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Engineer Manufacturing

Sacramento, CA
April 24, 2020

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Los Angeles county, CA


The solution to complexity is not more complexity, it is simplicity.

Objective: a position in manufacturing and operations engineering leading to continuous improvement and operation management.


A Self starter, highly focused and goal oriented, hands-on Operations and Manufacturing Engineer with over 20 years of manufacturing/ engineering experience in various complex, high cost, one off, low volume- hi mix, and high volume low mix product lines, exotic metal fabrication, mechanical, electrical and electro-mechanical systems assembly in aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, closed IV catheter systems, bio-mechanics, and other consumer products (household, recreational, energy). Working with various mix teams and all levels of personnel and utilizing team synergies. Well balanced hands on and short & long term planner.


Technical aspect of work; make to specification and/or print; design and performance

Development, pre-production, ramp-up, process validation, and sustaining phase runs.

Tooling; tool design/concepts, material handling and packaging (ANSI 14.5). Includes, Ass'y fixture, welding fixtures, machining fixture, inspection gauges

Product design specification development, user interface, etc.

Standard ME duties: tooling, process planning, Bills of material, material routing

Member of Material Review Board (MRB), strong, and innovative background in unconventional repairs for aerospace and high cost platforms and products

New Product Introduction (NPI) developmental work to include technology development, prototype, DFM/DFA, tooling, sourcing, materials & processes (M&P), work instructions and specification writings, B.O.M., and vendor and source development/qualification (life cycle)

Design industrialization for cost and production rate. (DMIAV, design for Six Sigma)

New plant and shops development (lay out, new site) and factory relocation

IQ, PQ, TMV (Test Method Validation)

Good understanding of material properties and various industrial process (hot, cold & wet)

An effective organizer; reduced redundancies and increased team performance

Skilled in mechanical, electro-mechanical and electrical systems ass’y

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems ass’y

Skilled in clean room and precision systems and ass’y (CL 100 to 100K)

Lean/Six Sigma practitioner, production readiness and cycle time reduction

Ergonomics, human factors and EH&S

Industrialization and modernization of aging factories and production systems

Project management/supervision of up to 12 professionals; Tool Designers, NC programmers, plant maintenance, and 60 shop and production personnel

Budgetary management of up to $3M for tooling, and capital equipment projects

IPC-STD-J-001 (MIL-STD-2000)

21 CFR, part 820 FDA, CLII surgical, orthopedics

49 CFR, part 209, 210, 211 and 238 Rail Road regulation, GCOR General Code of Operating Rules

Certified in Ergonomics

Certified in work measurement

Multi Lingual (fluent)


AutoCAD 2014


Microsoft Office

Holder of US Patents and Patents Pending:

Medical Applicator

Home Safety

Energy Saving

Pest Control

Therapeutic products.


M.O.S.T. MCS, and MTM-UAS certified

PADI, AOW, Nitrox and Rescue diver certified

First aid and CPR certified


B.S. Industrial Engineering; Technical Comprehensive and Industrial Management, Minor in Engineering Physics, Missouri State University, Springfield, MO

Continuing education:

Sacramento City College, AutoCAD V14

American River College, real estate economics and practices.


October 2008 - On going (as called)

Global Consortium Group

Self Employed, Freelance

Feb. 2019

Siemens Moblity

Sacramento, CA

Industrial Engineer, Manufacturing operations, Car body welding.

Plant operations for rail and transit car body ass'y and welding.

Standard Work Instruction development to stop random processes.

Employee training for quality remediation.

Equipment design and procurement

Flow and operations stream lining for production ramp up.

Safety protocol development and training.

Equipment layout for process flow.

Labor standards for car body ass'y.

Tool and fixture development for quality production.

June 2018- Current projects: passive solar heating system with zero grid input. Passive warm water with near-zero grid input.

Therapeutic product design for tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) (patent pending)

Designed weld and locating fixture for light sport aircraft landing gear weldment.

Carbon composite airfoil design for Summit light sport airplane (RMT, vacuum).

Design and development for off highway suspension spring relocation systems.

Design for integration of dampener into off highway and rough terrain racing chassis.

Workforce training in Lean and operations excellence.

Provide full manufacturing engineering support for various customers for product development (construction, environmental assessment).

Various Lean, training, engineering and design works.

Product development for consumer products (metal and plastic).

Complete product spec and design and procurement, wheel skirt for ultra-high-altitude glider project (tooling for molds).

Designed locating fixture for aircraft propellers for carbon composite bond over wood.

