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Oracle, AWS, SQL Server, Sybase, Unix, Scripting, OO Languages

Largo, MD, 20774
April 24, 2020

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Elisa L. Criddle

***** ******* ****

Largo, MD **774

301-***-**** cell

Position Objective

Utilize experience and skills as an Information Systems Engineer assisting in supporting business operations and development, which is familiar with various government agencies, data security and processing standards, and generally accepted accounting practices. Expertise is in the Project Management/Development, QuickBooks Online, MS Office, MS Project, Enterprise Architecture, RESTful Microservices, SOLID Agile Software Engineering Principles, Amazon AWS API Gateway, and Database Technologies.


Desktop Publishing/Project Management Tools:

QuickBooks, Excel, MS Word, MS Access, MS Project, MS PowerPoint

Security Standards: FISMA, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, PII Privacy Act, IPsec, DNSSEC, TLS/SSL, PKI, Cryptographic Algorithms, FedRamp Templates, NIST Guidelines, OWASP Standards, DoD 85xx Directives & Guidelines, Security Assessment Reports, Risk Assessment Reports, Malicious Activity Reports (Root Cause Analysis)

Methodologies: DeMarco-Yourdon, Agile Alliance Principles, SOLID, SCRUM, eXtreme Programming, Waterfall, RAD, Spiral

Quality Assurance: GitHub, Nexus, JUnit, JMeter, PVCS, CVS, SVN, Dimensions, CMM, 508, FitNesse, Selenium, Robotium

Databases: AWS Redshift, AWS RDS, Oracle Databases - versions 12c, 11g r2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, AWS DynamoDB, Apache Hortonworks Hadoop, Sybase

Cloud Service Providers: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure

Monitoring/Scanning Tools: Splunk, CloudWatch, CloudCheker, Nmap, Nessus, Nikto, WPScan, Snort, Wireshark, Cain, Ophcrack

Networking: TCP/IP, DNS, UDP, LDAP, Enclave (DMZ) Creation, NIS, TDB, SQL*Net, MySQL

Application Servers: Amazon AWS API Gateway, Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat

Operating Systems: Windows; MacOS, iOS, Android, UNIX (Linux – RedHat, CentOS; SunOS, BSD)

Languages: Wiki, Perl, Python, Golang, Java, Maven, Ant, C Shell, Bourne Shell, Korn Shell, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL, SQL, C, Ada, XML, XSL, XSLT v2.0, v3.0, XSS, XPath

Development Tools: Eclipse; PGAdmin; DBeaver; XCode; Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle Spatial; Oracle Forms; Oracle Reports; JDeveloper; WebSphere Application Studio

General: General Acceptable Accounting Practices (GAAP), Data Modeling – Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Data Warehouse (DW), Decision Support System (DSS); Online Analytical Processing (OLAP); Documentation, Project Management, Microservices, Distributed Systems, World Wide Consortium (W3C) Guidelines, IEEE Standards

Memberships: IEEE Senior Member, NSBE


University of Maryland Global Campus, Adelphi, MD – Master of Science, Cybersecurity Technology

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY - Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering

Employment History


Job Title


11/2016 - Present


Poverty Alleviation Network, Corporation

CEO of a Charitable Organization for Social Services Advocacy and Financial Crises Prevention, Research & Assistance

Organize events typically with other non-profits lowering economic stress through education, advocacy, and social services application assistance.

01/1994 – Present

Chief Solutions Architect

SpecTechnical Computer Services

Developed websites, APIs, smart devices apps for small businesses and non-profits including,, and, integrating TLS/SSL eCommerce to accept donations and subscriber-only pages.

Assist Accounting departments with backend processes and reports using QuickBooks, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, MS Publisher

Department of the Navy – project included a data warehouse of equipment needed to keep the warfighter ready to deploy (11/2005 – 10/2007)

Performed integration testing of PIV readers for barcode scanners

Designed hierarchical structures for an Oracle Based COTS product for use by the U.S. Navy. Included use of partitions and materialized views. The subsystem was the OLAP portion of a DSS system.

Scripted several PL/SQL utilities for the management of Oracle partitions, materialized views and hierarchical queries.

