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Engineer Sap

Madison, IN
April 24, 2020

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Ron Esterman

**** *. *********** ****

Madison, IN 47250

(859) 912 – 3561


To work for a company where I can use Information Technology to improve the company’s business processes.


•EMC Symmetric 3930, DMX1000, DMX2000, DMX-3, DMX-4, VMAX2, VMAX3, PowerMax

•EMC Solutions Enabler EMC CX - fc4700, cx3x, cx4x,NS,VNX

•EMC Control Center EMC Unity


•EMC SAN Copy and Mirror View EMC Xtreme-I/O

•EMC Power Path EMC Open Replicator

•EMC VPLEX EMC RecoverPoint

•EMC Xtreme I/O EMC VMAX and VNX Certified

•EMC ProtectPoint EMC DataDomain

•Cisco MS9513 Director Switches Cisco Fabric Manager/Device Manager

•Brocade and McData Switches

•HP 3Par, XP, EVA, HDS, Pure, NetApp, IBM 7000

Work History

Storage Consultant – Virtual E Consulting - Independent Storage Consulting

Current project consists of migrating Health Care applications to an Active-Active Data Center using SRDF-Metro. Protecting the data with ProtectPoint software leveraging snapshot technology.

Recently completed migration projects using SRDF/NDM to migrate legacy VMAX arrays to new VMAX3 and PowerMax all flash arrays.

Recently completed projects consist of Data Center Relocation Projects using storage replication (SRDF). One such project relocated eight Data Centers to two new Data Centers. Migrating and maintaining Cisco and Brocade San Fabrics. Previous migration projects consisted of migrating legacy arrays to new VMAX all flash arrays using RecoverPoint, VPLEX, and host-based tools.

Previous projects included maintaining DMX, VMAX1, VMAX2, VMAX3, VMAX3-AF, VNX, Unity and Extreme I/O storage arrays, VPLEX virtualization appliance, and Cisco and Brocade SAN Fabrics.

Storage Delivery Architect for High Performance Technologies – EMC Channel Partner 2/2013 – 3/2017

Latest projects include Data Center Relocation project using SRDF to help the client move into new Data Centers. The project includes all the VMAX and Fabric configuration to connect several legacy Data Centers to one new Data Centers.

Recent projects have included MDS switch replacement Architecture and design. (Including FICON). EMC VMAX Architect which included bin file design (Including Mainframe), FAST VP, EMC Architecture and design for VPLEX (Active/Active Data Center), EMC RecoverPoint, EMC SRDF/S. Several Storage Migrations using SRDF, Open Replicator, RecoverPoint, VPLEX, PowerPath Migration Enabler, and other Host Based migrations.

EMC Solutions Architect at The Home Depot 10/2011 – 2/2013

I was in a storage advisor role for EMC at the Home Depot. I was involved with all EMC Storage projects and architecture designs at the Home Depot. I was also involved with other storage vendor solutions as required. This was due to the storage virtualization project that included several storage vendor arrays migrating to EMC VPLEX Virtual Storage. Other vendor arrays included HP 3Par, XP Arrays (USPV), HP EVA, EMC CX, EMC DMX and EMC VMAX. My duties included Storage Performance Management, Capacity Management, Disaster Recovery, and several Data Migrations, some of which required Data Center migrations. The tools used to perform these migrations included VPLEX, Open Replicator, and SRDF.

EMC Solutions Architect at Cisco Corporation – 10/2010 – 10/2011

I was a member of the Consolidation/Migration team for EMC at Cisco. Our Team was responsible for migrating several older DMX arrays to new VMAX arrays. We typically migrate 10 – 15 older DMX arrays to 4 – 5 new VMax arrays each quarter.

EMC Resident at Norton HealthCare – 2/2010 – 9/2010

As an EMC resident I helped Norton Health Care prepare and migrate from a DMX-4 to a new VMAX. The implementation introduced “Thin Provision” technology to the customer. The project including a Fabric Migration consolidating three Cisco 9503 to two Cisco 9513 switches.

Wachovia Bank – 5/2008 – 2/2010

I was a member of Wachovia Distributed Storage Team as a Senior Architect. I was assigned to two different Merger projects while at Wachovia. The first was a member of the AG Edwards merger team that migrated the production and testing storage environments. The project involved the installation of one petabyte of new storage connecting AIX, SUN, Linux, ESX, and Windows servers. The environment included 3DC replication using SRDF/A and SRDF/S replication for disaster recovery.

The second merger project was to migrate and integrate the Wells and Wachovia General Ledgers and other financial systems. I was the architect and design engineer for the phase 1 storage upgrade that included four EMC arrays with SRDF replication to a total of three data centers. I was responsible for the storage layout for the production and development databases, and support applications. The configuration also included TimeFinder replication for backups at the production site. It also included TimeFinder clones to create a testing environment at the disaster recovery site for user acceptance testing. The project also migrated the legacy servers from a McData fabric to a Cisco fabric. The total storage environment was over 140 terabytes of storage.

I am also involved with the overall support of the Wachovia Storage environment that includes over 150 storage arrays, nearly 8 petabytes of storage, and over 30,000 SAN ports.

