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Deputy Director, Office of Human Rights, Governance and Democracy

Harrisburg, PA, 17102
April 24, 2020

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Philip Michael Clark

202-***-****, ****, 88-017-****-****


Citizenship: USA. Current Top Secret, Medical and Ethics clearances. Veterans' Preference: No.

Editor, writer, congressional liaison, intergovernmental-affairs manager, public-affairs officer, occasional college instructor, analyst, strong team leader in difficult environments, domestic and international experience. Extensive background in civ/mil relations in conflict zones, Africa, Middle East, Department of State and USAID. Highest Grade: FSO-2, Step 10, current.

Recent Work Experience: Communications, Diplomacy, Governance, Management

All Positions Listed Fulltime, 40 or More Hours Weekly

Deputy Director - Democracy, Human Rights and Governance, USAID-Bangladesh, July 2018, FS- O2 – Office chief of staff, deputy, labor-team leader. Supervisor: Thomas Pope,

Senior Democracy Officer, USAID-South Sudan, June 2017 – July 2018, FS-O2. Led procurement-document preparation, interactions with other Mission offices in Juba and DC, advised on communications. Supervisor: Lee Forsythe,

Program Officer – Communications and Coordination Lead, USAID – Baghdad/Frankfurt, June 2016 to June 2017, FS-O2. Senior advisor on all aspects of communications policy and practice, coordinated with Embassy Public Affairs, Ambassador’s Office. Supervisor: Brooke Isham,

Senior Communications Advisor, USAID-Kenya and East Africa – Nairobi, April 2015 to June 2016, GS-14. Senior advisor on communications. Coordinated with Embassy Public Affairs, supervised USAID public-information staff, supported U.S. President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Interior visits. Three Meritorious Honor groups awards, one embassy commendation. Supervisor: Karen Freeman,

Democracy and Governance Officer/Strategic Communications Officer, CS3, USAID, Washington, DC, September 2014 -- June 2016, GS-14. The expeditionary CS3 team provides immediate expertise to USAID missions worldwide. Last assignment: Senior Communications Advisor, East Africa. Three Meritorious Honor Group Awards, One Embassy Certificate of Appreciation. Supervisor: Mark Pickett,

Deputy Senior Civilian Representative, Department of State, Regional Command-East, Bagram Airbase, Parwan, Afghanistan -- Detail, August 2014, FS-O2. Second-highest-ranking civilian position. Chief of staff of joint State/USAID team and liaison to two-star military command. Supervisor: Senior Civilian Representative Clifford Heinzer,

Special Assistant, U.S. Embassy-Kabul, Coordination Directorate (CD) – DoS Detail, February, April 2014, FS-O2. CD oversaw all USG civilian assistance to Afghanistan, supervising more than 900 employees and $2.2 billion annual budget. The Special Assistant supported and advised CD Director and three deputies, was liaison to the Embassy, coalition partners and NATO, managed workflow. Supervisor: S. Ken Yamashita,

Executive Secretary, USAID Mission-Kabul, June 2011-September 2014, FS-O2. Combined communications director and chief of staff duties. Kept the trains running. Improved internal/external communication. Implemented Mission policy.

Supervised public affairs, translation teams; reviewed documents for accuracy, clarity. Coordinated with other Embassy sections and Ambassador’s office. Assigned, followed-up on Embassy and Mission tasks. Helped design and implemented comprehensive assignment tracker, making all work continually available – and avoiding lost documents

-- logging all activity by actor and date, maintaining version control, automatically archiving.

Two Meritorious Honor Awards, one Meritorious Honor Group Award.

Supervisor: Brooke Isham,

News Media Advisor, USAID-Kabul, September

2010-June 2011, GS-14. Mission press advisor, supported Afghan journalism development.

Meritorious Honor Group Award.

Supervisor: Alexander Klaits,

Governance Advisor, DoS, Sadr City, Baghdad, January 2009 -- May 2010, GS-14. Led U.S. Army team working with Sadr City, USG officials, military and NGOs to develop municipal governance, address humanitarian crises, create and implement projects to enhance stability and improve education and the economy in sprawling Sadr City slum, base of Muqtada al Sadr’s operations. Supervisor: Glen C. Keiser,,

Intergovernmental Affairs National Field Operations Manager, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), December 2005 -- January 2009, Washington, DC, GS-13. Built and maintained working relationships with, supported officials of other federal agencies and tribal, state, county, parish and municipal governments before, during and after disasters. Created training, SOPs, hiring criteria; supervised cadre; directed external affairs in dozens of U.S. disaster operations.

