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Biomedical Engineer

Tucson, AZ
April 22, 2020

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Apt. ***, *** East Prince Road, Tucson, AZ, 85719,, Mo.: 520-***-****

Overview: I have a background in Biomechanics, Tissue Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering. I have done research on molecular biomechanics and vascular tissue biomechanics, and have always been interested and involved in jobs which required mechanical design and analysis. I have also been enrolled in diverse research projects and recently developed interest in single molecule and cell force spectroscopy, biomedical optics for in vitro diagnostics and image processing for feature segmentation. My long-term professional goal is contributing to design, synthesis and analysis as a member of research groups that make effort towards improving population health.


oDesigning, executing and optimizing experimental protocols and performing data analysis

oScanning Probe Microscopy by Multimode and Park System AFM in Air and Liquid Modes

oDeveloping Subroutine UMAT for finite element analysis by ABAQUS

oProgramming in Python, MATLAB and C++

oCharacterization of the Material Properties of Soft Tissues

oComputer Aided Design (Creating 3D images of objects by SolidWorks and CATIA)

oImplant design optimization


Graduate Research Assistant, University of Arizona 09/2017-Present

oIdentified the parameters of a viscoelastic mathematical model based on stress relaxation experimental data to be used for optimization of the forces applied in orthopedic surgery,

oDocumented and executed a protocol for measuring specific protein and DNA concentration using Whispering Gallery Mode optical biosensors,

oTeamed up with research fellows for brainstorming, troubleshooting, and making plans in the process of designing and fabricating a flow cell device using SolidWorks,

oCooperated with research fellows for manufacturing micro-discs on silicon chips based on a protocol in a clean-room environment,

oExecuted a protocol for silicon surface functionalization with biomolecules for antibody immobilization,

oAssisted with acquisition and analysis of high quality two-dimensional images of Amyloid protein aggregation by Multimode AFM,

oImaged and acquired force spectroscopy data of fixed cells by Park System AFM,

oTeamed up with students for designing, building and testing electric circuits using Arduino and LabView for ECG device and Pulse Oximeter,

oImplemented a mathematical protocol into MATLAB to filter out cerebral vasculature from medical images for blood flow simulation,

oPrepared a research plan on stroke analysis using blood flow simulation through cerebral vasculature,

oGuided undergrad students into initial steps of tissue and organ segmentation projects,

oParticipated and gave presentations in weekly meetings to share own expertise and help achieve the goals of the team,

oAssisted with purchasing the most appropriate research specific resources for science lab,

oTeaching Assistantship for course on Biomechanics (BME 566 – Fall 2017)

Graduate Research Assistant, Amirkabir University of Technology 02/2013-03/2017

oRevised the experimental procedure for characterizing the mechanical behavior of vascular tissues,

oCoded a program in MATLAB for deducing the mechanical behavior of tissues based on experimental results,

oCoded and implemented a program in ABAQUS for stress and strain analysis, simulation and validation of experimental results, and acquisition of material parameters from mechanical behavior of vascular tissue,

oPerformed a literature review on Characterizing the Material Properties of Vascular Wall

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Amirkabir University of Technology 09/2011-09/2012

oSimulated and calculated the energies of molecular adsorption on surface by molecular dynamics simulation/analysis software,

oApplied machine-component design formulations and rules for optimization of the design parameters of ankle-foot prostheses,

oCharacterized blood-paper interaction properties and fluid dynamics behavior of blood flow on paper, based on the physics of liquid-surface phenomena, for paper-based diagnostics


M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, University of Arizona 08/2017-12/2018

oReport title: Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy by Atomic Force Microscope and Nanomechanics of Cells with Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy

M.Sc. in Tissue Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology 02/2015

oThesis title: Characterization and Comparison of the Viscoelastic Behavior of Natural and Synthetic Vascular Grafts

B.Sc. in Biomechanics, Amirkabir University of Technology 09/2012

oThesis title: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Protein Contactin4 Adsorption on a Rough Silicon Dioxide Surface


Askari, F., Solouk, A., Shafieian, M. & Hashemi, A. 2017. A Comparison of the Material Properties of Natural and Synthetic Vascular Walls. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 71:209-215.

Askari, F., Solouk, A., Shafieian, M. & Seifalian, A.M. 2016. Stem cells for tissue engineered vascular bypass grafts. Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine, and Biotechnology 20:1-12.

Askari, Forough, et al. 2011. Double-Phase Book of Physics: source books for students to prepare for the National University Entrance Exam (in Farsi). Tehran: Daneshpajoohaneh Javan Publisher.


Askari, F., Solouk, A. & Shafieian, M. 2015. Characterization and Comparison of the Viscoelastic Behavior of a Synthetic Vascular Graft and Ovine Native Artery. Poster was presented at the First Conference on Novel Approaches of Biomedical Engineering in Cardiovascular Diseases, Tehran.


oMRI Safety

oGeneral Laboratory Chemical Safety Training

oNIH Responsible Conduct of Research Certificate

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