Created event-driven processing queues using Oracle Advanced Queueing

Tools used: PKI, TLS/SSL, Oracle Streams, Oracle Advanced Queuing, Oracle Forms, Java Swing, Visio, Microsoft Project, TOAD, Windows, PVCS, Microsoft Office, HTML5, CSS, WordPress

08/2017 – 02/2019

Senior Developer/Tech Lead

Bellese Technologies, LLC

Health and Human Services - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services HHS/CMS - Improve accuracy of Hospital Quality Reporting (HQR) Application Systems through migrations and re-engineering efforts from on-premise Oracle platforms to cloud-based open-source and Amazon AWS technologies. Also provides guidance and expertise for data modeling, database design to support application and system design changes. SCRUM based two-week sprints with demonstrations utilized.


Researches and integrates design strategies, product specifications, development schedules, and user expectations into product capabilities. Utilized Minimum Valued Product (MVP) prototyping or research spike approach for design decisions. Tools include the use of FitNesse, JMeter, Selenium, HP Fortify, Splunk, CloudCheckr, CloudWatch, JDBC, Apache Kafka, AWS Redshift, AWS RDS, Node.js, Python, R statistics, DynamoDB, and Golang. Exclusions included Spark and Hadoop.

Maintain Security Initial Assessment (SIA) for product releases. Supply justification for approved software lists changes based on the agency's System of Record Notice (SORN) and ARS.

Securely migrated Medicare's Public Reporting Hospital Compare Preview and Final Files Extract. Originally an on-premise Oracle system converted to an integrated API First AWS API Gateway Microservices Workflow system. Synchronization of remaining Oracle Hospital Quality Reporting (HQR) Systems implemented with Kafka.

Provide production support and maintenance of legacy tools such as Oracle databases and products such as BI Publisher with XSLT v3.0

06/2011 – 08/2017

Sr Principal Analyst, Database

General Dynamics Information Technology

Health and Human Services - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services HHS/CMS.

Review of vendor release notes for security patches and security model strategies changes to built-in syntax.

Design and implementation of Attribute-Based Access Control System to maintain HIPAA privacy controls.

Researches and integrates design strategies, product specifications, development schedules, and user expectations into product capabilities.

Help support testing and development team issues with each development release - this includes performing advanced queries for PL/SQL, JDBC, BI Publisher with XSLT v2.0 & v3.0, Cognos

10/2007 – 5/2011

Database Engineer

Enterprise Architecture Innovations Management

Federal Aviation Administration – projects include development and maintenance of software needed to support the National Airspace. (01/2008 – 03/2011)

Maintained developer desktop images and application servers per Federated Desktop Environment FIPS 140-2 standards for FAA.

Gathered requirements through client meetings to design tables from scratch

Tools used: Oracle 10g PL/SQL, Oracle OC4J 10g, Hibernate, Hibernate Spatial, Spring, Struts, Swing, TOAD, Solaris, Sybase 12.5, CVS, Oracle Spatial, IBM Rational Software Architect, IBM Rational Manual Tester

Department of the Navy – project included a data warehouse of equipment needed to keep the warfighter ready to deploy (10/2007 – 12/2007)

Performed integration testing of PIV readers for barcode scanners using PKI technologies.

Created a web-based application to track supplies for the warfighter and used Oracle and Java Swing.

5/2005 – 10/2005

Practice Manager

Borders Solutions Group

Choice Point/Department of Homeland Security

Developed a migration plan to convert from Microsoft SQLServer to Oracle to maintain spatially aware data

Tools used: Oracle 10g, Microsoft SQLServer 2005, Autodesk



Oracle Corporation, Reston, VA

Oracle Corporation – traveled to various client sites to support Oracle Tools.

Provide knowledge transfer and technical advice on emerging technologies for universities, information data bank companies, and government agencies.

Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census – projects include: travel card accounting maintenance, development of surveys, and a corporate repository (04/1999 – 10/2001)

Developed configuration management policies for large teams of developers to work simultaneously.

Design security model blueprints for an ISO 11179 implementation of data elements.

Integrate emerging technologies to enhance an existing legacy application by incorporating into a heterogeneous environment.

Created data mart in a decision support system to allow for dynamic update of record format layouts for data processing at the Department of Commerce (DOC) Bureau of Census – Technology Management Office (TMO) Sample Control Input File (SCIF) unit. Programming specifications initially maintained in a WordPerfect document.

