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Financial Analyst Accounting

St. Petersburg, FL
April 20, 2020

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Jeffery Fehlauer, CPA (Inactive)

CPA, CEO, CFO & Strategic Business Advisor

30+ Years of Experience Serving as Part of the Top Management Team with 300+ Businesses CORE FOCUS: Deeply committed to client success and helping clients see ‘Past the Numbers to the Bigger Picture’ to creatively roadmap and execute financial action steps towards profitable growth. PROFESSIONAL CAREER

CEO/Principal Owner, U. S. Business Engineering, LLC et. Al 1997 - Present Tampa-St. Pete, Florida / Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC & Mid-Atlantic MD-PA-WV-VA Regions

• Provide high level financial and strategic planning advisory leadership and execution to a broad cross-section of business and non-profit CEO’s ($1M to $75M) including integral involvement in client missions, business development and all major business decisions

• Develop an extensive digital library of proprietary financial and BD management tools/systems as well as documented processes, SOP’s and know-how for training and deployment

• Train, coach and manage back office staff to support business mission and operations

• Act as primary liaison to top management teams as well as outside advisors

• Developed Estate Management Associates, LLC (Dedicated to Managing ‘The Business of Lifetm) See Page 2 for Specific Accomplishments, Skills & Industry Experience Chief Financial Officer & Advisor, RAMTECH Support Services, Inc. 2007 -2012 Chambersburg, PA

• CFO and financial analyst for a $60M, 600 employee government contracting firm as well as strategic development and planning for fifteen (15) related entity organizations

• Provide high level financial and strategic planning leadership including integral involvement in client mission, business development and all major business decisions

• Develop and manage systems including BD & Contracting Office, Teaming Partnerships, ESOP Planning, DCAA Accounting via QuickBooks Enterprise, Financing, HR, Risk Management & Tax

• Act as primary liaison to top management teams as well as all outside advisors Self-Employed CPA & Business Consultant, Jeffery Fehlauer, CPA et. Al 1987 –2007 Hagerstown, MD

• Develop and operate full service CPA & Consulting firm devoted to business concerns and their owners

• Anchor core service offerings (accounting and tax) into scalable strategic planning framework

• Develop hundreds of proprietary financial and strategic management systems including a professional staffing division and a QuickBooks professional advisory business See Appendices for Specific Accomplishments, Skills & Industry Experience Staff CPA, Young, Nicholas, Mills & Company, CPA’s 1985 – 1987 Harrisonburg, VA

• Staff accountant for regional CPA firm

• Perform traditional accounting and tax duties for business and non-profits including audit experience FORMAL EDUCATION & CERTIFICATIONS

Certified Public Accountant, State of Maryland, 1985, License #11476 (Currently on inactive status) Bachelor of Business Administration w/Accounting Major, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA May ‘84 SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE, ACCOMPLISHMENTS & SKILLS

Note to Reader – I have been involved with so many organizations in so many different roles that to expound upon all the

‘I achieved this and that’ would take pages of explanation. So instead, this document serves as a master listing of my experience. Note that in most all areas cited below, my involvement spans many different business clients whom are in many different industries. I believe this broad experience brings a distinct advantage to any business whom I have the honor of serving. Core Professional Skills

Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) as well as ability to both lead and take direction from all levels of business team members as well as external advisors Strong leadership experience including both CEO level and CFO level roles Skilled educator and trainer including the ability to convey complex subjects with efficiency and clarity Ability to speak publicly in front of large groups as well as ability to create immediate rapport in smaller groups regardless of the audience predisposition (ability to handle disputes professionally and effectively) Continual learner

Industry experience with many different types of organizations and industry including all types of service related business (including professional services such as physicians, dentists, lawyers, architects, consultants), retail operations, builders, health & holistic wellness centers, wholesalers & retailers, residential & commercial rental and property management, contractor trades & developers, environmental services, recycling, web & marketing firms, landscapers & nurseries, restaurant industry, automotive dealers-bodyshops-repair facilities, machine shops, technical

& IT industry, government contractors, magazines, exterminators, real estate brokers, insurance agencies & investment firms, trade associations, title & escrow services, sign manufacturers, hair salons, clothing manufacturers, importers, photographers, staffing industry, music & sound engineers, clubs, tennis & athletic facilities, chambers of commerce, outdoor recreational centers, non-profits & associations, fundraising, auctions houses, franchises Developed hundreds of proprietary business planning and financial management systems as well as the training and implementation documentation and SOP’s for deployment Technically proficient as a Controller/Accountant/CFO given 30+ years of hands-on experience with all aspects of accounting and financial reporting including a proven track record of training and management of accounting/office staff and related functions