EMC Resident at Citizens Property Insurance 6/2007 -5/2008

My role at Citizens was to manage the Enterprise Storage Department where I managed a team of Storage and BURU (Backup/Recovery) engineers. One of the major projects while in the role of Supervisor was to migrate all of Citizens production data from CLARiiON Arrays to a new DMX-2500. The project also migrated all McData switches to two new Cisco MS9509 director switches. The project included the installation of a second DR DMX-2500 array with SRDF/A configuration. As the acting Supervisor of the Enterprise Storage Team I helped plan and design the Storage replication and SAN connectivity requirements for Disaster Recovery. While at Citizens Insurance my team also managed custom Time Finder scripts for AIX and DB2 to create reporting system that was refreshed nightly. We also managed a Replication Manager Server that used SAN Copy to refresh a Microsoft SQL Database nightly.

EMC Resident at Land O'Lakes 3/2007 – 6/2007

As an EMC Resident I was assigned the role of an implementation specialist. I worked on a data migration project assigned to Land O'Lakes Inc. The project scope was to migrate 110 Servers, 70 HP-UX, and 40 Windows Servers from a DMX3000 and a CX-600 to a new DMX3-4500. The project scope replaced all existing SAN devices. The project migrated 8 SAN McData switches to two Cisco MS9513 director switches.

Consultant at the Florida Department of Revenue 9/2006 – 3/2007

I was assigned to the SAP Basis infrastructure Team. We supported 14 SAP Database including R3, BW, and CRM instances. We supported twenty-six HP-UX Servers both Itanium and PA-RISC that run the SAP environment. We also support the DMX 2000 and the CX7000 Clariion disk subsystems and SAN fabrics.

One of primary work assignment is to help design and implement a HP-UX MC-Service Guard installation for the production R/3 environment.

My other primary work assignment is to plan the storage and server architecture for a new implementation that will more then double the storage needs and number of SAP users.

Kindred Health Care 9/2005 – 8/2006

I was a member of the Unix Support Team that supported AIX, TSM and VMWare ESX Server. We supported over 100 AIX instances, 30 ESX Servers supporting over 250 Virtual Machines. I wrote an automated backup tool to backup all the Virtual vmdk files to the TSM Server. We also support the TSM Enterprise Backup Solution that backups over 1500 Servers. I also installed 5 new HP-UX IA-64 Servers to support the Openview Application running in a MC/Service Guard environment.

Cognis Corporation 11/96 - 9/2005

I was a SAP Basis Administrator responsible for all UNIX, Linux and SAP systems. The environment consisted of twelve separate SAP databases including Oracle Standby databases. The Systems supported users in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. The HR System supported users at every Cognis location globally. The ERP landscape consisted of a Production, Test, Sandbox, and Development R/3 systems. The HR landscape was separate from the ERP system and had Production, Test, and development system. The ERP and HR SAP systems were running 46C. We installed a prototype SAP XI and BW environment. The SAP platform is HP-UX operating system with an Oracle database. The disk configuration is connected to an EMC disk array.

I also managed servers that run Oracle for separate applications. I also managed servers that are integrated with SAP such ITS, EDI, B2B, and RF applications.

I am responsible for system tuning for the complete SAP systems. This includes all UNIX and SAP sizing and tuning. These responsibilities include system purchases, upgrades, consolidations, sizing issues, kernel configuration, file system setup and maintenance, Operating System patches and Operating System upgrades.

I am also responsible for maintaining a Storage Area Network using EMC products. This includes UNIX, Linux, and NT connections into the fibre switches and Symmetric frame. We used EMC Control Center 5.1 to manage the environment. I have successfully upgraded two EMC Symmetrics to a newer EMC Symmetric and upgraded from the existing SAN switches to new SAN architecture.

I implemented a hot-site Disaster Recovery Site at Cognis. We replaced the existing cold-site location from Sun Guard and reduced cost.

I have migrated WebMethods B2B solution to SAP Business Connector. We converted existing packages and also installed Elemica Connectivity package to Elemica’s portal. This included servers inside and outside of the DMZ.

I designed and implemented the backup and recovery plan for the Cognis Corporation. I installed HP Omniback and the SAP and Oracle integration modules. The backup strategy includes HP-UX, SuSE, RedHat, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 Operating System backups, SAP on-line brbackups, SAP brarchives, and R/MAN backups. I have upgraded several versions of the software and currently run Data Protector 5.1.

I installed and maintained two 3rd party EDI translator systems. I configured the interface to SAP and setup all data managers within the translator. I also wrote the communication scripts that send and receive EDI documents with a Value-Added Network.

The Gap Eastern Distribution Center 1/91 - 11/96

I worked in the System Administration Staff where I was responsible for twenty Unix Operating systems. The majority of which was HP-UX, however I also maintained SCO, Univell, and UnixWare. I was also responsible for maintaining all the Sybase Databases.

I was responsible for all UNIX and Sybase installations and upgrades for the Gap’s Distribution Centers. This included setting up the Southern Distribution Center and upgrading Sybase 4.1 to Sybase 10.1.

I worked on HP3000, UNIX systems, and PC application interfaces. The PC applications were used for engineering analysis.

I installed and implemented Reveal on the HP 3000. The project was an on-line storage system of reports. This decreased unnecessary printing of reports and allowed the users to access information in a timelier manner.


Attended Cincinnati Technical College for Computer Systems.

EMC Proven Professional Certifications


VMAX Certifications – IE (Implementation Engineer) and TA (Technical Architect)

VNX Certification – IE (Implementation Engineer)

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