Participate in HTML, JSP, and JavaScript pages implementation of an ISO 11179 Data Element Registry corporate repository. Integrated modules with Oracle Portal.

United States Postal Service – data warehouse containing bulk mail permit processing (03/2004 – 03/2005)

Utilized Junit and JMeter to create and execute test cases for J2EE applications.

Manage deployment of Enterprise Applications by utilizing Ant.

Develop a data warehouse table strategy for improved reporting performance for the USPS PostalOne! Application.

Develop the ability to manipulate and present financial data through the use of Java Server Pages and tag libraries.

Coordinate training on the use of Oracle Reports and Oracle AS 10g for development staff at the USPS.

Department of Veteran Affairs – development of a HIPAA compliant medical claims system (11/2001 – 02/2004)

Created a security system that allowed for lightweight database users to access the same connection pool with fine-grained access to database rows.

Designed reference and security data table structures for metadata-driven claims processing web application for the Department of Veteran Affairs (DoVA) - Claims, Processing, and Eligibility (CP&E) System. Utilized IC9, DX and CPT codes. Processed HL7 formatted records.

Provide instruction on the use of Oracle Software Control Management and the CICD model for configuration management at the DoVA.

Implemented administration maintenance modules for the DoVA CHAMPVA Eligibility System & FEE Usual & Customary Rates (UCR) Validation System using UI Frameworks, HTML, and JavaScript technologies.

Food and Drug Administration – development of a toxicology report approval system (10/1998 – 04/1999)

Architected HTML with JavaScript pages to assist in drug approvals workflow processing for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

US Department of Agriculture

Tier 1 maintenance and help desk support of legacy Oracle Forms applications on legacy Unix Mini-Computer Servers for the Multi-Tenant Family System application.

Tools used: Oracle Forms, Oracle ADF, Oracle Reports, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle BC4J, Red Hat Linux, Solaris, SubVersion, PVCS

Maintain a healthy working relationship with clients by utilizing interpersonal skills.

Perform services for various government agencies gaining a broad knowledge of national procedures and policies.

Control versions of software with CVS, PVCS, and Oracle's SCM tool.

Implement budget and finance systems.


Systems Engineer

GDIT (formerly DynCorp Information and Engineering Technology), Fairfax, VA

Principal duties include analysis, design and coding, and documentation of software.

Maintenance of accounting and compliance applications primarily at IRS (Chief Counsel, Enforcement Regulation, Electronic Fraud Detection, Resource Tracking Systems) and DOJ (Antitrust and Civil Rights)

Supervise the design and development of security applications for large distributed networks using Unix utilities and Oracle.

Performed penetration testing using the Blue Book and Orange Book standards.

Other duties include the design and development of hardware solutions of application needs such as device drivers.

Also assisted in the development of the Software Development Plan and the Capability Matrix Model for projects

Disseminated policy information for projects’ Software Development Plan and Capability Maturity Model (CMM) at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) formerly DynCorp Information and Engineering Technology (DynCorp I&ET).

Tools used: Unix, Oracle, Open Source Software Source Control (SCCS)


Systems Analyst

Potomac Systems Engineering, Annandale, VA

Responsibilities included debugging and testing and new Ada code for various subtasks of the Defense Telecommunications Service (DTS) System billing systems

Other duties included the implementation of new and modified UI screens, shell script command files, Ada and Pro*Ada code, development of deliverable documentation, and training new team members on system operations

Requirements analysis, systems design

Tools used: VAX, Oracle Forms, Oracle

06/88 – 05/90

Junior Engineer

Con-Ed formerly

Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, Oswego, NY

Perform statistical analysis of operations to determine if the plants could perform a graceful shutdown. Report status every morning.

Perform a feasibility study of the likely hood that a core meltdown could occur in the remaining nuclear plants that have not had a core meltdown at that present time. Work resulted in a scholarship from INPO (International Nuclear Power Organization) granted.

Assist in coordinating a reduction in force plan due to mandates made by the regional Public Service Commission.

Tools used: VAX, Mathcad, 20/20 Spreadsheet, Fortran, RBase

Skills used: SQL, Linear Regression, Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics.

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