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Glenview, IL
April 20, 2020

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Ph: +1-845-***-****

Professional Experience:

●Over 7years of professional experience in managing web, IT and other projects in developing highly scalable modern web applications and interactive software products

●Experience in using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Angular JS, React JS, Node.JS to build a full stack web application

●Collaborated with clients to deliver UX and information architecture needs for a variety of products and services

●Extensive debugging experience using Chrome developer tools .

●Experience in Web Accessibility, ADA compliance and designing applications which are accessible to users with accessibility.

●Maintained very large code repositories including GIT, SVN.

●Hands on experience using Angular.JS as primary framework for designing and developing web applications

●Experience in practicing TDD with unit tests using frameworks.

●Experience in writing markups for better documentation

●Working knowledge on modern JavaScript build tools Gulp, Grunt, Bower

●Stay updated on latest JavaScript practices following ES6

●Experience working on Express web framework and configuring middleware

●Extensively using JavaScript in day to day projects

●Working knowledge on lot of build continuous integration/delivery solutions including Jenkins, Docker

●Very versatile in implementing Object Oriented patterns through JavaScript

●Experience with Chrome web speed test tools for building performance first applications

●Good understanding of modern web application architectures

● Experience and good knowledge in Core Java.

●Hands on experience using React JS as primary framework for designing and developing web applications

●Always up to date on new tech following Chrome Developers resources, meetups, ES6

●Very good understanding about different kinds of databases, Relational and Non-Relational

●Good understanding and experience on Responsive web design approach

●Used Node.JS as backend web frameworks to develop API

●Experience in core concepts and developing MEAN Stack applications .

●Worked on REST API architecture.

●Collaborated with multiple stakeholders to manage/lead the project. Scrum Masters, DevOps, Business Owners, Directors, Managers and Developers

●Provide subject matter expertise in areas including Scrum & Agile process implementation, process improvement, project management, scope definition, cost/benefit analysis, risk identification, project methodology and resource allocation

●Strong knowledge in MVC frameworks like AngularJS and ReactJS.

●Good written and oral communication skills and Interpersonal skills with a strong ability to excel through collaboration with team members


●Masters in Computer Science, University of New Mexico, USA. ( GPA : 3.5 / 4.0 )

●Bachelors in Information Technology, JNTU, India. ( GPA : 9 / 10.0 )

Technical Skills:

Version Control:

Web Technologies




AngularJS, MEAN Stack, Bootstrap, Angular-material, semantic-ui, React JS, Redux, Redux Saga, Redux Forms, SASS, Styled Components, Webpack, Express.js, Node.JS

PL/SQL Oracle 11g/10g, MongoDB, MYSQL,

Debugging Tools:

Chrome Developer Toolbar, Safari Web Developer


WebStorm, Atom, NetBeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Spyder, R studio, Dreamweaver


C, C++, Java, JavaScript


Groupon – Chicago, IL

2020 January – Present

Full Stack Developer


●Developed front end using React typescript for merchant centric applications

●Using best practices in software engineering to help improve the outreach of health, beauty & wellness wing at Groupon

●Worked in dynamic environment, using agile methodologies

● Developed reusable components which are used for different projects within Groupon.

●Worked with other developers across Groupon to build critical applications using standard solutions.

●Participated in code reviews and helped teammates write better code.

●Expertise with software development tools like Git, subversion, Jenkins

●Built unit tests along with code to ensure high quality web applications.

BBVA Compass – Dallas, TX

2016 March – 2020 January

Full Stack Developer


●Worked with different teammates in different countries (Spain and Asia) to achieve daily project tasks.

●Developed Financial Representative dashboards, Opportunity portal and Marketing lists.

●Developed shared components which are used for different projects within BBVA.

●Participated in various architectural discussions which were made to take critical decisions on various projects.

●Actively participated and provided feedback in a constructive and insightful manner during daily SCRUM meetings to track the progress for each iterative cycle and figure out the issues.

●Implemented React JS component router for navigation

●Configured and use Redux for state management

●Used Redux-Thunks for Async Redux approach

●Creating wireframes, storyboards, sitemaps and Components are customized by React.JS

●Used Styled Components in managing various styles in the component library.

