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Engineer Welding

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
April 22, 2020

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• Industrious

• Perfectionist

• Adaptable

• Ambitious

• Versatile


• English - Fluent

• Hindi - Fluent

• Tamil - Native

• Russian - Intermediate


• Hardware & Networking

• Diploma in Graphics &



Date of Birth : 10


February 1993

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Unmarried

Nationality : Indian

Mother Tongue : Tamil

Address : No, 94E Arimedu,


Coimbatore -641045

P. Joel Raj Sundera Kumar


Ph. No- +919*********


To pursue a career in QA/QC field or as a piping or welding engineer and to develop my knowledge based on this field. To work where my knowledge and skills are attributed and enhanced and where everything relies on perfection.


QUALIFICATION : BE (Mechanical Engineering)

Year of Passing : 2019

Institution : Mangalam School of Management & Technology Percentage : 70%


Year of Passing : 2015

Institution : Suguna Polytechnic College

Percentage : 62%


• QA/QC Piping & Welding Inspection (STED)

• Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT Level II)

o Radiographic Testing

o Ultrasonic Testing

o Magnetic Particle Testing

o Liquid Penetrate Testing

o Visual Testing

• Radiographic Film Interpretation

• Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging


• Knowledge to perform inspection in accordance with API 570.

• Knowledge on API, ASME, ASNT, AWS and EN Codes.

• Knowledge to perform NDT Inspections with drawings, designs, and specifications for piping, boilers, pumps, pump fittings and casings and other pressure vessels.

• Knowledge on material and its weldability.

• Knowledge to monitor and perform inspection for fit up of structural assemblies, piping systems and pressure vessel.

• To review and witness NDT, WPS, Heat treatment on/for welds.

• Knowledge on Non-Conformance Reports.

• To operate Borescope.

• To read and interpret engineering drawings.

• To use Vernier, BMD, Trimos, Height Gauge, Depth Gauge, Micrometer, Inside and Outside Calipers, Mandrel and Functional, plug and slip gauges.

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Oct 2015


Oct 2016

Radiographic Technician, A-Star Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore o Responsible to conduct radiographic testing on welded pipe joints in a BPCL fabrication site and to provide report on the same. o To interpret films and to arrange the films as indications or no indication. Sep 2018


Jul 2019

QA/QC Inspector, Craftsman Automation Pvt. Ltd, Pithampur o Conducting Final Inspection on components to check if it meets customer’s requirement as per dimensions.

o Checking if the component is free from casting defects and machining defects. o Analysing and taking decision if the component is to be re-worked or is to be rejected.

o Maintaining data for rejection & production.

Jul 2019



Welding, Grinding & NDT Supervisor, Ultimate Alloys Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore o To Supervise and witness welding and NDT in Castings and Machined components and to supervise welders, grinders and NDT inspectors on related jobs and equipment.

o To analyse and decide if the NDT (UT, MPT, RT, PT) indication is a defect or is acceptable in accordance with ASME or EN standard, whichever is applicable.

o To ensure welding is carried out as per WPS and to oversee and provide solutions were problem occurs.

o To prepare joints for window welding and to monitor the supply and pressure of Purge gas, if applicable.

o Ensuring the Quality of weld by a Dye Penetrant Inspection, visual inspection, also by means of a borescope if required.

o To ensure appropriate root gap is provided for plug welding. o To decide if the carried-out weld requires Pre-Heat and/or Post Weld Heat treatment after taking considering weld parameter, area subjected to weld, weld distortion and dimension tolerance of workpiece.

o To plan and oversee metal cutting for surface and joint preparation for welds. o To witness and plan gouging as per the required dimensions in drawing. o To oversee if grinding done on a workpiece or on welds is done properly and if it meets the required dimensions as per the drawing. o To raise NCR through SAP against foundry on a related defect revealed through NDT inspection.

o To provide data weekly in an Excel Sheet with details on NDT and Welding reports and NCRs to the management.


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