Process and shop layout for production facility.

Product design and development for automotive sun shade (design, tooling, packaging, sourcing, shipping)

Product development for special mechanics creeper using pneumatic components for limited production volume (patent pending), 500 units.

Off highway suspension system design and development for high mobility off hwy vehicles for unimproved terrain; (design, tooling, packaging and sourcing) 4 vehicles.

Security system design for metal theft prevention of Air Conditioning copper cores (12,000 units produced); fabrication, ass'y installation.

February - June 2018

Saxco International, Sterling Holdings

Fairfield, CA

Consulting Engineer

Plant operations analysis in preparation for sale of the division to a new holding company.

Achieved 400% increase in output (custom line) with 25% less labor head count by redefining the process.

Increased overall output by line balancing and cross training and reduction of overlap.

Line balance and process improvement for wine bottle packing lines (4 lines) to increase planned output by 10% and achieved 30% increase in output and on time delivery. From 11 to 17 Bx/min.

Reduced on line inventory and increased machine utilization by 100%.

Designed and published employee duty requirements and tasks with complete process flow diagram and clarified process cycles.

Standard labor hours development and application for manual labor.

Layout (AutoCAD, 2D) for new proposed packing equipment to increase output while lowering operator fatigue and increased safety.

Developed and provided safety training program for forklift operators due to a catastrophic incident (loss of life).

Achieved $50,000 month cost saving by re-organizing production methods and schedule.

Totally removed all product pile ups by new floor layout and material flow.

Developed and applied time standards to balance 4 wine bottle packing lines for single flow.

Developed and applied safety standards for man and machine operations.

Overlooked implantation of safety standard and achieved zero time loss injury (zero injury in total).

August 2014 - May 2015

The GBS Group

Virginia Beach, VA

Consulting Engineer, Process Engineer

Assigned to Amtrak in Los Angeles:

Support of Amtrak Mechanical operations for west coast, SAN to Oakland.

Led and managed PF team (performance focused) for project tracking and implementation to increase vehicle reliability and project execution.

Developed process for locomotive and passenger car maintenance and mods.

Proposed, designed and planned new vehicle parking and staging area.

Actively led Hazard reduction and shop organization for work flow.

Initiated team building activities to improve moral and team work.

Created site labor assessment for labor performance and tracking plans and proposed head count reduction from 257 to 231 (-11%) for LAX.

Active on Safety team and achieved Zero injury records in two shops in a year.

Proposal development for reliability increase of locomotive service.

Planned and proposed for water conservation and saving of 8000 G/day/site.

Generated report and identified the cause for inventory shortage issues.

Planned for electric power savings of 400 KW hrs./day ($2400/mo.).

2013 - 2014

Zimmer Surgical

El Dorado Hill, CA

Development Manufacturing Engineer, CAPA remediation and validation

Increase from 25,000 to 50,000 units/month production rate.

Participated in compliance with CFR 21, FDA 820, GMP, cGMP, and GDP.

Remedial procedures for CAPA (Corrective and preventive action).

Designed fixtures for Micro-Vue visual inspection for TMV.

Development of IQ, PQ, TMV, etc.

Designed fixtures for precision grinding of orthopedic bone saws (tooth shaping, feature grinding, surfacing).

Knee implants process plans.

Developed plans to answer failed audits for equipment maintenance and gauge R&R.

Process mapping of current and proposed techniques for water treatment of sludge water.

Audit and validation of company procedures per FDA CFR21, 820, CL2 medical.

Class 1000 clean room procedure development and enforcement.

New equipment installation and qualification (IQ).

New water treatment process design and commissioning.

Packaging and labeling of sterile surgical products. (50,000 units/mo)

October 2011 - October 2012

General Dynamics OTS, Healdsburg, CA

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

Electro-Mechanical actuators in addition to standard ME duties:

Provided full manufacturing engineering support for electro-mechanical ass’y.

Supported new and sustaining phase production with work instructions.

Actively led relocation plans to a new location to increase production capacity, including but not limited to additional office layout, work stations, test chamber installation (environmental), Liquid nitrogen storage, and equipment.

Process development and validation for advanced guided munitions systems.

Redesigned motor armature to starter bond fixture and eliminated motor speed delta.

Designed ass'y fixture and eliminated striped thread for the motor casing.

Designed holding fixture for work in progress for soldering of main PCB.

Developed tool tracking for tooling development and procurement.

Daily and Weekly program review to track production and delivery status.

Utilizing of SPC data to forecast trends and process reliability and defect identification.

