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Engineer Software

Knoxville, TN
April 22, 2020

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Craig Scott

Knoxville, Tennessee *****

Cell: 305-***-****



I am actively seeking a position as a Senior\Principal Level Engineer with a leading technology company. The best definition of my skillset would be R&D Product Design and Development. Primarily I have specialized in everything related to 3D, my background also has an extensive EE/ME experience to compliment my software talents.


• Senior Level Engineer with 20+ years of commercial engineering experience.

• Experience in all levels of Software and Hardware development

• Architect \ Designer \ Developer \ Programmer \ Engineer \ Manager

• Vision \ Image Processing

• Advanced Algorithm Development

• R&D Biomedical \ Industrial \ Manufacturing

• Project Management PLC \ SDLC

• Product development

• Window application development

• Embedded System and Integration (8-32 bit)

• 2D \ 3D Programming \ OpenGL \ Qt \ Vtk

• Motion Control \ Industrial Automation and Control Systems \ 3D Printers

• 3D Digitizers \ 6 Dof tracking systems

• Win32\64 \ MFC \ 3.5,4.0 .Net Frameworks

• ASM \ C \ C++ \ C#

• FTP \ UDP \ TCP/IP Stack \ Sockets \ Threading

• RDBMS \ SQL \ Stored Procedures \ XML \ Web services

• UML \ Black Box \ BDUP \ Waterfall \ Agile \ Scrum

• QMS \ FDA \ ISO 13485

• Video: MISB 0601, SMPTE, Mpeg2, H.264, Transport Streams, KLV Employment:

August 2019 – Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee January 2020 (contractor )

American multiprogram science and technology national laboratory sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and administered, managed, and operated by UT–Battelle as a federally funded research and development center under a contract with the DOE

Senior Software Engineer, Geospatial Research and Development: Active project involves direct decoding raw mpeg-2 video transport streams for the purpose of geo- correcting embedded image metadata. Project built using C++, created customized stream parsers and demultiplex to extract and decode video stream information. Interfaces directly to an open framework like GStreamer, but developed run as a standalone tsdemuxer. . Deployment for both Windows and Centos Linux platforms. Resume: Craig Scott 01/2020

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August 2015 – JointVue Corporation, Knoxville, Tennessee July 2019 (previously managed by Techmah LLC, now Techmah Medical/ Lima Corporate) A medical research and development company partnering with leading orthopedic companies to develop computer vision and algorithms used in the creation of custom surgical plans and patient specific instrumentation.

Senior Research and Development Engineer:

Senior level engineer with primary responsibility of software development and system architecture, primary project was the development of a musculoskeletal diagnostic imaging technology based on traditional ultrasound technology with a proprietary acoustic technology. The instrument utilizes ultrasound and vibration data to construct a 3D representation of a patient’s anatomy, providing an accurate measurement of 1mm or better. Primary purpose of system is to reconstruct the underlying multi bone skeletal anatomy of a patient for the purpose of creating dimensionally accurate 3D bone models for use in orthopedic implant surgeries. System has received FDA approval. This is a Windows based

application using a customized QT

\ VTK GUI interface

Able to track patient movement

and display real time 3D and

ultrasound data simultaneously.

Able to provide critical

measurement and kinematic data

for later analysis.

All code written in C++ using


Other active projects include

DICOM Image viewer with

segmentation to 3D model creator

tool for use in converting image

data to physical models for the

purpose of creating patient specific instrumentation. See for video demonstration of application. April 2015 – Principle Software Engineer

July 2015 3D Software Designs

Software Contractor

Provided 3D software consultation support for startup dental implant company located in Charlotte, NC Resume: Craig Scott 01/2020

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November 2013 – 3D Systems Corporation, Rock Hill, South Carolina April - 2015

3D Systems is a leading, global provider of 3D content-to-print solutions including personal, professional and production 3D printers, integrated print materials and on-demand custom parts services for professionals and consumers alike.

Senior Software Engineer:

Responsibilities include all aspects of software development at 3D Systems. Primary duty was the continued development and support of their stereo lithography 3D printer line. Machine control/interface programing/ High power laser control/ Stepper motor controls. Advanced diagnostics and statistical process control. C/C++/C#

Managed/Unmanaged Code, Multithreading

Javascript/Json/Ajax/Web service,

TCP/IP Sockets, Serial communications

Drivers development, DSP programming

HMI, OpenGL, 3D programming

SPC and advanced diagnostics

January 1994 - BioSculptor Corporation, Hialeah, Florida November 2013

BioSculptor is a leading developer and manufacturer of custom manufacturing solutions for use within the O&P (Prosthetic and Orthotic) industry. The primary engineering focus is the continued development of a proprietary CAD/CAM system used to automate clinical and manufacturing processes within this industry. BioSculptor has installed systems for both private and government institutions throughout the world. Resume: Craig Scott 01/2020

