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Overall 20+ years of experience ( 14 years in HONEYWELL Aerospace )

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
April 20, 2020

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Mohan K M


Professional Summary

Process Head / Operational Manager with an overall 20+ years of work experience

Experienced in handling Banking / Financial Services process from 2017

Quality Leader & Honeywell-USA certified Green Belt DMAIC Professional experienced in mentoring GB teams & piloting improvement projects using DMAIC tools

Improvement Concepts (5S and TPS-based Kaizen) implemented as Quality initiatives within the teams

Systematic approach (PDCA – Plan, Do, Check & Act) in managing teams

Work experience with teams from USA, Russia, Czech Republic and China for supplier assessment and improvements

Senior Assessor for all the Software Suppliers as part of Oversight process International Exposure

In USA for 6 months (4 months in 2008 & 2 months in 2006) as Tech Lead & ICE

(International Certification Engineer) with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Authorities and Boeing DERs (Designated Engineering Representatives)

In USA for 14 months (8 months during 2003 and 6 months during 2000) as Team Leader & Green Belt Professional

Supplier Assessment Auditor for teams from Russia, Czech Republic & China

Led teams of different nationalities during my stay in USA

For Supplier Assessment & Oversight Audits, I have worked with teams from USA, Russia, Czech Republic & China

Education and Certifications

2014 – EPGDM accredited by UK’s AMBA – 2 years Management Program Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

2003 –DFSS Green Belt

by VP and Six Sigma Plus Leader

1996 – Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering) CIT, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore

Role in MRL / Worldline – Process Head

In this role from 2017 for about 3 years, I have

Worked with all stakeholders (Business Team, Tech Team, Ops Team, Service Team, Bank-Clients, Merchants) to streamline the entire Financial Services process

Got ADAPTED to quick processing needs from POS till payment completion

Understood & improved upon the process beginning from the time when the card is swiped in POS terminal of the merchant till the related amount reaches the merchant

Documented & handled change management for the processes linking both Operations & Tech teams

Implemented the team needs, right from selecting the correct mindset of people, training the people as per the required process, executed the task using the team with enough entry & exit criteria and till the completed delivery of the task

Refined the process to have error-handlers at all important check-points

Improved the processes by using DMAIC set of GB tools 2012 to 2016 – Post Graduation in IIM with main subjects (Strategy & Operations)

Academic projects, International Conference Paper Submissions & Consultant projects for about 2 years (including 4 months project with Frost & Sullivan) Mohan K M

+91 – 948-***-****

Roles in Honeywell – Manager (Operations & Quality Improvement) Product Development Quality Leader

In these roles for ~ 14 years (1998-2012), I have

Worked with Honeywell USA & Boeing USA teams in Boeing products (B787 & B747-8 FMS) to help certify using DO-178B guidelines (Software Considerations in Airborne Systems & Equipment Certification) planning, development, verification, configuration management, quality assurance & certification processes.

Planned for product-test tasks (in addition to AOP) based on team needs, total estimation, infrastructure (hardware/software licenses), travel & training needs.

Used GB DMAIC Tools (TPM, SIPOC, PMap, C&E, Pareto, RCA/FMEA, Control Plan), 5S (Sort, Store, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) and Kaizen concepts to improvise the operational needs/changes of the software tools of Boeing and Airbus products.

Managed the team in order to develop their competency and improve their productivity. Performance model was created with more focus on System-improvements, personnel-issues to help achieve team-improvements.

Managed the team to address the partner feedback in addition to the review panels to improve on the test and certification aspects of the products.

Conducted SAOP (Supplier Assessment and Oversight Process) audits helping Honeywell DERs. These audits are conducted to determine supplier team’s technical oversight percentages for their Software deliverables.

Worked with Honeywell PDQEs in these product-lines (A320, A380, B787 and B747-8 FMS) to ensure that the product teams plan (using the planning phase audit) the resources correctly to accomplish the schedule, people and equipment.

Trained the teams on 6 Sigma Green Belt DMAIC tools and aspects of testing/certification (Example – Regression Analysis, Robustness Testing, Tool Qualification) thereby improving their quality and productivity.

Conducted all 4 SOI (Stages-of-involvement) audits using FAA Job-Aid.

Worked in organization level assessments (like CMMi, ISO) to a minimal extent Roles in Deccanet & Lan Eseda – Software Engineer, Software Tester In these roles for 2+ years from 1996 to 1998, I have

Worked in a tool by name, FasTest, which addressed the Unit Testing needs as part of the Software Development Life Cycle

Learnt to streamline process linkages between different phases of tool usage

Worked in different types of testing like Requirement based, Equivalence, Boundary conditions, List and Range of values & Coverage needs

Worked in a couple of test tools like Library management and Employee database management tools

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