Redesigned product ass’y and eliminated the tolerance stack up of bonded component via new procedure and redesigned tooling.

Actively participated and led the efforts to reduce defects in plastic (injection molding) to reduce flash and relocation of mold gates and achieved 6Sigma quality on magnet ass’y.

Designed new facility layout to integrate operations, incoming inspection/Quality control, and logistics (incoming and shipping) for smooth flow and reduced clutter and was able to increase production stations by removing non-utilized space.

Electro-Mechanical systems ass’y for various missiles and munitions guidance actuators.

Complete product tooling for IRAD and production tooling spec and design, procurement and validation.

Preparations for PRR (production readiness review) and FAI (First Article Inspection, validation)

Cleared the Material Discrepancy backlog of one year (400 +) in 90 days and achieved real time disposition for rejected items.

Reduced rejects by providing online ME support, achieving 6Sigma quality on motor ass’y.

Proposed reduction of work force from 36 to 23 (-40%) head count and to eliminate second shift and increased output at the same time (+40% performance increase).

Member of MRB (Material Review Board).

October 2007 - June 2008

Vought Aircraft, Charleston, SC

Sr. Manufacturing - Lean

Boeing 787 production operations for carbon composite aircraft sections

Organized and coached production teams and achieved:

Reduction of time for mold prep for composite layup.

Proposed, planned and eliminated the need for installation of reinforcement for fuselage that exposed the composite aircraft sections to unnecessary risk and edged-lamination of carbon composite.

5S and work space clean up and organization (shadow boards, Kan-Ban, Min/Max).

Reduced HAZMAT and adhesive use and disposal (50% reduction in use, 90% in waste).

Assignment of point of use only material. No stock piling of all material everywhere.

Material handling equipment design, development and procurement.

Work simplification and rework reduction.

Standardization of tooling and cutters for composites and Titanium.

Waste elimination and work sequencing. Reduced storage foot print by up to 80%.

Safety improvement and workers fatigue reduction and reduced lost time by 20%

Work flow design to eliminate wait and work duplication and labor confusion.

Piloted FOD prevention in specific areas to remove all unwarranted re-work.

Conceptual design for floor section handling and transportation (60+% reduction).

Proposed elimination of flip fixtures and increasing production space and reduction of equipment foot print by 40% and elimination of hazards to personnel.

June 2007 - October 2007

AAR Cargo Systems

Operations Engineer

Livonia, MI

Documentation of work in progress for plant relocation from Detroit, MI.

Equipment relocation moves and space allocation to new facilities in NC (layout).

IQ, PQ for relocated machinery.

Documentation of Oracle data and transfer to written work instruction.

Crating, packaging and kitting equipment for transfer to the new site.

October 2006 - March 2007

Manufacturing Consultant

Volvo-Mack Power-train

Hagerstown, MD

Heavy duty truck engines assembly line, 4 models:

Plans for 120 engine assemblies / shift

Line balance and level load for 7.5-minute Takt time.

Re-design of process and process flow for demand flow technology line.

Restructure of bill of material (B.O.M)

Work station design for ergonomics and speed of assembly.

Designed new sub-assemblies for off line work to reduce final assembly line burden.

Reduction of final assembly Takt time from 11.5 to 7.5

Improvement of material presentation, delivery, logistics and 5S.

Designed rapid assembly tooling and jigs for quick assembly and quality.

October 2005 - October 2006

Manufacturing Engineer

Gulfstream Aircraft

Brunswick, GA

Corporate and luxury Jets final phase and outfitting in addition to standard ME duties:

Participated in implementing lean manufacturing for final phase/ completion for G550 (GV-SP), G450 (GIV-SP) models.

Responsible for work order maintenance and day to day labor activities using CAPS.

5S and improved layout for better work flow and value streaming.

Process planning for interior composite, honeycomb and aluminum bond to fabric and wood and repair of carbon floor boards.

Work toward reduction of cycle time by two weeks, of a 17-week cycle.

Introduced new material for masking that eliminated rework of aircraft interior and exterior finish due to out gassing of former material (80-man hrs./AC).

May 2004 – October 2004

Manufacturing Engineer

ATS/Behr America

Canton, SD

Automotive heat exchangers, oil, fuel, AC and charged air. Ferrous and non-ferrous:

Supervision of second shift production; 60 head count, production and maintenance

production rate of 200-500 units/day, in shift ops high mix.

Safety improvement to reduce risk to personnel.

Identified cause of tube rupture and set procedure to eliminate the issue at vendor.