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Senior Engineer: Software and Electrical

Responsibilities included all aspects of software and electrical engineering at BioSculptor. Primary duty is to lead all software and technical development of existing and new products. Senior Software Engineer:

Solely responsible for the development and maintenance of several proprietary PC based software systems, each designed to be a complete turnkey solution for specific product or manufacturing task. Software is predominately written in C \ C++ using an Object Orientated Design discipline. The systems developed through my leadership are capable of digitizing, modifying and milling 3D anatomical shapes used in the production of custom orthotic and prosthetic devices. Unlike standard CAD/CAM systems where emphasis is to design once to make many, the end goal of the BioSculptor system is an efficient way to design one and make one.

This system is primarily composed of 3 basic subsystems that can be generalized as:

• Acquisition

• Manipulation

• Fabrication

(the following are just a few of the many projects/systems developed by me) Acquisition Systems:


- An embedded digitizer system designed to control a custom built 4-axis computer numeric control and laser digitizer system. Advanced control package which can dynamically capture 3D profiles while in motion to a tolerance of .005 inches.

The primary use of this machine is to digitize the inside surface of plaster cast impressions taken from a patient. Similar in design to the milling system in motion control, the core technology was the development of a laser digitizing probe approx. ” in diameter and 40” in length that can accurately digitize surfaces from a range of 0.5” – 11” with high precession.

Virtual Casting System:

- A portable handheld digitizer designed around an embedded magnetic tracking system. Its primary use is to digitize the exterior surface of the human body or other positive or negative cavity. It is capable of digitizing and displaying a 3D surface simultaneously while the user is capturing the data. An interactive wizard prompts the user through the process.


- Integration to medical imagery using DICOM, import and generate 3D surface geometries of patients. Foot Scanner:

- An embedded system using real time video and image processing technologies to digitize the plantar surface of a patient’s foot for use in the manufacturing of custom foot orthotics. Milling System:

- A real-time embedded motion control package designed to control a custom built 4-axis high speed milling machine. A complete interactive interface controls all functions of the milling machine, in addition to performing multi-axis simultaneous contoured milling routines of complex shapes. The primary purpose of this machine it to carve positive molds from rigid polyurethane foam blanks so that they can be used in material lamination or thermoforming manufacturing process to produce the end clinical product. This Resume: Craig Scott 01/2020

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system is capable of milling shapes up to 40” in height and 24” in diameter while still maintaining a small enough footprint to be installed in an office\clinical setting. Shape Manipulation CAD System:

The software manipulation system is built on top of a custom written 3D graphics engine and 3D linear and vector matrix library package which allows the user to intuitively manipulate the surface in real time. Throughout my tenure at BioSculptor I’ve created many proprietary as well as custom OEM solutions for customers in the O&P industry.

Shape Software Package:

- This is the flagship core technology at BioSculptor. This software is based on a custom written 3D graphics package and intuitive Graphical User Interface. With this software, the user can create, edit and apply user definable modifications to a multi-dimensional geometric surface using data that was generated by a variety of 3D acquisition devices such as a 3D digitizer or other medical imagery sources such as MRI or CT scans.

The Shape package has become the starting block for many other OEM projects and continues to be enhanced to provide additional clinical and manufacturing solutions. Some of these OEM systems have been created on top of this technology to provide turnkey solutions for other manufacturers in the medical industry to help produce their specific custom products, some of these products include:

Wheel Chair Seats

Silicon Prosthetic Liners

Carbon Fiber Knee Braces

Breast Prostheses

Facial Burn Masks

A web portal that allows users to place orders with a variety of partner manufacturers in the O&P industry. The system is comprised of a hosted SQL database and web services for placing orders and a client server application for downloading and managing the orders at the manufacturer’s site. The order manager can then manage and track the orders in-house and provide real time status updates back to the web service. Electrical Engineer:

Responsibilities include the entire electrical design of the system. From the creation of prototypes to final production systems, including all relevant manufacturing documentation for electrical cabinets, laser digitizer, computer controls and user interfaces. Each cabinet is designed to NEMA industrial control specifications and optimized for serviceability. Design aspects include: AC Power Systems, DC Control Logic, Servo System Integration, Computer Interfaces, AC/DC Circuit Design, PC Board Layout, and Wire Harnesses.

Other duties are to train technical and production staff to build and repair systems from schematics and documentation, establish quality control procedures, create Bill of Materials, vendor selection and approval. Resume: Craig Scott 01/2020

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May 1985 - Anilam Electronics Corporation, Miramar, Florida January 1994

Anilam Electronics a leading manufacturer of CNC Systems and Digital Readouts specifically designed for use in the Machine Tool Industry. Software Design Engineer:

Responsibilities included creation of software packages for a PC based Computer Numeric Controls.

