolarWinds, Docker 2/16-8/17

● Reduced system security incidents to 0% by building security management policies for on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

● Saved client $100k per year by effectively deploying architectural solutions on premises and on cloud.

● Managed, improved, and monitored AWS VPC, EC2, ECS, Storage, Subnets, NAT Gateways and instances, Security Group, Network ACLs using CloudFormation.

● Enhanced efficiency by 15%, freed 60 labor hours by automated procedures using Python script.

● Improved reporting accuracy by 100% by conducting analysis of high-volume data using Spark SQL and Spark ML libraries. Senior IT Engineer, NIIT Technologies AWS, Linux, Routing, Switch, Firewall, VPN, Firewalls, SolarWinds 2/15-1/16

● Collaborated with multiple teams to migrate servers to the cloud to create a hybrid environment.

● Increased project revenue by 92% due to onshore performance and contributing to team growth.

● Completed the migration of 33 clients from old to new Data Center, resulted in meeting the project deadline.

● Mentored a team of 40 engineers globally and performed 3rd level fault diagnosis and rectification. IT Engineer, NIIT Technologies Cisco/Juniper Firewalls, VPN, NX-OS, SolarWinds, Nagios, Splunk 11/10-1/15

● Enhanced team efficiency by 21% with case study-based training.

● Tuned activities on SQL procedures, functions, procedures to enhance performance.

● Led the team during PCI/DSS Audit and provided timely solution for more than 500 devices, helping the client procure PCI/DSS compliance certificate for the year

● Addressed revenue impacting issues and reduced the impact by providing quick solution. Projects:

Quora Question Pairs: Identify pairs with same intent AWS, Linux, PySpark, NLP, Docker 1/19-5/19

● Text mining: Similarity measures on LDA and LSI embeddings, bag of character n-grams.

● Applied Siamese LSTM with word2vec pre-trained Google News corpus. Hotel Review: Rating Prediction and Aspect Mining Python, NLP 1/18-5/18

● Performed Exploratory Data Analysis to better understand the data

● Analyzed the positive/negative sentiments for each sentence. Awards:

● Technovator Award, NIIT Technologies

● Award of Excellence, NIIT Technologies

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