Detailed Accounting & Financial Management Experience

• All levels of accounting and related office/accounting personnel management

• HR functions including the development of a professional staffing business

• Preparation of all types of Federal, State and local tax reporting and related compliance

• Preparation of formal GAAP and ‘internal management use’ financial statements

• Preparation of formal business plans

• Job costing, unit pricing & product/service suite pricing

• Overhead management and costs cutting budgets

• Negotiation with vendors and suppliers for improved terms

• Development and implementation of formal credit policy

• Cash flow management and related training

• Insurance management, planning and related risk management initiatives

• Intellectual property management

Detailed experience with QuickBookstm Accounting Software as well as development and operations of a QB’stm Professional Advisors Consulting Business which included training programs for outside clients Comprehensive Business Development, Management & Strategic Planning Experience

• Quarterbacked hundreds of banking/investor level financing and refinancing solicitations on behalf of clients as well as taking primary role in developing then moderating investor solicitations in front of groups

• Developed Strategic Advisory Boards and Annual Retreats for clients to promote a roundtable venue for overall strategic planning and business development including the development of one of the first Chamber of Commerce ‘Business Roundtable’ groups

• Developed Formal Strategic Business Plans that were anchored into a comprehensive financial forecast business model

• Developed and Moderated Customized S.M.A.R.T Goals & SWOT Programs for various levels (top management, divisional leaders, rank and file)

• Developed and implemented many types of business training initiatives including seminars, workshops and custom training events to facilitate both employee education and team building

• Developed various employee Incentive and retention plans including detailed experience with qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, sales commission plans, job performance evaluations, job description development and recognition initiatives

• Assisted clients with pre-planning and post-planning for management succession strategy as well as business continuity planning

New Business Startups

• Took primary lead in the development of over 50 new business entities on behalf of various clients which often began with heavy product and financial feasibility, traditional and non-traditional financing, organizational structure formation, HR, legal & insurance interface, all financial and accounting set ups, SOP’s and integral involvement along side of CEO and other key management team members Client Representation in Hundreds of Complex Business Transactions Including

• Over 30 business sellers and buyers in complex business sale/purchase transactions including due diligence responsibilities

• Estate planning professionals regarding matters of family and estate planning, trusts as well as all types of personal financial planning professionals

• Court system as expert advisor including retention as expert witness and forensic accountant for Nationwide Insurance Company

• Troubled business clients (along with legal counsel as appropriate) on matters of insolvency, bankruptcy, workouts as well as corporate downsizing design and implementations

• Primary technical liaison to many different professional advisors including corporate legal counsel, business brokers, CPA firms & tax attorneys, HR & benefits Groups, Investment advisors, IT, insurance agents as well as marketing agencies and all types of other promotional vendors

• In depth experience, practice and hands on work with all types of governmental tax and licensing bodies including representation on behalf of clients regarding audits, negotiations, offers and compromises Financial Management Training

• Developed customized financial management training courses for several different organizations ranging from courses focused on profit planning and costs management at the divisional management levels,

‘financial management for non-financial managers’ and introduction to accounting Sales Training Experience

• Sales and marketing skills and training including various sales training courses as well as key ‘hands on’ roles in various trade shows and other promotional campaigns

• Extensive hands-on experience with both inside and outside sales professionals including development of proprietary sales management systems and related BD action planning MY CORE PHILOSOPHY & APPROACH TOWARDS BUSINESS & IMPROVEMENT In life, much can be learned by examining history. The same is true with Business and therefore, accounting and financial reporting of the past is a critical need. But the challenge for ‘accountant types’ is the ability to always focus on the future. This has been a foundation of my professional career…to bring a high-level CFO perspective to small to medium sized business.

1st: In summary, the foundation of my approach is always to first focus on Getting Structured for Profitability. This may seem obvious, but this fundamental is a non-starter. ‘Right-sizing’ and Scaling for Profitable Growth are major elements of this goal. 2nd: Growing Sales Revenue, ie…revenue that is actually profitable, is the second step.

3rd: When the first two steps are in place, Managing by Numbers & Facts is the way that the CEO keeps their team on track. This step is integrally related to achieving steps #1 & #2 of course.

4th: When the above steps are in place, the final routine is to Lead & Manage the Overall Business…ie…Strategic Planning. Through strategic planning, which must be anchored into not only operational action plans but also a forward-looking financial model, the ongoing direction of the organization can be charted and pushed forward. A true CFO is an integral part of the Team. CONTACT INFORMATION

Jeffery G. Fehlauer

1235 Oak Street NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Cell: 301-***-****


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