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Manager Project

La Canada, Queretaro, Mexico
April 20, 2020

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Diana Hernández Reyes

Degree in Informatics

Specialist in administration of TI projects, leadership in design and execution of strategies conducive to add value and profitability in companies, focused on result. SCRUM Master certification 104309, SCRUM Fundamentals certification 103708. Agile coach certification in process.

Mobile +52-552******* Email: I am a senior project manager with more than 20 years of experience, I manage projects in all the technologies and I have specialization in the financial area. I manage multi-disciplinary teams, working with teams from (USA, India and Canada) for more than 6 years.

• Expertise: Leadership, personal management, commitment, proactivity, responsibility, loyalty, organization and planning, problem solutions, decision making, effective communication, customer negotiation, creation of work units. Experience

• CECoaching (Aug – 2019 until to date).

Senior Project Manager: In charge of the account reengineering project of the BAS App application, for the internal management of account statements. The application was developed under the Microservices pattern using Java version 1.8, Oracle 12c and Spring Boot 2.1.8, Angular 7 for view.

The solution consists of two main components: Web and Batch, implemented in NGINX container in OpenShift with communication through sFTP with the OpenText Exstream tool. Using PaaS to implement the web application, project with a cost of $4,000,000.00 MXN Also in charge for the CAN project (Credits associated with Payroll Circular 15), in the part of integration of internal and external work teams, with the applications Portfolio, Pampa, Fundraising.

• Deloitte (Apr- 2017 – Jul -2019).

Senior Project Manager: In charge of the testing (Disney, Northwell) project serving customers in the USA as well as the Robotic Process Automation – RPA (AT&T, Santander) project, automations were carried out at point-of-sale processes generating 50 virtual machines and using 50 physics that served AT&T customers at the Mexican black Friday of 2018, generated tests of the correct functioning of the robots.

Anthem Project (Claims Lites) collaborating with teams from USA and India, providing support to production and previous environments, I created these work teams from interviews and hiring, working with the USA, Indian and Mexican team.

• M&GT (Banorte) (Apr- 2016 – March 2017).

Senior Project Manager: In charge of Decommissioning from Informatica Power Center DWH

(Data Ware House) Legacy to new DHW dimensional model project. 2

• TATA Consultancy Services (January 2013 - March 2016). Senior Project Manager: I managed projects with work units in México and India:

- Migration project upgrade of the bank teller window for Scotiabank, applying SCRUM, project with a cost of $14,000,000.00 MXN.

- Project for the detection of fraudulent costumers, interrelating different systems Scotiabank, applying SCRUM, project with a cost of $3,000,000.00 MXN.

- Project of MIPS reduction (Millions of instructions per second) (MIPS were reduced on 17% monthly, only in loans and personal accounts applications), for BBVA Bancomer, applying CMMi5 and PMI for BBVA Bancomer, project with a cost of $7,000.000 MXN.

• GETRONICS MÉXICO S.A de C.V (April 2003 - December 2012). Project Manager: Coordination, leadership and administration of projects such as:

- Datamart, KYC (Register accounts in USD). - CPC, Customer contacts prospects.

- Money laundering. - Architecture installation for Puerto Rico.

- Definition and upload of DWH (Data WareHouse)

- Integration project of de 35 millions of new information (Telephone numbers, addresses, mails from BBVA Bancomer insurances (life, automobile, house etc.) to the database of customers, project with a cost of $6,000.000 MXN.

(All these projects were developed for BBVA Bancomer).

- Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 for Volks Wagen Mexico,

- SADE (System of Administration of sealing data for NISSAN Mexico.

- Administration of servers for Novartis Laboratories. - Telemarketing system for UNITEC.

• INFOTEC (August - 2001 to March - 2003).

Projects leader Sr: Administration of projects for IMSS, conversion of the APM system (Insured, employers and Municipals) to DB2 infrastructure, development and maintenance. Certification of rights and obligations, modification to the use of RPU (Unique Employer Register).

• GMR (Nov 1994 - Julio 2001).

Project leader Sr: Administration of development projects of projects such as:

- Maintenance and migration to customer data base (App BAK and BEC batch) y (App BJC batch).

- Development of the first massive account opening system.

- Development of the “local market” system (App BLM batch and line) support to the B63 application (Values).

- Analysis, design, and development of different systems.

(All these projects were developed for BBVA Bancomer and Banca Promex).

• DDEMESIS (January 1992 – April 1994).

Project leader Jr: I managed the projects for the money market system, conversion to N$ of MDD system, bonus adjustment and Federal government development bonds, interface control for SIVA; CASA DE BOLSA PROBURSA and MULTIBANCO MERCANTIL PROBURSA.

• ITR (March 1990 - October de 1992).


Analyst programmer Sr: I made analysis and payroll system development, basic processes and interrelation with other modules, personal module programming, savings bank and fiscal and legal duties for Aurrera supermarkets.

• TELEVISA, S.A DE C.V (March 1988 - December 1989). Jr programmer: I participated on the development of different invoicing systems, accountant, special customers, transmission failure, budgets, national television, failures and connections. Platforms I have used: Cobol, COBOL II / DB2, QMF, JCL, CSP, CICS/MQ, (online and Batch), VSAM, TSO/ ISPF, SPUFI, Change man, IBM Utilities e.g IEBEGENER, EBCOPY, SORT IDECAMS etc, Testing and RPA or Robotic Process Automation.

Courses: ITIL, CMMi5, Administration of projects, leadership.

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