●Experience with TDD using Jest

●Used Node.JS as backend web frameworks

●Worked in upgrading various libraries and frameworks like Webpack for project improvement.

●Experience working on Data validation/inline edits and error handling for the application.

●Used Azure for daily project activities such as CI/CD, code repositories (GIT).

●Used Google Analytics to track different events and page views.

●Followed Agile/Scrum methodology of software development which satisfies the Customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

●Verified RESTful API calls using Soap UI and PostMan.

●Extensive experience in working with CSS Backgrounds, CSS Layouts, CSS Positioning, CSS Animations, CSS Text, CSS Borders, CSS Padding, CSS Table.

●Responsible for creating hotfixes and release branches for deployments to Beta and Prod environments using GIT, Bamboo

●Identified technical debt and improved the performance, cleaned the code base of the application.

●Used Jira extensively for organizing issues, tracking the assigned work, and following team activity.

University of New Mexico – Albuquerque, NM

Oct 2014 to December 2015

Front-End Developer


●Developed an academic (Anthropology department) website for the University using HTML, CSS, Angular JS, Bootstrap, AJAX and JQuery plugins

●Redesigned existing Mobile home page using React and Redux framework.

●Developed various reusable components

●Developing CSS Style for web page using LESS Structure

●Participated in various architectural discussions which were made to take critical decisions on various projects.

●Used WebStorm as the IDE for custom development and implementation.

●Followed Agile Scrum project methodologies for day to day development.

●Hands on experience on various analytics tools such as Adobe Omniture for tracking on various pages.

●Good understanding of ADA compliance, Web Accessibility and worked on Ulta E-commerce website to be more ADA complaint.

●Implemented fraud detection techniques in checkout page to prevent various malicious attacks.

●Implemented PayPal payment functionality

●Managed source control and version control using GIT and Project status tracking using JIRA .

●Transitioned software development efforts to a test-driven development (TDD) process, which brought QA testing in on the front-end of the development cycle for gains in code quality, software functionality and programmer productivity.

●Responsible for checking cross browser compatibility, Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap and hence worked on different browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

●Used Jenkins for deploying projects on various development and testing servers.

●Integrated with front-end applications with REST APIs.

●Used Node JS and PostgreSQL for developing back-end web services.

Hline Soft Solutions – Hyderabad, India

Software Engineer

December 2013 to July 2014


●Used Angular JS and Node JS for developing various pages in Hline soft solutions internal web application.

●Integrated FrontEnd code with various various REST API endpoints.

●Used Jasmine and Enzyme for writing test cases.

●Worked closely with UX teams for more improvements in the design.

●Experience in AngularJS directives that allow the developer to specify custom and reusable HTML-like elements and attributes that define data bindings and the behavior of presentation components.

●Followed Agile scrum for daily project activities.

●Trained and Followed TDD approach for building web applications.

●Participated in Peer code reviews and developed an automated script for monitoring servers.

●Analyzed the functional specifications and user interface specification documents.

●Knowledge of SDLC life cycle.

●Experience in writing queries to get results from MySQL database.

●Participated in meetings with the end-clients to develop layout, color scheme for the web page and implemented them in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

●Involved in writing the properties, methods in the Class Modules and also consumed web services

●Implemented the Drag and Drop functionality using JQuery framework.

●Designing website layouts & executing Test Scripts on multiple platforms

●Coordinate with QA for testing, production releases, application deployment and integration.

Academic Projects:

Personal Budget Control System

●Used PayPal for payments in the application

●Developing re-usable components, maintaining Framework and Generating Reports

●Environment : Java, MySQL, Selenium Web Driver, ANT build tool

Disease Classification System

●Developed using Java, which classifies the disease of a patient into its respective type.

●Used Machine Learning techniques such as Bayesian classifier and weighted probability to find the probability of the disease for the given patient by comparing the patient’s gene pattern with the existing gene patterns of diseases.

●Developed using MATLAB

Music Classification

●The aim of this project is to group MP3 files according to the music genre into Different folders such as jazz, classical, country, pop, rock and metal

●Algorithms: Logistic Regression, SVM(support vector machines), KNN(K nearest neighbor)

●Languages: Python

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