Developed weld fixtures that eliminated bracket misalignment at next assemblies (poka-yoke, mistake proofing).

Process improvements for heat exchangers for commercial use. Tube in fin forming.

Work instruction and other manufacturing documents.

Prototype for product and tooling. Rapid prototype from order to production in 7 days including process validation and qualification.

Machine tool and tool/fixture trouble shooting and maintenance.

Developed single minute die exchange plans and reduced both set up and run times.

Capital equipment purchase, installation, and commissioning.

1999 – 2001

Site Manufacturing Engineer, NPI

GE Power Systems

Greenville, SC,

Gas Turbines, power generation 400MW:

Full responsibilities for H-series Gas Turbine Project manufacturing activities on site (Houston, TX) for two new turbine programs (work site) and achieved on time delivery and 100% quality.

Provided manufacturing and tool engineering support (design, develop and procurement) for tooling, process planning: [APPS], and assembly of gas turbine rotors for new generation gas turbines (included process qualification and validation).

Hot airfoil tip weld, repairs and machining for single crystal casting.

Provisioning for facilities modification (new cranes and infrastructure) and transportation system and planning (domestic and international).

Overlooked activities of two shifts and 12 production personnel as assigned/when assigned.

Achieved revamp of tooling design and procurement and was able to purchase 30% more with the same budget.

Designed and developed among others, a single shipping skid for multi-model assembled unit rotors for all modes of transportation; air, marine, land (rail and truck); 140-ton cargo, heat systems, assembly and material handling tools.

Daily project status meeting with on and off-site teams with both labor and management staff and activity planning.

50%+ Travel, domestic.

1997 - 1999

Self-Employed and served listed clients:

Walt Disney Corporation

Developed test procedures for test of a boat ride for Tokyo Disney.

Complete text and pictorial training manual for use of the new ride and staff training.

Proctor and Gamble Company

Provided onsite support for test and installation (PQ, IQ) of new screw-on capping line for Sunny Delight drink line.

Production rate of 1200 bottles/minutes for three size bottles in 10,000 sq ft fully automated floor.

Developed complete maintenance training manual for onsite personnel in Tustin, CA and Sherman, TX for line changeover as well as routine, light and medium maintenance.

1997 - 1999

Project Manufacturing Engineer

Sundstrand Corp.

Rockford, IL

In addition to standard ME duties:

Aircraft electrical power distribution package

Production support for Bombardier Global Express aircraft for AC and DC electrical power system assemblies and APU power management unit.

Participated in test of the electrical systems for FAA certifications.

Produced a comprehensive document package in preparation for transfer of all work to Porto Rico; Equipment prep, shipping, crating, material identification, documentation, etc.

Member of MRB.

1995 - 1997

Project Manufacturing Engineer

Allied-Signal, AES

Torrance, CA

Production rate of 400 ship sets (up to 2000 comp.) of bearing and 200 exchangers/week

Planning and support for turbo machinery, APU and ECS, cabin pressurization.

Planning and support of manufacturing operations for heat exchangers (tube in fine and fin and plate) for SST, AL, Inconel and Ti.

Tooling design and operations standardization for foil/air bearing.

Achieved 200% increase in production rate while reducing scrap by over 400%.

Achieved 90% on time delivery by standardization of work and procedures.

Transfer of technology from chem-mill to stamped blanks to reduce Hydrogen embrittlement in material.

Achieved reduced over time from 30hr/wk. to 6 hours on as needed basis; head count 12 by process yield improvement and scrap reduction.

Member; MRB

1994 - 1995

Program Mfg. Engineer

Delco Electronics

Santa Barbara, CA

Advance armored vehicle systems integration (electrical), hydraulics; in addition to standard ME duties:

Operational support for GKN25 APC (armored personnel carrier).

Designed and developed new tooling and manufacturing techniques to reduce cycle time.

Designed and developed new shipping stands that reduced shipping cost by 50%.

Designed and developed test stands to accommodate heat and vibrating environments and eliminated vibration and harmonic problems associated with the old design tool.

Achieved cost savings of over $248K and received Excellence Award for on time delivery, cost and quality improvements.

Member of MRB

1993 - 1994

Sr. Engineer

Morrison-Knudsen Rail Corp., BLO

Boise, ID

Locomotive fabrication and systems integration (fuel, hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic)

Locomotive and rail product and systems.

Designed and specified a semi-automated paint system to reduce cycle time by two wks.

Locomotive fabrication and assembly for new and modified rail vehicles.

Plant infrastructure improvement and expansion for electrical and pneumatic.

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