Supervisor: Tod Wells,

Earlier Experience: Congressional and Public Affairs, Journalism, Local Government, Teaching

External Affairs Specialist, FEMA, Philadelphia, various disaster locations, DC – Congressional- liaison, public-affairs work. Detailed to FEMA HQ to handle congressional relations at the Pentagon following 9/11.

Congressional Liaison, FEMA, Philadelphia. Congressional relations and deputy public affairs officer, covering Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Public Affairs Officer, FEMA, Various disaster locations. Writer, editor, disaster news-ops manager.

Economic Development Coordinator, City of Sunbury, Sunbury, PA. Directed efforts to revitalize city economy, administered state and federal grants.

Executive Director, Redevelopment Authority of Sunbury, Sunbury, PA. Reformed discredited and nearly bankrupt organization public agency charged with improving city housing stock, business climate.

Set and implemented policy and spending programs. Established consistent funding stream, created financing plan enabling low- to moderate-income residents to buy refurbished houses.

Editorial and Management assignments, The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA. Five different positions: acting city editor, night editor, newsroom trainer, deputy copy desk chief and copy editor, several held simultaneously. Assigned, edited and, on occasion, reported stories; edited and wrote editorials; electronically composed pages; hired, assigned, evaluated and fired reporters, photographers and secretaries; conducted staff meetings; handled relations with other departments and represented the paper at public events. Supervised two-dozen full-time sub- editors, reporters, photographers and clerks, as well as part-time writers, photographers.


Adjunct instructor, newspaper design, Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA.

Other: Music Management

Managing Director, Rockwhirled Music Management. Represented musicians as manager and agent, negotiated contracts, arranged publicity, handled tour arrangements, promoted shows, managed finances.


Drew University, B.A., political science

Washington Semester -- Classes, interviews, and special programs given in Washington.

Completed simultaneous U.S. Senate internship.

United Nations Semester -- Programs two days a week in U.N. Headquarters and Drew U.N. offices immediately across the street.

World Campus Afloat -- Classes given aboard ship six days a week, with in-port visits and programs in the South Pacific, Asia and Africa.

Philip Clark CV, Page 4

Pennsylvania State University, Graduate Work in humanities. Awarded teaching fellowship.

Empire State College, Professional training in management.


S. Ken Yamashita, USAID, Senior Foreign Service Officer (retired),, 249-***-****

Charles Drilling, USAID, Senior Foreign Service Officer (Retired),

Karen Freeman, USAID, Senior Foreign Service Officer, Assistant to the Administrator, Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs,, 254-**-***-****.

Rodger Garner, Senior Foreign Service Officer (retired), USAID-Delhi,

Brooke Isham, USAID, Senior Foreign Service Officer, Mission Director, USAID-Iraq,

Alexander Klaits, USAID, Foreign Service Officer,

Glen C. Keiser, U.S. Department of State, Senior Foreign Service Officer, Glen Keiser,

H. Ross Fredenburg, FEMA Public Affairs Officer, Region III (retired), 607-***-****,

William Watrel, FEMA, 215-***-****,

John Allelo, USAID/Bangladesh Deputy Mission Director,, 880-*-****-****

Thomas Pope, USAID-Dhaka Office of Food, Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance,, 880 171-***-****

Philip Clark CV, Page 4


Philip Clark CV, Page 4

“Phil Clark was Mr. Sadr City. He lived in or adjacent to the hostile and highly

kinetic Sadr City district of Baghdad, a notorious radicalized Shia slum . . . usually as the only State Department civilian on the tiny bases he occupied . . . His presence close at hand allowed local Iraqis to reach him at all hours of the day and night,

and they did. . . He may have been the hardest -working of a very hard-working

team, on the job seven days a week, often 12 hours or more a day . . . His relations with the military set the standard for our ePRT.”

-- Glen C. Keiser

U.S. Department of State

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