Extensive programming experience from a modular design phase through production and testing. Extensive knowledge of PC subsystems and interfacing on an MS-DOS platform using real and protected mode programming, overlays, DOS extenders, BIOS and DOS low level interfacing, assembly language routine interfacing, Anilam cont.

TSRs, device drivers, DLLs, interrupt service routines, serial communication interfaces, advanced data structures and custom GUI programming.

Technical engineer responsibilities included designs utilizing 8/16-bit microprocessors, D/A, A/D, high speed counters, video processors, digital/analog interfaces and servo drive systems. Developed diagnostic programs used in conjunction with above circuits for in-house production testing and certification. Designed and prototyped test apparatus used with diagnostic software facilitating testing and trouble shooting of electrical systems to a component level. Education:

2003 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Florida International University

1993 Minor Electrical Engineering

Florida International University, Miami, Florida

1985 Associate in Science Electronics Technology

Miami Dade College, Miami, Florida


Available upon request

Resume: Craig Scott 01/2020

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Software Development Experience:


DOS Real\Protected Mode

MS-Windows 9x\XP\7\8\10

Embedded Linux

Pharlap and Rational Extenders

UNIX \ VMS \ XWindows

Programming Languages:


C \ C++ \ C#

Basic\Visual Basic

Pascal \ Fortran \ Ada



Scripting languages

Programming Styles\Interfaces:

Functional\ OOD / OOP

Real Mode

Protected Mode

Device Drivers



Data Processing Knowledge:

MS Access \ MS SQL \ SSMS \ SSRS

Stored Procedures \ triggers

Oracle 8 \ Forms \ Reports

Crystal Reports \ Info

Programming Tools:

MS-Visual Studio 2005\8\10\12\13


Rational Rose CASE \ UML

Borland C\C++


Metaware High C

Visual C++

Visual Basic

Intel Code Builder

Borland Assembler

Turbo Pascal \ C

Pharlap Assembler


IDE environments

Make Utilities

Build Utilities

Advanced Programming Skills:

Statistical Data Analysis

Image Processing

Machine\Motion Control

Man-Machine Interface (HMI\MMI)

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Text User Interface

3D Programming

3D Graphics Programming

3D Surface Manipulation

3D Solid Modeling

Vector\Linear\Matrix Geometry


OpenGL \ QT \ VTK

Advanced Motion Programming:

PID and Motion Algorithms

Collision Avoidance

Tool Path Calculation

Tool Gouge Protection

Multi-axis Control Systems

Simultaneous Axis Control

Continuous Path Motion

Serial Communications Programming:

Local Remote/Host file transfer

Modem: control and file transfer

PC-Embedded Systems Communication

ISR and Polled Mode programming


RS232 \ CAN bus

Systems Interfacing:


Sensors \ Vision

Motion Control

PLC Programmable Logic Controllers

Embedded Controllers

CMM - Renishaw

3D digitizers: Microscribe, Polhemus,

Creaform, Ascension

Haptic technologies

Revision Control, SVN

Code Composer


Resume: Craig Scott 01/2020

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Hardware Design Experience:

Embedded Processor designs:

Intel: 8051; 8085; 80x86;

Motorola: 6800; 6005; 6809; 68000

Microchip: PIC 16Cx

Misc.: 7810; 8800

TI 67C13



Embedded Programming Experience:

Chip level knowledge of PC subsystems

Embedded programming asm \ C

BIOS Interface

DOS Interface

DPMI Interface

Circuit Design and Programming:


Analog \ Digital designs

A/D and D/A circuits

Digital IO

High speed counters

Video input and output


Opto and isolation circuits

Laser systems

Low level Design:

PDS \CCD\CMOS sensors

Motion Control

Serial: RS232/422/485/Modems/CAN

Video Capture

SCSI Controllers

Real Time Clock

System Timer

Interrupt Controller

Video Systems

Disk Controller

DMA Controller

Motion Control Hardware Experience:

Analog \ Stepper \ Servo

3 Phase Servo Systems

Open \ Closed Loop Systems

PID control algorithms

Trapezoidal\Sinusoidal profiles

Linear\Rotary Scales

High Speed Counters

Digital \ Analog Controls

PLCs - Diabolis, Omron, Allen Bradly


Hardware Design:

PC Machine Interface

AC/DC Systems

Systems and Power Isolation

Power Distribution and Control

Man/Machine Safety, Fault Detection

Electrical Cabinet: Design, Layout


System Cooling

System Documentation:

Mechanical \ Electrical



Set Up, Configuration, Test Procedures

Technical and End User Manuals

OEM and Customer support


Schematic Capture

PCB Design and Layout

Mechanical CAD

Test and measurement equipment


Logic analyzers\emulators

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